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Top 29 Christmas Gifts For Dad That'll Leave Him Speechless

 Honoring your father on this festive occasion is not a big deal with us.

As the family's breadwinner, the father carries the majority of the responsibility for ensuring the family's happiness. However, does he ever forget to get you gifts on special occasions despite his numerous worries? If you haven't found a way to express your appreciation to him yet, this Christmas is a perfect chance to do so.

Finding the best Christmas gifts for dad is no longer a hard nut to crack with FamiPrints. Ranging from last-minute to DIY gifts, we're sure our gift guide can offer the gift ideas that dads love the most. Let's check out the list of 29 amazing Christmas gifts for dad that we compiled for you.

Sentimental gifts for dad for Christmas

Looking for something that can touch his heart this Christmas? You'd better take a look at these sentimental gifts!

1. I Have A Hero Called Dad Wooden Plaque

For A Real Hero In Your Life

I Have A Hero Called Dad Wooden Plaque - best Christmas gifts for dad

Is your dad the kind of person who will shield you from any possible harm? Do anything for you as long as you're happy? Or always offer you a shoulder to cry on? Then congratulations! You don't even need a lover anymore because you've already got a true superhero in yourself. Tell your dad how special he is to you with a wooden plaque that includes three photos of him. He'll love to display it everywhere in your house.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Our plaque is printed in vibrant colors and made of high-quality wood
  • Permanent designs create an everlasting image


2. Christmas Tie

A Must-Have Accessory On This Holiday Shopping

Christmas Tie - thoughtful Christmas gifts for dad from daughter

Why not spice up his wardrobe with a new tie this Christmas? Prepare his outfits for the Christmas dinner in advance so that your dad won't have to think about what to wear to be a cool dad. The complete set comes with a tie, handkerchief, and gift box, making it a great gift to get into the holiday spirit.


3. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Sign 

To Refresh Your Christmas Home Decor

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Sign - great gifts for dad this Christmas

If your dad takes responsibility for Christmas decorations in your family, get him this Christmas sign to give him a hand with embellishing your home. Your dad will be very happy to add a new ornament to your Christmas trees or mantels.

Why shoppers love this Christmas sign: "So cute! I just have to attach it to my wreath now. I needed something light for the house number, and just painting the door black was perfect. Thank you" - Joy


4. "My Life Story" Memory Journal Book 

To Record His Life Story

"My Life Story" Memory Journal Book - special Christmas gifts for dad

Christmas is the best time for families to gather around the table and exchange memorable stories throughout the year. It will be easier for family members, especially your dad, to preserve their favorable memories in a journal book. The book includes a lot of inspiring prompts to recall friendships, events, and life lessons, making his life story a delight to share every Christmas.


5. Our Family Christmas Ornament 

Make Your Home Look Gorgeous

Our Family Christmas Ornament - beautiful ornaments for dad for Christmas

Finding adorable Christmas gifts for dad to spread Christmas cheer this year? Then this family Christmas ornament is willing to help. The wood ornament can be personalized with the names of your family members and show the traditional red and green holiday decor on your mantle, shelves, or table tops, so your father will no longer have to worry about decorating this Christmas. This year's Christmas decorations will be a hit with him.

Why shoppers love this wood ornament: "I absolutely adore this! It’s the perfect addition to our Christmas tree to mark us becoming a family of four this year. Really beautifully made and I know it will be treasured for years to come - thank you!" Stephanie R.


6. World's Best Dad Multitool Hammer and Pliers 

For Your "Avenger" At Home

World's Best Dad Multitool Hammer and Pliers - best Christmas gifts for dad from daughter

What better way to impress your dad this Christmas than a multitool that contains 14 different tools in a little gadget? If he is a beer drinker, this nifty device is definitely his thing because it includes a bottle opener and even a Swiss Army knife. In addition, there's also a phrase to express your appreciation, which he'll find touching every time he sees it.


7. The Day You Became A Dad Canvas Print 

Throwback to Unforgettable Memories

The Day You Became A Dad Canvas Print - good Christmas gifts for dad

To your dad, you're like a bright star in the galaxy that the universe has given him. But, he's also the best man in the solar system you can meet. So the canvas wall art, including a star map and a picture capturing the moment he officially became a dad, can be a great Christmas gift for him.

Why shoppers love this canvas gift: "My husband absolutely loved his print, and I absolutely loved seeing the smile it put on his face." "Thank you for a great first Father's Day gift." Stephanie L.


8. Engraved Pocket Watch 

To Remind Him Of His Little Girl

Engraved Pocket Watch - best Christmas gifts for dad

Struggling to find cool Christmas gifts for dad when he's a type of classic? Then this pocket watch is the perfect gift to upgrade his style. The package comes with a pocket watch, a chain, a waist chain, an instruction card, and a quality gift box. The engraved sentence will make him burst into tears and want to carry it forever by his side.


9. Fabric of our Family Blanket

For A Perfect Night's Sleep

Fabric of our Family Blanket  - beautiful gifts for dad on Christmas day

Keep your dad warm on a cold Christmas morning with this family blanket. Get him the woven keepsake blanket to give him a big hug even when you're far away from him. This thoughtful gift is inserted into all the family members' names, birthdays, and hobbies. Besides, it also helps to relieve his stress and boost his strength after a hard-working day.


