21+ Best 1 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband To Express Your Love

21+ Best 1 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband To Express Your Love

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When it comes to the first year of marriage, it can be seen as one of the happiest and most beautiful periods of time. You and your husband have experienced such an amazing time together and have had a lot of memorable moments. All those things deserve to be congratulated at a special party. And, it's more wonderful that you yourself are the one to celebrate it and give him a one year anniversary gift.

What To Get Your Husband For Your One Year Anniversary?

In recent times, you can see the continuous growth of the souvenir market. There are a ton of options for you to consider, such as traditional notebooks, modern-designed clocks, customized T-shirts, and so on. Each option has its own underlying meaning and benefits. If you want to remind your husband of memories, you can choose any personalized product from FamiPrints. If you want to show your care for him, you can choose a high-quality watch on Amazon. If you want even more options, check out our list of 1st year anniversary gift ideas for husband.


Best 1st Anniversary Gifts For Husband

The list is available for you to find the perfect gift for your other half. Don't hesitate to scroll down and shop around!

1. Personalized Airpod Case

Serve as a sound protector

Is your husband a technology enthusiast? If so, it's possible that he's getting familiar with big names like Apple and Samsung and has an airpod in his pocket. A personalized Airpod case would be a wise choice to help him protect his Airpod and avoid loss. It's made of sturdy leather and has a custom name engraved on it with five different font options. With a stylish and unique design, this first wedding anniversary gift will satisfy your partner.

Personalized Airpod Case for 1st anniversary gift

2. I Couldn't Pick A Better Man Guitar Pick Musician

For an intimate artist

A super-meaningful way to pay tribute to a memorial for the first year of marriage is to give love messages to your sweetheart. You can try to convey them through a guitar pick for a first anniversary gift. Every time he plays the guitar, he will smile at your sweetness which you add to each word. The song that your husband plays with that type of guitar pick will become even more amazing in your heart. The I Couldn't Pick A Better Man guitar pick is the perfect fit to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

I Couldn't Pick A Better Man Guitar Pick Musician -1 year anniversary gift for him

3. Custom Photo And Text Letter Blanket For The Couple

Not just a love message, it's a sea of love

Do you still have your wedding photos on your phone? Don't let them be stowed away in a corner of your phone storage. Instead, you can turn these photos into the best first anniversary gift that your husband has ever had. How is that possible? FamiPrints offers you a way to customize your own photo and text letter blanket. It's available in three sizes: 30x40in, 50x60in, and 60x80in, which you may feel free to fill up with your lovely and meaningful photos. Imagine you two cuddle up under this blanket and how happy you are to sleep with all the most awesome memories.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Appropriate to give your beloved people.

  • As your love is eternal, it is machine washable and will not fade or discolor.

  • Distinctive and one-of-a-kind.Custom Photo And Text Letter Blanket For The Couple for anniversary gift ideas


4. Engagement Gift Box

The more photos we have, the more memories we will never forget

When it comes to a gift box, it first comes to mind that there will be a lot of things inside that box to impress the receiver. But this first anniversary gift might be more simple than that. You just need to select which pictures you are in favor of and make them into a gift box for the first anniversary celebration. As the foldable box is magnetic, it can bring a smile to your partner's face.

Engagement Gift Box - surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary

5. Personalized Traditional German Beer Stein

More comfortable when being drunk

Beer plays an important part in parties and events, considered the soul of every good time. Should your husband be a beer lover, it would be a good idea to get him a traditional German beer stein. Its outstanding feature is that an eye-catching pewter lid lets your husband enjoy his beverage outside without the worry of being followed in. Additionally, it also has the crest, which may be customized with two lines of his choosing, letting everyone know how much he likes a refreshing beer.

Personalized Traditional German Beer Stein for traditional 1st anniversary gifts

6. Super-Plush Robe

As soft as your caring hand

If you want to find a new and extraordinary idea for a first year anniversary gift for him, why don't you try this super-plush bathrobe? It will be such a fantastic option that you cannot pass it up in order to cheer up your spouse. No matter how strict he is, this robe might win his heart with its wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, pockets, and an adjustable tie waist. Check it out and opt for the color and the size suitable for his preference.Super-Plush Robe - what to get boyfriend for one year anniversary

7. Custom Love Pillow

To lay your mind in vivid dreams

A bedroom is a personal space where married couples enjoy life's best moments together. They will let their hair down and tell each other many stories that are happening around them. One of the things that makes a contribution to those stories is simply a customized pillow. Why so? When both of you accidentally look at the pillow, you can throw back some of your memories through printed pictures. And that will be the beginning of a story, old but extremely meaningful.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • A great gift for a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Grandparents, Birthday, or as a gift for Parents.
  • Colorfast for safe washing, as strong as your intimate relationship.

