The 19 Best 1st Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend That Melt Her Heart

The 19 Best 1st Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend That Melt Her Heart

Make this milestone more memorable with our picks!

Famiprints has gathered some perfect first anniversary gift for girlfriend ideas to help you celebrate this special occasion. Come and check it out!

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend on Your 1 Year Anniversary?

How to know whether your choice is perfect or not? And what makes a great anniversary gift? Famiprints can help you find out with just 3 questions.

1. How Serious Is Your Relationship?

A substantial amount of time and effort must be invested for a genuine relationship to flourish. One year of dating separates relationships into two categories: those that are still in the initial stages of the relationship and those who may have found their long-term partner. Make sure your girl won't be overwhelmed by a gift that ties her up in a marriage. Before choosing a 1 year anniversary gift, kindly take into account your relationship status.

2. What’s Her Taste?

Are you at a loss to figure out what she really loves and needs? It's common to get lost in the maze of discovering what girls actually want and need because there are so many things that pique their interest. Just consider the last time she purchased a new outfit, a pair of shoes, jewelry, or cosmetics. How long has it been since she watched a film in a cinema or eaten at a fine dining restaurant? If you truly care about her, you will receive a quick response on your present.

3. What’s Your Budget?

Do you intend to celebrate the first year anniversary with a lavish present regardless of your budget? Believe us, that's not what your beloved want. The more genuine you are, the greater your gift will be. Great gifts from the heart might be low on the budget but high in sentiment. The giver's heart is far more valuable than anything inside the box.

Good 1st Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend

Our gift ideas cover the majority of your requirements, from the most romantic gifts to the most meaningful ones. These one year anniversary gifts are the most appropriate choices for any lady, even the pickiest ones. So let's dive deeper into the list.

1. Spring Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A sweet message of love

Chocolate might be a common present for dating anniversaries. However, contrary to other kinds of chocolate, chocolate-covered strawberries are a perfect mixture of chocolate's crispness and the strawberries' slightly sweet and sour flavor, giving off a sensation of delicate sweetness. Even if your girl isn't a fan of sweets, this is a fantastic anniversary gift to delight her.
Some reasons why we recommend it:
  • Easy to find, simple to preserve, available all year round
  • Aesthetically pleasing and delicious
  • Last in the fridge for up to 3 days
    Spring Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries - a thoughtful gift idea for first anniversary

      2. What I Love About You by Me Book

      Little moments make big memories

      This special keepsake conveys your thoughts in a sweet and wonderful way. Fill in the blanks and simple prompts to create a customized keepsake that tells your love story. Consider sharing some adorable inside jokes or lovely memories to reflect on all the little things that were special over the past year.

      What I Love About You by Me Book for first year anniversary gifts

      3. Hello Will You I Do Custom Map Print

      Let your heart lead the way

      With our custom canvas print, you can mark this special occasion by making a lovely memento of your love journey. Your name and three hearts will be added to this artwork. Each heart shape will include a title, dates, and maps of three significant locations in your relationship. The titles can be edited to reflect any other special occasions such as your first date, your first kiss, your first trip, and so forth.
      Some reasons why we recommend it:
      • Our Hello, Will You, I Do canvas print is framed of solid wood frames and printed on quality canvas.
      • The map art can be personalized to any region in the world.
        Hello Will You I Do Custom Map Print - the best first year anniversary gift for girlfriend

          4. Date Night Subscription Box

          A little box with a big love

          What this small keepsake does best is uniting couples. An easy-to-follow instruction card is included in each box and will guide you through the whole night. The box has everything you need for this special day, including music. Enjoy your perfect date night in your house with romantic experiences!
          Date Night Subscription Box - sentimental gift idea for first year anniversary

          5. To My Girlfriend Necklace

          For jewelry lovers

          Getting your sweetheart an elegant piece of jewelry that she can wear every day to remind herself of you. She'll be surprised by this stunning and gorgeous necklace. Different from other kinds of jewelry chains, a beautifully written message card is included inside the gift box. This exquisite choice is not only perfect for the first year anniversary, but also for Valentine's Day, your girlfriend's birthday, or any other crucial event.


