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Top 35 Fathers Day Gifts For Expecting Dads To Perk Them Up

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Being a father for the first time is a very new and exciting experience, but it’s also stressful and difficult. Father’s day is coming up and you still have no idea what he actually wants. Let’s check out our curated list of 35+ Fathers Day Gifts For Expecting Dads! 

best fathers day gifts for expecting dads

The wall clock is customized with your photos and family name. With a classic design, this gift is sure to delight the day of your new to be dad.

For timely fathers

1. Photo Wall clock

Looking for a dual-purpose gift, don’t ignore this custom photo wall clock. Just choose 12 pictures to print on a wall clock and add your Family Name for a personal touch. The lock will not only delight your dad when his eyes fall on fondest memories but also can help him keep track of time. 

The coffee mug goes with heartwarming messages, making it a meaningful gift for an expecting dad. Made of high quality materials, it'll last for good.

For coffee-loving dads

2. coffee mug

As a coffee fanatic, your dad rarely skips a cup of coffee in his morning routine. Then, what could be more wonderful than owning a personal coffee mug? Surely, he'll start his new day much better with this one-of-a-kind mug in hand. 

The Expectant Father is the best-selling pregnancy guide for men. It'll guide every dad to be how to do during his fatherhood.

A great book for nerdy dads

3. The Expectant Father book

Becoming a father is an important milestone in any person's life. Both exciting and daunting feelings can run across a father's mind at the same time. No worries, “The Expectant Father Book” will give dads a hand on what's to come. 

The key hook with wood-like background color can be customized with your family name and maps of special locations.

For the forgetful dad

4. Family Elephant Key Hook

When having a baby for the first time, fathers are prone to forgetting things. A key hook that pinpoints the meaningful locations for your husband is a good gift idea for him. It's more than a location marker; it also depicts a family's unity. An expecting dad would be happy to see this gift, for sure! 

This watch features a three-dial face, calendar function, and luxury pointer in a water-resistant and scratch-proof vessel. With a black color, this gift will make him look manly and attractive.

Remind him that his little baby is waiting at home

5. Luxury Chronograph Watch

 If he’s a busy person, gifting him a unique watch is an excellent choice. Instead of calling him all the time to come back home soon after work, let him miss home every time he reads sweet words on this watch. I bet he would love to wear it all the time as a pride.

This wooden plaque can be personalized with your photo, family name and any text you want. Featuring the star wave, this is a unique and special gift that your dad to has never thought of.

For The Dad Who’s Into Art

6. Custom Portrait From Photo wood plaque

Want to find something out of the ordinary for your expectant father? Then, we love to introduce a cute but special gift - A Photo Wood Plaque. It not only preserves his favorite portrait but also reminds him about how much you love him.

This keyring is engraved with a special message from a bump to a dad to be. It's both a meaningful and practical gift for the man in your life.

For emotional and child-caring dads

7. engraved keychain

Looking for a useful gift that he brings all the time? An engraved keychain is a good choice. Simply add names and a loving message. Tada your gift is ready to make expecting dads feel extra happy and special.

This T-shirt features a flap that opens, allowing the new dad to easily and conveniently engage in skin to skin bonding with his newborn. What a useful present for him!

For The New Dad Who Wants Skin to Skin time with His Newborn

8. Skin-to-skin bonding t-shirt

Expecting fathers may find it difficult to hold their babies. Thus, a T-Shirt with a flap that opens to expose the chest for dad and baby skin to skin bonding is come in handy. It will be easier for dads to take care of babies and be able to watch TV or do whatever he likes. 

Featuring the best personalities of a Dad, this set of jigsaw puzzles can let him know how good he is when being a dad. Also, it can be personalized with your photo.

For The Dad Who Loves Mind Games

9. Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Instead of watching TV, family members can play together with Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. Customize the design with your photo and any text you want to make them a great gift. Your family nighttime would be amazing with this activity.

Printed on a high quality 180gsm matte photo paper, this daddy to be print is sure to be perfectly hung in his favorite space. The message on this print is also something sentimental that he'll really love.

For affectionate dads

10. Daddy To Be Print

For sentimental dads, why not give him a print with your meaningful messages? It’ll literally make his whole day. Hanging it in the living room to give your home a fresh look. Such a great home decor idea!

The round sign has a classic style with the black background color. You can make it extra special with your photos, family name and date.

For the Dads who remember every beautiful moments with his wife

11. Custom Round Sign

The wallet card is stamped with a meaningful message. It surely warms his heart right away.

For the dads who always work hard for his newborn baby

12. Hand Stamped Wallet Card

How about a refreshment with hand-stamped wallet cards for the Father’s day? With a heart-touched message, it'll be a cool gift to astonish your mate that the baby arrives, or show him your appreciation for his dedication as a new dad. Trust me, when seeing your wonderful gift in person, he will be over the moon. 

This framed canvas can be personalized with your favorite song lyrics, names and date. With an elegant design, it's great to be hung in any space of his house.