    Custom Love Pillow - first wedding anniversary gift for husbandCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

    8. Personalized Engraved Zippo Handwritten Zippo

    To light the fire of love

    How about a personalized engraved Zippo lighter? Is this anniversary gift for him ever on your mind? We're sure it will be a huge surprise for your husband as you purchase it for the special occasion. This Zippo lighter partly shows your affection and understanding of his habits. Have your or someone else's handwriting permanently etched to make this Zippo absolutely one-of-a-kind and as distinctive as the writer.

    Personalized Engraved Zippo Handwritten Zippo for a first anniversary gift

    9. Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

    Save the best for significant things

    On the first day of your marriage, you and your husband hold hands and walk down the aisle together. That is a very sacred and beautiful moment in every person's life. What will happen when that moment is recreated again on your first wedding anniversary? A sculpted hand-painted figure can be the best fit for that case. With a man in a cream shirt and dark pants and a woman in a cream dress with a full skirt, the figures perfectly show your love and care for your partner. Relive the journey of love for years to come with this sculpted hand-painted figure.

    Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure - creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend

    10.ย Hero Customizable Shirt

    Find your hero in the vicinity

    People often believe that a hero is someone who can do great things for humanity. But heroes can also exist in your own home. He simply knows how to take care of his family and love his wife and children. On this special occasion, why not reward that hero with a one year anniversary gift? You can think of a Hero customizable shirt from Famiprints with a variety of choices in colors, sizes, and styles. Select the appropriate option here to astound your hero.ย 

    Reasons why we recommend it:

    • A unique shirt for your husband, father, protector, or heroย 
    • You have many options, including T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and tanks.

      Hero Customizable Shirt - first wedding anniversary gift for husbandCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

      11. Custom Photo Tie Patch Label

      An indispensable item for any man

      Among 1 year anniversary gifts, a custom photo tie patch label may make a great impression on your other half. Not only does it serve as a must-have item for a businessman on a daily basis, but it contributes to the courtesy of a successful person as well. With a tie patch customized with some lovely photos, your husband's tie will become much more awesome and meaningful. The custom photo tie patch is available in 3 options: peel and stick, iron-on, and sew-in, and is appropriate for bridal dresses, vests, and suits.

      Custom Photo Tie Patch Label - sentimental anniversary gift for him

      12. Date Night Table Topics

      To bind your loving relationship

      Back in the day when you two had your first date, all the actions happened in a shy and awkward manner. There was no way to express your thoughts through words, and the conversation reached a dead end. Now, this problem will not repeat anymore because we have a solution here. Date Night Table Topics can be the perfect conversation starter that helps rekindle and reconnect two interesting and intriguing people who fell in love. For the beloved one, purchase it as your first anniversary gift for him and let him get to know you more.Date Night Table Topics - thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts for him

      13. Wedding Wooden Plaque

      What a fantastic symbol of love!

      Your wedding date is so wonderful that you can't forget it, however old you are. Let that greatness be symbolized by a wedding wooden plaque and give it to your husband as a first anniversary gift. With the high-quality material and the unique design, this wooden plaque from Famiprints will satisfy your sweetheart and revive your first year of love.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • A perfect idea for a birthday gift, a housewarming gift, a festival gift, a Fatherโ€™s Day gift.
      • You can control the way we design it with your favorite photos.

