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61+ Creative Gifts For Space Lovers To Boost Their Passion

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What is a good gift for those who are interested in space? If you still don’t have the answer to this question, just don’t worry! We'll help you out with this list of 61+ Creative Gifts For Space Lovers To Boost Their Passion.

Our dedicated list is handpicked carefully, so it'll give you the best option to win your giftee.

Let's start the journey now!

Under $20

Multicolor stickers that have astronauts images, planets images are made of superior vinyl PVC, waterproof and sunproof, color hardly fades out

Let stick the space

1. Astronomy Vinyl Stickers

These Astronomy Vinyl Stickers would be a great gift idea for both mature and young learners. They can decorate anywhere and anything easily. Just with a little carefulness and imagination, these stickers will make your giftee’s place become a unique space station.

Black or blue long socks made from high-quality cotton embroidered spaceship images, astronaut images, planet images

Move around with the space on the feet

2. Space Ship Socks

If your giftee is into space exploration, these spaceship socks are a great option for them. Your gift will make them feel like stepping into zero gravity adventures. They would love to wear it every day. 

Refrigerator Magnets that have lots of unique and multicolor images, made from high-quality, durable transparent glass with a strong flat magnet, will not scratch any surface

Let it hold their message

3. Constellation Refrigerator Magnet

One of the best astronomy gifts for a space fan who loves to leave notes on the fridge is a constellation refrigerator magnet. Just choose their constellation and leave your gift on the fridge door for your gifttee. Sure to you, this cute thing will make them so surprised and happy.

Astronaut statue made of environment-friendly resin material, hand-painted color is the perfect gift for space lovers

Something to remind the dream

4. Astronaut Sculpture

If your space enthusiast loves to become an astronaut, an Astronaut Sculpture would be a very great option for them. This cute sculpture has 2 colors and three types of gestures. Get the suitable one and let it be an inspiring reminder to motivate your giftee to chase their ambition.

A LED Night Light with brightness adjustable has a Solar System image 3D engraved on a transparent rectangular plastic board

Zoom in the solar system to the room

5. Solar System 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

One of the coolest space gift ideas you can't ignore for your space fan is a 3D Optical Illusion Lamp. This lamp will bring the solar system into your giftee’s living place. It's a great decor and a great keepsake to show their interest. Your gift will make them crazily happy. 

An art hanging ornament that has a whole changing process of "phase of the moon" with black or gold or white color for you chose

Take the moon into the house

6. Moon Phase Wall Hanging Ornament

Need space gifts for a minimalist space lover? This Moon Phase Wall Hanging Ornament can serve you well. The ornament has a simple design with 3 colors and 2 sizes for you to choose the best one. It’s a very soft and delicate choice for female giftees! Don’t miss this idea, guys! 

A circle wood sign print star-map location, name, and date on a black and white color background is the best gift for space lovers

Something to call the date back 

7. The Night We Met Star Map Ornament

Need space related gifts to enjoy the anniversary with your space enthusiast? Well, take a look at this Star Map Ornament. The ornament will capture the night sky at the location of the day you chose together with your couple’s name on it. This would be a great decor and keepsake for both of you. 

A round ornament that prints black color star-map inside a dog-paw shape, name, and date on a white color background

Something to win “both”

8. Dog Paw Ornament

How to make an impression on your crush who loves space and dogs? Giving a gift that is related to their interest and their pet, why not? This Dog Paw Ornament will help you by capturing the sky on the day of the dog together with its name. Impress your lover with such a gorgeous gift today!

Under $30

A necklace made from high-quality alloy materials has pendant engraved unique astronomical symbols is the idealist gift for space lovers

Show off their passion

9. Foldable Astronomical Sphere Necklace

One more fashion accessory for astronomy lovers you can consider is this Foldable Necklace. Its pendant looks like a multilayer ring and when you pull the layers out, they'll form an astronomical sphere. This unique and impressive gift would surprise your giftee so much.

A book named "110 Things to See With a Telescope: The World's Most Famous Stargazing List" is the perfect gift for space lovers

A good source of knowledge

10. 110 Things to See With a Telescope Book

If you want a good gift for those who love stargazing and outer space, this 110 Things to See With a Telescope Book is such a great idea. The book provides a lot of information about cosmic exploration as well as instructions to observe space with a telescope.

