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49+ Best Gifts for Grandpa: Unique, Sentimental & Practical Ideas 2024

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Having Grandpa by our side is one of the most beautiful times in life. So if you want to get him a gift, you would want it the best of the best. Our list of The 49 Best Gifts For Grandpa 2024 is where you can get inspired. We have a full range of personalized grandpa gifts, new grandpa gifts, or last minute gifts for grandpa which surely delight your old man.

Let's dive right in.

Personalized Grandpa Gift

1. Best for Great Grandpa

Grandpa Custom Photo In Navy Vintage Background Personalized With Pictures And Text

This Custom Photo Canvas would free your Grandpa from swiping photos on his phone when missing his grandchildren. 

Hang it on the wall and it will spell out “GRANDPA” with lots of beautiful memories to uplift his mood. 

2. Best for Grandpa Who Wants Grandkids Close

Custom Portrait Pillow From Photo With Text And Names

This Custom Portrait From Photo Pillow would be a nice choice to help Grandpa feel his kids close every time he hugs it. It's also a special home decor accessory making his house cozier.

3. Best for the Vinyl Collector

Looking for a unique Valentines gift to celebrate a special moment in your life - your first met, first kiss, first date, or your wedding date. You found it. The gift of a night sky map lets your most personal and significant memories live on forever. Design your now!

A Retro Cassette Tape Doormat in old school style would create a highlight for Grandpa’s house.

Every time he enters the door, this sweet keepsake will remind him of his dear grandchildren.

On top of that, this design is especially suitable for those who are vinyl collectors.

4. Best for Handy Grandpa

Personalized Hammer As Father's Day Gift, Grandparent Gift, Grandfather Gift, Father's Day Gift, Dad Gift

This special hammer with your words engraved on would be a great gadget to assist Grandpa in many jobs. Let it help you give him a hand so that things can be done easier.

5. Best for Grandpa Who Needs a Good Night’s Sleep

Custom Photo Grandpa Blanket Personalized With Name And Text

Make Grandpa feel warm and have a good sleep at night with this Personalized Photo Collage Blanket. The gift will “cover” him with your love and bring him back to plenty of happy memories. 

Sentimental Grandpa Gifts

6. Best for Celebrating The Bonding Between Grandpa & Child

Grandpa Sculpted Figure For Grandparents Day, Fathers Day

Willow Tree - a reminder of someone we want to keep close, stands for the strong bond between you and Grandpa. 

With the meaning behind the tree, this gift will let Grandpa know how much you love him. He also can use it as an artsy home decor or keep it as a precious keepsake. 

7. Best For Recording His Most Meaningful Memories

Grandfather's Journal As Grandpas Gifts, Fathers Gifts, Dads Gifts

With a gorgeous and charming design, this Grandfather's Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild will be a perfect way for you and Grandpa to fill in and keep your beautiful moments safe through the time. It’s also where Grandpa can revisit it anytime he misses you. 

8. Best for Melting His Heart

Custom Portrait Canvas Wall Art From Photo Personalized With Song Lyrics

A Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art will help to preserve great memories for Grandpa and hum the song you would like to send him. This personalized music gift is a wonderful choice for a music lover like your Grandpa. I bet he would be very fond of it.

9. Best for Grandpa Who Loves Bragging about his Grandkids

This Is Grandpa Monster Belong To Shirt Personalized With Grandkids Names

An interesting and fashionable Grandpa shirt like this may help him feel younger and happier when wearing or looking at it. It's a sentimental grandpa gift that a toddler could bring surprise to his beloved Grandpa. 

10. Best Gifts for Scent Lover

Sending You A Big Hug Custom Candle As Gifts For Grandpa And Gifts For Grandma
The candle will light up the space, make Grandpa feel warm, relax his mind and give him A Big Hug just like its name: Big Hug Candle. 
Select the scent Grandpa loves and give it to him right now!

11. Best for Grandpa Who Keeps Your Family Together

Dad, The Heart Of The Family, Custom Photo And Text Canvas Wall Art, Best Gifts For Grandpa And Dad

This Canvas Wall Art will hold up to 9 photos of meaningful time with your grandpa as a way to honor him - the heart of the family who always keeps everyone together. 

Let it help you and your family send a big thanks to him.

Unique Gifts for Grandpa

12. Best for Finishing Grandpa's Shirt Sleeves In Style

Personalized Actual Handwriting Cufflinks As Father of the Bride Gift

What makes these Cufflinks unique? The answer lies in the personal touch it offers, which comes from the real drawings of the kids. 

