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39+ Special New Grandma Gifts That'll Make Her Cry Happy Tears

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Becoming a new grandma is a significant milestone worth celebrating. So if you're searching for a thoughtful gift for a first-time grandmother, be sure to check out the below list of new grandma gifts. We'll get you covered with anything you want, from the simplest gift idea to the most sophisticated one.

Let's dive right in!

Under $30

A round ornament that prints name, photo on a brown color background with Christmas pattern is the best gift for your grandma

For The Grandma Who Loves Tiny Decorations

1. Home Decor Ornaments 

A special gift isn’t necessary to be expensive. A simple ornament can be a great gift for a grandma-to-be as it reminds her of her first grandchild. These ornaments are also cute Christmas gifts for new grandma. She'll definitely love hanging these little decorations on her Christmas tree every year.

a handmade Journal helps record your family history and share the hopes, dreams and fascinating stories of your life is the best gift for your grandma

To Pass Down Her Sweet Memories

2. Grandma Keepsake Book

There's something special about recording all sweet memories in a paper book. And so, this keepsake journal just makes one of the best gifts for new grandma. She can pass down the story of her life to future generations with it. Such a great trip down memory lane for her little kids!

a Rectangle Gender Neutral Ultrasound Photo Frame with black and white color with ‘Grandma I Can’t Wait to Meet You’ phrase is the best gift for new grandma

A Unique Surprise For A New Grandmother

3. Chevron Sonogram Frame

A chevron sonogram frame is a great way to announce the appearance of a new little arrival. The 4" x 5" sonogram photo of the baby will bring happy tears to the grandma's eyes. Meanwhile, the chevron pattern and the burlap bow will add a decorative touch to the frame. Put together, it makes a unique and treasured keepsake for granny.

a funny black color shirt print names, number of kids and phrase "Grandma's Little Shit" with many option for you to choose.

For The Humorous Grandmother

4. Funny Grandma Shirt

This is a fun way to remind a new grandma of all her grandchildren. For certain, they aren't worthless, they don't trouble at all. In fact, they're the little precious jewels whom she's proud of a lot. Just as much as how proud she's when she wears this t-shirt to any family gatherings.

a handmade Ceramic Black Handle White high-quality printing Mug with securely packaging is the best gift for expecting grandma

For The Grandma Who Needs To Stay Awake

5. Custom Coffee Mug

Taking care of a new baby requires lots of energy. So why not help first-time grandma stay awake all the time with this cute coffee mug? It's durable enough to withstand the heat in the microwave. Thus, she can always enjoy a hot cup of her favorite coffee while looking after her grandchild.

A Beautiful hardcover Bedtime Story Book across several themes helps strengthening a love for books and reading, is the best new grandma gift ideas

To Create Memorable Bedtime Routine For New Grandmas 

6. Bedtime Story Book

Bedtime stories can strengthen the bond between grandmas and their grandchildren. So, let pick up this bedtime storybook as a thoughtful gift for the new grandmother in your life. Including 40 lovely stories, it'll surely bring pleasure to both the first-time grandma and her grandkids before they go to bed.

a Handmade laser engraving durable lightweight beechwood round handle spoon is one of the best gift for new grandma

For A Cooking Grandmother

7. Grandma Wooden Spoon

This spoon is sure a surprise gift for new grandmas who love cooking. Each time she prepares meals with this spoon, she'll be reminded of how special she's to her new grandkid. It soon becomes her all-time favorite kitchenware in the kitchen.

a throw pillow print name, text, and “Blessed To Be Called Grandma”  phrase on a honey bee and sunflower picture background is the best gift for grandma

Send A Warm Hug To New Grandma

8. Sunflower Throw Pillow

A pillow printed with the names of the grandchildren is a sentimental gift that every grandma will appreciate. She can feel the warmth from her grandkids' love with such a cute pillow. And she'll be pleased to show off this to all her guests.

a Handmade 100 % cotton pigment dyed twill brass snap buckle cap is the ideal gift for your new grandma.

