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23+ Heartfelt Daughter Gifts From Dad To Show Your Deep Affection

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When your daughter was a little girl, she might confess everything to you, even a gift she really wanted. But, as she grows into a teenager or young lady, you need to find the best gift ideas for her yourself. That'll be trickier if you're a busy father, and you can't spend much time talking to her.

Don't worry! Our list of 23+ Heartfelt Daughter Gifts From Dad will have something cool for her.

Let’s get it started right now!

birthday gifts for daughter from dad

A white color coffee mug that has the name printed, grade printed and, awesome chart print creates the best gift for your daughter

For a Daughter Teacher

1. Custom Teacher Coffee Mug

You must be very proud of having a daughter who works as a teacher. Thus, you wanna motivate her with a unique birthday gift? Let this custom coffee mug make your wish come true. This cute mug with her name and grade will always remind your daughter to put her heart and soul into teaching

 A canvas frame art that has "To My Daughter, I Am Always Right There In Your Heart" sentence printed, photos printed is the most meaningful gift for your daughter

For The Sentimental Daughter

2. custom photo canvas

Busy work seems to be a barrier that prevents you from caring for your daughter. Then, why not pick a gift that can say sweet words on your behalf and show how much you love her? This personalized photo print is one of the perfect choices for you now. Once she looks at it, she may be full of the joys of spring.

A metal farm sign that has a "Chicken Coop Fresh Eggs Laid Daily" sentence print, and name print is the best gift for your daughter

For A Farming Daughter

3. Personalized Chicken Coop Metal Sign

Your daughter loves working on a farm, so you wanna pick a farm decor gift to cheer her up? Well, this customized farm sign is for you. Just add the state, year, and her name to make it a one-of-a-kind gift. She may be dancing in the streets when receiving this stylish gift from you.

A Christmas Tree Skirt which has Gnome images, yellow star images, candies, and ornament images print is the cutest gift for your daughter

For a Homeholic

4. Cute Christmas Tree Skirt

Woah! Your daughter's birthday is in time for the biggest holiday of the year. Try to give her a Christmas-themed gift instead of the common ones. There's nothing better than this stylish Christmas tree skirt. Not only does it make her thrilled to bits, but it also adds a festive atmosphere to your home.

A Jigsaw Puzzles made from a picture of you and your daughter is the most heartfelt gift for your daughter

For The Puzzle Fanatic

5. Father and Daughter Jigsaw Puzzles

Why not turn your family photos into a special gift for your daughter? Give this portrait jigsaw puzzle a whirl this time. It'd be a personalized memento that keeps the best moment for you and your dear daughter. Besides, playing games together is a great way to improve the parent-child relationship.

graduation gifts for daughter from dad

A garden flag that has your daughter in her graduation picture print, her school name, date of graduation is the most valuable gift for your daughter

Perfect Gift For Gardeners

6. Graduation Garden Flag

Graduation is one of the most memorable milestones in one’s life. So you wanna congratulate your daughter on her accomplishment by a thoughtful gift? How about this photo and text garden flag? It can surprise her and show how proud you are of her. Also, it gives a new look to her favorite space.

A custom plaque made from an acrylic material that has your daughter graduation photo, her name, and graduation date engraved is the most perfect gift for your daughter

For The Girl Who Likes Minimalist Decor

7. Acrylic Plaque

Are you confused about finding a simple but thoughtful gift that your daughter can keep as a token? Don’t sweat it! We've covered you with a great gift idea - Acrylic Plaque. Its transparent background highlights her name, school’s name, and photo. Every time she looks at it, she will recall a memorable time at high school or university.

A yard sign that prints your daughter pictures, her school name, congratulation sentence on a green color background is the best graduation gift for your daughter

To Decor Her Grad Lawn Party

8. Custom Photo Graduation Yard Sign

Your beloved daughter has just graduated, and she's about to start a new chapter in her life. Why not host a graduation party with this customized sign to celebrate her huge milestone. That sounds great! It'll help both your daughter and her loved ones to create many beautiful memories.

A Christmas circle ornament that has your daughter graduation picture printed on two sides, and a golden color "Class of 2020" sentence engraved is the most meaningful gift for your daughter

To Spread The Joy

9. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Do you think a Christmas ornament with her photo printed on both sides is a perfect graduation gift? Choose this gift and wait to see her reaction. She may be speechless once receiving it in person, I bet! Let her friends share the joy with her when visiting her home this Christmas!

back to school gifts for daughter

A spiral journal that has a unicorn horn picture, flowers, your daughter name printed on a white color background is the greatest back to school gift for your daughter

Let Her Jot Down Her Feelings

10. Custom Spiral Journal

Taking notes is usually a fun way for girls to relieve stress. If you don’t know how to celebrate the new school year for your daughter, give her this cute spiral journal. Inspired by the unicorn theme with her name on its cover, the journal will melt her heart as soon as she looks at it.

A bracelet made up of 8mm Swarovski pearls along with stunning sparkly rhinestone, and circle pendants engraved with your daughter name is the perfect back to school gift for your daughter

For A Gentle Girl

11. Personalized Daughter Bracelet

Jewelry is always on the list of the best back-to-school gifts for girls. But, you don’t like mass-produced ones because nothing is special. Why not pick this personalized bracelet to give your little girl? The charms with the engraved name and text make it a unique gift. You may not imagine how grateful she'll be for such a thoughtful gift.