This gift will turn Grandpa’s suit into something more special and attractive. Your Grandpa is sure to love it very much. 

13. Best for Techie Grandpa

Custom Map Print Phone Case With Location For IPhone And Samsung

A Custom Map Print Phone Case marking Grandpa's location with a heart will protect Grandpa’s phone from dust but still make it look so impressive. It would be a brilliant gift idea for your tech enthusiast.


14. Best for the Puzzle Lover 

Custom Portrait Jigsaw Puzzles From Photo  As Best Grandparents Day Gifts
This Watercolor Painting Jigsaw Puzzles made from your own photo with Grandpa will not only surprise him but also give him a happy trip back to beautiful memories. It is a good gift and a sweet keepsake for a puzzle-loving grandpa to look at whenever missing his grandkids.

15. Best for Grandpa Who Loves To Entertain

Personalized Playing Cards From Photo, Poker Size Deck
The photo of his Grandkids will be printed on the cards and this transforms them into a unique deck for only Grandpa.  He can have more fun when playing with his grandchildren and get more luck when playing with others. Besides, it can serve as something that he can take out to stare at his cute baby.

16. Best for Grandpa Who Loves His Kids Drawing

Personalized Heirloom Leather Tray From Kids Drawing Or Handwriting, Best Personalized Fathers Day Gift For Dad, Grandpa

The special tray is made from premium leather with the drawing of his kid engraved on. 

It would be a unique and thoughtful keepsake to save the imprint of a sweet stage with his grandchild in his life.

17. Best for Superhero Grandpa

The Only Superhero I Know Is Grandpa Travel Mug Customized With Names

Take care of Grandpa on his trip and also show your pride in him with this Personalized Travel Coffee Mug - The Only Superhero I Know Is Grandpa. 

The cool design combined with the kid's text makes it a one-of-a-kind gift and Grandpa surely will feel over the moon when receiving it from you.

New Grandpa Gifts

18. Give Him a Promotion

First Dad Now Grandpa Shirt Personalized With Names Which Makes It A Unique Gift For Men

This T-shirt will help to tell the world that he is being a Grandpa. Customizing it for him with the names of his children and grandkids, it is going to show his happiness and make him look more fashionable. 

And when the day comes, you and he would have an interesting story on this T-shirt to tell his grandkids.

19. Best for Grandpa Who Loves Displaying Some Fun Pictures

Personalized Photo Frame For Grandpa, Papa, Poppie, Gramps

With this multi picture frame which can last for good, Grandpa could show off his funny photos with his grandkids. 

In addition, the clips on the frame make it easy to keep the photos up to date so that grandpa can comfortably revisit and update his new precious moments.

20. Cute Pregnancy Announcement for Grandpa

Personalized Hand Stamped Great Grandpa Keychain As Custom Fathers Day Gift And Pregnancy Announcement Gift

Let this keychain trigger his surprise and happiness for the news he is about to have a great grandkid. 

Each copper disc engraved information marking an important milestone in his life. It would be a meaningful keepsake to remind him of these great moments.

21. Best for Showing How Much He’s Loved

I Love Grandad This Much Book Personalized With Names That Are Unique Gifts For Birthdays, Fathers Day Or Just Because

The kids will be the teller, and the main character is their Grandpa. 

Through this personalized book titled “I Love Grandad This Much”, kids will show Grandpa how much they love him the way he is every day. 

It is sure to be the sweetest gift that Grandpa will keep as his treasure to read again and again. 

22. Best for the Coffee Drinker

Grandpa Again Custom Date Coffee Mug For Second Time Grandpas

This custom mug - a good choice for a coffee drinker, is perfect to replace the old one of Grandpa. You can add a personal touch by customizing the text on the mug. 

It will be even more special and meaningful when Grandpa knows that he is having another grandkid.

23. Best for Those Who Will Become Grandpas 

Dad And Papaw Canvas Wall Art Customized With Photo Is A Unique Gift For Best Grandpas

Personalize the wall art with your photo, wrap it and let him peel off the cover slowly. 

Then, wait to see his reaction when he’s informed that you are pregnant and he is going to be a Grandpa. Your personalized papaw gift will burst him into tears.

Practical Gifts for Grandpa

24. Best for Story Telling Grandpa

Custom Journal Book Made From Horse Leather And Personalized With Engraved Text

The Journal is made from tanned crazy horse leather with engraved text that would be a long life keepsake for Grandpa. It can help him a lot in his work or he could use it to write down his stories, his memories, his lessons to give to his grandkids someday.

