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33 Sentimental 4 Year Anniversary Gifts For Every Type Of Couple (2022 Guide)

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After 4 years of marriage, it may be difficult to give each other something surprising. No worries! This year, we have rounded up for you 33 Sentimental 4 Year Anniversary Gifts For Every Type Of Couple. 

This list will help you get more inspired to pick the best gift that surely helps you have a meaningful celebration. 

Happy browsing!

What is the four-year anniversary gift?

4 years is not a long time but a memorable milestone. Thus, European and American people have a tradition of giving gifts on the fourth wedding anniversary. In the UK, married couples like to give silk and linen while Americans choose flowers and fruits.

Flowers and fruits are not only beautiful by their appearance but also attractive by their fragrance. Flowers adorn people's lives, and fruits bring sweetness to the tip of the tongue. 

Also, silk and linen depict the smoothness when you go through many ups and downs of married life. 

Besides, we also offer you many different gift ideas for your significant 4-year marriage highlight. Hope you will love the presents that we recommend.

4 year anniversary gifts for him

1. Celebrate with an anniversary song

Custom Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Canvas Personalized With Song, Names And Date

Is there a song reminding you and your partner of the memorable time you have been through together? This canvas print will recall the affection you have been giving to each other after 4 years. 

With this unique gift, you can add a personal touch by customizing any song lyrics and your information.

2. Best tech gift for men

Over-Ear Black Wireless Headphones with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls & Alexa Voice Control

Music is one of the most important elements of a date night and brings people together. So if your husband is a music lover, an over-ear wireless headphone is the best choice. 

With this cool tech gadget for men, he can enjoy both the melody and your love. Premium design and comfort will blow his mind.

3. For A Green Thumb 

13 Pieces Stainless Steel Gardening Hand Tool Kit  In Orange Color

Is your husband a gardening enthusiast? This garden tool kit is a perfect fourth anniversary gift made for him. The 13-piece set will make fresh flowers in your garden grow as much as the love you have for each other. 

Celebrating 4 years living together in a flourishing garden is not a bad idea!

4. For Minimalist Men

Legacy Slim Leather Strap Watch, 42mm In Black/ Brown Color

Loving the right person at the right time is the best thing we can have in life. So a time-related gift can be a good idea for the 4th anniversary. If your husband is not a punctual person, a legacy slim leather strap watch might help. 

With its minimalist and ergonomic design, he will feel comfortable all day wearing it.

5. Funny gifts for men

Custom Face Socks Personalized With Pictures And Name With A Wide Range Of Colors and Size

Nothing makes people feel warmer than wearing a pair of socks and cheering the 4th wedding anniversary together. Why don’t you try customizing your partner’s face on a pair of socks as a funny gift? 

Sometimes a simple gift strengthens the feelings of your spouse even more.

6. Thoughtful gifts for men

Philips Norelco SP9820/87 Shaver 9000 Prestige, Rechargeable Wet/Dry Electric Shaver with Trimmer Attachment and Premium Case

Every man should have this item in the bathroom. The Philips electric shaver will definitely be a practical gift for your husband. The nanotech with a shaver glides smoothly over his skin will make him look neater and more decent. 

There is nothing better than celebrating the 4th wedding anniversary with a new look, right?

7. An Antique Look For Any Bar

Vintage Bar Sign Personalized With Yellow Text In Black Background

To remember the time when you two enjoyed a cocktail together in a corner street, you can design your chilling area right at home. This vintage bar sign is suitable for any bar, home bar, basement, or garage. 

The classic gift is never normal and simple for guys who like antique style

 4 year anniversary gifts for her

8. Hexagon Pendant For Her

Hexagon Pendant in 18k Gold with a Blue Topaz

Jewelry and women are two inseparable things. A beautiful necklace will make your woman shine wherever she goes. This hexagon pendant necklace will be a romantic gift that every spouse desires. 

Sometimes you have to show your love with something glossy. Your 4th wedding anniversary will sparkle like this blue topaz!

9. For a sweet tooth

Personalize M&M’S Love Gift Box With The Word "Love" Spelled Out in Four Clear Acrylic Letters Filled With 16 Servings of M&M'S

The truth is, you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to give chocolates. In fact, a sweet tooth loves a sweet gift. This personalized M&M's gift box spells out the word LOVE.

It already says everything you want to express to her on your behalf. Just enjoy candies with your sweetheart on the 4th anniversary!