For the music lovers

13. Song Lyrics Framed Canvas

This song Lyrics Framed Canvas is definitely one of the best father’s day gift ideas for hubbies you shouldn't miss, especially for music-loving ones. With spiral shape and eye-relieving color background, this canvas is going to be your family's new favorite wall decor. Pick his favorite song and make him burst into happy tears.

cute fathers day gifts for expecting dads

This greeting card is a great gift idea for your expecting dad. It comes with a loving message "Happy Father's Day from the Baby Bump".

For the dads who enjoy surprise moments

14. Happy Father's Day Greeting Card

What father’s day gifts can be more enjoyable than a surprise greeting card? Show your beloved expectant dad how much you care for him and make his experience as a new dad memorable. 

This custom wall art features unique constellations in the bear figures. You also can customize it with your names, dates of birth and any text you want.

For the space passionate

15.  Star Map Wall Art

Looking for a perfect choice for astronomy lovers? You can go wrong with a Custom Bear Family Star Map Canvas with a sparkling and breathtaking night sky. Just personalizing your name and special dates in your life besides some cute bears representing your happy family. The canvas would turn a boring wall into a much more loving space where you two would love to spend time playing together.

The socks feature an incomplete pizza on the one and a missing slice on the other. You also can add his name and your baby's name.

For The Hilarious New Father With Cold Feet

16.  Personalised Pizza Socks

Looking for a gift to show your care to him every day? Then, a pair of Personalized Pizza Socks is an idea you cannot pass. It will keep him always comfortable, just like a warm hug from his beloved wife. Plus, its beautiful and comfortable design will make him confident every time he goes out. 

This face mask features the funny quote "Prepared For Diaper Duty". It's surely something that will amaze him on this Father's Day.

For those who enjoys making pranks and dad jokes

17.  Funny Face Mask

This Face Mask is a great gift idea for your beloved man before, during, and after he embraces his new divine mission of fatherhood. It’s a fun way to compliment and remind him of the noble role he holds. With this first Father’s Day gift, your home is always filled with happiness! 

Personalised activity jar contains 15 natural beech wood tokens, with a different coloured activity suggestion on each one. It makes a lovely Fathers Day gift for any dad to be.

For the children’s big friends

18.  baby bonding activity tokens jar

Want to have some fun with your spouse and your children? Then this activity token jar is a wonderful option. There are many fun games fulfilling the jar that will never let you down. Give it a try and make your family an everyday-interesting place. 

Personalized Sweatshirt features a funny quote "I'm A Game Dad Like A Normal Dad Only Much Cooler". You can even make it special with the names of his and his infant.

For The Dad with boring T shirts

19.  Personalized Sweatshirt

Tired of choosing too common and boring gifts for your husband? Why not give him a unique personalized Sweatshirt? It’s sure to be a creative way to show off his personality to the world. Just customize his own one with his child's name. Tada! His first Father's Day gift is ready to give.

Diaper Duty Apron has some funny texts printed on it. Besides, it's also very useful for his upcoming fatherhood.

For the new dads who have trouble feeding his first child

20.  Diaper Duty Apron

Don’t let him think that feeding children are boring. Instead, let this diaper duty apron add more joy to your newborn baby’s daily meal. It’ll also be a reminder to you and him about important things in this relationship. 

This Throw Pillow can be customized with your family name and photos. Made of high quality materials, it's gonna bring him a comfortable feeling after many hours of taking care of the baby.

For sleep-deprived dads

21.  Family Photo pillow

Bring him back to the good old days simply with this family photo pillow. All you need to do to make it extra special is add 5 beautiful photos of your family. Get this creative home decor and enjoy a comfortable movie night on the bed with your family. 

This stemless wine glass features a funny quote "Dad Joke Loading". It definitely adds a new flavor to his drink.

For wine enjoyers

22.  Funny Stemless Wine Glass

What about having some fun with a glass of wine on Saturday night? The small party with your companion will become more special with this custom glass. Feel free to customize the text on the glass with short jokes to make his time with you more memorable.

This matching T-shirt onesie set is a perfect gift for an expecting dad. With the copy-paste idea, this gift is really great to show off their dad-baby bonding.

For the tech-loving dads to be who love wearing family T-shirts

23.  t-shirt onesie set

Your family is planning for a vacation this summer holiday? Then some T-shirt Onesie sets may help. Inspired by keyboard shortcuts, this gift will be a funny compliment for both him and his children, making your trip full of laughter. Get yours and don't forget to take some stylish pictures with your spouse at once. 

With the giraffe patterns, this map art print is a great gift to display your endless family love. You can add the location, your family name, and any text you want to send your loved ones.

For the dads whose love cannot decrease from million miles

24.  Giraffe Family Map Art Print

Want to make his father’s day this year more special than ever? The Giraffe family map art print is a compulsory option to add to your shopping cart. With a cute giraffe-shaped map and meaningful messages, this art print will surely catch your husband’s attention at the first sight. 

