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51+ Best Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad (at Every Price Point)

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Mother’s day 2024 has just passed and now Father’s day 2024 is approaching. We do believe that our gift guide for Mother’s day already helped you bring mom an unforgettable day. Let do this for Daddy too with our 51+ Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad (at Every Price Point) gift guide. 

Even he's a new dad, an impossible man, a dad who has everything, or a dad who wants nothing, this collection still has unique gifts for him. 

Go on and check it out! 

Gifts For Dads Who Have Everything

1. Dad Photo Canvas

The easiest way to show dad how you love him is to say and save your words. This Dad Custom Photo will help you do the job perfectly. With this personalized gift, you can easily upload beautiful pictures of you and your father as well as add your father’s day message such as “I love you dad”, “I love my dad” to express your love and appreciation. I bet your dad will love your father’s day gift so much. 

2. Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art

The next gift idea for dads this Father’s day is a Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art. Even your dad is a musician, a singer, or simply a music lover, this wall art is still a cool and creative idea for him. Just choose an image of you and him together with the song he loves, the song that shows your love to him, or the song that connects with his meaningful memories. And on Father’s day, let’s play the song and bring this art to him. It’ll burst him into tears of happiness. 

3. Custom Night Sky Wall Art

If your dad is a fan of astrology or star constellations, get him a Custom Night Sky Wall Art. The art show exactly the star map at the location of the night on the day you choose. It can be your birthday, his birthday, or any day that is important to him. You can also add your sentimental message to tell him how much you love him. This personalized gift art would be a very meaningful gift for your dad on Father’s day.

4. Best Father Award Canvas Wall Art

Use one word to describe your dad, what word would you use? “Best”, right? Your dad is always the best, so this Father’s day let give him this award with a Best Father Award Canvas Wall Art. The art features a medal shape and in the center of this Medal is the place for you to upload your daddy’s image to honor him. The design is simple but implies everything. What a great gift for dad!

5. Letter To Daddy Canvas Print

Another cool idea for you to save your father’s day message to your daddy is a Letter To Daddy Canvas Print. This canvas will keep your letter eternally together with some memorial photos of you and daddy. Daddy would love to hang it on the wall as unique wall decor and every time his eyes fall on these lovely photographs or when he reads the meaningful letter from his son/daughter, your dad will feel like the depth of your love.

Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

6. Wooden AirPods Cases

Your dad’s AirPods case is old. Then, this Father’s day gets him a new and special wooden AirPods case. This case is accompanied by a keychain so that dad will not lose his AirPods anymore. You can also have his name engraved on it to make it more personal. This last-minute father’s day gift is so fashionable that it’ll make dad smile whenever he uses it.

7. Dad Blanket

Want to “wrap up” your dad this Father’s day? Get him a Dad blanket personalized with up to 5 unforgettable photos with daddy and a sentimental message to him as well. Wherever he wrap himself at home or at his office in the made-just-for-him blanket, he will feel cozy, relax, and proud of his good kid. 

8. Custom Portrait From Photo

You want to give daddy a gift of portrait but it has to be a special one that is unusual from the others? Don’t worry, this Custom Portrait From Photo can help you out. Choose the picture you love and the designers will turn it into a unique watercolor painting illustration only for dad. Give it to dad and he would love and cherish it always. 

9. Number 1 Dad Canvas Print

This Father’s day, all you want is just simply telling dad that he is the number 1? Then, give dad this Daddy You Are Number 1 Custom Photo Collage Canvas Wall Art. With this wall art, you can add up to 6 memorial photos with daddy and a message you want to send to him on father’s day. Surely daddy will proudly hang your gift up on his wall decor to beautify his home or office. 

10. Father Acronym Gift

What do you think about your dad? Is he funny, handsome, strong, heroic, selfless, and caring? Yeah, we know the answer is definitely YES. Then, this Father’s Day, give him this Father Acronym Canvas Wall Art. You can also have 4 meaningful photos with daddy printed on together with your message. This art is not just a sentimental gift but also a way to show dad how you think about him and how you respect and love him.