10. For A Beach Traveller

Custom Beach Towel Personalized With Song Lyrics, Names And Date In A Nostalgic Style

If you're planning to celebrate your anniversary at the beach, or you are beach lovers, this is a must-have item. Instead of using the hotel towels, you can design one for yourself. Just use your photos, song lyrics, or wedding date to customize it. 

Spreading a towel on the sand and basking in the golden sunshine is all you should do for a great date.

11. Wedding Photo Gift

Custom Photo Canvas Print Personalized With Photo, Names, Date, and Location With A Quote "Where It All Began"

Sometimes your wife needs to look at a commemorative photo to give her a boost of energy. So, this Custom Photo Canvas Print is the best choice. With such a meaningful gift, you can let her know you'll always remember the time when you two met. 

Just pick a special photo, and you've scored with her without having to say anything more.

12. For A Warm Kitchen

Custom Metal Kitchen Sign Personalized With Family Name With The Quote "Eat Well Pray Often Love Always"

People say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is a place to warm up the feelings of the whole family through delicious food. So you can hang a Personalized Metal Kitchen Sign on the wall to mark a private space for the family. This home decor gift will always stick with your tasty meals.

13. For A Sweet Night

The Wedding Times Custom Throw Blanket Personalized With Photos, Names, Date And Anniversary Years

A good night's sleep will make your wife energetic in the morning. It makes you happy too. And what determines most of the quality of sleep is a comfortable blanket. Also, you can add photos of the wedding day, emotional lines to this Custom Photo Blanket. 

Cover this blanket together every night, and you will definitely fall asleep faster and have fantastic dreams.

14. Some Love For Wife

To My Wife Custom Throw Pillow Personalized With Name Like A Sweet Letter To Wife

There will be times when you can't be with your wife, give her an item that makes her feel like you're always around. You can print on this throw pillow her name or something hard to say that you can't put into words. Every time she leans on it, she will be recharged by the energy you give her.

 4 year anniversary gifts for couples

15. For Coffeeholics

Custom Photo Black Mug Personalized With Names And Dates To Mark Important Events In Your Love Story Including First Met, Engaged, Married, and Honeymoon

If you are a coffee lover couple, this is the perfect gift for your 4th wedding anniversary. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee with pictures of dating, weddings, and romantic moments, nothing better! The taste of love mixing with the taste of the coffee will follow the two of you for a lifetime.

16. For A Sweet Fire Camp

Husband & Wife Camping Partners For Life Matching T-shirt Personalized With Names With A Wide Range Of Colors and Size

Have you got yourself a pair of T-shirts when you go camping? For one more memorable moment in your marriage, you can take a photo while wearing a couple's shirt. 

This Personalized Matching T-shirt goes well with any outfit and is very comfortable in cotton.

17. For A Phone Addict

Custom Phone Case Personalied With Date, Photo and Text In White Background

You are able to protect your spouse, but sometimes you can't protect his or her phone. No worries! This phone case can do it for you. You can choose an image or any date to print on it. Also, it has tempered glass for the back, which makes this gift last longer until the following anniversaries!

18. Handmade Items for Couples

2Pcs Personalized Heart Couple Magnetic Bracelets With Name

A spouse would love to own an item that looks exactly like the one they love because it shows you are a couple that belongs together. So it would be remiss not to add bracelets to the list of romantic anniversary ideas. 

One thing is for sure: Women always like small but delicate gifts.

19. For A Sport Couple

Captain & First Mate Matching Skipper Boating Baseball Caps In Navy Color

It would be great if you two were fans of the same baseball club. And it's even better when you both wear matching baseball caps to cheer the team on together. It will be an ideal time in the stands to enjoy your 4th wedding date in a dynamic sports outfit.

20. For A Movie Fanatic

Epson Home Cinema 2150, Wireless 3LCD Projector Perfect for Cinema Loving Couples

During the 4 years of dating, it would be boring to go to the cinema all the time. Why not try turning your living room or bedroom into a home cinema. 

The Epson Home Cinema 2150 Projector is a unique anniversary gift that you can consider. Sometimes doing new things will take your marriage to the next level.

21. For A Forgetful Couple

Personalized Couples Penny Hand Stamped Keychain With The Number Of Years

If your spouse often forgets the keys, it means that they'll need a keychain. You can show your thoughtfulness to your partners by giving them a Years & Counting Hand-Stamped Keychain. 

This gift goes with a coin personalized with a special year on it, so it'll always remind your partner of your endless love.

22. For A Well-Organized Couple

Our Bucket List Couples Adventure Keepsake Notebook Personalized With Names and Established Date

Some people love to take notes, and they always write down plans for the future. So this keepsake notebook would be a perfect gift for ones with this interest. 

