top 23 meaningful 1st anniversary gift for wife

23 Meaningful 1st Anniversary Gifts For Wife That Win Her Heart

Make your wife feel more joyful by applying these first anniversary gift ideas.

Your first anniversary is coming up and you don't know whether to choose a traditional or modern gift. FamiPrints's here to help you show your love with your wife by suggesting a list of first anniversary gift ideas. Let's find out what they are:

What To Get Your Wife For Your One Year Anniversary?

That is the question that we often receive from our married friends. For such a special occasion, husbands should understand their wives' favorite things to choose the best first anniversary gift. If your sweetheart loves talking about memories, you can collect meaningful photos and selfies in a photo book. If she is fond of music, you can get her a canvas printed with the lyrics of meaningful sheet music. If her hobby is writing, you may buy her a personalized anniversary journal.

No matter what it is to get your wife for your first anniversary, it's more important that you put all your sincere feelings into that present.

Best 1st Anniversary Gifts For Wife

There are so many creative first wedding anniversary gift ideas ahead. Are you ready to get started? Seek your perfect present for your wife right here.

1. Signature Layflat Photo Album

Keep your memories in every frame.

Each married couple has their own place to collect their wedding photos. It's much more wonderful that you can customize your wedding album with unique design and get it to your wife. The photo book can serve as a meaningful gift that makes your wife touched. Made of linen and leather cover materials, a personalized Signature Layflat Photo Album has long-lasting durability like your marriage.

Signature Layflat Photo Album for 1st anniversary gifts

2. Our First Kiss Necklace

To make your beloved sparkle.

For women, necklace is one of the most indispensable jewelry. It's easy to match with different outfits. Why don't you buy a stainless steel Etsy necklace and put it on your wife's neck yourself? This first year anniversary gift will definitely satisfy your sweetheart with the petite ribbon shaped pendant and dainty clear crystals. Give it a try and we're sure the Our First Kiss necklace may become part of her favorite presents.

Our First Kiss Necklace for first year anniversary gifts

3. Personalized Lyrics On Canvas Print

Let your wedding song tell a love story.

A good song has not only a pleasant melody but also meaningful lyrics. If you want to send a sweet message through song lyrics, don't miss a chance to possess a personalized canvas. Famiprints can help you create your unique song lyrics art for your wife. You can print whatever song lyrics your wife loves along with the wedding date and your two names. This first anniversary gift will be the best reminder of precious moments.
Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Printed on premium durable coated canvas, arrives ready to hang
  • Customizable song lyrics art which is suitable for any occasion, especially for your first anniversary.
    Personalized Lyrics On Canvas Print - best anniversary gifts

    4. Delight Customize Your Own Message

    For a sweet tooth.

    "Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate," Aland D. Wolfelt says. What will happen when your wife receives customized cookies with a loving message? She will be absolutely surprised by your thoughtful gift. Delight Patisserie can bring you a special box of cookies which are delicious in flavor and wrapped in beautiful packaging. If that sounds like your spouse's preference, go ahead and spoil them.

    Delight Customize Your Own Message for first wedding anniversary gift for wife

    5. Repurposed Cotton Sari Robe

    For a fashion enthusiast.

    Do you get bored with the old first year anniversary gift ideas such as notebooks, paper flowers, chocolate, and so on? It's not a big problem when you can buy your partner a cotton Sari robe. Why do we say so? It's made from a patchwork of repurposed saris pieced together by an artisan cooperative in India. Once your wife puts on the handmade robe, she may be satisfied with its unique patterns and Indian vibes. What a worthy wedding anniversary gift to buy!

    Repurposed Cotton Sari Robe - good anniversary gifts for her

    6. DIY Photo Calendar

    Time goes by, be always by your side.

    If you are wondering which option to choose among paper gifts, why don't you customize your wedding photo calendar for your wife? Your marriage has lasted one year and will remain unchanged forever. A calendar can count each and every day when you and your partner are together in an intimate relationship. By adding some of your old photos from the past year, this first anniversary gift becomes much more meaningful. Decorate your table with a DIY photo calendar and amaze your sweetheart.

    DIY Photo Calendar - 1 year anniversary gift

    7. Bath Body & Spa Gifts Box

    To take care of your partner's health from the smallest things.

    In the digital 4.0 era, more and more people have become aware of eco-friendly materials. They try to use organic products in order to avoid catching diseases like cancer and allergies. A spa gift set is the best fit for that developing trend. Made with all natural ingredients, the spa gift box is sure to bring your wife comfort and happiness. This one-year anniversary gift will protect your wife's skin and body for you.

    Bath Body & Spa Gifts Box for 1st anniversary gifts

    8. To My Wife Personalized Pillow

    Make your love letters appear in every corner.