Gifts For The Impossible Man - Gifts For Hard To Buy For Men

11. Waist Pack

Your dad loves outdoor activities, and he usually uses a waist pack but it’s not very comfortable and really useful for him? If yes, then don’t hesitate to get daddy an Outdoor Military Waist Fanny Pack Belt Bag to help him escape from the old one. This pack made from high-quality material with an ergonomic design will surely assist dad with all his needs. Your thoughtful gift will make your outdoorsman feel happier whenever he spends time outside. 

12. Dad Pillow

Do you want to help your dad feel relaxed after some hard-working time? If yes, this Dad Custom Text and Photo Pillow will be a good fathers day gift idea. Just upload your photos with daddy and add your message to make it an interesting and unique father's day gift. No need to be so complicated, right? Let dad embrace the pillow as he embraces the sweet moments with his kids.

13. Fathers Day Mug

Mug! Yes, a gift of a mug can never be put out the list, especially for dad who loves drinking coffee. Just give him a cool and unique mug this Father’s day, so that he can feel love from his best daughter/ his best son. What could be greater than a mug of coffee mixed with kid’s love, right? Your gift would surely make his drink tastier and give him more power for the day. 

14. Hankerchief For Dad

What do you think of a Custom Embroidered Handkerchief For Dad? A great Father’s Day gift from daughters, right? Give it to him and he would proudly put it in his vest pocket whenever he wears his suit. It’s also a memorial keepsake for dad that he will treasure for years to come. 

First Fathers Day Gifts for A New Dad

15. Star Map Canvas Wall Art

The day a dad holds his baby for the first time is the moment deeply printed in his mind, so if you are finding a Father’s day gift for a new dad, a Star map Canvas Wall Art could be the best gift suggestion. The wall art depicts the exact star map of the night sky at the location of any day of your choosing. This art also has space for a picture of dad and his baby to save the milestones of dad’s life. A new dad gift empowering his life that he would never forget!

16. First Father's Day Wall Art

You want to find a gift for the first Father’s day of a dad? Let try a First Father's Day Wall Art. The art features 7 images capturing the process of becoming a dad of him together with the name and birthday of the baby at the bottom center. With this photo gift, you can remind the dad of how miraculous and wonderful it is from the time knowing himself is becoming a dad to the time holding his baby in his arms.

17. Dad and Kid Matching Shirts

A new dad usually infatulates his baby that everything he does must be about his kid. For this type of dad, let get him a Dad and Kid Matching Shirts for this father’s day. With a cool and fashionable design, the shirts will help him show off his baby and his happiness of being a dad. Sure to you, he will wear it with pride and try to wear it with his kid as much as possible. 

18. New Daddy Cufflinks

A very fashionable and meaningful accessory that could be a good Father’s day gift for a new dad is a set of New Daddy Cufflinks. It’s designed with baby footprints in the center, the name and birthday of the baby engraved on it. This small but meaningful gift will give dad more confidence and happiness that it makes him feel like he has the baby in his arms anywhere he goes.

19. Dad Hoodie

If you want a gift that is fashionable and useful for dad to take care of his baby, then don’t hesitate to choose this one: A Dad Hoodie. It looks like a normal hoodie but co with its inside designed with many pockets for dad to keep baby stuff. Anytime taking the baby out, he doesn't need to bring a bulky bag. In another word, no more problem in finding things. A cool and perfect gadget for a first-time dad. He’ll love and appreciate it so so much.

20. Giraffe Family Map Canvas

If you want a meaningful gift that reminds a new dad of the importance of the family, you can choose this Giraffe Family Canvas Wall Art. The number of giraffes represents the member of the family and inside each giraffe is a map of the city you’re living in now. This art makes a keepsake for dad reminding him that family is not the important thing. It’s everything.

