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Top 31 Long Distance Valentines Day Gifts To Keep Love Alive

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. The thought of spending Valentine’s Day apart makes them sound even harder to overcome.

Thus, let go through this list of Top 31 Long-Distance Valentines Day Gifts and find a perfect present for your loved one. So that the miles between your couple can become a bit closer.

best gifts for long distance boyfriend on valentine's day

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, photo, message, and locations on a blue color background

To Remind Him Of Your Eternal Love

1. Long Distance Map Canvas

Let this map canvas remind him that "love will find a way". It'll help you tell him that the two of you will always be together, even when you're living in 2 separate states. What a meaningful long-distance relationship gift for your boyfriend! 

a square frame canvas wall art print name, date, song name, song lyrics on a wood grain background which has vinyl record disc image

To Adorn His Space

2. Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art

A song lyrics canvas in the shape of a vinyl record is a modern wall decor for his room. It's also a tender reminder of your love for him. Though he and you may experience a little distance at the moment, your sweet melody is still there. And the same goes for your relationship.

A chocolate box presented in a white box and tied with a bow, with 10 heart chocolates, and one solid bar of chocolate that has phrase "I Love You"

 For The Man With A Sweet Tooth

3. Personalized I Miss You Chocolates

If your boyfriend has a sweet tooth, chocolates are the perfect ldr gifts for him. Personalize them by submitting your states, and remember to pick his favorite flavor. There's nothing that chocolates can't solve, even the thousand miles between you and him.

A circle wood sign prints name, date, message and google map location is the best valentines gift

To Mark A Meaningful Place

4. Personalized Map Round Wood Sign

If you want to mark a place that bears a special meaning to your couple, get this personalized map. This is a great way to shorten your temporary long-distance relationship. Your love began at the same spot. And it’ll also end up under the same roof, one day.

a rectangular frame wall art print name, date, song name and song lyric with heart shape on light color canvas background is the greatest valentines gift

For A Music-Loving Man

5. Song Lyrics Heart Shape Framed Canvas

Another way to turn his favorite song lyrics into a piece of art is to put it on this heart-shaped canvas. This is an amazing gift to show him how much you love him. No matter how many miles are separating both of you, your heart is still with him.

a square sofa pillow print photos, name, date, and message on a light solid color background is the best valentines gift

To Give Him A Warm Hug

6. Vinyl Record Pillow

When you have a long-distance bf who's missing cuddle time with you, send him this pillow. Personalize it with 6 photos of your dearest moments. Just so they can remind him of the cheerful times you two spent together. He'll feel so much cozier with the warmth of your love, even when you aren't around.

a wooden card engraved your meaningful message and planets images is the best gift for valentines

A Little Memento For Him

7. Personalized Pocket Hug Token

This valentine's day, pick up this little token to send heartfelt messages to him. It's a meaningful memento that your boyfriend will surely treasure forever. This token is one of romantic long distance relationship gifts for your beloved man.

A black-color rectangular blanket print photos, and heartfelt message is the most romantic valentine gift

To Help Warm Him Up

8. Custom Photo And Text Letter Blanket

A blanket is an ideal gift to deliver coziness and comfort to your long-distance boyfriend. Add a personal touch of your couple by submitting your photos and your messages. He'll never be cold again, even when you aren't right beside him.

Set of 4 stone coasters print song name, name, the date on black color vinyl record image background is a unique gift for valentines

For The Man Who Always Loves Drinking

9. Personalized Photo Stone Coasters

This custom coaster is a thoughtful valentine's day gift for your boyfriend when he's in love with all kinds of drinks. The non-slip bottom makes sure that his favorite drink won't get spilled onto the table. While the photo printed on the coaster ensures that he'll always remember your love for him.

decor stickers print white color world map image and your message on a gray color background is the best valentines gift

A Simple Gift For Your Man

10. Classic Round Sticker

Sometimes, the simplest presents can be the best. You may offer your man the full sticker sheet, so he can decorate his laptop or his desk with them. Or you may send him a love letter sealed with this sticker. These cute stickers will surely become his prized keepsakes at all times.

valentines day gifts for long distance girlfriend

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, photo, song name on a navy color background which has vinyl record disk image