    Have you ever thought about having a pillow made just for your couple? Famiprints can help you customize your own pillow, and it will be the most unique pillow in the world. A personalized pillow from Famiprints has the advantage of high-quality materials and colorfastness for safe washing. Opt for the To My Wife Personalized Pillow if you want to assist your wife in getting some sound sleep.

    Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Your love messages are printed perfectly on the pillow with a nice design.
    • It's highly applicable, a great gift for a Birthday, First Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Second Anniversary, Birthday, and so on.
      To My Wife Personalized Pillow - thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for her


      9. Reasons Why I Love You Puzzles

      Not simply a jigsaw puzzle.

      A thought-provoking puzzle from Esty can do more than just entertain. A couple can spend a whole date night playing Reasons Why I Love You puzzles. It's a box with a romantic personalized gift puzzle on which 12, 20, 32, or 60 reasons why you love your wife are engraved. This thoughtful 1 year anniversary gift for her is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond between husband and wife.

      Reasons Why I Love You Puzzles for one year anniversary gifts

      10. Enchanted Flower with LED Light

      Beautiful things for important people.

      A red rose is a symbol of passionate love and is given as a traditional first anniversary gift. Some husbands usually buy a bunch of fresh real flowers with gift wrapping from the flower shop. Others prefer to choose handmade roses contained in a glass box because of its convenience. The Enchanted Flower with LED Light Red Roses is a wise choice for the latter one. This first anniversary gift includes three red silk roses, LED lights, falling petals, a glass dome, wooden base, and an exquisite white gift box. All of these parts will make a great gift for your special occasion.

      Enchanted Flower with LED Light - first wedding anniversary gift for wife

      11. Bond Touch

      No matter where you are, we always keep in touch.

      You two enjoy life's biggest moments together, but sometimes you have to separate from each other for your own business. Don't worry! You will still stay connected to your partner by using the Bond Touch Pair of Bracelets. With the technology of Bluetooth, you can keep in touch with your wife and share intimate moments safely when the two of you are apart. This pair of bracelets is now one of the most popular first year wedding anniversary gifts.

      Bond Touch - modern 1st anniversary gifts

      12. Personalized Beach Towel

      Yellow sun, blue beach, white sand.

      Your first year of marriage passed in bliss. Do you want to celebrate with a beach party to congratulate her on that achievement? Try a personalized beach towel as a first-year anniversary gift given to her at that special party. By choosing your best photos and song lyrics, you can customize your own beach towel for your wife. More wonderfully, you can also print your couples' names and wedding date on it to increase the meaningfulness of the gift.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • It's the best gift made just for you in the world.
      • Luxuriously soft and absorbent.
      • A stylish essential for every beach, pool, and backyard barbecue.
          Personalized Beach Towel - good anniversary gifts for her

          13. Allure Beauty Box Subscription

          For complete beaty treatment.

          When it comes to thoughtful gifts for your first year anniversary, you cannot pass up an allure beauty box. Women are concerned not only about their mental health but want to find good products for beauty care as well. Understanding this mentality of your wife, you may sign up for the monthly Allure beauty box program. Each box consists of necessary items such as a cream moisturizer, a spot cover, a serum, and so on. Bring such a modern gift to your wife so as to show your care for her.

          Allure Beauty Box Subscription for first wedding anniversary gift

          14. Handmade Rose Teddy Bear

          The cuteness inside Teddy Bear.

          There are a lot of first wedding anniversary gifts related to roses namely Rose Gold Watch Females, Glass Red Rose, Hand-Forged Rose, and the like. So, how about a Teddy Bear made from handmade roses? It sounds interesting, right? Teddy Rose Bear is built with fake flowers as the primary component to create a bear-shaped design that has both a romantic flavor and a wonderful shape.

          Handmade Rose Teddy Bear - good anniversary gifts for her

          15. Heart Lock Hoop Earrings

          Tiny things make your day bright.

          Gold is the traditional first anniversary metal, and it symbolizes wealth, generosity, and compassion. It's such a wonderful thing that you can give your other half the sparkly gold Heart Lock Hoop earrings. It takes inspiration from celestial details and black glossy pendants and charms paired with glowing gold and silver as a nod to the starry night sky. This pair of earrings is a perfect accessory for emphasizing the beauty of women.

          Heart Lock Hoop Earrings for first year anniversary gifts

          16. Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

          A figure of lovebirds.

          Have you ever watched DIY idea videos on Youtube? Are you impressed by the keepsake hand casting kits used in such videos? Luna Bean can help you make one by providing a plastic molding bucket (7.5" x 7.65"), 1.5lb Step 1 molding powder, 2.75lb Step 2 casting stone, fine sandpaper, coarse sandpaper, demolding stick, detailing pin, and detailed instructions. You can hold your wife's hand to create a unique casting, and it will be a special keepsake as well as a first wedding anniversary gift.