A black color coffee mug prints a star map on your chosen location, phrase "the story of us", message, phrase "first met", the word "engaged", and the word "married"

Let drink your memory

11. First Met Engaged Married Star Map Mug

11. First Met Engaged Married Star Map Mug

Want the best space gifts for your spouse? What do you think of this special Star Map Mug? The mug will reprint the night sky at the locations of the days you two first met, engaged and married. It's such a meaningful gift to revisit your romantic moment and show your care for your spouse’s passion.

A solar system decor ball set made from natural healing crystals, each gemstone are carefully selected and handcrafted, bringing you healthy and good luck

Hold the planet in the hands

12. Solar System Ball Set

Get your space lover the real planets of the solar system with this Ball Set. On the base, you can choose to leave a message for your giftee easily. This set is such a great decor as well as a keepsake to motivate them to achieve their space dream.

A ring made from high-quality S925 silver engraved astronomical symbols is the idealist gift for space lovers

Something unique and impressive

13. Astronomical Ball Ring

This ring will help you bring a big surprise to your astronomy fan giftee. At first, it may look like a simple 925 silver ring, but let create magic by pulling its layers out and boom, here we have an Astronomical Ball. Your giftee would be definitely charmed by this special gift.

A LED light has an Astronaut shape with a convenient USB plug and bendable cable that lets you aim the LED light where you need it

Shine the way to future

14. Spaceman USB LED Light

Let the dream shine the way for your giftee with this adorable Spaceman USB LED Light. The light has a flexible body with the head of a little astronaut. Its soft glow will protect the eyes of your giftee and help them stay strong on the journey to conquer their passion.

a black color phone case print name, photos, star map in heart shape, and the quote "Under These Stars, Our Story Began" is the greatest gift for space lovers

A cover of love

15. Custom Star Map And Photo Collage Phone Case

Need a useful gift for your favorite space lover? This custom phone could be a cool option. Let replace the old one with this unique one which has your couple photo and the star map of your special day on it. Believe us, your special gift will make your giftee feel so sweet.

a bracelet made from high-quality crystal with each crystal representing each planet in the solar system is the best gift for space lovers

Bring the universe on the wrist

16. Solar System Stone Bracelet

Looking for fashionable space-themed gifts? Drop by here with this Solar System Stone Bracelet. Its planet pattern is made of crystal which looks so real and cool. This impressive bracelet would make your woman look so prominent, so don’t overlook this wonderful gift idea.

A black or red or maroon color baseball cap embroidered white color astronaut image and adjustable size

Wear moon on their head

17. Man on the Moon Baseball Cap

What space-themed gift to get for your man? It's surely this Baseball Cap. It has a simple design with a fashionable embroidery pattern of an aspiring astronaut sitting on the moon. Let get your giftee this impressive cap and he would love to wear it every day.

A black personalized shirt prints solar system planets represent for grandpa and his grandchildren

For your sunshine grandpa

18. Personalized Solar System Shirt For Grandpa

Does your Granpa love space? If yes, don’t hesitate to get him this funny and adorable personalized T-Shirt. Grandpa is the sun and the children are planets. The sun shines planets to develop. Let choose the type, the size and the color he likes then bring it to him, your gift would burst him into tears.

A notebook has cover print constellate stars and has a luxurious soft-touch matte laminate finish, inner pages are perforated for easy tear-out

Write down the life with the passion

19. Golden Constellation Journal

This Journal is a perfect gift for those who love astronomy. Its cover has golden star constellation patterns and in the lower right corner you can personalize it easily with the name of your giftee. The notebook is great for working, learning or just for jotting down daily magical moments.

A rectangular doormat made from 100% coir, a durable material made from coconut husks print the whole process changing of the "phase of the moon"

Let the moon say hi and goodbye

20. Moon Phases Doormat

For those who love the Moon, this Moon Phases Doormat is a must-have option on the list. The doormat is made from 100% coir material with moon phases patterns which are minimalist but very impressive. Your gift would make your giftee feel over the moon every time they go out or get home.

