20 Unique 1-year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend That Brighten Up His Day

20 Unique 1-year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend That Brighten Up His Day

Time flies, a year went by. Make your one year anniversary with him more special with our gift ideas. Our list covers four unique sorts of presents, ranging from romantic, cute, cool, and DIY, giving you numerous options and making it easier to choose the most appropriate anniversary gift. Your thoughtful anniversary gift may make him the happiest person on Earth.

Romantic Gifts For Boyfriend

If you're seeking for the most intimate one year anniversary gifts , these five are the greatest options. Let's have a look at them.

1. Box of Love Notes

The perfect gift for a bad day

This keepsake box is not only a customary anniversary gift but also a kind of mental health care for your lover after a long day at work, especially for long-distance relationships. When he's having a terrible day without you, your sweetest love letters can cheer him up on your behalf.

Box of Love Notes for boyfriend for 1st year anniversary

2. Where It All Began Custom Map Canvas

Not just a place, it's a feeling

Every certain location will evoke particular feelings in us. Each place will create numerous special memories for a couple, whether they are joyful or unhappy. The place where you two first met is not just where your love story starts; it's also where two lonely individuals in a huge world find their other half. And if you want to make that memorable place more special for one year anniversary, this unique gift is for you.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Modern printing technique was used
  • Perfect for decoration

Where It All Began Custom Map Canvas for 1 year anniversary gift ideasCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

3. Intimacy Prompt Cards

The secret weapons for long-lasting relationships

Although one year is not a short time, do you feel that you have a firm grasp on your partner after a year of dating him? This one year anniversary gift will be the ideal option for both of you to get to know each other better. With 5 different categories, the cards are designed to help you both deepen your relationship and stay together longer.

Intimacy Prompt Cards for first year anniversary gift

4. Date Night In

For book lovers

Even though it's just a cookbook, Date Night In illustrates the struggles that every relationship faces . Use the 120 recipes provided by the author to prepare a special night for each other on your first anniversary. The book aims to remind both of you that cooking together is a perfect way to build intimacy.

Date Night In for first year anniversary gifts

5. Couple Astrology Custom Canvas

For zodiac lovers

Astrology is becoming more and more popular since it properly predicts a person's characteristics. If your guy is an astrology enthusiast, he deserves this great gift. The night sky background makes the canvas more sparkling. You also can personalize it with a special message for him.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • A lovely, heartfelt way to express love for boyfriend.
  • Simple but unique.

Couple Astrology Custom Canvas for first anniversary CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

    Cute Gifts For Boyfriend

    When it comes to cute gifts, it will be your biggest regret if you overlook the following ones. Pick one year anniversary gift for your special guy through the next 5 given suggestions.

    6. If You Think I'm Cute You Should See My Girlfriend T-shirt

    A casual shirt for special occasions

    Despite having a straightforward design, this shirt still keeps up with the latest trend and easily attracts people's attention. Even in casual attire, your boyfriend still stands out. So why don't you give it a try?

    Reasons why we recommend it:

    • With 100% cotton, the material brings you comfort.
    • Lots of colors, more choices for your boyfriend.
    If You Think I'm Cute You Should See My Girlfriend T Shirt for him for first anniversary gift ideas

      7. What Do You Meme?

      To make the most out of your weekend with him

      If you are looking for a gift that not only strengthens the bond between the two of you, but also helps relieve all your boyfriend's stress and anxiety. We got you covered. All you need to do is spend your weekend with him and the cards will help you two enjoy it.

      What Do You Meme for boyfriend for first anniversary

      8. Dancing Wooden Plaque

      An artwork comes from your love

      A wooden plaque is not a bad idea for your one-year anniversary. With personalized text messages, you can add lyrics from a song you both love to remind him of you. A lovely picture of you two will add even more meaning to the plaque.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • A high-quality but budget-friendly anniversary gift
      • Not just a lovely decoration, but also the ideal keepsake

      Dancing Wooden Plaque for 1 year anniversary gift ideasCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

        9. Cold Beer Coats

        An indispensable coat for this first anniversary

        Do you believe that these tinyy coats can keep your drinks cool? This unique anniversary gift is designed to perfectly fit on cans and bottles. The more interesting thing is that they can be super-insulated because of the metallic fabric from the inside. So, let's make these cute coats warm up not only your beverage but also your love for him on this anniversary! Cold Beer Coats for 1 year anniversary gift ideas

        10. Coddies Fish Flip Flops

        A weird but cute selection

        Getting your partner an item he can wear every day is another lovely anniversary gift. Coddies Fish Flip Flops can be used at any time, indoor or outdoor, on land, or at the beach. Aside from the funny look, these flip flops are comfortable and flexible, causing no foot pain. Trust us! This one-of-a-kind gift can make your boyfriend's life easier with its convenience.

        Coddies Fish Flip Flops for 1 year anniversary gifts

        Cool Gifts For Boyfriend

        If your guy has strong personality traits, there are no gifts better than the ones listed below. Find out more about them to get some extra special gift ideas.

        11. The Box of Emotions

        To spice up your relationship

        One year together, many memories were made, and many emotions were expressed, but have you ever wondered about your guy's feelings when you two are together? Or you feel that there are some hard-to-tell emotions from him? the cards label his feelings and fill your first anniversary with pleasant emotions.

