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29+ Amazing Gift Ideas For Artist To Get Their Juices Flowing

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You’re looking for a good gift for an artistic person but still don’t know how to pick out an outstanding one? Just keep calm and visit our list of 29 Amazing Gift Ideas For Artist To Get Their Juices Flowing here right now.

This dedicated list will assist you to get the best answer to make your artist happy, let’s dig in!

gifts for artists who paint

a square pillow with your photo, your name, and messages redrawn in real style on a bright color background is the best idea gift for the artist

Where memories are kept forever

1. Real Paint Pillow

The Real Paint Pillow with a beloved picture and a sweet quote will give great inspiration for your artist. With the bright colors and soft materials, the pillow surely provides comfort for the owner. Now, choose a meaningful picture and let them think about you whenever they see this portrait pillow.

a black color circle wood sign with song lyrics, name, date, and your portrait was drawn on it is the best gift for your artist friend

Listen to sweet sounds 

2. Personalized Round Wood Sign

Personalized with a memorable picture of you two, this Round Wood Sign will remind them about sweet memories you’ve had together. This sign is made of high-quality wood, making it last for good, so it can also serve as a treasured keepsake for them.

a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves, and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands is the best gift for artists who usually use their hands to work

Take care of their precious hands

3. Hand Cream

Your beloved artist’s hands are dry and cracked due to long exposure to toxic substances in paint and watercolors? If yes, this hand cream is a great gift idea for them. Using it daily can help to boost their hands’ moisture level and heal their pain and irritation.

a rectangular canvas wall art draw your photos, name, and message in watercolor paint style is the best gift for the artist

A portrait of inspiration 

4. Custom Portrait Canvas

Hanging this canvas with an inspirational picture in your lover's workplace will surely boost their energy. Let them know that your heart will always have them in your heart by inserting a message of love on the print with your name and signature. I bet they’ll love such gorgeous artwork at once.

an artist acrylic paint set made from high-quality material with no added fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes is the perfect gift for the artist

New Colors For New Inspiration

5. Acrylic Paint Set

Getting the artist in your life this Acrylic Paint Set means that you always support their creative passion. With 8 different watercolors from the Golden brand, they can mix freely to make their piece of work artsier. Every time they use your gift, it looks like you draw the art together with them.

a rectangular canvas wall art drawn from photos, names, messages in watercolor style is the idealist gift for the artist

Something to make your painter happy

6. Watercolor Canvas Print

If you are finding watercolor gifts for your favorite painter, this canvas is a must-have option on the list. Your meaningful photo will be transformed into a watercolor art. Besides that, you can leave a touching message for your giftee too. This great gift would make your painter so happy.

a personalized rectangular paintbrush bag holder made from solid color leather with multi-pocket, buckle, belt is the best gift for the artist

Help them hold “weapons” better

7. Paint Brush Holder

One of the right tools a painter must have is this Paint Brush holder. The holder will help your giftee keep the tools safe and neat which will be very helpful when creating the painting. Your thoughtful gift would be a great assistant for your favorite artist. 

a black color custom coffee mug print 15 photos, name, date, a message from you is the perfect gift for the artist

Create a new flavor 

8. Black Coffee Mug

Let this Coffee Mug make your favorite painter more perky and creative. Personalize it with your happy photos to make the coffee tastier. Your great gift idea will bring your artist the inspiration strikes they need every day. 

a professional watercolor paper pad made from high-quality paper with multi choices about size, number of sheets is the greatest gift for the artist

Support your talented person

9. Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper is one of the best gifts of art supplies that you should get for your painter. This type of paper has a durable surface that withstands repeated washes. It’s perfect for watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink etc. Your cool gift will help to promote their talent easier.

square stone coasters print vinyl record image, name, and date on a white color background is the perfect gift for the artist

Protect their artwork from water rings

10. Vinyl Record Coasters

Artists love creative things, so the best gift for you to consider is these Vinyl Record Coasters. The coaster will keep the table dry so that your artist can concentrate better on their painting. Also, its bright and adorable design is a great factor of inspiration for your giftee too. Don’t miss this choice!