A sofa pillow prints name, date, star map, and your chosen picture on a white color background is the best gift for space lovers

Hug the love, hug the passion

21. Personalized Star Map Throw Pillow

Want more gift ideas for space lovers? Send them the softness of love with a personalized throw pillow. The pillow will show off your couple’s image and the star map at the location on the day you choose. This special gift will help your giftee relax and recharge power to follow their passion.

Circle wood cup coasters made from high-quality Maple plywood, and laser-cut constellations shape is the ideal gift for space lovers

Drink and learn more

22. Night Sky Map Constellation Coasters

These Night Sky Map Constellation Coasters are one of the best space gifts for astronomy lovers. They look great in any home and can even help your giftee learn about the night sky and constellations. Let take your giftee one, they would cherish it so much.

Under $50

A rectangular camping sign prints names, the camping fire image, and fun phrases on a white color background

Make it more vivid

23. Camping Rules Sign

If your giftee has a camping site for stargazing and observing the space, let help them decorate it with this Camping Rules Sign. The sign is made from metal with a rustic but vivid design. It'll be a great highlight for them and for those who come to enjoy and share their passion for astronomy.

a rectangular pillow in a family name, star map, and city image on a black and white background is the best gift for space lovers

Softness for the whole family

24. Personalized Family Name Pillow

This Family Name Pillow is a wonderful gift for the family who are space enthusiasts. It’s a rectangle pillow with a constellation pattern on the black background. You can also customize it with your family name to make it unique. This would be a great thing for relaxation and a cute keepsake for the whole family.

a vintage night light made from LEDs, hemp rope, the copper wire which has a moon shape is the best gift for space lovers

Bring moonlight to their house

25. Moon String Light

This Moon String Light has a vintage design with exquisite workmanship. It's an excellent decor choice that will create a highlight for anywhere it stands. Let get your space lover this cool light. Promise you they would be very excited with your gift.

a jigsaw puzzle print your photos, message, the phrase "Mom, Love You" on a purple color star sky background

Relax with memory and passion

26. Galaxy Background Jigsaw Puzzles

Let bring your mom who is a space enthusiast some relaxing time with these Jigsaw Puzzles. Just pick the most meaningful photos and leave a touching message. These things combined with the galaxy background would make an interesting game for mommy. Your gift is also a great keepsake that mom can revisit any time she wants.

A round Wooden frame wall clock, plexiglass face, pre-installed backside hook, print gothic celestial symbol in black color background

Time and passion

27. Celestial Wall clock

Help your giftee know the time to enjoy watching the sky with this remarkable wall clock. The clock is handmade from wood and plexiglass, and it has celestial patterns which are very impressive and eye-catching. Your gift would be such a good assistant and a great wall decor for your giftee.

A circle wood sign print name, date, star map location, and the phrase "Stars Shining Bright Above You, Night Breezes Seem To Whisper I Love You" on a wood color background

To keep “the night” safe

28. Custom Night Sky Round Wood Sign

Capturing the star on your important day to decorate your lover’s home with a Night Sky Round Wood Sign. Just leave your names, your date and your location, this sign will get you the sky of that memorable night. Promise you, your gift would please your lover very much.

A pair of whiskey drinking cups made from high-quality, transparent glass engraved constellation symbols is the idealist gift for space lovers

Drink with their passion

29. Astronomy Whiskey Glasses

For astronomy fans who love whiskey, these glasses are the perfect choice for them. The glasses are made from high-quality glass with typical astronomy patterns. They would make the stargazing time of your giftee become much more interesting.

A circle wood sign prints name, date, star map location, and your message is the most perfect gift for space lovers

Recall the special moment

30. Star Map Round Sign

Enjoy the sky of the special night of your couple through a Star Map Round Sign like this. Leave your names, date and location, then get this great keepsake to surprise your loved one and reminisce beautiful memories together.

A rectangular blanket prints love phrases and your own message on a dark blue color universe background is the best gift for space lovers

To cover her and her interest

31. Custom Space-Themed Blanket

Does your girlfriend love observing the universe at night as a routine? Let show your care for her with this Space-Themed Blanket. Customize it with your couple photo to make it sentimental and let the gift warm her up so that she could indulge in her passion without getting a cold.