          To My Girlfriend Necklace for first year anniversary gift ideas

          6. You are Amazing Jar of Notes

          A jar full of love

          This memory jar is one of the most romantic gifts to celebrate this one-year anniversary. You'll find 31 of the messages written on cardstock paper, feel free to customize your own message for her. Jot down tiny romantic moments you have with her and make her tear up with them.

          You are Amazing Jar of Notes for 1 year anniversary gifts

          7. Fresh-Picked Flowers

          Let your love flourish

          These stunning handcrafted bouquets are made from only top-notch flowers and are exactly as charming as the real thing. With an optional color and type of flower, make sure you get her favorite color and flower. Carnations are a great choice if picking flowers is too tough for you. The carnation is a well-known symbol of love, captivation, and disctinction and is the ideal option for any anniversary. Spend some time with her, take her to a fancy restaurant, give her the meaningful flower, and drink some wine together. This moment will be the best anniversary gift ever!

          Fresh-Picked Flowers - surprise gift for one year anniversary

          8. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow

          A permanent hug for her

          Is your beloved a lover of cuddling? Then she will definitely be in love with this song lyrics pillow. Get the most meaningful song lyrics printed on the pillow, it could be the one both of you love or the one you wanna sing for her. The custom pillow will certainly bring back pleasant memories and make her think of you even in her sleep.
          Some reasons why we recommend it:
          • A great substitute for her to cuddle up when you're not around
          • Crafted from high-quality materials and personalized with your details
            Custom Song Lyrics Pillow for 1st year anniversary gift ideas

              9. Cherry Blossom Candle With Surprise Jewelry Inside

              Warm her up with your love

              What could be a better gift than the gift of a big surprise? All you need to do is to choose the jewelry style and smell, and your girlfriend will receive a one-of-a-kind item. Cherry Blossom is more than simply a candle, it's a great idea to fill her home with premium fragrances. For the surprising part, the jewelry will show up after lighting your candle for about 10 hours.

              Cherry Blossom Candle With Surprise Jewelry Inside - best gift for first year anniversary gifts

              10. FOREO LUNA 3 Skincare Kit

              A gift that is worth its weight in gold

              A skincare item is a present that is always appropriate for an anniversary. Due to its incredibly cutting-edge and useful features, the Foreo Luna 3 face washing brush will be a present you cannot overlook. Although this sonic face washing brush might be costly, the wonderful results make it worth every penny.
              Some reasons why we recommend it:
              • T-Sonic pulsations softly massage the face to enhance microcirculation, giving off a healthy glow.
              • Personalized for every skin type: normal, combination, or sensitive by selecting from a range of intensities and massage routines in the Foreo app.

              FOREO LUNA 3 Skincare Kit for her on one year year annivery

                11. Custom Star Map Canvas

                A time machine for your love story

                The canvas print depicts the exact alignment of the stars at a certain time and location. This custom photo ornament is one of the most meaningful gifts for any couple celebrating their first anniversary. Add your names, the location, and a personal message, and you'll have an ideal gift to make her feel loved and honored on this special occasion. Bringing back an unforgettable night such as the night you met is a sweet way to celebrate your one year anniversary.
                Some reasons why we recommend it:
                • Thanks to the coated front cover, each print has a smooth, high-end, semi-glossy appearance.
                • High-resolution prints with vivid and crisp details are generated.

                Custom Star Map Canvas - creative gift for one year anniversay gift ideas

                    12. Custom Bobbleheads Figurine

                    Preserve your memories forever

                    What could be more fun than a personalized bobblehead that features your favorite photo of you and your girlfriend? Trust us! She'll adore it. Choose a photo that is worth a thousand words and let this special gift preserve your cherished memories. This great gift could also be suitable for Valentine's Day, Christmas, your girlfriend's birthday, weddings, engagements, graduations, and other special occasions.

                    Custom Bobbleheads Figurine for one year anniversary gift ideas

                    13. You Hold The Key to My Heart Couple Keychain

                    A small thing matters the most

                    Are you looking for a gift that costs less and means more? Then you can never go wrong with this keychain. The message behind it is that the two of you are inseparable and fit together like a lock and key. Thanks to the top-quality stainless steel, the sentimental gift is as durable as your love tale.

