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What is the gift for 11th anniversary?

The 11th wedding anniversary may appear underwhelming after the significant 10th anniversary. However, with the right 11 year anniversary gift, this milestone will not be overshadowed at all. We’ve rounded up some gift ideas that you can take inspiration from to make things special and exciting for your eleventh wedding anniversary!

- Traditional theme: Steel
- Modern theme: Fashion Jewelry
- Gemstone: Turquoise
- Color: Turquoise
- Flower: Tulip

The Symbol

11th Anniversary Symbol

- For the eleventh anniversary, the traditional gift is something made of steel, representing the strength and durability of a marriage. At this point, you have been committed to one another through thick and thin, rain or shine, and your love is still as strong as ever.
- The modern 11 year anniversary gift is fashion jewelry - a timeless gift that symbolizes the love and commitment you both have shared for the past 11 years and will continue to share in the future.