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts - Inexpensive (But Unique) Ideas

21. Family Ornaments

Does your Dad like decorating? Then, this Father’s day, get him this Bear Family Ornament. One side of this ornament features a family photo, and on the other side, there is a bear family with the name of each family member. This unusual gift is also a meaningful keepsake for all the family members to revisit anytime.

22. Customized Dad Can Holder

Wanna help dad not get lost after drinking? Get him a Customized Dad Can Holder to make it come true. Just fill the blank text “If lost return...to…” with the title you use to call your dad and your name as well. You can also choose the color matching daddy’s interest. This cool and thoughtful gift will make dad look so impressive at every party. It can be a creative way to remind him that his kid is waiting for him at home so he should not drink so much. Or at least if he drinks too much, his friends will know where to take him to.

23. Father’s Day Card

Is your dad a fan of Star War? If yes, let give him a unique gift of Darth Vader: Best Dad 3D card. Through this gift, tell dad that to you he is your Darth Vader, the best daddy in the galaxy. This cute keepsake will make dad feel so surprised and happy, he would cherish it so much.

24. Spoon for Dad

If your dad loves eating ice cream, get him a Unique spoon this Father’s day. The spoon stamped with the funny text “Dad's Ice Cream Killer” is so special and impressive. Your dad will be touched by this small gift. He can also keep it as a keepsake to remember the thoughtful care of his child.

25. Dad, I Wrote a Book About You

If your dad loves books, give him a book that is written by you: Dad I Wrote A Book About You: Fill In The Blank Book With Prompts About What I Love About Dad. With this sentimental gift, you will engage in creating the content to tell dad how he is in your mind, and who he is in your life. Surely to you, your dad will read it with tears of happiness and keep it as one of his most precious treasures.

26. Personalized Notebook

If your dad’s job requires you to write or take notes usually, this Father’s day you can give him a Rad Dad Personalised Notebook. With this gift, you can choose the cover color as your dad’s favorite, and also you can also put his name below the hand-lettered wording 'rad dad' to make it unique and personal. Every time your dad uses your gift, he will feel loved and get more motivation for his job.

Funny Fathers Day Gifts for Your Hilarious Dad

27. Dad Jokes Book

If your dad is a funny man and he usually makes jokes to bring laughter to everyone, then give him an “A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes: 365 Truly Terrible Wisecracks (You've Been Warned) this Father’s Day. This book would be one of the best gifts for a loving-book dad too that he can enrich his book collection. Every time of winning people’s laughter, dad will love you and your gift of book more and more.

28. Personalized Puzzle

If you are distant from your dad this Father’s day and you want to give him a surprise, then you can’t go wrong with this Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle. This gift features a photo collage of 6 pictures of you and daddy with a big letter “DAD '' in diagonal. Let dad play an interesting game and enjoy a heart-touching moment when he finishes. Your creative gift will tell daddy that wherever you are, he is an unreplaceable piece in your world.

29. Salami Bouquet

If you think a bouquet of flowers is so popular, then try this funny idea of a Salami Bouquet this Father’s day. It’s a very interesting and delicious gift. It will not wilt and it will make your dad laugh out loud with happiness when he sees it. You and your dad can together enjoy the meat, drink beer and tell each other some funny stories. What could be a more special and unforgettable day rather than this?

30. Dad Definition Pillow

Does the normal definition of the word DAD not fit your dad? If yes, then this Father’s day let make a new Dad definition with a funny Dad Definition Pillow. This personalized pillow will help you speak out how great daddy is in your heart. Plus, you can also add 2 memorial photos with him to make the definition more sentimental and touching. Dad's gonna be so crazy with your interesting pillow.

31. Bulletproof Dad Pint

If you and daddy are going to have a beer meeting this Father’s day, give him a Bulletproof Dad Pint Glass to make the day more interesting and unforgettable. The Glass is designed like it was shot but the bullet can not go through accompanied by the text BULLETPROOF DAD. This cool glass will tell daddy that he is really a steely father in your heart. Surprise dad with this special gift, then you and him will have a funny and memorable time together.