A rectangular frame canvas hanging wall art prints name, date, message, and star sky location of your chosen place

Bring back the first moment of love

32. Personalized Constellation Art Canvas

Keep the sky of your special day on the wall with this Constellation Art Canvas. The art will show the star map at the location on the day you choose together with your couple name. This simple gift would be a meaningful decor and a good reminder for your love every day.

A flask print constellation image made from high-grade 304 stainless steel with cap will keep your water at just the right temperature

Show them your care

33. Astronomy Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

Wanna find gifts for space lovers who usually move around to search for new things? Get them this Vacuum Flask. The flask is made of stainless steel with many cute astronomy patterns on the surface. Your gift would help your giftee keep their drink cold or hot well during the trip.

a rectangular wall art print star map, name, and date with street sign shape on black color background is the greatest romantic gift for space lovers

The intersection of love

34. Custom Star Map Street Sign Canvas

Revisit the moment you two met each other with this Street Sign Canvas. The art will pull the star map on the sky at the location on your day back to you with your couple’s names on the street sign. Let hang them on the wall and enjoy the beautiful memories together.

a rectangular wall art print night sky image, location, name, and date on the white color background is the greatest romantic gift for space lovers

Love starts with the stars

35. Personalized Night Sky Canvas

If you want a creative yet still elegant gift for your lover, take this idea: a Personalized Night Sky Canvas. The art will catch the sky on the date at the location you choose and combine them with your couple’s name on a soft white background. This delicate gift would create a strong touch to your lover’s heart.

Under $75

a square matte art paper wall art print solar system image on the black color background is the greatest gift for space lovers

A solar system of your own

36. Personalized Space Wall Art

If you are in need of a cool gift for those who are crazy fans of the solar system, just come here with this Space Wall Art. The art will show the exact position of the planet in the system on the day you ask. This unique gift would bring your giftee a big astonishment.

a square canvas wall art print name, date, the phrase "The night we meet", and star sky location on the white color background which has black vinyl record disc image

Sky, love and music

37. CD Player Canvas Wall Art

A perfect gift for a space enthusiast who loves music? Make it easy with this CD Player Canvas Wall Art. Leave your info, and then the sky at the location on the day you choose will reappear on the CD and cover your couple’s name. Your special gift would bring your giftee so much happiness.

A black rectangular floor mat made from Polyester Chenille material print solar system image with unique style is the best gift for space lovers

Welcome them with their passion

38. Astronomy Floor Mat

What to bring to the housewarming party of an astronomy fanatic? Let this Floor Mat be your key. The mat has a luxurious black background and golden astronomy patterns, making it much more impressive. Your gift would definitely create a highlight for your giftee’s space and make them feel so pleased.

A circle wooden jigsaw puzzle print the star sky drawing paint of Van Gogh is the best gift for space lovers

A game from the night sky

39. Starry Night Wooden Puzzle

What if your space fanatic giftee loves Van Goh? Nothing to worry, just give them this thing: a Starry Night Wooden Puzzle. This game will meet both of their passions: Van Goh’s art and astronomy. Your unique gift will help you win a strong impression on your giftee.

A Men's Necktie made from high-quality silk, print constellations images by eco-friendly ink is the best gift for space lovers

Fashion accessory from the astronomy

40. Galaxy Herringbone Silk Necktie

Your giftee is going to join an astronomy conference or have a presentation on space science? Give him this Galaxy Herringbone Silk Necktie. This special necktie is really a good illustration for his job and also would make him feel more confident to complete his task excellently.

Modern binoculars with a large super bright view made of Abs material, durable, and life waterproof is the idealist gift for space lovers

A small tool for a big passion

41. Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars

This Binocular is a perfect option for space lovers who need compactness. The binocular adapts modern design with premium material and quality. Your giftee can use it alone or combine it with their smartphone for stargazing, bird watching and many other activities in their life.

a watch made of Faux leather band, stainless steel case, display print "moon phase" image and star sky image

Check the time, check the moon

42. Moon Phases Unisex Watch

For one who loves watching the moon, this unisex watch will help them enjoy the moon while checking the time. The surface of a stainless steel watch adapts moon phase shapes as the hour points. This impressive gift would really bring your giftee a lot of excitement.

