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35+ Effective Im Sorry Gifts For Her Besides Flowers (In 2022)

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Love always gives people sweet, happy feelings. However, besides those wonderful feelings, there are also quarrels and anger. What should be done at such times to heal the feelings between the two of you?

If you don't know how to apologize to your lover perfectly, let’s dig into our 35+ Effective Im Sorry Gifts For Her Besides Flowers below! You’re sure to find the best way after reading it.

Best Im Sorry Gifts For Her

Chocolate box of 19 pieces including milk chocolate and dark chocolate will be a great gift for your girl.

For The Sweetest Girl

1. Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box

The box is an amazing collection of prized chocolates, including dark, and good quality milk chocolate. This is absolutely a perfect gift for the girl who's addicted to sweets. She’ll calm down and tolerate you as soon as she sees this chocolate set.

A card with an adorable dinosaur that will make her smile instantly

For A Lovely Girl

2. funny apology card

This cute card with a little dinosaur on the front will assist you in sending your deepest apology to her. I’m confident that her rage will reduce immediately when she sees the cuteness and sincerity of your present.

A wooden plaque with pictures of both of you will make her move and forget her anger.

For Her Cozy House

3. Photo wooden plaque

A wooden plaque engraved with the first date of love with a picture of the two will be a decoration that brings warmth to her room. By looking at this, she won't feel lonely every time you're not around her. Surely, this is one of the most effective im sorry gift ideas for your lady.

Send this gift to her. She will be very happy and happy as soon as she sees it

 A Cute Apology Letter

4. Puppy and Heart Frame

You make her sad and you feel very sorry but you don't know how to make it up to her. Immediately send her this picture frame with this sweet poem and a cute dog expressing your true feelings that will make her happier. Finally, don't forget to promise never to hurt her again.

A wall art with meaningful lyrics instead of saying sorry to her will be a meaningful gift.

For A Music Lover

5. Custom Song Lyrics Wall Art

If you don't know how to express your remorse from the bottom of your heart, this music wall art might be a perfect option for you. With a classic design, this special gift can bring your beloved woman back to the happy memories of you two. Then, she's surely gonna tolerate all mistakes you've made and love you even more.

This pair of tops will both heal her, make her happy, and be a dynamic gift to enrich her wardrobe.

For the vital piece of your life

6. Gamer Couple Shirts

She's an indispensable piece of your life. That is also the meaning of this pair of t-shirts. Without a shirt, it won't be able to form a complete pattern. This graphic tee is not only suitable for couples who love games but also a must-have item in one's wardrobe because of its comfort and convenience.

The clock can be made of wood or acrylic not only to tell the time but also as a decoration to add warmth to her home.

The time you're by her side is the most important

7. Custom Wall Clock

Clocks are an indispensable item in every family as your sweetheart's presence in your life. So let her know that each second you aren't by her side is completely miserable with this custom wall clock. You just need to add the photo and the anniversary of the two of you, and then a perfect apology gift for her comes.

Gift Boxes are elegantly crafted and are a wonderful present of leisure for your sweetheart.

For a busy girl

8. spa gift box

If your girl is too busy to go to the spa, create a home spa for her by giving her a gift box of these self-care products. She'll feel loved by your thoughtfulness and tolerate you right away with a sweet kiss!

Each Little Bag of Love present is carefully wrapped in white tissue paper making it the ideal one-of-a-kind way to apologize.

A Small Gift With A Big Meaning

9. Little bag of Sorry

Sometimes it's hard to say sorry for our mistakes. Hence, put everything you want to say to her in a little bag of love and send it to her. I'm sure she'll forgive you as soon as she opens this bag. Not only that, but she can also reuse this bag to store the love memorabilia between the two of you.

The circular wooden sign designed with the image of the two of you will be perfect for hanging in her house.

For an emotional girl

10. round sign

Let her remember the happy moments you two have experienced together with this circular sign. Just pick the prettiest photos and a favorite song of your couple, this gift is sure to melt her heart immediately. I bet!

The white mirror with lights around will make her makeup corner more sparkling.

To perfect her make up

11. Makeup Mirror

The mirror has 3 different light modes around it that can help her make-up become more perfect no matter whether it's morning or late at night. Trust me, she’ll love this vanity mirror at first sight.

The key hook made of wood will surely help her find the key quickly whenever she needs it.

