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39+ Amazing Beach Gifts For Any Beach Soul On Your List (In 2022)

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Is it a daunting task for you to pick a perfect gift for your loved ones who always feel happiest on the beach?

Not to worry at all! We've covered you with 39+ beach gift ideas for any beach bum on your list. Trust me, they would be overjoyed to get a gift that reminds them of a tropical sunny beach.

Let's jump right into it now!

gifts for beach lovers

The beach themed t-shirt is designed with a quote "Happiness comes in waves". It also offers you with a wide range of colors and sizes to change from.

For those who often go to the beach

1. Beach-Themed T-Shirt

If you're looking for the best beach gift for your lover, then you can't ignore this beach themed T-shirt. With an impressive design, it'll make them more stylish. Also, you can use it as a couple T-shirt with them on every beach trip. When they wear this T-shirt, they'll be on cloud nine because they can feel your love.

The marine style handmade resin bookmarks make the best gifts for anyone who love the beach. It goes with real shells, sea pebbles and beach sand.

For those who love reading

2. Ocean-themed bookmark

An ocean-themed bookmark will be a practical and meaningful gift for your lover. This bookmark can make their reading easier. It's designed with eye-catching colors so it'll make an impression on your sweetheart. When they read books and use the bookmarks you give them, they'll sense your love as you really care about their hobbies.

The beach towel is personalized with your favorite song, names and date. With a nostalgic design, it's gonna be a perfect gift for any beach lover.

A love melody in a towel

3. Custom Song Lyrics Beach Towel

A large bath towel would make a great beach gift for anyone who's really into the beach. With its high-quality material, it can keep your lover dry off and comfortably sit on the sand to enjoy the sea sun. You can even make it more personal by adding your names, a special date and any lyrics you want.

The glitter tumbler is designed with a beach-themed pattern and a quote "Life is better at the beach". Made of stainless steel, it'll last for good.

Make them feel like they’re on the beach

4. Beach Tumbler

This Beach Tumbler is one of the best beach gifts for happy beach trips. It's designed with blue colors and sponges to create a personality for beach lovers. Surely your lover will be delighted with this tumbler. Because it's not only eye-catching but also useful with a great heat retention feature for drinks.

The spiral journal with the starfish pattern can be personalized with your name, so it'll be a great gift idea for any beach lover on your list.

For those who love writing

5. Starfish Spiral Journal

If you're in need of a unique gift for the one who's the happiest on the beach, a starfish spiral journal is a good choice. With this gift, I bet they'll think of you so many times in a day because they can use it very often for taking notes, brainstorming ideas, or sketching.

The beach folding chair is an essential item for anyone with a beach soul. With a beach-themed design, this chair will be the most outstanding on the beach.

For those who like to sit and enjoy the beach vibe

6. Beach Portable Folding Chair

Sunbathing and watching the sunset are among the great activities on the beach. This folding chair will definitely bring your beach lover more comfort and joy when doing such activities. This beach chair is light and convenient, and more importantly, it has a headrest pillow!

The memory box with a beach theme may be personalized with your names or texts. Made of wood, it's gonna be treasured forever.

For beach bums who love to save memories

7. Personalized Beach Memory Box

The birthday of your lover is approaching, but you still don’t know what to buy? No worries! With this customized memory box, you guys can save any piece of memory on the beach in it. Expensive beach gifts are valuable, but a personalized beach memory box is going to be priceless.

The wall clock in a sand ocean background is a great gift idea for your loved one. Also, it can be personalized with your names and date.

Bring the beachy atmosphere to his working space

8. Custom Wall Clock

Your partner is a beach lover but also an extremely busy person? Don’t worry! With this custom wall clock, they can both manage their time well and enjoy the beach vibe at home. You can customize the picture, name, and date on this clock to make them surprised!

The beach gift box includes a bottle filled with sand, small shells, and a personalized message tag.

The box of ocean, the box of joy

9. Beach Gift Box

Your love is crazy about the beach, especially scuba diving. Then this coastal gift is the best beach gift for them. It has a small sand bottle with small seashells in it. By holding this bottle, they’ll feel like they're actually playing with the beach sand.

