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Top 39+ Long Distance Relationship Gifts That'll Bring You Closer

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Long-distance relationships can be uneasy, but a thoughtful gift could make it a little easier. 

If you are on the way to look for a perfect gift for your faraway lover on the upcoming anniversary, Christmas, or just because, check out our Top 39+ Long Distance Relationship Gifts That'll Bring You Closer. This list will help you to find out the best thing that can please your partner at once. 

Let's dig in.

Gifts For Long Distance Couples

1. Shorten the distance barrier

Long-Distance Map Canvas print personalized with two locations, two names, one photo and quote'Whether near or far apart, you will always have a place in my heart.'

Surprise your partner and minimize the distance of love with a Long Distance Love Map Canvas. The art will connect the heart of you two on a map and it also offers space to place your sentimental photo. This is such a romantic gift to help you two feel closer.

2. tech that brings you closer

Elegant and fashionable Bond touch bracelet with silicone band

Adapting a unique and fashionable design, this Bond Touch Bracelet is a practical gift for a tech fan. Your partner will feel your presence every time looking at this bracelet. It’ll always be by your lover’s side and strengthen your bond.

3. Picture frames with pictures of the two of you together 

Picture Frame with text " I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us"

A sweet moment is sure to be a good dose for long-distance relationships. Send your lover beautiful memories with a Custom Photo Frame. Pick your sweetest photo together and let this great gift tell your partner how much you love and miss him/ her.

4. Love accessory for the phone

Custom phone case personalized  your location map, name and date

The phone is the perfect way to stay connected when in a long-distance relationship. Make your long-distance partner’s phone more special with a Custom Map Print Photo Phone Case. 

It will mark your location, names and date as a love reminder. Even when you can not make a call, your thoughtful gift can still make your lover feel connected.

5. something that says it all

book of letters printed with a unique prompt

Send your long-distance loved one a full-of-romance letter with this special Letter Book. Fill the book with your love notes, pep talks, good cheer, or daily reminder, and seal each envelope with a sticker or stamp. Each time removing a seal, your partner will find the sweetness and encouragement needed to move on.

long distance relationship gifts for him

6. Tell him he means the world to you

Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print with Vintage Brown Background

This Custom Photo Canvas will let your long-distance boyfriend know that you always miss him and think of him. With a collage of up to 24 meaningful photos of your couples, it will tell him spending time with him is so great to you. He would love this long-distance gift so much.

7. Entertain for his free time

Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles That Customized With Name And Text

If you can not stay close to him to date and talk to him, then send him a game that he can kill time and feel as if you’re next to him. In this case, a custom jigsaw puzzle will serve as a great long-distance gift. 

Just send out 3 sentimental couple images of yours and you will make a unique jigsaw to ease the miss for your man.

8. Warm his heart

Custom Love Letter Blanket for boyfriend that personalized with photo and text

Feeling cozy is one of the most important things to a long-distance couple. Send your warmth to your lover with this remarkable Personalized Love Letter Blanket. 

Add three loved photos of you two to make it unique for only him and then your special blanket will help to cover him. Is it warm enough?

9. Write something sweet for him

Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book that has dozens of beautifully illustrated pages

This Best Boyfriend Memory Book is a very cute and romantic way to tell your boyfriend how wonderful he is. Write down your story, your beautiful moment, and the adorable style of the book will make your message much more sentimental. 

It is truly a meaningful keepsake for your man to revisit anytime he needs a boost against the long-distance barrier.

10. Show him the way home

Engraved brass compass with real cowhide case

Afraid that a long trip or a long-distance relationship will make your boyfriend forget the way home? Get him this Camping Compass to erase that fear now. 

Your man can take it on his adventures or use it as a stylish accessory. And the engraved text “So You Can Always Find Your Way Back Home” on the gift would be a perfect reminder of you.

11. Best Gifts For The Minimalist

stunning Soapstone coasters that customized with your photo, name and anniversary

If you are looking for something simple but meaningful for your boyfriend, this Custom Photo Coaster Set may help. 

The coaster has a minimalist design, it is well absorbent, anti-slip, and anti-scratch to stay fixed and keep the table dry. The gift can be small but it's the perfect way to show your care to your partner.

12. Give him the key to your heart

Set of Personalized Keychain & Necklace for Couples

Let this couple gift Personalized Couple Keychain and Necklace connect you two tightlier. Just give your boyfriend the keychain with your touching message engraved on it. This romantic present will be sure to go with him and remind him of your love.

long distance relationship gifts for her

13. Let it be a hug

Ocean Pillow with text "Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me" personalized with name and date

Give your girlfriend this Custom Name And Date Pillow to let her feel your gentleness and tenderness. Let it embrace her until you can get back and give her a real hug. This sweet long-distance gift of yours will please her heart and make her feel cared for.

