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45+ First Fathers Day Gift Ideas That'll Put Him On Cloud Nine

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Father’s Day 2023 is getting really close, and you might be wondering what gifts to give to a first-time dad on fathers day.

Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a hand-picked list of 45+ First Fathers Day Gift Ideas.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it right now!

Best First Fathers Day Gifts


1. BBQ Grill Tools Set

For the grill master

This BBQ tool set includes 4 pieces: a grilling spatula and tongs, a digital meat thermometer, and a canvas carrying case to hold the utensils.
If your man loves BBQ, he'll be enthralled when receiving this BBQ grill tools set. From now on, he'll have enough pieces of equipment to cater to his barbecue hobby. This first Father’s Day present will utterly put a huge smile on his face every time he prepares for a BBQ party.

2. Sleep Eye Mask

For the dad who has trouble sleepingSleeping mask made of soft satin fabric will help him fall asleep faster after a tiring day at work.

Does your spouse suffer from some problems because of his sensitivity to light during sleep? Then let this sleep eye mask pamper her delicate eye skin. That way, he can enjoy a deeper sleep, and then feel relaxed and refreshed every morning.

3. Folio Expanding File Folder

For the organized dad

This expanding file folder with elegant blue color will help to organize his documents or whatever he wants well.

If he prefers using paper to modern devices, this folio expanding file folder is exactly for him. It can help him keep all the necessary documents, and also easily find them when he needs them. This orderliness will save him a lot of time and increase work productivity. Ensure it’s one of the most thoughtful father's day gifts!

4. Cassette Tape Doormat

For the music-loving dad

This cassette tape doormat with a classic style can be personalized with your name or any text you want.

If he’s kind of a vintage person, you can get him this cassette tape doormat. It’s easy to customize just with his name or some special words. Your special man, as well as his visitors, will find it so interesting whenever entering the house.


5. Diaper Bag

For the clumsy dad who changes his child’s diapers daily

Crafted from premium fabrics, this luxurious backpack-style diaper bag features leatherette details, a magnetic fastening and adjustable shoulder straps.

Is it a challenge for him to pack all the essential things, especially diapers while hanging out with his baby? Make it easy with this diaper bag - the most practical gift for the new Dad this Father’s Day. It's also so trendy that can help him look more fashionable. If you're on the fence, go for it!

6. Instant Mini Camera

For the dad who loves capturing every single moment in his life

This instant mini camera is portable and wearable so your dad can take it to anywhere in the world.If he’s a film camera lover, he’ll be in love immediately with this instant mini camera. This gift will help you show that you care and support his interests. Get him one and let him help you preserve the best memories in your family life with high-quality photos.

7. Adjustable Dumbbells

For the new dad who really misses the gym

These high-quality dumbbells are a brilliant gift idea for your daddy who often goes to gym.

For your gym lover who always looks forward to going to the gym again, it's a good idea to keep him fit with exercises that can be done at home. These adjustable dumbbells will help you motivate him a lot in maintaining training and staying in shape. This practical gift will pleasantly surprise new dads.


8. Dad Pint Glass

For the beer-loving Dad

Searching for personalised first fathers day gifts who are really into beer? You are at the right place. Customize it with the year he becomes a Dad as a mark of his special milestone. We bet your gift would make his drink taste much better.

9. Stroller Hooks

For the Dad who often carries heavy things on family outings


These brown leather stroller clips will help the first time dad a lot in carrying everything.

If you don't want him to carry a heavy load every time hanging out together, you might consider giving him these stroller hooks. With this gift, he'll be less tired during shopping times with the whole family. Believe me, this Father's Day gift idea will definitely touch his heart.


10. Hand And Footprint Keepsake

For the memory keeper

This custom ceramic keepsake is a wonderful gift for a first time dad. It offers you to add the hand and foot print of the child as well as name and year of birth.

Your child is an important piece of your family. So, a hand and footprint keepsake will be a unique gift for new dads for you to choose from. This unique gift will bring him back unforgettable memories of a growing family. So meaningful!

11. Superior Home Theater Projector

For the new dad who hasn't watched movies for a long time

The mini projector equipped with 2000:1 contrast ratio, supported 1080p resolution, brings you a 35% brighter images.

He’s a huge fan of movies? Surprise him with this superior home theatre projector. It'll give the two of you a more comfortable, private movie-watching space. And it can also serve as a lovely reminder that you appreciate his interest. So, what can brighten his day more than this present?

12. Dad and Baby Bear Figurine

For cute bear lovers

These wooden figurines feature a Daddy bear and a baby bear (cub) in a rocking chair. You can also make it extra personal with your names.

How about getting him a dad and child figurine? It’s so novel and unique. This gift is hand-sculpted with absolute meticulousness and care. It’ll celebrate the bond of love between fathers and children. Believe me, for the dad who has everything, this Father's Day gift idea will definitely touch his heart.

