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31 Unique Christmas Gifts for Stepmom to Show How Much You Care

Being a good mother is hard, but being a good stepmother is even harder, indeed. 

To let her know how much you appreciate her this Christmas, you’re on the way to get her a perfect stepmom gift but still don’t come up with anything. Not to worry! We’ve covered you with 31 Unique Christmas Gifts for Stepmom that surely delight her. 

Let’s get it started now!

Under $20

1. Best Gift for a Stepmom on the Go

Stainless Steel Keychain for Bonus Mom with the Quote Hand Stamped “I Smile Because You Are My Stepmother I Laugh Because You Married My Father”

It is a small gift, but it comes from a big heart. Your stepmother can take it with her everywhere she goes as a reminder of how much you love her. She will be very happy when reading the sweet message in her keychain: "I smile because you are my stepmother. I laugh because you married my father."

2. For A Stepmom Who Loves Decoration

Custom Family Deer Christmas Ornament Personalized with Family Name and Year as Best Christmas Gift For Family

This Custom Deer Family Christmas Ornament will be a great gift for your stepmom. You can make it unique by adding the names of each member in your family. I bet this small personalized gift can beautify your Christmas tree in a special style.

3. Best Gift For Coffee Lovers

Best Bonus Mom Ever Mug Personalized with Name as Sentimental Gifts For Bonus Mom

If your stepmother is a coffee lover, what could be better than giving her a Customized Coffee Mug? Tell the world that she is the best stepmom ever by adding her name on this mug. It's sure to be a perfect gift that will make your special lady feel happy and surprised.

4. for a Stepmom in Need of Relaxation

Badass Bonus Mom Candle Personalized with Name and a Choice of Scents and Weight

What better way to help your stepmom relax than with an Elegant Scented Candle? A Badass Bonus Mom Candle is a perfect present that your stepmother will never want to blow out. 

The fragrance of scented candles serves as a great thing to make all of your family members feel calm and warm on Christmas Eve.

5. For A Stepmom Who Loves Writing

Step In Faith: Stepmom Journal as Best Keepsake Gifts For Stepmom Who Loves To Write

If your stepmom enjoys writing a diary, the Stepmom Journal will be an ideal Christmas gift to help her keep great family memories always alive. It shows that you are always concerned about her emotions in daily life. 

Your stepmom will surely write on the first page of the journal: "This is a wonderful gift my stepchild gave me."

6. For A Stepmom Who Usually goes out

Best Step Mom Ever Tote Bag as Perfect Gifts For Stepmom on Mothers Day or Her Birthday

Every stepmom needs a Tote Bag when she goes to work or shopping. If your stepmom is not an exception, Best Stepmom Ever Tote Bag is definitely a perfect gift for her at Christmas to show how much you care about her. It can serve as not only a carryall but also a fashion item.

Under $30

7. For A Stepmom Who Cares About Fashion

Bonus Mama T Shirt with A Choice of Colors and Sizes Suitable For Any Stepmom Who Loves Comfort

Why not pamper her with what she’s into the most this holiday? For a fashion lover, this Bonus Mama T-shirt is definitely the perfect stepmom gift that you can’t overlook. 

This t-shirt is like a sweet thank you that you wanna send to her. I bet everyone will scream "WOW" when they see her wearing this stylish T-shirt.

8. Best Gift To Show Your Gratitude

Custom Picture Frame with 2 Pictures and a Quote "Thank You for Loving Me As Your Own" as Perfect Birthday Gifts For Stepmoms

This Christmas, take lots of pictures with your stepmom and give her a Picture Frame with a sweet message. The wooden frame will absolutely bring her a wave of nostalgia every time she revisits it and thinks back on happy memories together with you.

9. For A Stepmom Who Loves Drinking

Hot Pink 20 oz Skinny Tall Tumbler with Straw with The Quote "Best Bonus mom Ever"

Surprise your special woman by giving her a Pink Insulated Metal Tumbler. It can help her keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. 

It is one of the best stepmother gifts to show her that she is the best stepmom ever and you really appreciate this at Christmas.

10. Best Gift To Upgrade Her Phone

Custom Map Print Phone Case Personalized with Your Location Suitable For iPhones and Samsung

Make sure your stepmom always remembers the way home with you by gifting her a Custom Map Print Phone Case. It is one of the best Christmas gifts for your stepmom because it can protect her phone and remind her that you always wait for her to come home.

