23 Best 1 Year Dating Anniversary Gifts To Cultivate Your Love

23 Best 1 Year Dating Anniversary Gifts To Cultivate Your Love

This may be the best anniversary gift list that you have ever seen. Have a look at it and find your perfect gift right here!

Romantic Gifts For 1 Year Anniversary Dating

Congratulations! You and your partner have been together for over a year. Your love story is so romantic that everyone around you admires it so much. It's about time for you to let the world know how much you love him or her with this list of romantic gift ideas:

1. Two Hearts Embellished With Cubic Zirconia Stones

Two souls turn into one

On a first date, you two often go out for dinner or to a coffee shop. Because it's the first time you have seen each other in person, both of you will have butterflies in your stomach. The conversation takes place in a shy manner, and you find it hard to say a single word. But once you spend some time relaxing, everything will fall into perfect orbit. Until now, the feelings of nervousness and vibrancy have remained constant. That is what we call "love," which two hearts create when they flutter. With that meaning, a Two Hearts Embellished With Cubic Zirconia Stones from FamiPrints is a great gift for your lover.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Made with high quality polished surgical steel.
  • Cable chain measures 18 inches with a 4 inch extension, and fastens with a lobster clasp.
      Two Hearts Embellished With Cubic Zirconia Stones - 1 year anniversary gift


      2. Magic Box

      The witch of light

      Your intimate relationship began with happiness and joy. Sometimes there were many tiny conflicts arising from real-life situations. However, you two succeeded in handling them and protecting your love for one year. Your first year dating anniversary is coming up, and you want to commemorate happy memories with your other half. Why not try this magic box? You are able to cut words into the wood, so that the holder can project a custom message on a wall. Loading the candle and placing it next to a wall in a dark room, you and your partner will watch how the place will be filled with romantic light and words displayed on the wall.

      Magic Box for anniversary gift ideas for couples

      3. Date Framed Canvas

      To make your special occasion much more special

      If you are looking for a personalized gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is nice for you to customize your own date framed canvas. You will think about what song lyrics are in your partner's mind. You will play the role of designer to add your personalization to your one-year anniversary gift. The receiver will be on cloud nine because he or she will recognize how thoughtful you are to choose the most wonderful present for her or him.

      Date Framed Canvas - tradition 1st anniversary gifts


      4. Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

      For a starstruck lover

      Have you ever heard of the theory of gravity? "Love" also has something in common with this invisible force which holds the universe together. Inspired by this concept, a Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture will be a symbol of never-ending love as the stars revolving together for years to come. You can personalize your wind sculpture with your couple's names and wedding or anniversary date. The artist will cut shapes and paint sheets of steel into a banner with an array of stars, hearts, and a crescent moon. These pieces come together in a playful tribute to the celestial forces that bring couples into each other's orbit.

      Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture for best anniversary gifts

      5. 4-Photo Wall Clock

      To calculate every minute we are next to each other

      One year has gone by so fast that people don't even notice it. Both of you have a long journey ahead, not just a stop for one or two more years. It's much more awesome that you can buy your partner a photo wall clock as a perfect anniversary gift. It can remind him or her of the period of time that your couple has been through. Also, this wall clock will witness your external love in the long run. Don't hesitate to choose four of your favorite photos and make your unique gift.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • Multi-functional Home Décor
      • A perfect idea if you are finding a birthday gift, a housewarming gift, a festival gift, a Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day/ Christmas gift for your family or friends.
        4-Photo Wall Clock - creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend


        6. Sentimental Message in a Bottle

        Love messages for your beloved one

        "Happy anniversary!" Do you want to send this message to your other half? With just a few clicks to select your short message, you can own a bottle that includes all the things you want to let him or her know. Imagine this: when your partner goes home after a hard day and glances at this sentimental gift, what reaction will he or she have? It will bring a smile to his or her face for sure because of your sweetness.

        Sentimental Message in a Bottle - thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for her

        7. LGBTQ+ Canvas Wall Art

        No matter who you are, love is love

        When it comes to love, there is no discrimination between sexes, races, social class, or ages. Everyone, no matter who you are, deserves to be loved and cared for. And, some couples in the LGBTQ+ community have the right to celebrate their first year anniversary. If you are in a romantic relationship with a LGBTQ+ partner, don't be shy about showing your love to him or her by getting a LGBTQ+ Canvas Wall Art from FamiPrints. With its creative design, this ideal anniversary gift not only satisfies your other half but also serves as a stylish home decor.