13. Smart Home Camera

For the new dad who always wants to see his baby

great first father's day gift for him

Your man always wants to have the feeling of being near his baby, as well as making sure that the baby is safe? Then this smart home camera is a thoughtful gift that meets all his needs. Don't hesitate to get him one, it's sure to be the best gift for your husband you've ever planned.

14. Funny Fathers Day Card

For the Dad who’s taking care of baby wipes

This cute, funny greeting card reads: ‘Daddy Thanks for Wiping My Bum’. It's guaranteed to make your Dad smile.

This funny Father’s Day card is a sure-fire way that will blow your man's mind. The text printed on the card is quite humorous yet meaningful, which will help you to send him a thank you. He might laugh out loud at this cheeky gift, but he’ll utterly love that you put so much thought of him into it.

First Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Wife

15. Personalized Key Hook

For the Dad who usually forgets where he put the keys

This rustic styled key hook is a good gift for any dad. It also offers you to customize it with your name and year.

If your man often takes a lot of time finding the keys whenever he needs to go out, there’s nothing better than this personalized key hook. You can make it more unique with your family name, a special year to your family, and a short meaningful message. I'm sure he'll appreciate the fact that you put so much care into it for him.


16. Coffee Maker

For the Dad who’s a coffee lover

This coffee maker is easy to use for your dad. It has 2 separate easy-fill water reservoirs that will make you know exactly how much water to add.

Drinking morning coffee is a daily habit of your beloved man. So, why don’t get him this coffee maker so that he can make himself his own drink? With this practical gift, every time he makes coffee, he’ll feel full of energy to start a hard workday. He’d be so surprised at your thoughtfulness.


17. Photo Collage Wall Clock

For the Dad who’s interested in photography

With a beautiful high gloss finish, this wall clock is sure to be a favorite home decor for your dad. You can customize with your photos, names and date.

A photo collage wall clock is such an ideal Father’s Day gift for him if he likes to capture every moment with his camera. Also, it’d be a creative home decor accessory to make your space full of love. Every time he looks at this clock, he'll feel like you're with him no matter what. I'm sure he's gonna be happy to receive this from you.


18. Robot Vacuum

For the busy Dad

The 3 Stage Cleaning system and Dual Multi-Surface brushes will help to grab dirt from carpets and hard floors, an Edge-Sweeping brush takes care of corners and edges.

This robot vacuum is a can't-miss option if you need a practical gift for your husband who doesn’t have enough time to clean up the house after work. It’ll help him save a lot of time, so you guys may have free time hanging out together. Absolutely, he’ll be in love as soon as he sees it in person.


19. Foot & Leg Massager

For the Dad who’s in need of a foot pain relief

Designed to target the feet, ankles, and calves, this massager helps relieve tension through deep-kneading action using the latest Shiatsu technology.

Taking care of a new baby is tiring work (though new moms or new dads will never complain about it). So let's give him some pain relief with this foot & leg massager. This modern machine with many different modes will help you cherish his every step, and show that you're always there to share his hardships.

20. Custom Photo Blanket

For the Dad who needs some sweet dreams

Made with 100% soft and silky polyester, this blanket will ensure to give the recipient a soft and comfy feeling. You can customize it with your photos and text.

This personalized picture blanket is likely to be an emotional present for your better half who enjoys being comfortable. It can also help you to express your deep love through each romantic word. Ensure he can feel your love even in his dreams with this Father’s Day gift.


21. Personalized Baby Footprint Keychain

For the Dad who enjoys the road trip

Made with high quality surgical, hypoallergenic stainless steel, this keychain will last for good.

Do you want unique gift ideas inspired by your little child? Look no further than this personalized baby footprint keychain. It’ll represent the baby’s “first step” into the life of his father and your man be completely speechless once he receives it.


22. Comfy Pants

For the Dad who loves casual fashion

A comfortable, pull-on pant that converts into a short will be a perfect gift for any dad.

This comfy pant is one of the practical yet cheap Father’s Day gifts for husband that you shouldn't ignore. It'll help bring him a sporty, energetic appearance, and a comfy feel for afternoon jogging trips with his baby. The gift would be a great assist to your beloved husband in many outdoor activities.

23. Custom Round Sign

For the beer drinker

This high-quality round sign is a good gift idea for your daddy. You can add his name to make it extra special.

How about giving him a custom round sign with his name printed on it? Moreover, you can also add a funny quote, inspired by his strong interest in drinking beer. Your man will wanna let others know how lucky he is to have such a great wife like you here and now.


24. Photo Coffee Mug

For the Dad who lives on coffee

This 1st father's day mug can be personalized with your photo, names and date. It's sure to be a sentimental gift for every dad.