These light blue hats come with the text "SOULDBUDDY". Ensure your man and his baby will be very outstanding when they're out.

For The Dad Who Wants Something Mix-And-Match with His Son

25.  Matching Hats

 No one can refuse to wear a hat that looks like the one they love. Shared images on these hats connect your partner’s soul to yours, creating the union of two minds, two hearts, and two souls. Give it a try! These hats deserve a line in your consort’s wish list. 

useful fathers day gifts for expecting dads

This game room sign can be personalized with his name. If your dad to be is a big fan of games, he can't help screaming WOW when seeing this metal sign.

For the game-loving dads

26.  Game Room Sign

If your man is a fun seeker, this game room sign will be the most unique gift he has ever thought of. All you need is to create an unforgettable family-union time with rules, games, and fun activities. Believe me, your relationship with your man will only be tightened with this present. 

This camera allows you to take photos even in bright sunlight or at night. Every moments he's with his baby will be saved perfectly with this Panasonic camera.

For the techie dads

27.  Digital Camera

A digital camera is such a practical expectant dad gift to preserve every precious moment since the first day he became a father. Imagine how lovely it is to spend some time sitting back with your old man, going through the story of your life through pictures from this camera! 

This bottle opener makes a great idea for any new dad.  Its handle is made of wood, so it's very durable and look elegant.

For a special sip-and-see baby party

28.  custom bottle opener

Considering a dad gift to give to a big-fan-of-drinking husband? A bottle opener is a more-than-enough gift for him. Plus, you can even add short quotes to make it more personal, or remind him of important events. Let him open his cup of beer after a long day with this opener. I bet his drink will be more flavorful. 

This wake-up light has smart features. Light-guided breathing helps him relax to sleep and sunset simulation helps him fall asleep more peacefully.

For the early father birds

29.  Wake-Up Light

 This Wake-up light can be a big surprise to your beloved. Its modern and breakthrough design, together with multiple natural alarm options, will crank up his mood every sunrise. Go ahead and prepare your soulmate with an energetic morning daily. 

Yellow Cassette Doormat can be personalized with his name. Its creative design will please your dad to be, for sure.

For the Fathers who’re really into changes

30.  Yellow Cassette Doormat

 All refreshment starts from the outside in. Remind him of this treasuring yearly date with the yellow cassette doormat. It provides everything you need: an attention-grabbing outlook, a warm bright theme, and a sound quote designed especially for one occasion. Prepare for the new dad right at the doorstep of the house, before showing him any further surprise. 

BBQ Gift set includes 1 bonus silicon cooking glove which is heat, slip and water resistant! This grilling case can be engraved with your text.

For the BBQ professors

31.  Personalized grilling set

 Is the new dad a BBQ lover? So, this Grilling Set is for him. Simply customize this high-utility kit with sweet words, family images, or anything you like. He'll be on the top of the world when receiving this present. 

Its roomy main compartment has a frog-mouth opening. There are interior pockets to stash your necessities, including a zippered parent pocket, padded laptop compartment, plus a removable changing pad.

For the dads who usually spend time with his children

32.  Daddy Diaper Backpack

Your husband has problems cramming baby-related necessities into his bag every time he goes out? So, this diaper backpack with a personalized and large space is what he needs. The unique and elegant design of the bag also helps him stand out from the crowd. Your beloved may be on cloud nine once receiving this gift in person. 

This throw blanket is customized with your photos and names. It comes with a sweet message: "I Love You To The Moon And Back".

For The Dad Who Needs Some Sweet Dreams

33.  Custom Photo Collage Throw Blanket

 Father’s day is coming to town but you are still puzzled about choosing the best gift for your expecting dad? Let this throw blanket do that for you. Together with beautiful family pictures and sweet messages, this small gift will surely become priceless in the eyes of expecting dads. 

All-position baby carrier is comfortable and functional with four ergonomic ways to babywear. It's sure to be a great gift for a đa to be.

For The Dad Who Loves His Daughter To The Moon And Back

34.  baby carrier

 Looking for a thoughtful and practical present for your dear gentleman? This baby carrier has aspects you wonder about: trendy, easy to carry, and soft for your babies. A perfect gift for a life-changing event! Your friends will surely envy your family man. 

With this coffee maker, your expecting dad can brew anything from a single cup to a half carafe or a full carafe using his favorite grounds—no pods required.

For a sleep-deprived dad after a busy night with his baby

35.  Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is such a wonder for every coffee lover. It'll make your husband’s day more convenient, and fulfill his energy for the upcoming long day. What can be more refreshing than a fast cup of morning coffee made from a present from his life-mate?

Now It’s Your Turn

Above are 35+ Awesome Father's Day Gifts For Expectant Fathers collected for only you. Hope that you'll find a fantastic gift to show a bunch of love towards him from this list.

What might be other amazing presents for your darling soulmate? Feel free to share with us in the comment.

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