The portable blanket is made from odorless and smooth material, so it creates a soft and comfy feel to the recipient.

For those who love sleeping under the stars

10. Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Watching the sunrise and sunset are two of the best activities for beach lovers. Get this sand-proof beach blanket for your sweethearts if they want to celebrate their birthday at the beach. It’s made of waterproof nylon and comes with a zipper pocket and corner loops with pegs that can please even the most difficult beach lover!

beach house gifts

The beach house sign with an anchor theme is a perfect gift for beach lovers. It can be personalized with your family name to make it extra special.

Show off their beach soul

11. Beach House Sign

Do you have a beach-loving friend whose family is obsessed with the beach? Then this beach house sign is the best match for such beach lovers. With the ocean theme and customized name, your friend's house will definitely become well-known for the love of the beach.

Custom doormat with the quote "Welcome to Our Beach House" can be personalized with your name and established year.

For those who have a sense of humour

12. Beach Themed Doormat

If your beach-loving friends are humorous guys, they'll definitely fall in love with this beach-themed doormat, I bet! With this special gift, your friend can say a joke to his guests: "You walk through this doormat, you’ve entered the real beach!".

The retro beach coaster set has a design of sea creatures. It's a perfect fit for your beach lover.

Turn the tea table into ocean waves

13. Beach Coasters

If your friends are both beach lovers and tea drinkers, then beach coasters are the best beach gift for them. With a reasonable price and an extremely adorable pattern, this gift will not only bring the tea table a new, fresh look but also surprise your friend!

Custom Round Wood Sign can be personalized with your song lyrics, photo, names, and date. This is a great gift idea you should consider for your loved ones.

For the aesthetic person

14. Personalized Round Wood Sign

This personalized round wood sign combines a picture and a song perfectly. You can choose the photo that captures the sweet moment you two have had with each other as well as a special song that you often listen to together. We bet this gift will make your sweetheart one of the happiest people in the world!

Sea turtle ocean resin art is made with many layers of glass like resin, bringing a new look to your wall.

For those who have a strong liking for marine creatures

15. Resin Turtle Wall Decor

Does your beloved friend love ocean waves and marine creatures? Give them this resin turtle wall decor. This wall decor is in the shape of a turtle and has a picture of the ocean on the back. Hang this on the wall and they'll see marine life in their own houses.

These Handcrafted Wooden Wall Decor Hanging Ornaments Are Sturdy And Can Stand The Test Of Time.

For those who love to have a beach house

16. Beach-Themed Wall Decor Hanging Ornaments

If you have a friend who intends to build a house near the beach, then these beach-themed hanging ornaments will definitely surprise him! This set contains 3 objects: a life ring, an anchor, and a boat rudder. This gift is going to make your beach lover cry with happiness.

The sea breeze candle will bring you and your loved ones a fresh beachy feel. Moreover, it can last up to 70 hours.

For couples who love the beach’s atmosphere

17. Beach Candle

Your anniversary is approaching and you don’t know what to buy? No problem, beach candles are here to commemorate the big day! This candle will create a romantic atmosphere for both of you. And the relaxing scent of the ocean breeze from this candle will remind your partner of the air at the beach.

The seashell night light is a great gift and home decor for your beloved ones who has a strong liking for the beach.

For seashell lovers

18. Seashell Night Light

Your friends are always dreaming about one day, they can sleep in the beach atmosphere? Fortunately, this seashell night light can bring the beach atmosphere to a bedroom. With this beachy gift, the ocean atmosphere will follow your beach-loving friends into their dreams.

The marine themed wine glass ring set of 9 will bring your beach lovers a fresh feel of beach while drinking their favorite liquor.

For those who love accessories

19. Beach Wine Glass Charm Ring Set

A stunning beach wine glass charm ring set will definitely match your lovely girl's beachwear. With a reasonable price and a trendy design, this ring set will make your sweetheart look like a fashionista on the beach! 