Under $100

a plush and cozy black hoodie with several colors to choose and a spacious phone pocket in the best gift for anyone loves space

A little stylish for the passion

43. Astronaut On The Moon Hoodie

Does your space fanatic love hoodies? If yes, let get them this Astronaut On The Moon Hoodie now. The picture printed on the top would make them feel so interesting, it also has lots of colors to choose from. This hoodie is a very good gift choice for the coming cold winter.

a Handmade Space rocket Watch Stand display by high quality protective high gloss solid oak is the best gift for space enthusiasts

Let the passion assist the time

44. Space rocket Watch Stand

Does your giftee usually leave their watch on the table or somewhere unsafe? Let get them this Rocket Watch Stand to keep the watch safe and neat. Also, the rocket shape of it will make it a cool decor for space lovers.

a unique 3D rocket night light with Charming warm light is one of the coolest toys for men

Fly into space

45. 3D Space Shuttle Light

Need best space gifts to decorate the working desk of your giftee? This 3D Space Shuttle Light will please you. The light has a creative design with three choices. It'll make the desk look so remarkable. Every time your giftee turns it on, it feels like they're gonna have a space exploration trip.

a Padded laptop backpack with large J-zip front panel, scratch-free pocket, anti-theft aluminum security hook is the best gift for space lover

Arrange things well

46. Small Laptop Backpack

Help your giftee have a good space observing trip with this useful backpack. The backpack is made of good quality material with a convenient design to hold different stuff. It also has many colors to choose the best for your giftee. Get them one so that each trip of them would become so easy.

a handmade custom star map printed on both sides soft hoodie with zipper is one of the best constellation gift

Let the passion cover them

47. Universe Celestial Zip Up Hoodie

Get your astronomy lover this Universe Celestial Zip-Up Hoodie to replace the old one of them. This hoodie has astronomy patterns both inside and outside and its design also makes it so convenient to wear. Let the passion of your giftee “coat” them everywhere they go.

a Handmade high quality Fleece Night Sky Map throw blanket with printed constellations and name is the best gift for space lover

A beautiful dream with love

48. Night Sky Sherpa Fleece Blanket

This blanket would create a highlight for your giftee’s house. Let it cover them and give them a lot of beautiful dreams with the universe. Who could resist such a creative and beautiful gift, right?

an ultra rare edition personalized globe whiskey decanter made of high quality hand-blown glass reflects the colors of your whiskey is an ideal space gift

Chill out together

49. Personalized Fairbanks Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

Make the sky observing time much chiller with this Fairbanks Globe Whiskey Decanter Set. The set has a luxurious and modern design. Also, you can easily make it unique by personalizing it with your giftee’s name. Just bring this special gift to your giftee and enjoy the time together.

an unique funny Resin astronaut tissue box in planet and rocket styles is one of the perfect space gift for men

Beautiful and practical

50. Astronaut Tissue Box

Let throw the boring traditional paper tissue box of your giftee and give them this Astronaut Tissue Box. The box is made from resin with a very stylish and cute design. Your giftee can use it both at home and workplace. This gift would give them a lot of elation every time they use it.

a compact high quality Planetarium Projector projects accurate star patterns with bright white LED is the best space lover gifts

Enjoy the sky through the time

51. Planetarium Projector

Let this Planetarium Projector help your giftee explore more in the world of astronomy. Just choose the day they want and the projector will give them the exact star patterns of that time. Your amazing gift would really make your giftee feel over the moon.

