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What is the gift for 31st anniversary?

The 31st wedding anniversary is often seen as a "post-milestone" event, coming just one year after the major 30th anniversary. This can make it easy to overlook and forget. However, the focus is no longer on reaching a major milestone but rather on maintaining the commitment and love that has been built over the past three decades. After all, the 31st anniversary marks another year of love, partnership, and growth. Celebrate this special occasion by gifting your spouse a sentimental 31 anniversary gift with the help of our guidance!

- Traditional theme: None
- Modern theme: Timepieces
- Gemstone: None
- Color: None
- Flower: None

The Symbol

31st Anniversary Symbol

- There's no traditional gift theme for 31 years of marriage.

- The modern gift for the 31st wedding anniversary to commemorate this milestone is a timepiece, the gift of time that helps the couple recall the time that they have spent together and wishes them joy in the time that they have left ahead. A clock or watch reminds the couple to cherish and seize every day and every moment with each other.