The unique beach themed key hook can be personalized with your family name and established year. It'll bring a beachy vibe to the home of your beloved one.

For a beach-loving family

20. Personalized Key Hook

Just imagine that during the summer holidays, your friend’s family is about to go on a trip to relax, but they don’t know where to go. Personalized key hooks can solve this problem! With an ocean-themed design, when one member of their family hangs the key, they would yell in joy: "Darling, I know where to go".

beach gifts for her

This sunscreen include SPF lotion, Unseen Sunscreen and Glowscreen, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves the beach.

Make her fully enjoy the beach

21. Sunscreen Kit

Your partner loves the beach but is afraid of the sun’s harmful rays? Then this sunscreen gift is among the best practical beach gifts for her. This sunscreen kit will protect your girl from the sun and make her beach experience better!

This pair of flat sandals has a wide, woven band, slender vegan leather vamp strap, and a matching toe loop , making it a beautiful accessory for your loved ones.

For the fashionable beach bum

22. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are the essential items for mixing beach clothes. They do not only look trendy and fashionable but also come at a reasonable price. This beach gift will definitely make your beach bum friend smile happily when you give it to her!

The flower straw hat will be a good gift for all beach-goers on your list. It'll bring the recipient a feel of beach right at home.

For beach bums who love walking across the beach

23. Beach Hat

Walking across the beach on a sunny day is really great, but it'll burn beach lovers’ skin if they don’t protect their skin properly. A beach hat is a great gift for such situations. Also, with a fashionable design and an aesthetic color, this hat will make her look more fashionable and charming!

This beach-themed throw pillow goes with a message "Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me". It also can be personalized with your names and date.

Let her embrace the ocean in her arms

24. Beach Themed Pillow

You’re a busy person, but your girl is a beach lover so you don't have time to enjoy a beach trip with her? If so, go ahead with this beach themed pillow for her right now! It'll bring the beach atmosphere into your partner’s room and make her sleep easier.

This necklace features a finely cut chain and an conch pendant. It surely brings the recipient a great beachy vibe.

The whisper of the ocean

25. Beach Shell Necklace

Your girl is in love with the beach, especially with shells. She always put the shell close to her ear to hear the sound of the beach on every beach trip. So, why not get her this necklace this time? This beach jewelry has a beach theme with a pendant made of a seashell conch. Thus, she’ll definitely be pleased with it!

This cute, lightweight woven fabric scarf features a green, blue, and white spiral tie-dye print at the center of an oversized silhouette.

For those who like to photoshoot

26. Swim Cover-Up Scarf

Your crush is a model, and she’s planning to take a photoshoot on the beach? So, why not impress her with this swim cover-up scarf? With a trendy design in aesthetic colors, this cool beach gift is gonna make your crush fall for your subtlety!

This white mug features 3 photos of you and your sweetheart. Also, it offers you to add your names, date and text.

Celebrate the love with the best memories

27. Custom Photo Collage White Mug

You proposed to your sweetheart on the beach, and today marks your first anniversary with your beloved wife? Then this custom photo collage white mug is the best beachy gift for your lovely partner. It can remind your wife of the best moment of her life when she drinks!

This roomy, flat-bottom tote is shaped by turquoise and beige woven fabric. It makes a great gift for your lady who's really into the beach.

For the beach girl who loves fashion

28. Beach Tote bag

This beach tote bag is one of the best beachy gifts for a girl who loves the beach. With a beautiful ocean theme, the bag is stylish, sturdy, and perfect for carrying everything she needs for a beach day. Your girl will be really into it right away, I bet!

This custom street sign canvas with a beach background could be the best gift idea for your beach lover. You can customize it with your names and date.

Create a beach path in her house

29. Custom Street Sign Canvas

If your girl loves decorating her possessions with the beach theme, so give her this custom street sign canvas immediately. This gift will turn the way to her room into a path to the beach. And, she's sure to scream "YEAH" when you take her hands to this beach path and say, "Honey, let’s go to the beach."