        The Box of Emotions for boyfriend for first anniversary

        12. Laptop Stand

        As strong as your love

        This one year anniversary gift will be perfect for him to spruce up his workspace. Do you think that it would be wonderful if he kept you in mind while working? The elegant design and hardwood material give you a sense of safety. You also can use some ticket stubs to customize it to his liking. Get him this stand on the first year anniversary to aware him of your love.
        Laptop Stand for 1 year anniversary gift ideas

          13. Custom Globe Wooden Plaque

          The place carries memories

          Let's make your anniversary day more memorable with another custom plaque. Different from the others, the plaque design was created using the map you requested. The place can be anywhere that you two have spent together. It's even more ideal for long-distance couples to add the location of you and your boyfriend.

          Reasons why we recommend it:

          • The piece of art is made of durable materials and is ideal for a long-term use
          • A captivating 3D effect brings a great experience when decorating.

          Custom Globe Wooden Plaque for 1 year anniversary giftsCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

          14. Endgame Poster

          The best gift to show your sensitivity

          Is your guy a big fan of the Marvel Universe? Then this amazing gift was made just for him. Celebrate your first year anniversary by adorning his room with this ornament. Regardless of the pastime, choosing presents based on his preferences is a smart approach to show appreciation for it.

          Endgame Poster for first anniversary gift ideas

          15. Theragun Mini Massager

          A practical gift to show your care for his health

          A wellness item is an excellent way to commemorate the one year anniversary. Let your beloved know how much you care about his health by massage tools. Theragun mini massager is a pocket-sized device using high percussive force to relieve your muscle stiffness like a massage therapist. For relaxing moments, this will be his favourite anniversary item ever!

          Reasons why we recommend it:

          • Lightweight, ideal size for travel, and quiet vibrations
          • Relieve tension and stress, a brilliant gift for other family members to use
          Theragun Mini Massager for boyfriend for 1 year anniversary gift ideas

              DIY Gifts For Boyfriend

              DIY presents are nothing new to any of us, but hold on a moment to check out these brand-new ideas below, they will blow your mind. You can show him how much he really means to you with these thoughtful presents.

              16. Vintage Explosion Box

                To preserve the happy memories

                To implement this wonderful box for your one year anniversary, all you need are some paper crafts, some photographs of you two, and around 2 hours. With the help of YouTube, the stages are quite easy to follow. Since it is a personalized item, you may create your own keepsake box to his preference. Touch his heart with your ingenuity, he will love you to pieces.

                17. Scrapbook Calendar

                Heart beats. Love grows. Memories made

                Make a calendar for your guy to remind him of some special moments that you've shared together for a year such as: your first date, his birthday, important events to remember, and so on. Like the explosion box, these scrapbook are composed of high-quality paper and will be more eye catching if you use vibrant colors. To look more formal, it's essential to set up a premium box to hand over the memory book to him.

                Reasons why we recommend it:

                • There are several layouts available for selection
                • Easy-to-use and easy-to-find materials
                • With some "print-then-cut" steps, feel free to be creative

                    18. "Our Story" FlipBook

                    The perfect reminder of all the love

                    Let this first-year anniversary remind him of your love by reading the "Our Story" book. This personalized flipbook should be included a loving message on each page and your favorite photos of him or both of you. Write the messages from the bottom of your heart to make him tear up. Make sure the flipbook is portable and lightweight so that he can take the story anywhere he goes.

                    Reasons why we recommend it:

                    • Like scrapbook items, the book is made with very few material and without the use of any pattern papers.
                    • This unique anniversary gift is a perfect way to brighten up your boyfriend's day

                      19. DIY Photo Frame With Initials

                      An easy but impressive anniversary gift

                      If you're searching for a cute way to show off your anniversary photographs but don't have much time to devote to them, this DIY gift is perfect for you. This easy DIY picture frame works with any kind of decor, and only requires a huge wooden frame, some photographs, metal clips, and big wooden letters. Thanks to this simple tutorial, you won't need to use any power equipment to accomplish the task.

                      20. Scrapbook Walkthrough

                      A love story journal

                      To build intimacy, everyone enjoys reading or listening to other people's sharings and secrets. Why don't we keep a journal to share more? Write him handwritten notes about all the happy memories you've had with him, your feelings about the first kiss and first date, favorite quotes, things you love about him, song lyrics, and more. He can open the diary every day, every month, or just whenever he wants to be reminded of the unique love you gave. Make his day better, especially when he needs some motivation from you.


                      1. Do you celebrate first anniversary with boyfriend?

                      A significant milestone for your relationship is one year of dating. It marks the beginning of a custom for upcoming anniversaries. Therefore, it is essential to plan and arrange a special gift for your beloved. Remember that "it's the thought that counts" not the costly items or some extravagant things. Let's commemorate the anniversary together.

                      2. How can I surprise my boyfriend for our one year anniversary?

                      It's not always simple to come up with the ideal anniversary present. To put it simply, each person has their own preferences but surprising him is always an excellent way to strengthen your relationship. Surprises have a tremendous emotional impact and make you both feel happy. Check our list above to send him over the moon.

                      Top 3 picks from Famiprints

                      Top 3 picks from Famiprints for your first anniversary


                      Choosing the perfect gift for your boyfriend is no longer a challenging task with Famiprints. We hope that our list of 20 thoughtful one year anniversary gifts will assist you in finding the perfect present in a breeze and having a romantic date together.

                      Please feel free to spread the word if you find our recommendation helpful. We would love to be a trustworthy source for each decision you make.

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