A solid color T-shirt with pencil image, wax pencil image, and "First day of" your daughter grade sentence printed is the cutest back to school gift for your daughter

For A Sporty Girl

12. First Day Of School Shirt

Give your daughter a cartoon shirt with her name printed on it to celebrate the first day of school. This unique shirt can help her stand out in the crowd. Besides, wearing it makes her feel comfortable when she participates in outdoor activities.

A personalized name tumbler with dinosaur image, funny symbols, your daughter name print on a green color background is the best gift for your daughter on the back to school day

For The Girl Who Forgets To Drink Water

13. Custom Name Tumbler

Drinking enough water is good for one’s health. Give your daughter this lovely tumbler to make drinking water her daily habit. How practical this gift is! Funny dinosaur patterns and her name on the tumbler can help her avoid losing it.

valentines day gifts for daughter

A lamp that has the moon shape using advanced 3D printing manufacturing technology, environment-friendly material, and touch control brightness

For The Astronomy Lover

14. Engraved Moon Lamp

Every astronomy lover wishes to own a miniature model of the planets. If your daughter is keen on everything in the sky, the moon lamp may be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her. It won't only bring a smile to her face, but it also makes the house feel warm and cozy. Don't miss out on this great gift!

A blanket with your daughter photos and "To My Daughter Never Forget That I Love You" sentence print on a dark blue color background which has a star sky image

To Keep Her Warm

15. Custom Photo Blanket

During the winter, you wanna stay at home and give your daughter a warm hug. But, your busy schedule makes it impossible! Let this special blanket keep her cozy and prevent her from the cold. Add some family photos to personalize this gift. When cuddling up under a blanket, she'll feel that you're always here to protect her.

A pair of wooden candle holders engraved meaningful message which constant reminder of how great your love to your daughter

For A Candle Lover

16. Pair Candle Holder

It's probably easy for you to find birthday, Christmas, or back-to-school gifts for your daughter. Yet, it won't be easy anymore when you look for Valentine's Day gift ideas. Well, look no further than this candle holder. It's a thoughtful gift that will help to lift up her mood and add some coziness to your home.

A hanging frame canvas wall art with custom photos, meaningful message, and name print on a bright color background makes the greatest gift from father for daughter

Best Gift From The Taciturn Dad

17. Sentimental Letter Canvas Wall Art

Inspired by the layout of a letter, this canvas print can help you pour your heart out to her. She seems to have a huge lump in her throat as she reads the touching message and looks at memorable photos. She'll know how much you care for her even though you don't say a word.

A handmade necklace with two hearts pendant made from high-quality stainless steel polished, Cubic Zirconia stones embellished and fastens with a lobster clasp

A Meaningful Keepsake

18. Interlocking Hearts Necklace

The pendant with two interlocking hearts can show a close father-daughter relationship. No matter where your daughter goes and whatever she does, she's always in your heart. Let’s pick this special necklace to give her peace of mind. It'll exceed your expectations, I ensure!

gifts from dad to daughter on wedding day

A personalized frame canvas wall art with photos, name, wedding date, song lyrics printed on the light brown color background is the best wedding gift from Dad to daughter

For A Music Lover

19. Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas

The most important day in your daughter's life is coming. But, you're still trying hard to find the best wedding gift for her? Why not pick this customized print to make her day. Personalize this gift by adding her couple photo, name of her favorite song, etc.

A handmade necklace made from valuable metal materials and gemstones embellished is the meaningful wedding gift from father for their daughter

For The Girl Who Loves Jewelry

20. Gemstone Necklace

Jewelry and accessories are small things, but they can add a touch of elegance to the bride’s appearance. Let this necklace make your daughter the most beautiful girl on her wedding day. The simplicity of this necklace will please most lovers of minimalism.

A custom hanging frame canvas wall art with vows and your daughter wedding photo is the most perfect wedding gift for your daughter

Wish Your Daughter A Happy Marriage

21. Wedding Vow Art

After making the vows, your beloved daughter will start a new life with her spouse. That moment is worth cherishing! Give her and your son-in-law this wedding vow print. It reminds them to keep their promise and stay happy together. Ensure she'll shed tears of happiness because of your thoughtfulness.

A pillow with a cassette image, "save the date" sentence, your daughter name, her wedding date print on the white color background is the best wedding gift from dad to daughter

Home Decor Gift For Newlyweds

22. Cassette Tape Pillow

Newlyweds often spend a lot of money buying furniture and home decorations. So, help your daughter a little with this cassette tape pillow that can add a chill vibe to her new home. Besides being a good decor, this pillow also helps her to have a good rest on the sofa.

A jigsaw puzzle with your daughter wedding photo, her and her husband name, their wedding date is the idealist wedding gift from father to his daughter

For Couples Who Like Playing Game Together

23. Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Searching for a unique wedding gift that both her daughter and son-in-law enjoy together may be a big deal. What about this personalized jigsaw puzzle? It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that can make her gasp in astonishment. Frame the puzzle and hang it on the blank wall to refresh your room once it's finished.

Now It’s Your Turn

Above are 23 great gift ideas for your beloved daughter. These practical yet thoughtful gifts are suitable for girls of all ages. Save our article! And you'll no longer waste time looking for daughter gifts on other special occasions. 

We hope that your daughter will be over the moon when receiving one of these great gifts.

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