Cool Gifts For Dad to Make His Day

32. Beer Caddy

Beer is the favorite drink of your dad and you want to find a cool gift that’s related to beer? Let try a personalized beer caddy made of pinewood. Just customize with your father’s day message to make it one-of-a-kind for daddy. Your dad can use it to transport his favorite six-pack of beer to a party/event or to display it in the home. Whenever he uses it or looks at it, he will recall an interesting Father’s day with his kid.

33. Not Regular Dad T-Shirt

Daddy is a superhero to you, right? So, this Father’s day, get him a Dad T-Shirt with a portrait of Captain America and the slogan "Not Just a Regular Dad. I'm a Legendary Dad". A unique gift to let your old man know that he is the legend in your heart.

34. Vinyl Record Coasters

If you want something special that’s related to music, get your dad a set of Vinyl Record Coasters. Just choose the artist name and song titles, then you’ll have a coaster the same as the original record artwork that your father loves. This coaster can not only help dad escape from condensation on his cup but also calls back the memory of music when he was young. So nostalgic for him, and so thoughtful of you.

35. Pizza Cutter With Dad’s Name

Is your dad a crazy fan of pizza? If yes, get him a Personalized Pizza Cutter for this Father’s Day. This unique pizza cutter is designed meticulously to help dad cut the pizza effortlessly? and enjoy it easily. With his name on it, your interesting gift will make him feel so cool each time he uses it.

36. Morse Code Engraved Bracelet

You want to find an accessory for your daddy but there are too many products that look almost the same? Don’t worry, here’s a solution for you: Morse Code Engraved Bracelet. With this one-of-a-kind gift, your message will be turned into Morse code - completely unique and also fashionable. The bracelet will win your daddy’s smile this Father’s day. Surely your daddy will wear it confidently.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad Who Likes to Spends Time Outside

37. Custom Travel Map

If your dad loves outdoor activities and he brought you with him many times, then this father’s day, get him a Custom Travel Map Canvas Wall Art. Just upload a memorial photo with dad and choose the number of mountains standing for the places you go with daddy. The location map will be displayed inside the mountain. This sentimental map art will tell dad how you appreciate each trip with him and how you hope to go adventuring with him more.

38. Radiate Portable Campfire

Are you finding a gift for a Daddy who loves going camping? What do you think of a Radiate Campfire? Campfire is the light spot of each camping trip, but it also contains many troubles and risks without attention. With this Radiate campfire, you just need a little note of safety and then you could sit and enjoy a fire without having to worry about the mess, dwindling flames, and almost impossible-to-extinguish embers. The camping trip of daddy would be more fully thanks to this special camping gift. Your dad is gonna love it.

39. Personalized Knife for Dad

One of the necessary things for outdoor activities is a knife. So, this father’s day why not give daddy a special personalized knife. This beautiful knife is very useful for many locations like camping, hunting, or fishing. Plus, on the knife’s handle, you can have your dad’s name engraved on it to make it outstanding and unique. Your gift will accompany and assist daddy on every trip.

40. Personalized Fishing Lure

If your dad is a great angler, so this dad’s day doesn’t hesitate to buy a cool fishing gift like this personalized fishing lure for him. You can have your personal message stamped on to make it more remarkable. Your Daddy would be so crazy about your cool gift and he would love to use it all the time he goes fishing. Such a perfect gift for a fishing lover dad!

41. Grill Tools Set Gift for Dad

Your daddy loves cooking and BBQ outdoors? Then, why don’t you organize a BBQ this father’s day and give him a Grill Tools Set Gift in “Dad” style? This set with enough cooking tools will be the best kitchen gadget for dad to show his talent. Let make your daddy and family an unforgettable Father’s day’s party!

42. Personalized Barbecue Apron

If daddy already has his great cooking tools, let think about an outstanding apron so that dad can have a full kitchen item set to rule the cooking space. The apron has an ergonomic design and you can customize its appearance with daddy’s info. It’ll not only help you protect dad while cooking but also turn him into a stylish chef. Your dad will gonna love and appreciate you with your thoughtful and caring gift.