Christmas gifts for dad who has everything

Dad always insists that he doesn't need or want anything, but actually, he's afraid his son will have to pay a fortune for the gift. Put aside all of your concerns! Shopping for dad this Christmas will be a breeze now that we've rounded up these affordable gift ideas that he'll love to have.

10. Best Dad Ever Round Wood Sign 

To Touch His Heart

Best Dad Ever Round Wood Sign - home decor gifts for dad this Christmas

Don't you dare shout out to the world that you have the best dad ever? If it's quite a hard task, this round sign is made to do this on your behalf. Your dad can still understand your affection for him without saying a word. Insert a sweet message and six photos of your growing-up journey with your dad to flashback to all the special memories.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Printed with the latest technology and great painting
  • Suit any home decor


11. Personalised Men's Golf Glove

For An Avid Golfer

Personalized Men's Golf Glove - best Christmas gifts for dad

Is your father a gold-obsessed man? Supporting his favorite hobby with a leather golf glove is one of the best gifts on this Christmas day. The best part is that each glove is personalized with his initials and features a reinforced palm patch for extra durability. He will hit the greens with a good grip.

Why shoppers love this glove: "Amazing! just what I was after! "It would have been nice for the glove to come with some sort of gift packaging, but otherwise everything was perfect!" Karolina K.


12. Daddy Of The Baby Sharks Customizable Shirt 

For A Stylish Dad

Daddy Of The Baby Sharks Customizable Shirt - cute Christmas gifts for dad

If your dad has a shirt that he wears all the time and just won't get rid of, replace it with a new one. This ultra-cotton shirt is a unique gift for a dad to wear on Christmas Eve because it's customized with his kids' names on it. With four kinds of styles, from long sleeves to tank tops, choose a shirt that fits your local weather.


13. Jerry Can Mini Bar

For A Beer Drinker

Jerry Can Mini Bar - great Christmas gifts for Dad

The Jerry Can Mini Bar will be a hit this holiday season, and you can choose it as a luxury Christmas gift for your dad. Drinking and chilling are great ways to bring him joy and release his depression. This bar could be a secret place where he stores his beloved bottle of whiskey or beer.


14. Father Photo Pillow

For The Dedicated Napper

Father Photo Pillow - thoughtful gifts for dad on this festive season

Another option to support him after a long day at work is a soft pillow to rest on. The pillow features two photos and a definition of being a "dad" on it, which is actually used to convey how much he means to you. Gift dad this perfect present, and you'll see how proud he is to have you as his son.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Colorfast is used to clean safely.
  • More than 4500 customers trust and are content with the pillow

15. Personalized Ice Bucket 

Perfect For Every Party

Personalized Ice Bucket - cool Christmas gifts for dad

A common hobby of men is usually drinking, but a drink can't be perfect without ice. So, to avoid stopping the parties in the middle due to the lack of ice, an ice bucket will be the best gift for a beer drinker. Get it for your cool dad and enhance the flavor of his favorite drink.

16. Engraved Sunglasses 

Upgrade His Wardrobe
Engraved Sunglasses - stylish Christmas gifts for dad
Shield your dad from the scorching sunshine with a new pair of personalized sunglasses. Rayban allows you to customize your own pair of sunglasses from lens to style. Furthermore, to make it a unique gift, engrave a sweet message you want to say to dad. Your cool dad will look more fashionable than ever with any outfit when wearing this pair of sunglasses.

17. Temperature Control Smart Mug

To Keep Him Focused On His Work

Temperature Control Smart Mug - useful Christmas gifts for dad

Dad will never say no to a temperature-controlled mug if he needs a morning coffee every day. There's an app controlled by the phone that's used to set the temperature, which can keep his drink hot for up to 1.5 hours. With a long-lasting battery and smart LED, the mug will inform users whenever their drink is ready to drink, and the mug needs to be charged. Don't forget to personalize the smart LED with a color that your dad loves.

Last-minute Christmas gifts for dad

If you're too occupied with your job and have no idea what to get dad this Christmas, our suggested options for last-minute gifts are the best Christmas gifts for dad.

18. Dad's Brain Mug 

For A Coffee Lover
Dad's Brain Mug - best gifts for dad this holiday season

Dads who have a habit of drinking tea or coffee will love this fun gift. Although this ceramic mug is inexpensive, don't worry about the quality! The print on the mug will never fade, no matter how many times it's washed.

Why shoppers love this mug: "The mug is super cute and great quality." Shipped fast. "Happy with my purchase." Amanda W.

19. Personalized Leather Money Clip 

For Those Who Dislike Wallet
Personalized Leather Money Clip - cool gifts for Dad this Christmas

Some men don't like wallets because they're easy to drop or forget somewhere, thus causing big troubles for them. But a leather money clip can cast their worries away. If your dad is one of them, this Christmas gift idea is for him. Don't forget to make it unique with his initials.

Why shoppers love this money clip: "This is absolutely perfect." It's exactly what I was looking for, and it looks simple and classy. "The magnet is very strong, and it seems to be able to last a long time." Adriane T.