For The Forgetful Girl

12. Personalized Key Hook

If your girl often takes a long time before going out to find her keys, give her this key hook right away! She'll no longer need to rummage through the house. Not only that, but this hook printed with pictures of the two of you is also a sincere apology gift that makes her happy.

A heart-shaped ornament that cutely says sorry will make her happy instantly.

Sincerity is the best

13. Heart Shaped Ornament

Isn't it difficult to soothe your enraged girlfriend? Not to worry! Giving her this heart-shaped ornament will make her delighted and forgive your fault instantly. Who can resist the sincere apology message painted on this ornament?

Apology Gifts For Girlfriend

A soft teddy bear wearing a shirt that brings an apology from you will move her to tears.

For A Girl Who Loves Cute Things

14. Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

There isn't a girl who doesn't like teddy bears. A soft teddy bear with a friendly face and an apology message like this will be the perfect apology gift for your girl. Believe me, many people did the same and the results were even better than you may think.

The black pillow doesn't stain easily with your sincere apology.

Comfort both her body and heart

15. Letter Pillow

How to make your girlfriend stop being mad at you instantly? Give this soft pillow a try right away. With beautiful photos of you two and sweet words for her, this apology gift is sure to make her smile from morning to night.

Lipstick with about 20 colors that can last up to 10 hours a day will help her become more confident.

An Essential Make-up Item In Every Girl’s Bag

16. Lipstick

Lipstick is unquestionably an essential accessory that gives confidence to every girl. As an apology, why don't you give her the lipstick that she really wants to have in her collection recently? Your thoughtfulness will make her feel more comfortable and forgive you immediately.

A bracelet with a heart-shaped charm engraved with your lover's name on it will be the perfect gift for her.

For The Girl Who Loves To Collect Jewelry

17. Double Heart Bracelet

Is she upset with you, and you have no idea how to cheer her up? To express how much you care for her, give her a gold bracelet with two little heart charms engraved with her name. She'll be amazed at the perfection of your gift and your great love.

The mug you design yourself with pictures and any text you want will make the right gift for any occasion.

To complete her breakfast

18. Love Mode Photo Collage Mug

Is she very angry with what you did to her? If you want to let her know you can't live without her, give her this set of mugs. On the mugs, the romantic images of you two and the text "let the love story continue" will remind her of sweet memories and let her fall in love with you again.

To create a completely unique candle experience, we used soy wax and combined it with the right combination of the best phthalate free aroma oils.

Create A Comfy Atmosphere For Her

19. soy candle

The scented candle will help a lot in soothing her mood. It brings warmth and freshness to the room space and helps her feel more peaceful and positive. This is not only an object for lighting but also an artistic gift that brings beauty to her living space.

Her coaster stays in place and the table stays dry thanks to the basic design and non-slip, anti-scratch cork bottom.

Keep Her Desk Neat

20. Vinyl Record Stone Coasters

Is your girlfriend always upset that her desk is wet from cold drinks? Why not give her a set of 4 soapstone coasters. This simple and non-slip coaster will keep her desk clean and dry. It also makes a meaningful apology gift when you engrave it with your name and the anniversary of both of you.

As a sign of never-ending love, two hearts adorned with Cubic Zirconia stones are linked.

Upgrade Her Look

21. Heart necklace

If you want to apologize to your angry girlfriend, a necklace is always the right gift that sends a full meaning that you can't describe in words. Only a small necklace with two hearts embellished could have made her happier. It's easy, right?

The keychain is engraved with two fingers hooked together, representing the promise to make her happy in the future.

A Tiny Gift With Huge Sentiment

22. Promise keychain

This keychain highlights and engraves the initials of your names, creating a distinction for her look. This is a small thing but brings great meaning, thus making a meaningful gift to say an apology to your girlfriend.

The decorated Message Cookie will be included in one of the Cookie Baskets, along with a selection of gourmet cookies.

For the girl whose buddies are cookies

23. Cookies Basket

Your girl is a big fan of cookies, this cookie basket is what you should consider for her to ease her angriness. Besides delicious cookies, it comes with a smiling face daisy cookie and a cookie message "To Brighten Your Day". She's sure to feel happy right away when she sees your gift.

A phone case designed by you with pictures full of memories of both of you just for her will be a great gift.