                    You Hold The Key to My Heart Couple Keychain - surprise gifts for girlfriend on first anniversary

                    14. To My Girlfriend Letter Blanket

                    A heart-touching love letter

                    Get this cozy blanket to celebrate the one-year anniversary with your girlfriend. To make the gift extra special, you can add a special message and your favorite photo of you two together. It can spread your love to keep her warm even on cold days when you're not by her side.
                    Some reasons why we recommend it:
                    • Made of 100% microfiber polyester plush.
                    • Offer a feeling of exclusivity and refinement with ultra-high resolution

                    To My Girlfriend Letter Blanket - thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for her

                        15. Cat Music Box

                        Medicine for the soul

                        Among the listed gifts for your girlfriend, this charming box is a breath of fresh air. Therefore, you won't find a cuter present for a cat lover than it. With just a twist, the cat and the umbrella will swing to the music, creating an adorable scene. In particular, this great gift comes in a variety of colors and doesn't need batteries to work.

                        Cat Music Box - good anniversary gifts for her

                        16. Bath Body & Spa Gifts Box

                        The best pamper routine for your true beauty

                        Every girl desires time to unwind and pamper herself. So why not help her get the full body massage at home after a hard-working week? This ideal gift package includes everything she needs for her beauty regimen and is ideal for a last-minute gift when you don't know what to get her. You may even include a personal message to make the gift more special.
                        Some reasons why we recommend it:
                        • Used natural colorants are derived from herbs and spices.
                        • Only premium essential oils for fragrance were utilized.

                        Bath Body & Spa Gifts Box for 1st year anniversary gift ideas

                          17. Photo Album Explosion Box

                          A keepsake of precious memories

                          This memory box is one of the most meaningful anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. To create your own album, all you have to do is collect lovely memories and your favorite photos of the entire year. Even if you want it natural or hand-painted, the meaning of this gift will make your one-year anniversary extra special.

                          Photo Album Explosion Box for your girlfriend on one year anniversary

                          18. Cute Teddy Bear

                          The perfect gift for a soft hug

                          What better way to express your love and gratitude for your girlfriend over the past year? To make a happy anniversary, a teddy bear might be the cuddly gift that your girlfriend desires. This beautiful bear will definitely be a wonderful present for any occasion. It may be utilized as a gorgeous piece of office or home décor.

                          Cute Teddy Bear for girlfriend on first year anniversary

                          19. Custom Map Print Canvas

                          A place full of memories

                          It might be wonderful being a couple for the entire year. Celebrate your one year anniversary with this canvas print to remind her of an unforgettable place. With just a few clicks, you can easily change the sample photo to your most memorable one. Famiprints also included a few lines for you to add your names, date and time, location, and a personalized message for her. It'll be a sentimental gift for your bae, full of expression and feeling to remind her of you.
                          Some reasons why we recommend it:
                          • Printed on high, long-lasting coated canvas
                          • The canvas print can be personalized to any region in the world.
                            Custom Map Print Canvas - one year dating anniversary gifts for her


                              • Do you celebrate your first anniversary with your girlfriend?

                              Since the one year anniversary is a wonderful event, you certainly want to celebrate it by doing some things you know your girlfriend would enjoy. It could be a romantic meal at home or heading out to a lavish restaurant. Another great idea is planning a trip together. Even something as simple as breakfast in bed or a trek in the woods can make the day extra special.

                              • How can I surprise my girlfriend for our 1 year anniversary?

                              Beyond giving a particular gift, consider how you can make the day more memorable. To surprise your girlfriend, try to make arrangements for a luxury dinner at a fine dining restaurant that she's been dying to try. If it's a little bit out of question, try to prepare a romantic meal for two at home. Additionally, it's a terrific idea to organize a short trip with your sweetheart.

                              Top 3 Picks from Famiprints

                              When it comes to choosing great gifts for the first anniversary, allow the romantic in you to take the lead to delight her. Famiprints hope that our selection of 19 best 1st anniversary gifts will help you pick the best gift for your girlfriend and have a romantic evening.

                              If you find our advice useful, feel free to share it. We would love to become a reliable source for each choice you make.

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