        Reasons why we recommend it:

        • A great anniversary gift for LGBTQ+ couples
        • High-quality materials for keeping the color, brightness, and sharpness of your photos

          LGBTQ+ Canvas Wall Art for best anniversary gifts


          Cute Gifts For 1 Year Anniversary Dating

          We will continue with other one-year anniversary gifts for couples who are in favor of cuteness and tiny things. Scroll down and discover what they are:

          8. Heart Keychain Set

          A symbol of simple love

          Are you a minimalist? If so, a heart keychain set is actually for you. The LEGO® keychain set is handmade with real LEGO® bricks. There are two pieces of brick joined together to form a whole heart. It's the same as your relationship is imperfect when either of you does not fit with each other. You can also personalize your and your partner's names at the back of the keychain to make it the most unique personalized gift on the globe.

          Heart Keychain Set - cute anniversary gifts

          9. Rose Teddy Bear

          3000 thousand roses for loving you 

          If you, as a boyfriend, are still wondering what first-year dating anniversary gifts to choose for your girlfriend, why don't you try a rose Teddy bear? This is one of the best anniversary gifts that make a great impression on her in terms of its amazing design. Made with crystal clear artificial roses, it is very light and looks romantic and charming. It can be seen as a great idea to show how much you love her, not just once but thousands of times.


          Rose Teddy Bear - what to do on a one year anniversary

          10. Round Wood Sign

          Each photo has its own story

          After one year of love, you and your partner have taken a vast number of photos which capture each and every single life moment. Among them, a nice photo is the one that includes both of you smiling, seeing eye-to-eye and sharing love through your gesture. You can turn that photo into a masterpiece by designing a round wood sign printed with your name and date. This ideal anniversary gift is so meaningful that it cannot be overlooked on this list. 

          Reasons why we recommend it:

          • Superior copperplate paper is painted on high-quality plywood, resulting in a long-lasting and vibrant color that is suitable for indoor usage.
          • A unique gift idea for a birthday, housewarming, boyfriend, or girlfriend. 
            Round Wood Sign - anniversary gift ideas


            11. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

            To reveal interesting things by your own hands

            Are you getting stuck coming up with date night ideas? Don't worry! Everything will be okay if you purchase this one-year anniversary gift. With the 100 Dates scratch-off poster, you can use the edge of a coin to reveal fun new possibilities. Each possibility helps you have a chance to discover yourself and your partner and to embark on a new adventure to conquer all 100 activities on the bucket list. Try it for your next date night or you will feel regretful because of missing this ideal gift.

            100 Dates Scratch Off Poster - paper anniversary gifts

            12. Personalized Gift We Go Together Book

            You are not alone because you have me here

            Our lives are always dominated by many different relationships. Among those relationships, love is always the most wonderful and beautiful. It will be wonderful when your love story is cutely expressed through books. You can personalize your own We Go Together book by creating your two characters with their names, genders, skin tones, and hair colors. This perfect anniversary present is a great illustration of the beauty of togetherness.

            Personalized Gift We Go Together Book - anniversary gift ideas for couples


            13. Heart Shape Wooden Plaque

            An infinity symbol of your intimate relationship

            There are some one-year anniversary gifts for a married couple that are still appropriate in your case. Why so? Let's have a look at this custom Night Sky, Heart Shape wooden plaque. It's truly made for you to express your love to your other half, regardless of what level your relationship is at. Choose one of the best photos, maybe your first kiss photo, and Famiprint will assist you in the remaining steps to design your work of art.

            Reasons why we recommend it:

            • Multifunctional, it can be used as decor, artwork or a gift for many special occasions.
            • High-quality, vivid color printing to best describe your photograph.


              Heart Shape Wooden Plaque - best anniversary gifts for couples


              Cool Gifts For 1 Year Anniversary Dating

              Wow, we're already half way there. However, the list is still long enough for you to continue exploring. Let's find out what traditional gifts or modern gift ideas will be added as follows.

              14. Cheese Board

              It's high time to have fun!

              Do you want to be innovative in choosing a first anniversary gift? We have a fun game called "Cheese Board" that will turn your special night into a vibrant place filled with laughter and excitement. The wooden board sets come with 2 ceramic bowls, 2 plates, and 3 slat labels. Two markers, a wine opener, and two server forks will make your cheese-tasting! You and your partner will transform into real chefs, cooking together delicious and sweet love meals.

              Cheese Board - one year dating anniversary gifts for him

              15. Live Concert Pillow

              Bring a live concert home

              That's exactly what FamiPrints can do for you in the field of one-year dating anniversary gifts. With its unique design, the custom pillow will be a thoughtful gift for those who have a strong passion for music. By adding the song title and artist your partner likes, it will be included in your partner's best gift collection. Stay at home to place an order online and your order will be delivered to you fast.