For a tech lover

24. Custom Photo Collage Phone Case

Is she really into surfing the Internet on her phone? If so, this phone case will be the perfect choice for you. Made of high quality, it can help to prevent her phone from dust and strong impact. Also, it has pictures of you two, making it the only phone case in the world.

apology gifts for wife

The canvas with the starry night sky shimmering with your anniversaries like a second marriage proposal to her.

To Remind The Fond Memories Of The Two Of You

25. Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas

This personalized constellation canvas is a powerful weapon to dispel her anger. The canvas is designed with unique star maps based on your dates and locations. It'll be the perfect picture for home decor that she’ll cherish forever.

The Bride and Groom glasses come packaged in a lovely gift box with a unique cocktail recipe painted on the glass's base.

Remind Her That She’s Always The Wolrd’s Best Wife

26. wine glass set

What could be more suitable than giving her this gift set and using it on your anniversary? This gift set includes two hand-painted wine glasses of the bride and groom, making it the most unique apology gift that she'll find in the world.

This wine sticker is a unique way to say sorry to your wife.

For A Romantic Dinner

27. Wine Sticker

The phrases of love inscribed on the wine sticker will serve as a beautiful apology letter to your wife. She'll be very surprised and happy when she reads your message on the wine glass. Decorate her favorite wine with this cute sticker and enjoy a wonderful dinner with her.

A polyester silk blanket printed with your apology and heartfelt confession will help keep her warm.

Send her romantic words that you never said

28. Forever And Always Blanket

This blanket would be a perfect gift for any girl who loves the cozy feeling in bed. With loving messages on this blanket, your lady can know that you'll always be here to protect and warm her for the rest of her life.

The notebook will help her to write down her anxious thoughts which makes her more relieved.

Let her express her thoughts on pages

29. Personalized journal book

Give your wife this personalized journal book, so she can note down her feelings or things she isn’t happy about you. Thanks to it, you’ll get to know her better. Also, it’s a great way to show her that you’re always willing to listen, understand and share with her.

The finest anniversary present may be a customised towel with your favorite song lyrics, personalized names, and your wedding date on it.

For a music soul in your life

30. Custom Song Lyrics And Photo Towel

If you're on a budget but still want a sweet sorry gift for wife, consider this custom beach towel. It's made of high-quality cotton and has her favorite song lyrics and wedding date printed on it. She'll think of you every time she uses it on every beach trip.

There are 35 fun and interesting dating challenges included, as well as two scratchers for quick scratching. This is one of the most enjoyable pair challenge games available.

Rekindle the spark in your relationship

31. Scratch Off Card Game

How to make your love more passionate and intense? Nothing can be better than this scratch-off game? The game set includes 35 fun & exciting date challenges that ensure to interest your partner right away. Undoubtedly, it would be a suitable gift for her for dull evenings.

The metal sign that can be hung inside or outside the house will be a great decoration for your home.

To Reinforce Your Promise

32. Family Recipe Metal Sign

Let her know that you've realized your regret and will never make the same mistake again with this family recipe sign. Place it in the kitchen or anywhere in the house as an im sorry present for her as well as a home decor that'll spruce up her space with love.

The bag is made of calfskin in a delicate brown color that will enhance her beauty every time she goes out.

Elevate Her Outfit

33. Luxury Bag

A beautiful, attractive bag that she can use every day will be a perfect present that demonstrates your concern for her. It'll help you to say "I'm sorry" to her the most sincerely. Also, this stylish bag makes her look more fashionable and elegant on every outings.

The puzzle is designed with beautiful images that will be suitable for the two of you to heal.

Spend more quality time with her

34. Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are something that most adults enjoy solving. After supper, a classic game like these jigsaw puzzles would be her favourite activity. The customized puzzle set with photos of the two of you will create something mysterious for her to explore.

At night, a fairy tale fantasy is brought to life by warm and gentle light without glare, as well as dreamy and imaginative ornamental lights.

For The Girl Who’s Afraid Of The Dark

35. Engraved Night Lamp

Give her this convenient gift along with sweet messages to let her know that you're always by her side no matter what happens. Also, this gift is a great way to tell her how her love makes the world become a better place for you to live.

Now It’s Your Turn

It's hard to choose a perfect apology gift for your girl, but I guess it's not a problem anymore. Because our 35+ Effective Im Sorry Gifts For Her Besides Flowers may give you great suggestions. Then, hope that the two of you will appreciate and cherish your love relationship.

If you want to share your love story with us, don't hesitate to leave us a comment below.

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