a jigsaw puzzle made from your chosen picture, re-print on watercolor style is the greatest gift for the artist

Get them a little funny time

11. Artsy Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re looking for an entertaining gift for painters, these Artsy Jigsaw Puzzles would serve you well. Just pick out a meaningful photo, then the beautiful pieces of your gift will bring them a lot of fun. This is also a touching keepsake that your giftee can revisit anytime for a new boost. 

a pair of earrings come in paintbrush and paint pad shape polished with a golden color is the best gift for the artist

Make them a fashionista 

12. Artist Earrings

One of the great gifts for painters you can’t ignore is these palette earrings. Their creative design is so remarkable that they would create a highlight even when on a normal day or in any event. Your giftee would love this unique gift so much.

Gifts For Artists Who Draw

A rectangular hanging frame canvas wall art print photos, name, message on a light brown color with VHS tape image

An Interesting Inspiration

13. Custom Portrait From Photo Wall Art

Looking for interesting gift ideas for artists who draw? Take a look at this special custom portrait. You just need to choose a beautiful image, the art will put it on a cassette tape and turn it into an impressive drawing on the top. Go and choose a pic now to surprise your beloved artist!

A set of 12 coloring pencil soft, smooth core encased in a hexagonal incense cedar casing that sharpens easily and evenly

Give them new “weapons” 

14. Colored Pencils

The old art supplies slow down creativity? Get your artist a new medium with this set of high-quality colored pencils. They’re great tools for many skill levels and for different techniques. Your thoughtful gift would satisfy your giftee immediately.

a personalized drawing tablet case made from gray ribbon, gray leather, blush suede, the embossed name is the best gift for the artist

A multifunctional protection 

15. Drawing Tablet Case

If your giftee uses a tablet to create digital art, then one of the best gifts you should think of is a tablet case. This case has a smart design that would protect the tablet well and contain other mediums easily. Your gift will give them a big help when they go out or go to work.

a circle wood sign with dark blue color star sky background printed name, date, song lyric is the perfect gift for the artist

A light spot for the wall 

16. Song Lyrics Round Wood Sign

Wanna create a highlight for the art studio or the craft room of your beloved artist? Let this Song Lyrics Round Wood Sign help you out. Just pick a meaningful photo and a suitable song then your gift will light up the space and give your artist more energy every day.  

a guiding book named Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive, 4th Edition is the best gift for artists who love to draw

Give them reasons to keep moving 

17. Insprirational Book

Need a gift for your budding artist? Inspirational books are one of the best choices for you, let’s take a look at this gift idea. This latest version book will transmit good instruction as well as a strong passion for your giftee to move forward. They would love it so much.

A rectangular personalized frame canvas wall art print quote, photo, and name on the grey color background is the best gift for the artist

An outstanding highlight for the space

18. Personalized Name Canvas Wall Art

Want more gift ideas to decorate the space of your artistic person? This Canvas Wall Art will assist you. The art will embed your photo into the song lyric you choose, making it a unique and impressive decor that would catch your giftee’s eyes right away. Let get it for your artist now!

A rectangular sign print family name, phrase "Welcome To Lake House Memories Made Here Last A Lifetime", date, location

Something vivid for a breakthrough 

19. Custom Lake House Sign

Your giftee loves spending time in the house near the lake in the holiday season? Let make this space more interesting with such an eye-catching lake house sign. The colorful and bright design of the sign will make your giftee feel so relaxed and happy. That's what they need to come up with new cool ideas. 

a black color personalized short sleeves t-shirt print phrase "Eat Sleep Draw Repeat" is the perfect gift for the artist

A typical fashion for an artist

20. Drawing T-shirt

Are you in search of fun and creative gifts for a drawing artist? This Drawing T-Shirt is what you need most. The top prints 4 funny words describing the routine cycle of most drawers. Get it now and make your giftee laugh out loud.

a professional two-fingers black color glove made from high-quality fabric is the best gift for artists who love to draw

Give them a “hand”

21. Drawing Glove

Take care of your artist’s fragile hand with this special Drawing Glove. The glove is made from soft lycra and nylon which are very soft and comfortable for the user. It can work for both left and right hands to remove the friction between the hand and the surface. I bet your thoughtful gift will definitely make a deep touch on your giftee’s heart. 