You’re stumped on what to improve your child’s dad’s coffee this Father’s Day? You’re on the right list! This photo coffee mug featuring your family photo is one of the best custom fathers day gifts that'll make the coffee addict in your life jump for joy. You can't go wrong with this one because it'll brighten his mornings with a little romance.

25. Wireless Charger

For the Techie Dad

This wireless charge is certainly a must-have for a first-time dad who's so busy with taking care of his child.

This wireless charger might be an awesome gift idea to pamper your techie husband this Father’s Day. Its compact, portable design makes it easy for him to take everywhere and use it when needed. What a great first father’s day gift from wife, right?

26. Custom Wooden Plaque

For the Dad who loves wooden decorations

This custom wooden plaque has a creative design. It can be customized with your photo, family name and any text you want.

This custom wooden plaque is also a good suggestion for celebrating his first Father’s Day. All you need to do is add your family name, as well as the most beautiful family photo, and choose a meaningful quotation. Tada! Your thoughtful gift for your husband is ready to surprise him.

27. Wireless Essential Oil Diffuser

For the scent fanatic

This wireless essential oil diffuser is a great addition to your smart home that is powered intelligently and wifi compatible.

If your soulmate is a big fan of fragrance, this wireless essential oil diffuser is definitely a perfect recommendation. It can help relieve your spouse’s stress after hours of work, as well as bring a romantic touch of warmth to your home. He's gonna be really into it right after receiving it.

First Fathers Day Gifts from Baby Girl

28. Personalized T-shirt

For the Dad whose wardrobe is really boring


This cute t-shirt can be personalized with your names. It'll be his favorite outfit soon.

Looking for a practical but hilarious gift? Then this personalized T-shirt is such a wonderful option. With funny, lovely images accompanied by the names of family members, it's guaranteed to be the best T-shirt he’s ever thought of. Well, make sure to take some pictures of how cool he’s gonna be when he puts them on.

29. Jogging Stroller

For the Dad who loves to take his baby out for a walk

This jogging stroller is very portable with FastAction quick fold. It also has padded, adjustable 3- or 5- point harness adjusts for children as they grow.

If your Dad usually goes for a walk with his baby in his free time, there is nothing more perfect than this jogging stroller. It will make him and his child comfortable, thereby increasing the enjoyment of those after-work strolls. He’ll feel on top of the world as soon as unpacking your romantic and thoughtful gift.

30. Custom Photo Pillow

For the new dad who’s sleep-deprived

This custom throw pillow offers you to add up to 6 photos. It also can serve as a great sofa decor for his favorite living room.

If you need a practical and sentimental gift for your first-time dad, why not get him this custom photo pillow? He can sit against it or lie comfortably on the sofa with it while watching TV. Not only is it a cute gift for your beloved dad, but it is also a beautiful home decoration.

31. Daddy's Little Girl Book

For the Dad who loves his daughter to the moon and back

This book tells about a Cute Girl and her Superhero Dad. It's sure to be a great book that you and your dad can love to read together every night.

Does your father wish to spend his spare time being with you as much as possible? Then this Daddy’s little girl book is such a wonderful gift idea. With this book, he can tell you meaningful stories before bedtime, as well as find out more about your characteristics. Let's wait and see how wonderful he would feel with your gift.

32. Family Matching Swimsuits

For the Dad who can’t wait for summer again

These family matching swimsuits allows you to choose each size for each member of your family. They have a combination of blue, yellow and white colors, suitable for beach trips with family.

A swimsuit is an oft-forgotten item for a beachgoer. So why don’t make it even more special with family matching swimsuits? Your whole family will all be able to confidently show off their lovely outfits with pride on every beach trip. This brilliant family gift will show the whole world how passionate your love is!

33. Personalised Egg And Toast Board

For the Dad who never misses having a breakfast

This custom egg and toast board offers you to add any text you want to make it more personal.

If your dad loves a quick bread and egg breakfast, this perfect gift idea is what he really needs. With fun words, as well as your name printed on it, it'll make your dad's breakfast more delicious than ever. Such a practical gift that he'll love to use frequently.

34. Custom Photo Canvas Wall Art

For the Dad who loves something romantic and aesthetic

This canvas wall art with a rustic style can be personalized with your photo and any text you want. It's sure to be a great decor for his wall.

Dad also needs something romantic as much as Mom does. So, let this custom photo canvas wall art show him that he’s the best dad ever. Just adding a beautiful photo of him and his children, as well as some meaningful messages, to make this simple artwork unique and stunning. It'll level up your gift-giving game for this momentous occasion!

35. Indoor Slippers

For the Dad who loves staying at home

These linen slippers deliver outstanding comfortability and freshness for him. The organic linen interior is lined with memory foam to ensure comfort.