If you know your spouse's preferences, you can even design lines in them. Also, you can write down plans for your marriage life in the coming years with your partner.

traditional fourth anniversary gifts 

23. A Cosmetic Storage For Ladies

Monogrammed Linen Cosmetic Pouch With Zip Closure and A Wide Range Of Colors

Women are always struggling to find makeup in their huge makeup inventory. To solve this, you can give your wife a traditional but useful item - a personalized linen cosmetic pouch. 

I bet she’ll no longer get mad at you every time she can't find the things she needs!

24. For Cooking Time

Couples Linen Apron Set Personalized With Text and Names Suitable for Couples Who Love Cooking

It couldn't be more sentimental to give your partner a couple's linen apron if you love cooking for each other. A well-fitting apron will increase your confidence when you are in the kitchen. 

From there, you will make delicious and love-filled dishes. This traditional gift also shows equality between husband and wife in the family kitchen.

25. For Gentlemen

White Linen Handkerchief Personalized With Monogram Suitable For Minimalist Couples

Gentlemen will need this item in many situations, especially important events. Made of 100% linen, this soft monogrammed handkerchief will complete his suit in a delicate way. What’s more, it is easy to carry and dispels fatigue and transmits positive energy to him.

26. A Mouth-watering Food Combination

Happily Ever After Platter With Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and Two Pineapple Doves

Have you ever thought the combination of fresh fruit and chocolate was the best in the world? It would be a regret if you have never tried it before. It is really mouth-watering, and even meaningful! 

Couples who are sweet lovers definitely can't ignore this anniversary gift. Celebrate the fourth anniversary by indulging the senses in chocolate with succulent strawberries.

27. For The Flower Theme

Large Royal Blue Roses Box Perfect for Large Spaces or For Making a Large Statement

Blue real roses symbolize the eternal love and great ambitions of couples. So, get your partner the prettiest roses and show how precious she is to you. These royal blue roses are not a new gift idea but they're very romantic and indispensable in important events like your 4th anniversary.

28. For Preserving Household Devices

Custom Set Of 4 Stone Coasters Personalized With Photo, Name, Song and Text

Some people never forget to put a coaster under a glass of water because it keeps the table surface clean and dry. It also shows the thoughtfulness of the host when welcoming guests. So you can also give your spouse this personalized set of coasters as a unique four-year anniversary gift. They will surely love it!

Modern fourth anniversary gifts

29. For A Modern Kitchen

NutrieBullet Smoothie Blender 1200 Watts With Dark Gray Color Perfect For Smoothie Lovers

A blender is sure to be an essential tool in the kitchen. If you're reluctant to choose the best gift on the big list for your fourth anniversary, you should go for a high-powered blender. This item is a modern gift with many functions to support your home chef a lot with cooking.

30. A Kitchen Appliance For Home Chef

Aucma Stand Mixer with Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater in Black Color

Instead of using hands to knead the dough, a modern mixer can make it easier with less time. So you can choose this kitchen appliance to get your partner on this occasion. This Aucma Stand Mixer will please your lover because it integrates many functions: whisk, dough hook, and mixing beater.

31. For Hair Care with Love

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Available in 2 Colors Fuchsia/Iron and White/Silver, with Intelligent Heat Control,  Engineered for Different Hair Types and Fast Drying

Currently, the supersonic hairdryer has emerged as a trend in the fashion industry. Most women aspire to have this hair care product. And your wife may be not an exception. Celebrate your 4th anniversary with this thoughtful gift to show how much you care about her.

32. For A Big Fan Of Coffee

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker in Black Color

You can give an anniversary gift that you and your spouse can use together. If you have the same taste in coffee, you may think of Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker. It will produce fresh and flavorful coffee. There's nothing better than sipping a homemade cup of coffee and enjoy a peaceful morning together.

33. For Starter Makers

Fermonster Premium Homebrew Starter Kit is Super Easy To Use For All Levels

You've probably chilled in bars, but have you ever tried to make your own beer at home? You can invite more family and friends to celebrate this milestone. No worries if you don't have enough tools. This Premium Homebrewing Starter Kit won't let you down. 

Just follow the instructions and be a happy couple on your anniversary!

Now it's your turn

This year, you have a variety of choices with 33 Sentimental 4 Year Anniversary Gifts For Every Type Of Couple. You can give traditional gifts or modern ones depending on your partner's preferences and personality. Choosing the right concept will show how much you understand your sweetheart. 

If we missed anything, feel free to leave a comment below.

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