11. Best Gift For Her Sleep

Family Tree Custom Text Pillow Personalized with Family Name and Members Names as Perfect Family Gifts

Why not get your stepmom a Family Tree Custom Text Pillow to show her how much you care about her sleep? Featuring the names of family members, this unique pillow can bring her warmth and better sleep during cold Christmas and other days of the year.

Under $40

12. For the home Chef

Customized Metal Kitchen Sign with Text "Fresh And Tasty Seasoned With Love" Personalized with Name and Established Year

Cooking has never been easy, so give your stepmom a Custom Kitchen Sign to boost her motivation for cooking a lot of delicious dishes. This small personalized stepmom gift will beautify her kitchen and give her a sense of happiness while cooking on Christmas.Check Price Here

13. for a Stepmom Who Loves to Cook 

Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Engraved With Text  "Step Mom Recipe for an Exceptional Step Mom"

You appreciate your stepmother's cooking and want to express your gratitude for the big meals she prepares for you. So, it's really a great idea to give her a Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board engraved with the Recipe for an Exceptional Bonus Mom. 

She'll surely have more motivation to cook many delicious dishes to celebrate Christmas.

14. Best Gift To Make Her Become More Beautiful

Custom Birthstone Necklace Personalized with Initials as Unique Christmas Gift for Every Type Of Mom

Jewelry is an item that any stepmother would love. So, give her a Custom Birthstone Necklace with the sweet message to tell her that you always want her to be beautiful forever. There's nothing better than seeing her wearing the birthstone necklace you gave her on Christmas Eve.

15. For The Woman Who Has It All

Pink Rose Plant Designed In A Rose-Patterned Planter With An Elegant Gold Scalloped Rim

There's no woman in the world who doesn't love flowers, and it's certain that your stepmom is no exception. Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they also brighten up any space. Give your stepmother a rose plant as a simple gift for Christmas and see how delightful she is.

16. Small Gift With Big Love For Her

Custom Stone Coasters Set Of 4 Personalized with Photos, Song Name, and Text

Why don't you help your stepmom prevent condensation water with a set of Vinyl Record Coasters? It is a simple Christmas gift that leaves a lasting impression on her, especially if she is keen on music. Made from vinyl and customized with a song name, it will lift her mood at all times

17. for a Stepmom Who Likes to Garden

Grow With Love Customized Garden Sign in Green Background Personalized with Name and Established Year

If your stepmother loves gardening, then a Custom Garden Sign engraved with her name on it is definitely a good gift idea on Christmas. This garden sign will be a great addition to her garden and surely never disappoint your stepmother.

18. Find A Way To Make It Funny

Custom Portrait From Photo Jigsaw Puzzles with a Choice of 2 Sizes as Perfect Gifts For Family

While we are at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic, jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to spend time. Working together on this personalized photo jigsaw puzzle might stop your family from sticking to the screens and strengthen your bonds. 

Your stepmom will definitely feel over the moon when receiving this wonderful Xmas gift from you.

Under $50

19. Best Gift For A Stepmom Who Loves Jewelry

Custom Monogram Bracelet as Personalized Gifts for Mother, Grandmother, Nana

If you're looking for a gift that seems like a special treat for your stepmom, you can't go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry. The Family Bracelet allows you to make it unique with initials. It's like the warm embrace you give her to demonstrate your deep affection.

20. How to give Your "BONUS MOM" Some Love

To My Bonus Mom, Custom Photo Canvas Wall Art Personalized with Photos Like a Letter To Bonus Mom

Why not celebrate the memories you've enjoyed with your bonus mom with a Custom Photo Canvas Wall Art on Christmas? The art print that captures special moments with your stepmother will look great on the wall of her space. I bet she will be thrilled to bits and hang it right away when seeing your sentimental gift.

21. For a Stepmom Who Loves Canvas Painting

Custom Portrait From Photo Canvas Wall Art in Light Wood Color Background as Best Gifts For Every Type of Mom

Instead of spending hours looking for the perfect stepmom gift, save your time and give her a portrait canvas of you and her from your heart. 