        Wedding Wooden Plaque - surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary


        14. Heart of Memories Glass Window Charm

        Love comes from the heart

        If all of the above options we suggested so far haven't been in your choice, how about a Heart of Memories Glass Window Charm? It will freeze you with its colorful effect, just like the loving memories that set our own hearts aglow. Hang this hand-blown heart charm in a sunny window to see the exquisite swirls of azure blue, red, and gold in the sunshine. Each charm also has a bright, inspiring message: "This heart carries the intention of memory. May this heart awaken memories that bring happiness, peace, and comfort. "

        Heart of Memories Glass Window Charm - sentimental anniversary gift for him

        15. Personalized Playing Cards

        Love you to the moon and back

        Such an astonishing idea is that you can customize your own playing cards by adding a nice photo of your husband to the back. Once both of you sit down and play cards with your family and friends, it can bring everyone closer to each other. Looking at the back of the card, everyone will see how much you love your other half and how special he is to you. Don't hesitate to pick your favorite photo to make your unique playing cards.Personalized Playing Cards for good anniversary gifts for him

        16. Appreciation Gift Box

        To appreciate the man of your life

        If one item is not sufficient for you, why don't you try a gift box? It sounds amazing, does it? Everything necessary will be packed in the box, which is engraved by laser on the outer lid with his name and on the inner lid with your love message. Inside the box, there is a 40-page notebook and pen, a leather bifold wallet, a stainless steel hip flask, and so on. This first anniversary gift may amaze your husband at how thoughtful you are to prepare for a special occasion like this.

        Appreciation Gift Box - first anniversary gift ideas

        17. To My Husband Canvas Wall Art

        You and only you, my dearest

        It's been such a long time since you held your husband's hand going through a wonderful journey of love. During that journey, you are loved, cared for, and treated with kindness and consideration by your husband. On this special occasion, it's high time for you to express your love and thank him for everything that he has done for you. Let Famiprints help you to do that through the "To My Husband" canvas wall art. This one year anniversary gift is the perfect way to convey your love message to your dearest.
        Reasons why we recommend it:
        • A meaningful letter printed on premium durable coated canvas.
        • Nice design for decorating your living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

          To My Husband Canvas Wall Art - thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for himCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE


          18. 1 Year Our Story So Far Scrapbook

          One year of marriage for a lasting love

          A year is a short period of time, but still enough for your couple to write a love story filled with memories and happiness. It is far more amazing that you turn that story into a treasure by creating a scrapbook as your one-year anniversary gift for your husband. This scrapbook is made in the United Kingdom, featuring pages of recycled high-quality paper with a lovely visible grain varnished wood front and back cover. Make your own fantastic, long-lasting remembrance and tell your own story.

          1 Year Our Story So Far Scrapbook - surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary

          19. Where It All Began Custom Map Canvas

          To note where your love begins

          Do you still remember the place where you met your destiny? It's certain that this piece of information will never get out of your mind, right? Absolutely yes! No matter how many places you and your spouse visit, the beginning of your love is always about to be remembered. Famiprints are available to assist you in recreating exactly that memory on a Where It All Began Custom Map Square Canvas. You're free to choose any location worldwide and customize your print.
          Reasons why we recommend it:
          • Ready to Hang, Full Gallery Wrapped and Framed Canvas
          • 1.5 inches thickness which gives Art Gallery feel to Canvas.

            Where It All Began Custom Map Canvas - one year anniversary gifts for himCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

            20.ย First Anniversary Watercolor Paper Gift

            Art in the eyes of the beholder

            If you are searching for a traditional gift, it's highly recommended to opt for a watercolor paper one. This work of art is painted on 100% cotton paper, which has the same high durability as your intimate relationship. Placing an order with just some clicks, you will work with an artist to customize your artwork. It's obvious that you're part of the making process to bring tears to your husband's eyes.

            First Anniversary Watercolor Paper Gift - paper anniversary gifts

            21. Baseball Game

            To share funny moments together

            Last but not least, you may not miss a baseball game as the first anniversary gift for a beloved person. After a hard day, your husband can let his hair down by playing this game with you on a date night. It's made from beautiful maple wood veneer inserted with protective metal eyelets, and the game rules are very easy to follow. Turn off the TV, silence the smartphone and warm up your relationship by spending hours together.

            Baseball Game - creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend


            Is 1st wedding anniversary a big deal?

            Our answer is 'No', confidently. Don't be so stressed when you are preparing for an anniversary gift. You just need to be yourself and put your effort as well as love into that present. The receiver can understand your underlying message and value everything you have done for him. Check out the above list many more times to minimize your big deal.

            How important is it to celebrate the first wedding anniversary together?

            Your love is cultivated from both sides, so what if it loses one of the two? Something is flawed, isn't it? The first anniversary is the same case when only one person remembers to celebrate. Therefore, it is significant for a married couple to take note of this special occasion. No matter how busy you are, a little amount of time to say "I love you" or a well-prepared present given to the other side is sufficient for this commemorative day.

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