For A Sporty Grandma

9. Grandma Heart Custom Pigment Dyed Hat

If she’s fond of sport, this hat is the perfect choice for her. Such a simple yet practical present for a grandma-to-be! It'll soon become her prized accessory that she's sure to wear whenever she goes out playing her favorite sports.

a small hand carved and painted sculpture of a grandmother with grandbaby Cream oval box with lid is one of the sweetest gift for your new grandma

For The Grandma Who Loves To Treasure Things

10. Grandmother Keepsake Box

One of the most special grandma gifts is a keepsake box. This serves as a great place for her to keep all her little mementos. One day, her grandchild can discover all the small tokens hidden inside the box, as well as the special message printed on the bottom.

a Handmade high quality vinyl with a professional heat press on onesie printing "Hello Grandma" Pregnancy Gift Box is the best gift for expecting grandma

To Surprise A New Grandmother

11. Pregnancy Announcement Gift Box

Looking for a way to make the pregnancy announcement feel special? Consider this the perfect fit: a gift box with a baby onesie. This bodysuit will show the exact month when the grandma-to-be can meet her first grandchild. Such an unforgettable present for granny!

a handmade high quality canvas material Large Zippered pocket Tote Bag with "Best nana ever" phrase is the best gift for your nana

For A Busy Grandma

12. Large Zippered Tote Bag

A tote bag is always a practical gift for a busy grandma. Especially when it's a large one with enough space for all her essentials. Most importantly, the "Best Nana Ever" phrase printed on the bag will bring a broad smile to her face. Love from her new grandkid will go with her wherever she goes.

A Handmade 2 layers Cotton Professionally cut and heat pressed face mask with many options is the most thoughtful gift for your new grandma.

For A Stylish Grandma

13. Grandma Face Mask

Another practical gift for a new grandmother could be this face mask. Simple yet elegant, it'll make her the most stylish grandma ever. With it, she can let everyone know how joyful she's to become a new grandma.

Under $50

A rectangular garden sign prints family name on sunflower background is the best gift for your new grandma.

For A Garden Lover

14. Custom Garden Sign

If she spends lots of time in the garden, give that beloved place of her an instant update with this special sign. It's easy to customize by just submitting her name and a remarkable year (such as the year she becomes a new grandmother). She'll love to show off this sign to everyone visiting her garden.

circle Christmas tree skirt print snow flowers images, deers image, and Santa Claus image on a red color background

For A Neat Grandma

15. Christmas Tree Skirt

This Christmas tree skirt is also one of the most thoughtful grandma gifts. It's easy to put on and take off. So, she can conveniently use it every year to protect her floor from scratches caused by hard needles.

personalized cutting board made from high-quality wood, engraved your own message is the best gift for Grandma

For The Grandma Who’s Obsessed With Kitchenware

16. Grandma Cutting Board

Add a touch of love to her kitchen tool collection with this personalized cutting board. Each board has a different wood grain, which makes it a unique and practical gift for first-time grandmas. She’ll surely use it often to cook her best recipes.

A jigsaw puzzle that has personalized photos, name, message print will be the best gift for your grandma

Foster The Bond Between Grandma And Her New Grandchild

17. Grandma jigsaw puzzles

This jigsaw puzzle is an amazing gift that helps new grandmas stay close to their grandchildren. Customize it with their names and a photo of their happiest together moment. Then, they'll be in awe when getting the board finished.

