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29+ Awesome Gifts For Single Moms That'll Make Them Feel Proud

If you're looking for a super cool gift for your single mom, congratulations, you’ve hit the right place! Here we’re so glad to provide you with a list of more than 29 awesome gifts for single moms. We believe that all the heart-melting presents here will get them on cloud nine!

Can’t wait to dive into it, right? Let’s go!

Mother's Day Gifts For Single Moms

A plaque with a 4-leaf clover with a meaningful image of you and your mother will be a gift to bring her luck.

Tell her how much you appreciate her

1. custom wooden plaque

Instead of normal photo frames, now you can keep your special moments of you and your single mom in a wooden plaque. All you have to do is to choose your favorite photos and a meaningful message for your single mama. This gift not only expresses your love but is also a great ornament for her personal space.

A round wooden sign with 4 pictures of you and your mother will be a meaningful decoration for her wall.

Fill her room with love

2. Best Mom Ever Round Sign

This is one of the simplest but greatest gift ideas for your single mother. You can make it more heart-warming with a stylish design and some of your cutest photos. This appreciation gift is going to perfect her room decoration and fill it with affection. Your single mom will be so overjoyed to receive this!

Fresh flowers not only bring color and warmth, but also bring fragrance to her home.

To ease her with a pleasant smell

3. fresh roses

Roses have an alluring charm and a gentle aroma that no one can resist. A bunch of fresh roses is the simplest yet most thoughtful gift if your single mother adores flowers. Those lovely flowers deserve the nicest spot in her living room!

Portrait canvas designed from lovely pictures of you and your mother will be a great gift for mother's day

Show your love to her without saying a word

4. Custom Portrait From Photo Canvas

Canvas is a material that can last a long time, just like you love for her. With a photo canvas, you can make your single mother feel very touched. All you need to do is to pick a special photo of you two, and a sweet message for her. Your meaningful gift will bring her to tears with happiness on this Mother’s Day!

The lyrics round sign made from non-toxic wood that can be hung indoors or out will be a suitable decoration for her home.

For those who are a music head

5. Song Lyrics Round Sign

If your single mama’s greatest passion is music, she’ll be in seventh heaven with this gift. You just need to pick the lyrics of her favorite song along with a meaningful text or a special date. She’ll be so happy to see that you care about her a lot. If you’re on the fence, now is the time to act!

We wouldn't be shocked if these fade and water-resistant canvases last a long time, given that they're made of actual pine wood.

Your love for her is like a sky full of stars

6. Custom Star Map Wall Art

There is nothing more wonderful than giving your single mama a unique gift like this. With some heartfelt messages attached, this custom star map wall art will bring her to tears. She’ll miss you so much whenever seeing this.

fathers day gifts for single moms

On the front of this charm bangle is a charm that reads "My Mother, My Hero" and is set with blue and pink crystals.

Not all heroes wear capes 

7. 'My Mother, My Hero' Charm Bangle

You don’t need to look for a superhero out there because your single mom is the one! This lovely tiny accessory will make her feel so great and proud of herself. It's not only so encouraging for her but it also goes great with her attire. Come and get her one right now!

The canvas with touching images and your loving messages to her will help you say things that you have been holding back.

A secret place to save your love

8. Custom Photo And Text Canvas

Are you looking for a place to keep all your love for your single mother, this is exactly what you need now. You can make it a treasure for her with some adorable photos and sweet words. She’ll be crying out of happiness when seeing this special gift.

This Mothers Day Shirt for Single Moms is smooth, lightweight, comfy and flattering would make a wonderful present.

Who says that only men can be badass?

9. single mom shirt

A shirt is usually a fantastic gift idea for your single mother. But a shirt with a powerful message will be much better and more impressive! When your mum wears this cool T-shirt, she'll look so stylish and youthful. Such one of the most creative and useful gifts for a single mother, isn’t it?

A pink wine glass will show her how incredibly loved she is.

Add the taste of love to her drinks

10. wine glasses

A tiny gift but a huge joy - this is exactly what this cool gift means! Its lovely appearance will make her smile and think of you every time she sees it. Your single mom is gonna scream WOW when receiving such a unique and practical gift from you!

Warm your Mother's heart with our Mom Custom Photo Canvas Wall Art, which you can personalize with your favorite photos of you and your mother.

Turn your family photo album into a huge poster

11. Photo Collage Canvas Wall Art

You have plenty of adorable photos with your single mom and still don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry because now you can put them all into a big canvas wall art! She might hang it in her living room and miss you anytime she sees it.

Send some love messages to your amazing mom on Father’s Day with this cute illustrated card.

For those who fall in love with classical things

12. Father’s Day Card for Mom

Among plenty of unique presents for your single mom, a traditional one might be like a shining star. A little cute illustration and some words from the bottom of your heart can warm her heart a lot. It’s not about how big your gift is, but about how much love you put into it. 

christmas gifts for single moms

The faux fur hat in a delicate cream color will keep her heart warm all winter.

To complete her winter outfit

13. Mama Beanie Hat

A beanie hat is always one of the great gifts for single moms on cold winter days. Instead of an ordinary one, a “mama” beanie hat will be more impressive. It's the last perfect piece to her whole outfit. She cannot help falling in love with this adorable one.

Soft polyester silk blanket printed with memories of mother and daughter will be a warm gift for her.

Let your love warm her sleep

14. To My Mom Cozy Blanket

How about making your single mom’s blanket the most one-of-a-kind in the world? It’ll be the greatest idea of all time! You can freely customize it with several cute pictures and a meaningful message for her. Now she can feel your love even in her dreams!