25. A Gift He’ll Take Everywhere He Goes

Custom Money Clip With Names Is A Practical Gift For Grandpa And Dad

Help Grandpa keep his cash safe and neat with this money clip. 

Add your text to personalize it for him and he will bring your sentimental gift by his side to anywhere he goes. 

26. Best Useful Gift for Grandpa

Natural Leather Eyeglass Chain For Grandpa Who Usually  Wear Glasses

Keep grandpa’s eyeglasses from slipping with this useful gift: Leather Eyeglass Chain. 

The chain is made from premium leather and decorated very delicately. It would beautify the glasses’ appearance and give grandpa more confidence when doing things.

27. Best for The Grandpa Who Love Cold Drinks

Personalized Wooden Coaster For Fathers Day Present Bespoke Gift for Dad Grandpa Daddy Grandad

Prevent condensation water from disturbing Grandpa enjoying his cold drink with this Personalized Wooden Coaster.

Made from Oak veneer wood and customized with your love, it will never let your Grandpa down. 

28. Best for the Grandpa Who's Always Humming

Embroidered Established Grandpa or Dad Baseball Hat With Name Or Monogram

Create a unique gift for your world’s best Grandpa with this personalized hat. It will be a fashionable accessory as well as a good protection for him in every outing. Grandpa is gonna be really into it right after receiving it. 

29. Best Gift That Will Always Be Used

Engraved Pocket Knife As Fathers Day Gift For Grandpa

This remarkable pocket knife is really an inseparable gadget for grandpa. The personalized text on the handle makes it one-of-a-kind. It is not just a unique gift idea, it’s the fashion symbol for Grandpa too. 

Hobby Gifts for Grandpa

30. Best for Your Golf Pro Grandpa

Best Grandad By Par Personalized Golf Balls With Text

A Personalized Golf Ball like this would be the best idea for Grandpa who has everything, especially for a golf pro. It can be a sentimental keepsake for him and a lucky charm that brings him much better chances in his game.


31. Best for Fishing Grandpa

Hooked On Being Grandpa Personalized Shirt With Grandkids Names

This Hooked on Grandpa T-Shirt is really stylish and trendy for a fisherman. Let it show your care for Grandpa and accompany him every time he goes fishing. Grandpa will cherish and treasure this cute gift so happily.

32. Best for A Grandpa Who Loves Watches

The Best Times Watch Box Personalized With Names As A Thoughtful Gift For Grandpa

Your Grandpa loves watches? Then, let this Personalized The Best Times Watch Box touch his heart immediately. 

This thoughtful gift will help him preserve his watches well and display Grandpa’s collection in a fashionable manner.

33. Best for Hunting Grandpa

Deer Hunter Shirt Personalized With Text Is The Best Grandparents Day Gift

Choose the type of shirt and personalize the text to get Grandpa this cool Hunter Shirt. Let it tell him that you’re so proud of his excellent hunting skill. Grandpa would be reassured to be super happy after unboxing your gift.

34. Best for Grandpa's Green Thumb

Personalized Little Helpers Welcome Flag With Name For Verggie Gardens

Help Grandpa create a focal point for his garden by this cool Welcome Papa's Vegetable Garden Flag. 

Its soft and vibrant design will embellish his open space and make it look fresher. Grandpa would feel surprised when entering his garden and seeing your present. 

Gifts For Grandpa from The Whole Family

35. Best For the Family Tree-Obsessed

Family Tree Throw Pillow Customized With Text, Cozy Gifts For Grandpa , Best Home Decor Ideas

This Personalized Family Tree with Names Pillow will tell Grandpa that everyone always appreciates him, respects him, and loves him. It surely gives him moments of warmth and relaxation. Whenever he hugs it, it feels like he is embracing all his loved family members. 

36. Best For the Photo-Obsessed

Personalized Navy Vintage Background Canvas With Photo And Text

With six horizontal spaces, this photo collage will enable you to display all your favorite moments and beautiful images with Grandpa in one place. 

It also helps you fulfill Grandpa’s home with happiness and affection.

37. Best For Recalling Fondest Memories

Personalized Travel Memories Map Prints With Name And Locations

Record the destinations Grandpa used to travel to as a special certificate for him with this Personalized Travel Map Print. This art would make him feel that no matter where he goes, you and the family always watch and look forward to him. 

38. Best for Displaying his Favorite Memories with Family

My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa Canvas Wall Art Customized With Photos And Names

Let him know how close he is to you, how wonderful it is to call him Grandpa with this My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa Wall Art. 