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, message, photos on a wood grain color background which has "NANA" letter

Brighten Up Her Space

18. Custom Photo Canvas

Why not surprise grandma by turning the best memories of her and her grandchildren into marvellous wall art? This photo canvas will be unique decoration for the new grandmother's room. Every time looking at it, she can feel the warmth of love from her grandchildren.

a cute boy statue made from Porcelain, holding a board with the sentence "You're The Greatest Grandma"

Express Love to Grandma

19. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

Looking for a unique way to show appreciation to new grandmothers? This bisque porcelain figurine will be a perfect choice to tell the world how great a grandma is. It's one of the best gifts that she's ever received. And she'll be sure to always cherish it.

a simple solid color statue of a woman holding a baby is the most meaningful gift for grandma

Honor Grandma’s Love

20. Grandmother Figurine

This sculpture is another amazing gift to honor the special relationship between a new grandma and her grandchild. It'd make a precious addition to her desk 'cause it always reminds her of her beloved new baby.

a rectangular canvas wall art print message, photo on a Cassette Tape picture background is the best gift for grandma

To Adorn New Grandma’s Room

21. Portrait Cassette Tape Canvas

This is one of the best-personalized gifts for a new grandmother. Simply pick a favorite photo of her and have it turned into a unique piece of art. Remember to include her name and your loving message for her. It'll make a great wall decor for her living room or bedroom. 

engraved cutting board made from high-quality bamboo is the greatest gift for your grandma

For The Granny Who Loves Cooking

22. Engraved Recipe Cookbook Holder Stand

If the new grandma has a cookbook full of her favorite recipes, this holder stand will be the exact gift for her. The engraved text is gonna let her know how important she's to her new grandchild. Such a practical gift that she'll love to use frequently.

engraved cutting board made from high-quality bamboo is the greatest gift for your grandma

Give Her A Warm Sleep

23. Cute Fleece Blanket

New grandma may need some rest after having been babysitting her grandchild for a long time. Send her this cozy fleece blanket to help her have a good sleep. Trust us, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts for a first-time grandmother.

Under $100

necklace made from high-quality material engraved unique message is the most unique gift for grandma

To Mark Her Important Days

24. New Grandma Necklace

Jewelry is always a classic gift idea and this new grandma necklace makes an ideal choice. It marks the two important milestones of her life: the first time she has become a mom and grandma. She'd be happy wearing it to any family gathering just to let everybody know her pleasure of becoming a granny.

square hanging wall framed canvas print song lyric, song name, names, date on a light black color background

To show that her lullaby is the best

25. Custom Song Lyrics Framed Canvas

Lullabies play a significant role in the childhood of every kid. Especially when that's the one sung by their grandmothers. Treasure that dear melody forever with this custom song lyrics frame canvas. It's not only a meaningful gift for a new grandma but also great wall decor for their homes.

circle door hanger made from high-quality material print the phrase "welcome to", and your own message is the best gift for grandma

There’s No Place Like Grandma’s Home

26. Welcome to Door Hanger

Give her house a sweet upgrade with this gorgeous door hanger. It comes in various colors so be sure to pick what suits her door's color the most. This new grandmother gift will definitely make her smile every time she opens the door.

rectangular Polyethylene Fabric doormat with Non-Slip Rubber Backing print the phrase "Grandkids Spoiled Here"

Keep Her Floor Clean

27. Grandkids Spoiled Here Doormat

Keep granny's house clean with this special doormat. It's the kind of thoughtful gift that every new grandmother will appreciate because it's an essential household item. It's gonna make an outstanding decoration for her front door.

wooden composite Frame Kit that hand-finished in a cream white is the best gift for grandma

Cherish Photos Of Her New Baby

28. Baby Handprint & Footprint Picture Frame

Photos of the new grandchild are surely the cherished mementos of all granny. It'll be even more special with the addition of the baby handprint and footprint. The new grandma will always treasure this unique picture frame. 

necklace made from high-quality materials, with pendant engraved baby foot print, name, and date is the best gift for grandma

Add Something Special To Her Necklace Collection

29. Actual Baby Footprint Necklace

Another memorable new grandma present is this actual baby footprint necklace. It'll soon become her go-to accessory. By wearing it, she'll feel as if her grandkid is always by her side, no matter where she goes.

necklace made from high-quality materials, with pendant engraved baby foot print, name, and date is the best gift for grandma
Give Her A Feel Of Nostalgia