20. Dad Jokes Book 

For A Funny Dad
Dad Jokes Book - good gifts for dad on Christmas day
Is your dad a joker who always makes others laugh with his dad jokes? If you can't find something special for him, you can pick this book as one of the last-minute Christmas gifts for dad. Funny guys will love this creative gift because the content is full of jokes that only your big man could tell.

21. Electric Beard & Hair Trimmer 

A Style Refresh For Dads
Electric Beard & Hair Trimmer - useful Christmas gifts for dad
Take your dad's style on Christmas day to the next level with a trimmer. If your dad still uses the same old shaving razors, the electric trimmer will bring him a new experience with its advanced technology. Whether hair or beard, this nifty device can give him a perfect self-cut to make him a cool dad.

22. Portable Speaker with Bluetooth 

Listen To The Best Quality Music
Portable Speaker with Bluetooth - best gifts for dad for Christmas
Your dad is a technophile and a music lover. A Bluetooth speaker will be the perfect gift for him to stream Christmas songs on Christmas Eve. Things that make the JBL Clip 4 better than others are its dust and water resistance and its long-lasting battery of up to 10 hours. The lightweight design allows him to add it on his next trip or wherever he goes.

23. Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit 

To Strengthen Father-Son Relationship

Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit - best Christmas gifts for dad this festive season

Why not build the best memories with your dad for the upcoming Christmas by planting a garden together? The AeroGarden kit will be a great gift for a productive gardening day. Planting has never been this easy with the step-by-step instructions in the kit. Thanks to the automatic timer, your trees can grow even without sunlight, soil, or a green thumb.

Why shoppers love this seed kit: "It's really easy to maintain, and it’s fun to grow your own herbs indoors." You can grow all year round and you get a lot of herbs. "Good for beginners or people who don’t have a garden." - Sam


24. Socks or Underwear Subscription 

A Perfect Care That All Dads Love


Socks or Underwear Subscription - thoughtful Christmas gifts for dad

Your father finds it hard to go out without socks? Or he loves wearing underwear everywhere? Then sock or underwear subscriptions will be the best Christmas gifts for him to protect his feet and prevent sweating during his daily activities. Choose the styles your dad will love and the perfect plan that you want to give the gift box; it could be monthly or quarterly.


25. 80s Cocktails Making Class 

For Big Fans Of Alcoholic Beverage


80s Cocktails Making Class - amazing Christmas gifts for dad

What better way to spread the holiday cheer with your father than a cocktail-making class that has an 80s-themed party? Let dad throw back to his youth in 90 minutes with an experience that he has never had before: whip-up retro cocktails. Congratulations! From now on, your party at home will never lack cool and delicious drinks because you've already had your own bartender.


DIY Christmas gifts for dad

Wanna touch your dad's heart? Take a quick look at these best gifts for dad and prepare a tissue in advance to wipe his tears.

26. DIY Tea Gift Box 

A Second Wind For Dad

DIY Tea Gift Box - good Christmas gifts all dads love

Surprise your dad by adding the signature scent of Christmas to your home with this DIY gift box. By mixing up all the ingredients, including organic pancake mix, fresh jam, wholesome apples, and loose-leaf tea with a teaspoon, you can kick off the most wonderful day of the year. Help your dad enjoy his Christmas to the fullest with a gift he could never imagine.

Learn To Do It

27. DIY Painted Wood Slice Coasters

To Remind Dad of His Kids Every day

DIY Painted Wood Slice Coasters - heartfelt gifts for dad this Christmas

Your dad is in the habit of making something to drink every day. Kick off the most special day of the year for him with a set of wood coasters. By cutting and designing the stencils of his favorite things, you've already made the most unique gift for him with just a few at-home supplies. What about the wood slices? Fear not! There is a lot at a craft store or on Amazon.

Learn To Do It

28. DIY Watch Stand 

For Your Gentleman

DIY Watch Stand - best DIY gifts for dad this Christmas

It's time to say thank your dad for always being there for you and for all the funny dad jokes he made to cheer you up. A watch stand will be a great gift for dad to freshen up his room. Instead of buying a new one, trying to make it will help you save money and put more meaning into the gift.

Learn To Do It

29. DIY Rocky Picture Frame 

Affordable But Still Extraordinary

DIY Rocky Picture Frame - thoughtful DIY gifts for Christmas

Be your dad's Secret Santa this Christmas by getting him a DIY picture frame. There's no better way to bring a fresh breeze to his space than with a stone frame. By putting his favorite photo into a frame filled with a bag of polished rocks, you've already made a cool Christmas gift for dad.

Learn To Do It

Top 5 Picks From Famiprints:Top 5 Picks From Famiprints for Dad on Christmas

Have you chosen something suitable for your dad yet? We hope you can treat your dad to something special for this holiday season after going through our ultimate gift guide of 29 amazing Christmas gifts for dad. Whether it's a last-minute or splurge-worthy gift, dad will burst into happy tears. Hope you and your family have the merriest Christmas!

If you need any more details, feel free to leave a comment below. We’re always here to listen to you and assist you.



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