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The Definition

What is the gift for 60th year anniversary?

The wedding anniversary is considered a significant occasion in most cultures, and it is generally celebrated in meaningful and significant ways. Finding anniversary gifts can leave you scratching your head. 

Here, we aim to provide the most comprehensive list of gift ideas for a couple's 60th anniversary. There are many exciting ideas to browse through, making finding the perfect 60 year anniversary gift a breeze, including all of the anniversary gemstones, flowers, and colors listed below.

  • Traditional & Modern theme: Diamond
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Color: Diamond White
  • Floral theme: Orchids Flower

The Symbol

60th Anniversary Symbol

Since a diamond is the world's hardest naturally occurring substance and a symbol of a 60th wedding anniversary, it symbolizes the enduring power of a union that has kept two people together for that long.

The Traditional Guide

Top Traditional 60th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diamond Wood Cufflinks

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Valentine...
  • Personalize: No
  • Provider: Amazon, Etsy,...

Custom Diamond Ring

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Marriage, Valentine,...
  • Personalize: No
  • Provider: Notonthehighstreet, Uncommongoods, Etsy,...

Family Tree Wire Sculpture

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Valentine...
  • Personalize: Custom Name
  • Provider: Uncommongoods, Etsy, Amazon,...

The Modern Guide

Top Modern 60th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Custom Pillow

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Marriage, Valentine, Christmas...
  • Personalize: Name & Date Anniversary
  • Provider: Joladesigns, Zazzle, Etsy...

Wall Clock - Diamond Theme

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Engagement, Marriage, Valentine,...
  • Personalize: Photo, Name & Date Anniversary
  • Provider: FamiPrints

Diamond Shelf

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Marriage, Valentine, Christmas...
  • Personalize: No
  • Provider: Bluesagelife, Amazon, Etsy,...

Custom Mug

  • Appropriate for: Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine, Christmas...
  • Personalize: Select Song, Photo, Name & Date Anniversary,
  • Provider: FamiPrints

Orchids Bouquet

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Marriage, Valentine, Christmas..
  • Personalize: No
  • Provider: UrbanStems, Fromyouflowers, Walmart,...

Diamond Keychain

  • Appropriate for: Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Marriage, Valentine, Christmas...
  • Personalize: No
  • Provider: Walmart, Etsy, Amazon,...

Common Questions About 60th Year Anniversary

Honoring a significant moment in your parent's journey can be difficult because they are likely to have everything they require after so many years together.

Now let's surprise them with a diamond theme anniversary party, anniversary cakes, flower bouquets, and chocolate baskets as the ideal gift ideas for 60th anniversary for parents.

Not only that, but you can also find utility gifts for your parents such as coffee mugs, blanket throws, smart home hubs, and car vacuum cleaners.

Diamond jubilee is the traditional name for the sixtieth wedding anniversary. A six-decade marriage deserves to be commemorated by diamonds, which are one of the strongest materials on the planet, never fading and always stunning, making them the ideal stone to represent everlasting love.

In addition to durability, diamonds represent light and faithfulness, making them an appropriate tribute to a diamond's rock-solid relationship.

Sixty years together! That is an incredible achievement for a couple. Now let make them happy on their 60th anniversary with these heartwarming quotes.

  • “Thanks Mom and Dad for the 60 years of heart-touching memories, love, laughter, lessons, traditions, music, fun times and family. There’s no way I could ever thank you for all you have done for me. However, in memory of every moment that I have shared with you I promise to continue being there for you when you need me most. You are both blessed with a daughter that loves you so much.”
  • “You two are the best parents a girl could ever have. To think you’ve been married for 60 years is mind blowing. I hope we can make it even half as long as you guys. Love you so much and thank you for being such amazing examples!”
  • “Happy anniversary to this lovely couple. 60 years together must be full of adventures and good memories. Today is a special day for the special love that you have for each other. I hope you celebrate your love each day.”
  • “To the best mom and dad in the world, I wish you a very happy anniversary. I’m really very glad that you stayed strong in your love and overcame your obstacles together. I love you guys!”
  • "Mom and Dad, I feel incredibly grateful to call you my parents and watch your love blossom throughout the years. Happy anniversary!"

Choosing good 60th wedding anniversary gifts is a matter of personal preference. Consider your parents' interests and hobbies, as well as their special relationship.

The most important may be mental support, playing with their grandchildren, or having a special dinner warm may be priceless. 60 years is unquestionably a landmark.

Do everything you can to make them feel your love and warmth. The moment should be cherished as much as possible.