Under $150

The galaxy vibrant blue goldstone cufflinks with artistic star patterns for extra sparkle is one of the best constellation gift

An impressive accessory 

52. Galaxy Blue Goldstone Cufflinks

These cufflinks would make your giftee look so fashionable in any astronomy event they take part in. The remarkable highlight of the gift is the star patterns which are artistically printed on the blue goldstone. Your gift will not only be a good fashion accessory but also a meaningful keepsake.

a thoughtfully designed charming durable ceramic mug with an astronaut, a rocketship or UFO is the best space gift for men

A special taste of the outer world 

53. Out Of This World Mug

Help your giftee enjoy their drinks with a little outer space flavor by this Out Of This World Mug. The mug has a cute design combined with a galaxy color tone that will bring a stunning feeling of wonder. Just choose a color and get it for your dear giftee now.

a delightful fun lamp in the shape of an astronaut with two power styles and sizes to choose is an ideal space gift for you

Let it shine the space 

54. Awesome Astronaut Lamp

This astronaut-inspired lamp will softly bring your giftee out of this world. With a charming and adorable design, the lamp would be a great addition to the space-themed bedroom or living room. Your giftee would be so delighted with this cute gift.

a handmade magnetic celestial star globe puzzle in full color with attractive acrylic display stand is the perfect gift for astronomers

A mini universe in their hands

55. Magnetic Celestial Star Globe

This Magnetic Celestial Star Globe is such a specific illustration of the night sky looking from Earth. It’ll display 88 constellations, the milky way, and a lot of labelled space objects. This is such a great decor for any space and more than that, it can be a good stress reliever for your giftee too.

The handmade rainbow galaxy custom low top sneakers in colorful acrylic paint is the unique astronomy gift for your friend

Walking with the galaxy 

56. Rainbow Galaxy Low Tops

Let the passion accompany every step of your giftee with these unique low tops. The shoes are made from good quality material with eye-catching patterns of the galaxy and black hole. It’ll protect the feet and make your giftee feel so confident every time they go out.   

Under $200

a handmade unique custom astronomy metal sculpture made from nuts and bolts is the best astronomy gift for space lover

Metal can be cute too

57. Custom Astronomer Metal Sculpture

This Astronomer Metal Sculpture is such a unique gift idea for your astronomy fan. The sculpture is handmade from nuts, bolts, steel and metal with great craftsmanship. Your giftee can use it to decorate their home, their working table or simply keep it as a cute keepsake.

A funny cute astronaut toilet paper holder with many color option to decorate bathroom is the best gift for your space lover friend

Bring the space to everywhere 

58. Astronaut Tissue Paper Holder

Want a hilarious gift idea for your giftee? Let take this option: An Astronaut Tissue Paper Holder. This delightful holder has a cute and versatile design with two color styles for you to choose from. This gift would really add a little fun to your giftee’s bathroom and make them feel so delectable.

a funny cute astronaut and floating balloon acrylic ceiling light with many color options and sizes is the best gift for astronomers

Flying up to the space

59. Astronaut And Floating Balloon Ceiling Light

If your children are fans of space science, this adorable Balloon Ceiling Light is a very perfect gift choice for them. Let choose the color and install it for your kids, it'll make their room look so great and motivate them to follow their passion.

A charming rubber natural high quality wooden astronaut shape digital clock is one of the best gifts for astronomers

Time in the “space form”

60. Wooden Astronaut Digital Clock

This Digital Clock is a perfect choice for a space-inspired bedroom or office. It's made of rubberwood in the shape of an astronaut, simple but very cute and eye-catching. Your gift is a great decor to remind your giftee of time and encourage them to run with the time and get their dream.

A high quality Travel Telescopes with Carry Bag, Adjustable Tripod, Phone Adapter, Wireless Remote is an ideal gift for stargazing

Weapon to explore the universe 

61. Gradfoam Astronomy Refracter Telescope

This Astronomy Refractor Telescope with superior optics, high magnification and easy-to-use design is a great option to consider for your giftee. The scope also comes with many accessories that assist to observe and capture the target efficiently. Just get it and let it be your giftee’s Hubble.

Now It’s Your Turn

And here we finished the list of 61+ Creative Gifts For Space Lovers To Boost Their Passion. We do believe you have your answer to the question. Now it’s time for action. Let stand up, get the gift and be ready to bring it to your giftee.

Wish you the best of luck, goodbye and see you around!

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Thank you for your tremendous help in our new project. Without your diligence,hard work, late nights,and early
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