The vibrant colors of the sunset of these teardrop earrings will amaze your lover who has a strong liking for the beach.

An emotional whisper of the ocean

30. Beach Teardrop Earrings

No other view is more beautiful than the sunset on the beach. This magnificently natural scene could please the beach soul of someone. If your beloved one is in love with this scene too, then give her beach teardrop earrings. These beach gifts can remind her of that spectacular scenery!

beach gifts for him

With this high quality, personalized wine stopper, you can create your own one with your names and special date.

For the guy who loves champagne

31. Personalized Beach Wine Stopper

Does your man love to drink champagne while relaxing on the beach? Give him this personalized beach wine stopper. You can change the date and name on this gift into something special for him. And then, every time he opens the champagne, he’ll surely think of you!

This outdoor bluetooth speaker is powered with solar. So, it's  really perfect for outdoor activities.

For a party person

32. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Music is indispensable at most parties, but speakers are too sensitive to water to play on the beach. That’s why you should give your man this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. With a cool design and portable size, this cool beach gift will make his beach parties more enjoyable.

The aviator gradient sunglasses is extremely suitable for beach trips because it can decrease the amount of light passing through the lenses and help reduce glare.

Make your man look more attractive

33. Aviator Gradient Sunglasses

These glasses are one of the best beach accessory ideas, especially for men who want to stand out on the beach. This gift will not only protect your man from the sunlight but also make him look cooler! Everyone’s gonna look at your man when he’s passing by!

This beach-themed blanket is a great decor for any house style. It can be customized with your favorite song, names and date.

A blanket of memory

34. Ocean Throw Blanket

This ocean throw blank is a perfect present for your warm man. The blanket has a sand ocean picture, song lyrics, a name and a date on which you can customize. Change those details to your couple’s special memory and your man’s gonna miss you whenever he goes to sleep.

These phone cases have the beach theme, so they're really suitable for your beloved ones who are big fans of the beach.

Protect & Polish his phone

35. Beach Phone Case

Your boyfriend is always spending time watching beach videos in his leisure time. Then this beach phone case is perfect for him. The phone case with the ocean picture will make his phone look cooler and boost his mood as well. It’s such a nice and cute gift for a beach bum, isn’t it?

This high-quality camera is water proof, dust proof, shock proof. That's why it's perfect for outdoor activities like beach trips.

For the guy who loves beach scenery

36. Waterproof Camera

The ocean and what's beneath it are ideal places to take pictures of. If your man loves shooting those scenes, then this waterproof camera is the best gift for him. This underwater camera will help your man have more gorgeous pictures of the ocean and you as well!

This canvas wall art is inspired by the beach theme. It can be personalized with your photos and name.

For the guy who loves to save happy together memories

37. Custom Beach Name Art

Your man loves decorating his room with memorable pictures and many other pieces of memory. So, you should give him this custom beach name art. It also offers you to personalize it with your name and the pictures of you two! Your boyfriend is definitely going to love it!

This surfboard is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to play with sea waves. It offers you with 2 colors to choose from.

For the guy who loves to play with the sea waves

38. Cool Surfboard

If your partner is a brave man who loves extreme sports like surfing, give him this cool surfboard! With its high-quality materials and cool design, this gift will surprise your boyfriend and make him love you more!

This coconut palm tank top is a perfect addition to the beach outfit. You can freely choose from many different colors based on the recipient's preference.

For the muscular men

39. Coconut Palm Tank Top

Your partner loves going to both the gym and the beach. How can you combine them as a gift? It’s exactly this coconut palm tank top! This tank top is sustainable as it's made of 100% high-quality cotton! Your boyfriend can now go to the gym with the biggest passion of his life!

Now It’s Your Turn

Your loved ones may not express a preference for beach gifts, but they will be overjoyed if they receive one. We hope that these 39 beach gifts above will brighten the mood of your beloved ones immediately and relieve you from the stress of choosing gifts!

Please don't hesitate to share this article if it helps you choose a gift faster. And if you find other great gifts, please leave a comment below and we’ll add them in the future. We sincerely appreciate it!

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