Useful Gifts For Dad Who is Practical

43. Personalized Bottle Opener Keychain

Keychain is a popular item for men. So, this Father’ day, give daddy a new special and practical gift of a Personalized Bottle Opener Keychain. This cool keychain is made of metal and leather, and you can also choose the color that fits daddy’s favorite. On the leather part, you can have your dad's name printed to make it personal. Your gift will be a stylish accessory for dad and he can also use it to open his beer bottle whenever he needs it. This is so convenient that dad would appreciate it so much.

44. Personalized Wireless Charger Pad

Daddy is a fan of technology? Then, let try this tech gift idea: A Personalized Wireless Charger Pad. It’s an elegant, stylish, and eco-friendly wireless charger pad that can be easily personalized with Daddy’s name. This cool tech gift will help dad escape from the question “where is the charging cable?”, and it’s also an outstanding highlight on the working desk of a tech lover. Each time dad charges his phone, the gift will remind him of his cool kids. 

45. Emergency Dad Soap

In the scene of the covid 19 pandemic, why don’t you give daddy a gift that can protect his health. Try the idea of an Emergency Dad Soap. This soap is 100% natural. It contains toxin-absorbing activated charcoal, rosemary, and lime. It’ll defeat bacteria and help dad defense himself in this quarantine time. This soap is definitely a caring, thoughtful and sentimental gift for this Father’s day, and also it can help daddy and your family raise the awareness of protecting against the pandemic. 

46. Foot Massage Slippers

Do you want to get a gift that can take care of dad’s foot even when he is walking? So, how about a gift of Foot Massage Slippers? This gift will be a thoughtful and sentimental gift for anyone you care about, especially for older men. Each slipper has a scientific line of 41 massage points that cover every acupoint in the foot. Daddy can use it at home, in the office or just when walking and it’ll help him feel better every day.

Gifts For The Dad Who Fixes Everything


47. Magnetic Tool Wristband

Daddy is a mechanic, electrician or just simply a man loving fixing things and he’s usually disturbed by some nail losses, some screw falls, or cannot hold tools and has to take it up and down continually? If yes, bring him a solution of Magnetic Tool Wristband. This creative gift has a strong magnet inside that can hold nails, screws, and even some tools tightly and easily. The must-have tool helps dad save time, work faster and smarter. He will really love it, no doubt.

48. Personalized Garden Tools

Dad loves gardening, so why don’t you give him a set of special personalized garden tools? The toolset includes 1 trowel and 1 shovel that can be personalized with your custom message on their wooden handles. This gardening gift idea makes a great gift for garden lovers. Even your dad is still young or has already retired, it can still help him feel peaceful when taking care of his own lovely garden.

49. Custom Hammer

Hammer is one of the most-used tools when fixing, so how about getting your love-fixing dad a cool and impressive custom hammer. You can also personalize with your personal messages to make your gift one-of-a-kind. It would be a great tool and also a great and meaningful keepsake that gives dad more power when he fixes things.

50. Father’s Day Doormat

Hammer is one of the most-used tools when fixing, so how about getting your love-fixing dad a cool and impressive custom hammer. You can also personalize with your personal messages to make your gift one-of-a-kind. It would be a great tool and also a great and meaningful keepsake that gives dad more power when he fixes things.

51. "Dad Can Fix Anything" Wooden Sign

If your daddy has enough tools for his fixing job, you can consider this gift idea that can help his working space be more interesting and tidy. How do you think about a Father’s Day Doormat? The mat is made from 100% coir with the text of “World’s Best Papa Live Here” hand-painted on it. Its back has slip-resistant sturdy PVC rubber to prevent it from moving away. This creative gift will give dad a good mood both before and after working. He would be very happy with it.


So we have gone through our list of 51+ Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad. We hope with our little help you could find the gift idea suiting your Dad most for Dad’s Day. 

 Although Dad does not say much, his actions contain infinite love for you. So, care for him more and try to make him happier as much as you can!