14. Tell her how you feel

Love Letter Blanket For Girlfriend That can be customized with Photo And Text

This extra-special To My Girlfriend Blanket will help to send your girlfriend romantic messages and warm her every cold night. Customize it for her with 2 memorable images then the gift will make her feel appreciated and safe even if you are not close to her.

15. Let People Know I Love You

Instagram Post Custom Canvas Art Print for Couples

Pick a memorial photo and give her this Social Post Custom Canvas to let her know that you always love her and the distance can do nothing to your feelings for her. 

She can hang your gift up and keep it as proof of your love for her. Show her that you are always ready to tell the world that she is yours.

16. something your girlfriend will appreciate

A pair of irresistible eau de parfums held within two entwined, magnetic bottles.

All girls love fragrances, right? Surprise your long-distance partner with a gift of Fragrances For Couples. The gift has a special design like two people hugging each other. 

Its scent will make her feel like you are always around her. And she can also use this unique gift to decorate and create a highlight for her space.

17. Something light

I Miss Your Face Handmade Candle that can be personalized with your custom message on the candle lid!

If you are looking for a long-distance relationship gift idea to tell that you miss your loved one, then give this Personalized Candle a try. It is a perfect gift to light up the space and warm up your lover’s heart every time she misses you. Trust me! This idea surely never disappoints her.

long distance valentines day gifts

18. Go halve

Couples Shirts for Long Distance Relationship

Matching T-shirts is always a good gift idea for every type of couple. If you are finding gifts for your sweetie this Valentine’s day, try these gorgeous T-Shirts. Their design is simple with cute prints of the Sun and Earth. 

Even though Earth is very far from the Sun, sunlight still shines on Earth, just like your relationship. Tell her that although you are long-distance, love still shines in your hearts.

19. Bring out your romantic side - Sing your sweet songs of love

Canvas Print Customized With your favorite song lyrics, names and your wedding date

Send your loved one a romantic song for a sweet Valentine with this Custom Song Lyrics Heart Art. The canvas will offer you the personalization of your song lyrics, names and special date. This is an amazing gift for music lovers that can speak out what you want to say to your lover from the bottom of your heart.

20. Something close and sexy

Couples Underwear Matching Set

Looking for something new to refresh your long-distance relationship? Why not give a Matching Brief a shot? This idea is a fun way to make your special one surprised and laugh out loud. Surely it will make the connection between the two of you much tighter.

21. A box of love

Personalized memory box for couples  with your choice of names and text engraved into the surface in a handwritten, unique style.

Your couple has lots of keepsakes? This Valentine, prepare something novelty like a Personalized Keepsake Box so that your lover can store all meaningful things safely. 

You can easily customize it with the names and dates of your couple. This gift is a very thoughtful way to show your special one how important this relationship means to you.

22. Show the sweetest moments

Heart photo canvas print made with your location map, names and date

Reminisce about romantic moments in your love story this Valentine’s day with this Custom Heart Photo Canvas. 

Pick out your 4 unforgettable photos to lay them in the heart together with your names and date. This definitely will call back passionate feelings and strengthen your long-distance relationship.

long distance anniversary ideas

23. A night sky for when you're feeling nostalgic

personalized constellation map canvas print that shows the unique night sky and stars at an exact location and time you provide.

The first date is always so great, so bring something special from that date back with a Star Map Of The Night You Met on this anniversary. 

This art will capture the star sky at night of the date and location you choose. It would be the best long-distance relationship gift that reminds you two of how beautiful your beginning is.

24. The intersection of love

Custom Street Sign Canvas Art Print made with your names and date

If you need something simple but meaningful for the anniversary of your long-distance relationship, this Custom Street Sign Canvas can serve you well. 

The art comes with three street signs to display your couple’s name and your special date. It is minimal but still sweet enough to bring back the moment you two enter each other’s life.

25. Count the days together

3650 Days Of Loving You Canvas customized with your photos and any text

This Custom Photo Collage Canvas would be the perfect present for your 10th Anniversary. It has space for up to 36 images that you can comfortably show off your beautiful moments during 10 years together. Your gift will help you speak out loud that every day with your other half is always the best day.

26. Make your symbol of love

3650 Days Of Loving You Canvas customized with your photos and any text

This unique Infinity Custom Photo Collage Canvas will definitely make your significant lover smile on your anniversary. It will arrange your image into the infinitive symbol to tell your special one that you wish every second together is endless.