This simple and lovely gift will be an indispensable item for his home outfit. With soft material and elegant design, this pair of sandals will make him feel more comfortable and fashionable even when he’s not hanging out. Wait for what? Pick it for him now to show him that you care about him so much.

36. Classic Rose Gold Watch

For the punctual Dad

This classic style, ion-plated rose gold watch is sure to last for good. Your dad will treasure it forever.

A stylish watch is one of the most important factors for a perfect outfit. Unlike other watches he has, this classic rose gold watch is a unique one customized with your own meaningful messages. Every time he wears it, he'll surely feel like you're by his side.

First Fathers Day Gifts from Baby Boy

37. Star Map Canvas Wall Art

For the Dad who’s an astronomy lover

This star map canvas goes with a quote "The Day You Became A Dad" in blue background color. You can add the constellation, date, location, names, and photo to make it personal.

A star map canvas wall art with sparkling and beautiful night sky motifs is the perfect choice for those who love astronomy. Make it personal with your name, location, and special date in your life. It can turn a boring bedroom into a much more loving space where you two would love to spend time playing together.

38. Baby Carrier

For the new dad who's running out of hands

This Tactical Baby Carrier is lightweight, thus comfortable for the first-time dad. It's durable and can be used for other kids then.

Every time he goes shopping with you, he has to carry a lot of things? Then this baby carrier is what he needs most. This classic gift lets him be hands-free, which will help him feel a lot more comfortable and be closer to the kid. What a great gift idea for your dearest dad in your life, right?

39. T-shirt Onesie Set

For the Dad who’s really into pizzas

"The child is the missing pizza slice of the dad" is the theme of this t-shirt onesie set. It's super cute and comfortable for both dad and kid.

This T-shirt onesie set with a pizza slices pattern is a perfect combo for the two of you. When you guys go out together, the pattern of 1 slice of pizza printed on your shirt shows that you are the last piece to help his life become more complete. Trust me, it tops the list of 1st fathers day presents.

40. Personalized Photo Puzzle

For the Dad who loves mind games

This personalized photo jigsaw puzzles shows all great personalities of a good dad. It's sure to make him so happy.

He’s really into brain-stimulating activities? Then this personalized photo puzzle is such a brilliant gift idea. You can customize it with a photo of you two playing together, along with some meaningful quotes. This unique gift is both an interesting game and a memory keepsake.

41. Custom Face Socks

For the hilarious Dad with cold feet

These custom face socks are so cute that your dad will fall in love with it right away. Just pick a size, color and add your photo to make one for him.

On chilly winter nights, do you see your partner stamping his feet to heat them up? Why not get him this pair of funny socks? All it takes is just uploading your cute face and creating a unique gift just for him. This custom gift will warm both his feet and heart in a hilarious way.

42. Garage Metal Sign

For the Dad who’s a car mechanic

This garage metal sign with a cool design will please your dad's hobby. There are four holes featured in the corner of each plaque. Easy to hang on your door or wall. Four holes featured in the corner of each plaque, thus easy to hang on his door or wall

How about turning his own space into an art gallery? With this garage metal sign, his garage now looks much fancier than ever. Funny quotes printed on it will also give him a strong motivation whenever he’s working in the hot garage. What a unique present to get your father on this special occasion!

43. Matching Snapback Hats

For the Dad who wants something mix-and-match with his son

Set of 2 father + son matching Snapback hats are so stylist and cute. Daddy will be sure to love it.

Make one of a kind gift for your first-time dad with these matching snapback hats. The hats look very stylish and are great protection for him every time he goes outside. Undoubtedly, it's a great Father’s Day gift for those who are really into outdoor activities.

44. Personalized Photo Art Print

For the Sentimental Dad

This photo canvas wall art will be personalized with your photo, date and name. With a rustic style, the wall art will be a cool decor for his space.

Being new parents means we have to make many trade-offs and sacrifices. Let this personalized photo art print give the best dad in your life a pat on the back for all his excellent work, on behalf of your little child. Featuring your most beautiful photo, ensure your dad can’t help but smile at this cute gift.

45. Custom Photo Tie

For the new Dad who loves wearing a suit


This custom photo tie is a great gift idea for any dad. With a wide range of colors, you can pick the most suitable one for him based on his preferences.

Turning his boring traditional tie into a unique one is a great idea. With this custom photo tie, you can personalize it with hundreds of your baby’s lovely face photos. Trust me, it’ll make dad feel overjoyed with such an adorable gift.

You’ve just done going through 45+ First Fathers Day Gift Ideas. So, getting first time father gifts is not as challenging as you think, right?

If you figure out any cool fathers day gifts, don't hesitate to let us know. Feel free to share this guide with family and friends; you might just help them surprise the new father they love.