              Reasons why we recommend it:

              • Unique and impressive wall decor.
              • Colorfast for safe washing.
                Live Concert Pillow - creative one year anniversary gifts
                CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

                16. Stone Coasters

                Love comes from the bottom of the heart

                You don't always have the opportunity to meet and talk to your lover. There will be times when he or she is very busy with work, dealing with deadlines and tasks. Don't be sad about this and make yourself available at every corner that you can. Customize your own stone coasters with your photos, song names, and text. Every time he or she picks up a drinking glass, your other half can see your beautiful photo and remember wonderful memories happily.

                Stone Coasters - sentimental anniversary gifts


                17. Rooted in Love Swing Sculpture

                A lovely reminder of basic joys

                Love always brings positive energy, not only to those in that relationship but also to those around them. That energy source can be compared to the roots of a tree, constantly bringing nutrients to the upper part so that the plant may grow strongly. Inspired by that notion, a Rooted in Love swing sculpture should be on your mind for one year anniversary gift ideas. That copper sculpture honors a love that is both grounded and soaring to new heights. 

                Rooted in Love Swing Sculpture - creative one year dating anniversary gifts

                18. Hand Casting Kit

                Hand in hand, side by side

                Would you like to make a traditional gift that only you have in this world? It's highly recommended that a hand casting kit is the best option for you to capture the moments when you and your sweetheart hold hands. Its unique molding technique records every fingerprint and tiny line, allowing you to create a beautifully accurate, life-like and life-sized plaster memory. Keep your priceless memories forever!

                Hand Casting Kit - anniversary gift ideas for couples

                Funny Gifts For 1 Year Anniversary Dating

                We only have a few items left on our list of one-year anniversary gifts. Keep going; save the best for last!

                19. Mentally Dating Tee

                A way of marking one's sovereignty

                What an awesome gift she'll never forget! This Mentally Dating tee is not just as simple as any other normal shirt. The special thing is that you can customize your name on this shirt to let all the males know who it belongs to. This modernized unisex essential fits like an old favorite. Its very soft cotton and high-quality pattern will have your girlfriend fall in love with it again and again.

                Mentally Dating Tee - anniversary gift ideas for her

                20. Funny Anniversary Greeting Card

                "They will never find your body…"

                "Surprising?" One word cannot describe the astonishment and fun of those greeting cards. They are perfect, hysterical cards for writing anniversary wishes. In addition, card's cover page is printed with a high gloss finish, and the interior pages provide a smooth, flawless writing surface. There are a variety of options for you to be free to create as you wish. This first anniversary gift will convey your own message in a creative manner.

                Funny Anniversary Greeting Card - thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for couples

                21. The Couples Game That's Actually Fun

                Play games to get to know you better

                If you're tired of one-year anniversary gifts like Star Map On Wood, hand-made flowers, custom prints, and so on, it's time to try this: The Couples Game That's Actually Fun. It's an interactive game of ridiculous questions designed to make you and your partner chuckle. Including 150 questions across 3 question categories, this couple game can be played 1:1 between you and your significant other. Enjoy life's best moments, and this game will bring two of you closer together.

                The Couples Game That's Actually Fun - best anniversary gifts

                22. Hilarious Tumbler Coffee Mug

                As funny as a barrel of monkeys

                A mug is a necessity for students or office workers. It is very convenient to carry everywhere and keeps the water clean and cold. With such amenities, you can give your girlfriend a hilarious tumbler coffee mug to show your love and interest. We're sure that she will feel satisfied with its quality and laugh at the message printed on the cover.

                HIlarious Tumbler Coffee Mug - anniversary gift ideas for her


                23. Boxers Shorts

                An unexpected but compelling gift idea

                Last but not least, do you have the courage to give your boyfriend a slightly sensitive gift? If your answer is "yes," we're willing to share a funny one-year dating anniversary gift with you. It is a pair of boxer shorts which you can add your personalization to. These boxers are a stretchy, slender-fitting trunk style garment with shorter legs and no fly holes that do not measure the waist size on the band. When your boyfriend receives it, he will thank you for your thorough care and give you a tight hug.

                Boxers Shorts - funny one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend


                Is it a must to give gifts on 1 year dating anniversary?

                Giving gifts on your first year anniversary is not required, but it is important to show your appreciation for the relationship. Recalling the time of dating with many happy and sad memories, your lover is always with you, accompanying you on a long journey. That deserves recognition and congratulations from both sides. You don't need to give a gift that is too big or expensive, just that gift containing your love is enough. Our gift guide is available on the above and you have a lot of options to choose from.

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