It can hold up to 6 pictures, so you can easily show off your favorite time with him by uploading your memorable photos. He would definitely be very pleased with this sweet gift idea. 

39. Help Tend to His FarmHouse

Welcome To Our Farmhouse Customized Farm Sign With Name And Location

Turn Grandpa’s farmhouse into a unique place as a way to show him how you love and care for him with a Personalized Metal Sign. 

The rustic style sign would be an outstanding feature adding highlight to the place Grandpa usually sticks to. This special gift would satisfy your beloved old man.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa 

40. A Very Cool Way to Learn Some History About Your Grandpa

1946 The Year You Were Born Printable Is A Creative Gift For Grandpa

Get Grandpa this The Year You Were Born Printable if you find it suitable for his birthday now. This file is a great way to remember the events that happened 75 years ago in 1946.

Print it out or send the digital file to surprise him on his upcoming special day.


41. Capture One of The Best Days In A Grandpa’s Life

Custom Star Map Canvas Wall Art For Fathers Day And Grandparents Day

The custom star map canvas will easily capture the night sky on the day and the location you choose. 

Ensure your Grandpa's birthday party is going to be fulfilled with his own unique star night image that you put much love in. What can be more special than this?

42. One Thing All Grandpas Want to Hear 'Best Grandpa Ever'

Best Grandpa Ever Dark Wood Style Background Canvas Personalized With Photos And Text

Grandpa plays many roles in your life to help you grow up. He is a babysitter, a teacher, a friend, a sharer, and a man who can give you all the love and kindness. 

Just go ahead and tell him how important he is to you with this 'Best Grandpa Ever' Custom Photo Collage Canvas

43. Best Gift that Make Grandpa So Proud

Grandpa's System Personalized Shirt With Names Is A One-Of-A-Kind Gift For Grandpa

Let this Grandpa's System Personalized Shirt make Grandpa feel proud on his birthday and more. 

This personalized T-shirt for grandpa will tell him that everything in your life makes sense thanks to him because he is the bright sun giving warmth to little planets like you.

Last Minute Gifts for Grandpa

44. Best for Foodies

Olympia Provisions Artisanal Salami - Best Food Gift Idea For Grandpa And Dad On Grandparents Day And Fathers Day

Food is a wise idea for a last minute gift. Just simply get Grandpa the dish he loves like a salami, enjoy it with him and create beautiful memories together. That’s happy and peaceful enough!


45. Best for Book Lover

Handmade Wooden Nose Shaped Spectacle Eyeglass Holder Stand with Mustache

For book lovers who read through glasses, a Handmade Wooden Spectacle Holder with Mustache could be a cool book-related gift idea. This holder will help grandpa save a lot of time finding his glasses, and it is a practical decor accessory for his own space too. 

46. Best For Grandpa Who Always Loves Socks

Funny Papa Socks For Awesome Grandpa On Fathers Day Or Grandparents Day

If your Grandpa loves socks, his collection can not exclude these Awesome Grandpa Novelty Socks.

Made from a super-soft cotton blend with good quality stretch vinyl, this useful gift for Grandpa is very skin-friendly and durable to cosset every single step of him.


47. Best for Home Chef 

3-Piece BBQ Grill Set For Grandpa WIth Unique Laser-cut Design In Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel

This 3-Piece BBQ Set would be the perfect gift for your Grandpa - an expert home chef. With high quality material and versatile design, it will definitely cheer grandpa up and give him more motivation to make more delicious food. 

Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

48. Best For Upgrading His Sleepwear

Men's Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe Made By Cotton Portuguese Flannel Is Suitable For Grandpa Who Needs Warmth

A luxury bathrobe for Grandpa's Christmas, why not? This bathrobe is made of ultra-soft cotton flannel giving your Grandpa a sense of comfort without overheating. It will surely bring him the warmest and happiest Christmas.


49. Best for Grandpa Who Always Be Your Best Friend for Life

My Grandpa Is My Best Friend Personalized With A Collage Of 9 Pictures

Your grandpa has been your best friend since you were just a little kid? So what a regret if you overlook this Custom Photo Canvas Wall Art! 

This print is like a memento to document each stage you and this special buddy have experienced together. He will absolutely feel on top of the world when directly seeing this awesome present.

Happy Day For Your Grandpa

So we’ve gone through the list of the best gifts for grandpa in 2024 that we handpick meticulously. Just pick yours and show Grandpa how much you love and appreciate him. Bring him as much happiness as you can because it’s a good way to thank him for his presence in your life.