27. A world map of your favorite memories

3650 Days Of Loving You Canvas customized with your photos and any text

Anniversary is the time to look back on a journey. If your couple is adventure lovers, try to think back to your love story in an adventure style with this Custom Travel World Map Canvas. 

The art will mark down locations you’ve visited together in your love journey. It’s the best gift idea to let your partner know how ready you are to accompany him/ her at present and later.

Long Distance Birthday Gifts

28. A world map of your favorite memories

Custom Photo On Text Canvas print that can be personalized with name and quote

Call your lover’s name and send your happy birthday with this Custom Name Canvas. Pick the image you love and leave a sweet message. This art will help you bring your partner a surprising and touching birthday gift no matter how long the distance is.

29. Zodiac connects love

Custom Canvas Wall Art features two constellations & zodiac signs of you and your loved one

If your couple is a fan of the zodiac sign, you can’t overlook a Custom Zodiac Signs Canvas. The art will capture your constellations based on your choice together with your names and sentimental words.This gift is such an affectionate way to make your loved one enjoy the special happiness on their birthday.

30. Send Chocolate on their birthday 

chocolate covered strawberries bouquet

If you want both flowers and chocolate as a gift for your lover’s birthday, try this unique gift idea: a Chocolate Bouquet. 

This gift is an outstanding combination of chocolate dipped strawberries as a bunch of flowers. It will help you touch your partner’s heart and make them sweetly smile.

31. Drink your love

Custom White Mug that can be personalized with photo, mape, name and text

It’s morning coffee time! Bring your lover this Custom Coffee Mug on their upcoming birthday. Customize the mug with your couple photos and a note of love. So, from now on, your special one can start their day by enjoying the taste of your love through this special and unique mug.

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

32. Light up the connection

a pair of long-distance Friendship Lamps

Get your long-distance friend these Friendship Lamps to stay in touch with the other. These lamps are linked via the Wi-Fi. 

Just set the light color you and your friend love, then each time one of you two touch yours, the other would automatically switch on. Your friend will absolutely adore this gift.

33. Cover your bestie with love

Custom Blanket with text " To My Bestie You Are My Person You Will Always Be My Person"

Make your friend feel like you two stay together with this special You Are My Person Blanket. It has an interesting design that you can put your image and your names on. This unique gift is gonna make your bestie so happy.

34. Best Friend Forever

Custom Blanket with text " To My Bestie You Are My Person You Will Always Be My Person"

Looking for a perfect gift to celebrate friendship? Take a look at this BFF Custom Photo right now. The art spells out the word 'BFF' along with an inspiring quote of “Friends Are Chosen Family”. It is really the best way to showcase the best moments of you and your besties together.

35. Pin your friendship

simple and fun best friend enamel pin  in the shape of a heart

Give this Best Friend Enamel Pin to your long-distance friend to celebrate your close-knit relationship. Its design of a heart which is divided into two pieces with the wording 'best friend' will show your bestie that you two are always inseparable to each other despite being apart.

36. Symbol for your friendship

personalized coordinate cuff bracelet that an be personalized with just about anything you want

A long-distance bracelet can be a good reminder to your bestie that you are always by their side no matter what happens. With this LDR Friendship bracelet, you can customize it from the material type to the size and text that fits your friend. Ensure your friend will be very happy with this unique relationship symbol.

37. Move everywhere with you

Custom Face Socks for ,goodbye distance farewell

Make your friend laugh with these cute Moving Away Socks. Upload your images and then you will have such a fun gift to please your long-distance friend. Each time wearing these socks, your bestie will feel like having the same step with you.

38. personalized option that doesn't cost a fortune

Best Friend Christmas Gift Photo Ornament for Long Distance Friendship that can be Personalized with States and Names

With this Best Friend Photo Ornament, you can have your photo and your message printed on it. Your friend can use this small gift to decorate their space with love. This ornament could also be a good keepsake to revisit anytime your bestie misses you.

39. We make sense when we are together

Best Friend Christmas Gift Photo Ornament for Long Distance Friendship that can be Personalized with States and Names

This is a set of 2 best friend hoodies with the slogan "Nothing Makes Sense When We’re Apart" printed across both hoodies. The slogan can only have meaning when you two stand together which turns them into such a unique gift. Get them and make your friend feel special promptly.

Now It’s Your Turn

So we've come to the end of Top 39+ Long-Distance Relationship Gifts. Now it’s your mission to pick out the one that perfectly fits your loved person. 

Every relationship needs care, especially long-distance relationships. A great gift prepared on time by your heart is the best medicine for your relationship. 

Get one now and let it help to defeat the distance challenge.

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