30. Cassette Tape Framed Canvas

Bring her back memories of the good old days with this cassette tape-framed canvas. Personalize it by adding the lyrics of a favorite song of the beloved granny. She'll be deeply moved by this unique gift.

handmade multicolor flower shadow box filled with over 50 hand-rolled paper flowers in varying designs

To Decorate Her Space

31. Paper flower shadow box

One of the most popular gifts for new grandmas would be beautiful flowers. But these aren't the common ones that will soon wither. They're hand-rolled paper flowers that come in various designs and colors. So, a grandma-to-be can keep them in great colors even when her grandchildren have all grown up.

personalized wood photo hanging clip sign comes with twine attached and 10 detached movable wood pins, and detached hanging hardware

Showcase Her Favorite Photos

32. Grandma brag board sign

A brag board is one of the most excellent new grandma gifts that you can consider. With it, she can conveniently display new photos of her grandchildren since they're just tiny kids. Such a great way to help her stay close to her beloved little ones.

Under $200

Customized frame Handcrafted canvas wall art with your own grandparent(s) name(s) definition is the most unique gift for your grandma

Best Way To Say “Thank You” To Granny

33. The Definition of Grandma Wall Art

This is a sentimental gift that can show a new grandmother how much she means to her grandkid. It can be further customized with her proper name as a part of the art. It'll surely make a great present as well as a great wall decor.

Set of heart-shape bracelets made from premium-quality material is the most luxurious gift for your grandma

Celebrate The Special Relationship Among Generations

34. Generations Bracelet Set

Grandma deserves the best thing in the world. So, get her this bracelet set to appreciate all she's done for you and your kids. It can honor the special bond between three generations of women in your family. It's sure to become a great fashionable accessory that every stylish grandma will love to wear.

premium massage recliner sofa with multifunctional, easy adjustment, ultimate relaxation, durable, and easy to clean

Get Her Some Relaxation

35. Recliner Chair

This recliner chair is a perfect gift that helps bring relaxation to the beloved new grandmother. Its massage mode will ease all her aches and pains. Taking just two minutes to install, it's gonna be the comfortable sofa that granny will love to sit on every day.

high-quality wood solid-color stove cover, engraved your own message is the best gift for your grandma

Upgrade Her Kitchen A Little Bit

36. Personalized Stove Cover

Give the new grandma's stove an update with this stove cover. With a rustic look, it can make the most outstanding decoration for her kitchen. The high-quality engraving will remind her of how special her kitchen is to her grandchildren.

personalized frame canvas made from high-quality material engraved family name, your own message is the best gift for grandma

Exhibit The Family Love She’s Always Proud Of

37. Custom family name framed canvas 

A framed canvas filled with the names of every family member is a thoughtful gift for a new grandma. It'll surely help strengthen the connection between every member in the family. It's also a unique wall art that is worth treasuring forever.

baby-carrier made from materials are free from harmful levels of harmful substances, adjustable shoulder and waist straps coupled with padded lumbar

Help New Grandmother Stay Close To Her Grandkid

38. 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

Offer a first-time grandmother this useful present. Then, it’ll let her carry her little one with ease. The magnetic buckles make it secure to get the baby in and out. So from now on, the new grandma can go out with her newborn grandchild frequently, without any hesitations.

adjustable Intensity ultra comfort multifunctional heating therapy massage chair is the most perfect gift for your grandma

Relieve Her Pain

39. Shiastu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Taking care of a new baby is tiring work (though new grandma will never complain about it.) So let give her some pain relief with this Shiatsu back massager. The spot massage and the heating function will be sure to deliver the best relaxation to her whole body. 

Now It’s Your Turn

With the above list, we've guided you through top new grandma gifts that come at every price point. We truly hope you can find the right thing for the new grandmother in your life.

What might be other amazing presents for a grandma-to-be? Feel free to share with us in the comment.

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