To Decorate Her Wall

11. Vinyl Record Wall Art

The first valentine's day gift idea for your long-distance girlfriend is vinyl record wall art. Obviously, it's a great decoration for her room. More than that, it's a unique present as it's customized with your own photos, names, and date. Trust us, she'll feel touched when she opens this present.

a square canvas wall art print name, date, Portrait From Photo, song name and song lyric on a white color background which has vinyl record disk image

For A Stylish Girl

12. Custom Portrait Song Lyrics Canvas

This is an extraordinary present that looks modern and vintage at once. It has the classic shape of a vinyl record. Yet it turns your favortie memory (such as the photo of your first kiss) into a stylish artwork. Moreover, you can make it extra special with your names, date, and favorite song lyrics. She'll surely cherish this gift forever.

a handmade personalized love letter printed on ivory card and sealed in a wax heart stamp is one of the most romantic gifts for girlfriend

To Send Your Love Directly To Her

13. Personalized Love Letter

Today, ldr couples can easily overcome a thousand miles between them with technology, namely Skype, Facebook, or Viber. But all these means of communication might sound dull at some point. So, this valentine's day, surprise your girlfriend with some love letters. Fill them up with loving words, and then she'll surely want to read them over and over again.

A rectangular canvas frame that has a street sign image which has name, and date print on a countryside background

To Show Her The Way To Your Love

14. Custom Street Sign Art Print

You and your girlfriend may tolerate a bit of distance right now. But don't allow it to separate you and her. As long-distance relationships are only temporary, remind her that you'll always be there. With this street sign art print, she can easily find the way back to your love again. 

a rectangular beach towel print name, date, song name, song lyric on a light color music sheet background is the most perfect romantic gift for girlfriend

For An Ocean Lover

15. Personalized Song Lyrics Towel

If you can't be with your girlfriend in the summertime, let this custom towel help you stay close to her. Whenever she goes to the beach, she can wrap herself up in this towel and feel the warmth of your love. This is really a good cheer for her lonesome holiday.

A circle wood sign print photo collage, name, date on a black color background is the most romantic gift for Girlfriend

For The Girl Who Loves Taking Photograph

16. Photo Collage Round Wood Sign

Turn your best shots into a gorgeous round wood sign! It can include 13 of your favorite photos along with your couple's names and date. This is a simple but warm long-distance relationship gift for your loved one.

a handmade custom Photo And Text transparent acrylic Frame with black pattern is the most romantic gift for girlfriend

To Brighten Up Her Space

17. Custom Photo And Text Frame

This valentine's day, show your girlfriend how important she is to you with this beautiful frame. Made of crystal clear acrylic glass, this frame's sure to brighten up her space. Additionally, it'll bring a great 3D effect to the photos placed inside. So whenever looking at it, she can recall her precious memory with you and feel much closer to you.

A square pillow that has names, photo, date, song name and song lyric and Vinyl Record image print on a velvet color background makes a great gift for girlfriend

For The Girl Who’s A Big Music Fan

18. Custom Song Lyrics Throw Pillow

When your girlfriend is a big music fan, you can't go wrong with this song lyrics throw pillow. It's easy to personalize: submit your photos, names, and her favorite song's title. Its lyrics will be generated automatically for her. She'll be proud to show this pillow to all her guests.

a circle wall clock print name, and date on a beach background and dark brown numbers is the perfect gift for girlfriend

For The Girl Who’s Always On Time

19. Personalized Name And Date Wall Clock

If your girlfriend treasures every second of her life, this wall clock is a practical gift for her this valentine's day. Include your names and your special day to make it a unique accessory just for her. She'll be very touched to receive this present.

a rectangular canvas wall art print name, map, star map on a white color background which “where it all began” phrase is the most romantic gift for girlfriend

A Little Romance For Your Beloved Girl

20. Custom Map And Star Map Canvas

This is the best way to say that it was written in the stars for you and her to fall in love with each other. And so, no matter how many miles separate your couple, you're still under the same sky, looking at the same stars. Your loved one will surely keep this wall art forever and always.

a Handmade special hidden message soy candle with lead-free wick and dried flower is one of the best gift for girlfriend

For The Girl Who Loves Candles

21. Secret Message Candle With Dried Flowers

If you're in a long-distance relationship, a candle that hides a special message is a perfect choice. It comes with various scent options, so wisely choose one that means the most to her. She'll feel much closer to you when lighting up the candles. And she'll get surprised when the wax melts and reveals your secret message for her.

matching gifts for long distance couples

a set of 2 personalized fully handcrafted fingerprint rings based on your actual fingerprint and handwriting is the best gift for long distance couples

To Evoke Your Special Connection

22. Personalized Fingerprint Rings

Matching rings are the type of accessories that every couple will love to have. This pair of rings is even more remarkable. Bearing the unique fingerprints of you and your loved one, it evokes a close connection between your couple. This is one of the most unique gifts for long-distance couples.