Gifts For Artists Who Sketch

a sketching board made from polished Baltic plywood, great for drawing, helps maintain correct posture when sketching for a long time is the idealist gift for sketching artist

A “fulcrum” for their work and life

22. Sketching Board

Good supplies play an important role in artists working time. Get your sketch artist such a durable sketching board so that their job can have better support. Your giftee can also use the board as a tablet stand or a minimalist decor. This multifunctional gift would cater for your artist’s passion well. 

a sketching board made from polished Baltic plywood, great for drawing, helps maintain correct posture when sketching for a long time is the idealist gift for sketching artist

Keep them neat

23. Sketching Wallet

Help your giftee keep their sketching supplies safe and tidy with a sketching wallet. This wallet has space for up to 17 things including various types of pencil, eraser, sharpener and A5 sketching pad. Your gift won’t only make everything so easy to go out for your giftee, but also make them look so stylish and fashionable.

a square/rectangular sofa pillow draw your chosen photo in sketch style in a white color background is the perfect gift for the artist

A little softness for your artist 

24. Portrait Sketch Throw Pillow

Want your artist’s life to be soft and warm? Give them a pillow in a sketching style. This special pillow will enable you to display a meaningful photo on its surface like a sketching artwork of your artist. Get them this and let it help them feel comfortable after a hard-working time. 

a vertical A5 sketchbook cover 100% handmade made from genuine leather with a solid color, vintage appearance is the idealist gift for the artist

A leather coat for their supplies 

25. Leather A5 Sketchbook Cover

If your artist is kind of a leather guy, you must take a look at this Leather A5 Sketchbook Cover. The cover is made from high-quality leather with a smart and modern design to hold and protect their sketching tools. Your unique gift will definitely surprise and please your loved one.  

a rectangular personalized cassette tape canvas wall art print name, date, song name on the beige color background

Create new motivation

26. Cassette Tape Canvas Wall Art

If you’re finding unique gifts for artists who sketch, a Cassette Tape Canvas Wall Art like this may be a great choice. Choose a lovely photo and then let the art tell your giftee how special they’re to you. Your gift would be a great decor to inspire your artist to work better.

a rectangular doormat print family name on the background which has a vintage radio player image is the best gift for the artist

Welcome your artist home

27. Vintage Radio Player Doormat

If you want something useful in your artist’s daily life, this Radio Player Doormat is your choice. The doormat has a foam rubber backing and a felt-like polyester top to cosset your giftee’s feet whenever they go out or get back. It’s a delicate and sweet option for those who love vintage style. 

a personalized leather sketchbook made from tough rustic full-grain leather with 180 pages, counting front and back is the best gift for the artist

A new world to keep sketching

28. Personalized Leather Sketchbook

If the sketchbook of your giftee is going to be out of use, why not prepare for them a new special one with this leather sketchbook? The book has high-quality paper with a luxury leather cover. You can choose the size as well as personalize it with your giftee’s name easily. This gift of yours will make your artist so happy for sure.

a solid color baseball cap embroidered "artist" letter with adjustable size is the most perfect gift for artists

A stylish protection for their head

29. Artist Baseball Cap

Need a simple and fashionable gift for your artist? Well, a baseball cap can be a good option. This cap has a soft design with a text embroidery pattern of “artist” - very typical for your giftee. You can also choose the color they love so that they can enjoy wearing it anytime going out.

Now It’s Your Turn

And we reached the finish line of 29 Amazing Gift Ideas For Artist To Get Their Juices Flowing list. You do find your best gift idea, right? Pick it for your artist, surprise them and enjoy the moment together. Happy gifting! 

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