Custom Portrait From Photo Canvas Wall Art is one of the most thoughtful gifts for stepmother on Christmas. All visitors to your home will admire your special love for her.

22. For a Stepmom Who Loves Stars

Custom Star Map Print Canvas in Black Background Personalized with Names, Date, Location and Text

If your stepmother loves interior decoration, why not please her with a custom canvas wall art for this holiday season? Custom Star Map Print Canvas comes in a beautiful modern design created from the date and location you provide. 

You can personalize it even more by including quotes about your stepmother. I'm sure she'll love this present.

23. A Cozy Essential

Custom Song Lyrics in The Sand Ocean Blanket Personalized with Song Lyrics, Names, and Date

Christmas is getting colder and your stepmother may be getting older. Cover her with a fleece blanket to warm her body as well as her heart. For this Personalized Blanket, you can custom with her name, text and favourite song lyrics. She will feel overjoyed to see how concerned you are about her with such a unique gift.

24. Best gift for music lover

Custom Red Cassette Tape Doormat Personalized with Family Name as Best gIfts For Music Lovers

What do you think about giving your stepmother a doormat? It's really greater than you have thought. A Red Cassette Tape Doormat in retro style would create an appealing and attractive welcome to your home at Christmas. 

This great gift will remind her of your love every time she enters through the door.

Under $70

25. Best Gift To strengthen The family bond

Elephant Family Custom Map Print in Black Background Personalized with Names, Location and Text

Are you looking for a great gift to help your stepmother spruce up her space at Christmas? Elephant Family Map Canvas is the best option for her. The elephants represent each member of your family with a map of the place where they are born. Hang it on the large display wall and get ready to see her reaction!

26. The Best Sentimental Gift For A Stepmom 

Custom Photo Canvas Wall Art with the Quote "These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things" in Navy Background

If you are searching for a thoughtful gift to give your stepmom on Christmas Eve, let consider a Custom Family Photo Canvas. It'll transform your favourite family photos into a memorable present for her. 

Nothing can compare to the joy of having your family's pictures displayed in your home. Make sure she can't take her gaze away from the canvas.

27. Best Gift To remind her of You

Custom Photo Canvas in Navy Background Personalized with Name and Text

You still don't know what to give your beloved stepmother on Christmas? Not to worry! This Personalized Name Canvas is what will cover you. 

With a quote: ”We love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the sand on the beach”, this is a sentimental gift every type of mom wants this holiday.

28. Best Gift To Keep Her Jewelry

Handmade Ceramic Heart Keepsake Box  as Best Gifts For Stepmoms on Mothers Day or Wedding

Your stepmother must have a lot of jewelry and needs a pretty box to store them. So, why don't you surprise her with a Handmade Ceramic Heart Keepsake Box?

I make sure that she will be very touched whenever reading the message in this keepsake box: "You didn’t give me life, life gave me you."

29. Best Gift For Stepmother Who Can’t Sleep

Pure Silk Polka Dot Sleep Mask Gift Set as thoughtful Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

Your stepmother is having trouble getting asleep as she gets older. No worries, a Sleep Mask Gift Set will be a great way to help her sleep better and have a beautiful dream by blocking light from interfering with her sleep. This is truly a meaningful Christmas gift that your stepmom will love.

30. Best Gift For A Home Decor Lover

Home Sweet Home Custom Map Print Square Canvas Personalized with Your Location as Best Housewarming Gifts For Moms and Dads

If your stepmom loves home décor, this Map Canvas is exactly what you’re looking for to get her this Christmas. It is perfect to decorate her wall and strengthen the close bond among family members. 

This canvas wall art, which features a unique map of your loving home, is sure to warm your stepmom's heart.

31. Best Gift to help Her Save Time In The Kitchen

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper, medium, Matte Black Suitable For The Home Chef On Special Occasions

If your stepmother is in charge of cooking meals for the whole family, give her a hand with a Food Chopper this holiday. This practical stepmom gift will make cooking easier by cutting the food preparation time. Let's show her how grateful you are for the delicious dinners she has prepared for you.

now it's your turn

Step-parenting is always a difficult task. So, allow yourself to empathize with her difficulties and express your gratitude for what she has done for you with a special gift. There are many options worth considering, but keep in mind that "Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gift of all". Happy Gifting!

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