With a shawl collar, tie waist, and front pockets, this robe is perfect for treating herself.

Make her look so fancy even when being at home

15. Short Cozy Robe

If your single mom is a fashionable person, she won’t resist this gift. This stylish cozy robe is not only practical but it also shows her how much you care about her little things in life. She’ll be so happy with such a meaningful Christmas gift.

The soft pillow will help her relieve stress after tired working hours

Take care of her nap time

16. personalized photo pillow

When your single mama needs to unwind, a pillow will be her greatest friend. Everything may be more than that with a personalized one. You may make it even more special by including some of her favorite memories. Every time she holds it, she'll feel your affection.

These lovely pastel pink soft socks will cuddle her feet all winter.

Let your love keep her warm inside out

17. Heart Embroidery Fuzzy Socks

A pair of fuzzy socks is so perfect for your single mother on winter days. More than a useful gift, its lovely heart embroidery design can make it more adorable to her. What a simple but thoughtful gift for her Christmas!

Wall murals printed with pictures of you and your mother will be the most meaningful Christmas gift for her

To show that your love is beyond the borderlines

18. Custom Map Print

How about designing your family picture with maps? It’ll be the most unique gift that your single mom has ever received! It’s so easy to design with an adorable picture of you and her in the centre, and maps of the places where you're born, for instance. Hung in the living room, this gift will brighten her space so much!

birthday gifts for single moms

The wide-brimmed hat will make the perfect gift for your passionate gardener mother

To make her look gorgeous at all times

19. Plant Lady Hat

If your single mama is a gardening lover, this plant lady hat is made for her. Every time she does gardening or goes downtown, this elegant hat will be her best buddy. What an enchanting and useful gift for your beloved mom!

Bath bombs with sweet scents will help her relax after stressful days.

To make her relaxing time more enjoyable

20. bath bombs

If you want to make your single mother's relaxation time more enjoyable, get her some bath bombs. They're made entirely of vegan, organic, and cruelty-free materials. So, they're safe for her skin. Your wonderful Christmas present will instantly perk her up!

If your mom always likes her kitchen to be colorful and cozy, this sign will be the best gift for her.

Welcome to a special “restaurant”!

21. Kitchen metal sign

A customized kitchen metal sign might be the most distinctive gift option ever. You can turn your mom’s kitchen into a true restaurant with this one-of-a-kind gift. Not only your mom but her visitor will also be strong impressed when coming to the kitchen.

Ceramic mug is the best gift for her to always remember you when she drinks coffee every morning.

To add some joy to her drink time

22. Ceramic coffee mug

Among thousands of gift choices for your single mom, a coffee mug is not a bad idea at all. This gift will remind her of you whenever she holds it in her hand and enjoys some coffee. Your thoughtful gift will help to brighten her mood a lot.

The book is a great source of motivation for your mother to do the things she had to put aside when she became a mother.

To make her feel so proud of herself

23. Motivational self help book

If your single mom is a book lover, this thoughtful gift is for her! With such a self-help book, she’ll be given plenty of useful advice and huge motivation as well. What are you waiting for? Let’s get her bookshelf a new member!

helpful gifts for single moms

The cosmetic cabinet is large enough to hold all of her makeup and keep them fresh and clean.

To keep her vanity table always clean and tidy

24. Makeup Storage Organizer

If your single mom has a huge collection of makeup essentials, she may need this. With a makeup organizer, all her makeup things will be well categorized and protected. I bet she’ll be on cloud nine with your practical gift.

This lovely Busy Mom Planner is ideal for women who want to stay organized while also reducing the stress that comes with housework and child care!

To help her keep everything under control

25. Home Management Planner Printable

If your single mom is so busy with her work, she may need this one. This home planner will be her best assistant in managing everything. She’ll no longer worry about missing her tasks and important upcoming events.

This eye massager uses heat, compression, and vibration to promote mild relaxation and helps her walk into every element of life with vitality.

To take care of her beautiful eyes

26. Eye Massager with Heat

An eye massager with heat is the best choice if you need something to take care of her health. After a hard-working day, she’ll come home, putting it on and enjoying the massage. She’ll be so glad to see how much you care for her health!

This key hook will be the best meaningful decoration in her house.

Keep the key to her heart

27. Personalized key hook

How about giving your single mom a key hook as a gift? This will be a one-of-a-kind gift idea. You can customise it with some lovely images or her name, making it more than just a regular key hook. How creative and heart-warming it is!

Mini Herb Garden Kits are the ideal present for any plant-loving woman! Each unique box planter includes everything she'll require.

For those who are so into in gardening 

28. Mini Herb Garden Kit

If your single mama is always in the mood for the garden, she'll definitely find this gift so amazing. I ensure she can’t resist the cuteness and charm of this mini herb garden kit. So, this “tiny love” deserves to have a good place on her desk.

This timer will save her time making breakfast, so she can have more time for herself.

To make her cooking time more enjoyable

29. Sandwich Maker with Timer

This is one of the most practical gifts ever for your stepmom. With this sandwich maker, it won’t take her so much time on preparing breakfast every day. Everything will be much easier and more convenient for her now. She’ll be so cheerful to receive such a modern gift!

Now It’s Your Turn

Such a wonderful gift collection! We hope that those 29 gifts for single moms above will make them feel so proud and lighten their mood a lot.

Those presents above don't have high material value but they are full of affection for your dearest mother. Through them, your mom can feel that she’s always been loved and cherished.

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