          Keepsake Hands Casting Kit - first anniversary gift ideas

          17. Personalized Couple Phone Case

          To protect your phone just as you would your other half.

          A wedding anniversary is the most important and memorable day for a married couple. The fact that you can have a personalized phone case printed with your old photos from your wedding day till now is splendid. If your wife knows her husband made this phone case himself, she will feel moved and appreciate it. Don't hesitate to fill in your information at the link below and show your creativity.

          Reasons why we recommend it:

          • Nice design for your special occasions: wedding anniversary, birthday gift, gift for family and friends.
          • Your first anniversary gift will depend on your creativity; it's your own art.
              Personalized Couple Phone Case - first anniversary gifts

              18. Kissing Mug Set

              A love story of mugs

              Do you and your partner have a strong passion for coffee and tea? You two often sit together, sip two cups of coffee, and tell funny stories about what's happening around you. If that's your case, THE FASHION Kissing Mug Set will outweigh other first wedding anniversary gifts. Not simply a container for drinks, the set of 2 creative coffee cups absolutely astonishes you with its design. It depicts a loving kiss and a strong bond, which cannot be perfect without either.

              Kissing Mug Set - sentimental anniversary gift for her

              19. CD Video Stone Coasters

              Look like a CD but not a CD.

              From the above, we mentioned a set of mugs as one option for first anniversary gifts. So, what about a customizable coaster? Does it count as one of the anniversary gift ideas? Absolutely yes! This stone coaster will be suitable for those who are minimalist style pursuers. Its design is simple but unique in terms of printed information. Prepare your favorite song and make your own CD via the link below.
              Reasons why we recommend it:
              • The perfect conversation-starter for happy hour.
              • The minimalist design and non-slip, anti-scratch cork bottom.
                CD Video Stone Coasters - one year anniversary gifts

                CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

                20. Lighted Mirror

                A reflection of beauty.

                As for women, there is nothing more necessary than a mirror. On a first date, a mirror helps them prepare for the meeting well and make an impression on their partner. Each and every day, they like to look at themselves in the mirror and make up. If you buy your wife a lighted mirror as a wedding anniversary gift, she will be satisfied with the Hollywood style design and its convenience.
                Reasons why we recommend it:
                • An elegant decoration for both the bedroom and the vanity area.
                • Get the most natural application of makeup, even at night.
                  Lighted Mirror for thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for her

                  21. Custom Photo Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign

                  A sky of memories

                  In your first year of marriage, you and your other half have experienced many ups and downs in life. And, you want to sum it up with a meaningful keepsake. Why not a Custom Photo Vinyl Record round wood sign? It's made of wood, is harmless and odorless, and has superb craftsmanship and a fashionable style. Pack all of your memories into the Famiprints wood sign by printing your precious photos and names.

                  Reasons why we recommend it:

                  • A perfect idea if you are looking for a wedding anniversary gift for your wife.
                  • Nice decoration for special occasions.
                      Custom Photo Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign - good anniversary gifts

                      22. Custom Song Couples Candle

                      To light up your intimate relationship.

                      Wao! We've gone through most of the options on the list of first wedding anniversary gift ideas for the wife. Have you found the right gift for you yet? If your answer is "No," don't be discouraged and continue referring to the following idea.

                      You can think of buying a customizable song couple candle from Etsy. Made with all-natural soy wax and natural and synthetic fragrance oils, the scented candle provides an eco-friendly clean burn. It's possible for you to choose any scent you love and customize the candle with any song.

                      Custom Song Couples Candle for 1st anniversary gifts

                      23. Family Custom Photo Collage Canvas

                      "Family is not an important thing. It's everything." - Michael J. Fox

                      Last but not least, a Family Custom Photo Collage is a wise choice among anniversary gift ideas. This unique picture canvas allows you to turn your first year of marriage memories into a work of art for your home or business decoration. Your five favorite photos will be arranged around the family name text box and all in hexagon shapes. When your wife sees the photo collage, she will think of you and everything that you two have in common.
                      Reasons why we recommend it:
                      • A perfect way to showcase all the photos of your couple in one place.
                      • It's practical for both nuclear and extended families.
                        Family Custom Photo Collage Canvas - one year dating anniversary gifts for her


                        Is 1st wedding anniversary a big deal?

                        It is believed that every problem has its own solution. First wedding anniversary gifts won't be challenging if you could understand what your sweetheart loves and choose the right thing for her. Be confident that you are the one who understands your wife best. Just go ahead, look for an appropriate option in the 1st anniversary gift list, and put all of your love into it. A big deal will turn into a piece of cake.

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