A white color coffee mug print name, date, collage photos and message is the best long distance gift

To Recall Your Love Everyday

23. Custom Photo Collage White Mug

Looking for the best long-distance relationship gift for your partners? This personalized mug is sure to be a great way to remind them of your affection for them. Every day, when they use their special mug to enjoy their favorite drink, they'll surely think of you.

a personalized name and date handmade memory journal with cute design cover is the best gift for long distance relationship gifts

To Treasure Memory Forever

24. Personalized Couples Memory Journal

Sometimes, it's hard to express thoughts out loud. In this case, documenting them in a journal is a good idea. Your long-distance lover can write down why and how much he or she misses you when you aren't around. And finally, when you're no longer apart, you two can look back at these feelings together.

a set of 2 touch love bracelets with an LED color connecting Bluetooth 5.0 is an ideal gift for long distance relationship couple

To Lessen Your Distance

25. Bond Touch Bracelets

Let the distance between you two shortened with these matching bracelets for couples. By wearing them, both of you can always know for sure that each person is thinking of the other. These bracelets are the finest long-distance valentine's day gifts for your other half.

a Handmade custom wood touch changing color LED lamp using internet connection is the perfect gift for couple

To Light Up Your Connection

26. Touch Lamp

This beautiful lamp is a wonderful way for long-distance couples to feel closer to each other. Pick up a pair of these touch lamps. So whenever you turn on yours, the other of your beloved ones will light the same glow. This is sure a perfect gift to make your distance feel that little bit smaller.

a black color long-sleeves T-shirt print love couple camping under moon star sky image, names, and phrase "Husband & Wife Camping Partners For Life" is an ideal gift for couple

For Fashionable Couples

27. Husband & Wife Sweatshirt

Let showcase your love to the world with these outstanding sweatshirts. Though both of you might be apart, other people can still understand that both of you are related. Moreover, you can always feel the warmth of each other, while your other half isn’t physically around.

a Handmade personalized USA states in high quality Aluminum stainless steel LDR keychain is the cute thing to buy for couple

To Value Your Relationship

28. Personalized LDR Keychain

Long-distance relationship is uneasy, but it isn’t impossible. Let this keychain be the kind reminder of the valuable connection between you two. This is sure a cute and thoughtful valentine's gift for couples who are enduring a bit of distance right now. 

a high-quality black color phone case print name, photo collage and “love” phrase with a heart shape in the middle is the ideal gift for long distance couple

To Cherish Your Happy Moments

29. Custom Photo Collage Phone Case

If you wish to bridge the gap between your couple, consider a pair of these cool phone cases. Both of you will certainly use it daily. And so you two will always be reminded of your happy moments together. This is the kind of present which will help you feel much closer to each other.

a set of 2 unique Magnetic high quality Stainless steel Couple Necklaces with Adjustable length is one of the best long distance gifts

For Minimalist Couples

30. Magnetic Couple Necklaces

Now that minimalism is a trend, let this pair of necklaces be a simple remembrance of your love. Whenever putting it on, you and your loved one can feel the touch of each other - even though you're miles away. These necklaces are the perfect matching gift for couples that can't be together at all times. 

a set of 2 pairs of handmade personalized name cotton blend couple sock with cute couple and heart design is the best gift for couple

For Couples Who’re Also Sock Lovers

31. Personalized Couple Socks

Looking for the best gift to express your love in a fun and unique way? These socks are the exact gifts to offer your other half this valentine's day. Add your choice of names to make it the most lovely socks they've ever received. And also the socks they'll love to wear every day.

Now It’s Your Turn

We hope you can find a unique gift for your loved one through this list of Top 31 Long Distance Valentines Day Gifts.

Wish that you two will feel much closer to each other no matter how far away you are.

And by the way, what's the best long-distance relationship gift you have given, or have received? Share with us in the comment!

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