21 Unique 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples to Show Love

21 Unique 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples to Show Love

You definitely get your money's worth with these first anniversary gift ideas.

Feeling undecided about what to get your friends and children for their anniversary? FamiPrints is glad you asked. Don't worry! We have provided you with a good list of first anniversary gift ideas to help you find a special gift for a special milestone in their life.

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples From Friends

These good anniversary gifts will give the warmest congratulations to the couple on your behalf. Let's dive into it!

1. Sound Wave Canvas           

For a love that will echo through the ages

Your friends' anniversary is coming up, and you want to get them something special that will make them feel fulfilled. Why not give them a personalized Sound Wave Art with the song lyrics that the two of them sang at the wedding? This unique gift for couples will be a wonderful reminder that they chose the right person to spend the rest of their life with.

Sound Wave Canvas is a great option for 1 year anniversary gift


2. Couples Camera Set  

To make lasting memories 

For any couple who loves adventure, this useful present is a great tool to record their good times and spice up their relationship. With two cameras, the Couples Camera Set can perfectly capture their precious moments. This cool gift also includes a mystery scratch-off book with 50 fun and creative challenges that will help the couple deepen their bond. They will cherish this gift for years because from now on, they know all their special memories will be safely stored in this Couples Camera Set.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • It is a unique camera set and an "out of the norm" type of adventures
  • The instruction is very informative and helpful  

    Couples Camera Set is an out of the norm type of adventures

    3. Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne 

    For oenophile

    In major anniversaries, especially one year of marriage, wine has always been an indispensable part of any celebration, especially for 1 year anniversary. If you are looking for a romantic, radiant, and maybe a bit seductive champagne, this Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne is a great first wedding anniversary gift that you shouldn't ignore. This special wine is sure to bring a smile to their faces, and help them enjoy every moment of their special day. Cheers to a long and happy life together! 

    Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Fresh and predominantly fruity taste. Suitable for those perceiving normal champagne as a bit sour. 
    • It’s a youthful wine that is outstanding and can benefit from further ageing (within 2 years)

      Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne is a good anniversary gift for every couple

      4. Custom Song Lyrics Blanket 

      For sleepers and dreamers

      The bedroom is where couples spend the most time after a long day of work. If you want to help your couple friends reduce stress, don't pass this Custom Song Lyrics Blanket over. You can leave the recipients' favorite photo to make it a unique personalized blanket. They will love snuggling up under this cozy blanket while remembering all the wonderful moments of each other!

      a rectangular canvas blanket is the most perfect 1 year anniversary gift


      5. Custom Wine Canvas Print           

      Drunk in Love 

      Treat your friends with a gift they can enjoy regularly: a custom wine canvas. It was masterfully created by using corks corkscrews, glasses, cellars, and vineyards. This ingenious item is much needed to help your friends contemplate their romantic moments on their one year anniversary and heat up the fire of love.

      created by using corks corkscrews, glasses, cellars, and vineyards

      6. Song Lyrics Wooden Plaque

      For the hearts that dance

      How about decorating with a unique wood plaque in their living room? Wood plaques are a unique way to display photos, and they make great gifts for 1 year anniversary. You can personalize it by adding a song lyric or a beautiful photo. Your lovely gift will melt their hearts right away!

      Song Lyrics Wooden Plaque is a cute first wedding anniversary gift


      7. LGBT Rainbow Supply Reel Cassette 

      To show love and solidarity   

      What's a better way of showing love and solidarity with LGBTQ+ than a rainbow flag? You can add a personal touch to it by adding the gay couple’s names, the date and their favorite song. This unique keepsake will make a sophisticated and elegant addition to their home. We ensure this thoughtful gift will let them know you always have their backs and you’re sure to earn the appreciation of them!

        Reasons why we recommend it:

      • Printed in modern technology and is covered by superior painting, durable and vivid color
      • A perfect gift for music lovers
        LGBT Rainbow Cassette is covered by superior painting, durable and vivid color


        8. Custom Wall Clock     

        Time Flies, Love Stays

        Clocks symbolize the passage of time which is limited and must be used wisely. Buy the couple a customized wall clock with their names, their favorite photo, and a heartfelt message. This wonderful present will remind them to never stop making quality time with each other.

        Reasons why we recommend it:

        • Made from best material and can be used for years 
        • A variety of designs which is perfect for any home décor style 

          Custom Wall Clock is one of the best one year anniversary gifts


          9. Scratchable World Map with Push Pins 

          Journey. Explore. Discover. Repeat.

          If the couple loves traveling and exploring new places, a world map is a fantastic gift for them. With this unique map, they can literally scratch off everywhere they've been and make new plans for where to go next. Every time they see this unique scratchable world map, their travel moments seem to be rushing back vividly. What's on their bucket list? Everywhere!

          Reasons why we recommend it:

          • Thousands cities and places to mark
          • Classy looking and unique scratchable area to mark tiny countries
          • An activity you can do together

            Scratchable World Map with Push Pins is one of the best paper anniversary gifts for couples who love traveling

            10. Signature Layflat Photo Album 

            The Memory Keeper

            A good photo album has always been considered as one of the best wedding anniversary gift ideas. But nowadays, people often store pictures on phones rather than print them out. We introduce you to this visually stunning Signature Layflat Photo Album which is made to honor memories and milestones. Your friends' sweetest moments will be depicted appealingly thanks to this unique photo album.  

            Reasons why we recommend it:

            • Professional looking photographs
            • Well-crafted walnut box to store the album

              Signature Layflat Photo Album is a professional and unique 1st anniversary gift

              11. Ritual Stems Love Is Dried Flower Bouquet in Vase  

               Love’s Truest Language

              Home is a place in which people want to feel at ease and can be their true selves. Therefore, decoration is one of the great ways to bring peace and elegance to a home. Gift your friends this simple but sentimental anniversary gift. Not only does it look stunning, it also does a great job of lifting its owners' mood. 

              Ritual Stems Love Is Dried Flower Bouquet in Vase is both beautiful and functional 1st anniversary gift

              First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples From Parents

              What better way to celebrate your child's 1 year milestones than with a thoughtful gift? Let's get down to business!

              12. Customized Designer Photo Cupcakes     

              For those with a sweet tooth

              There is no sweeter gift than customized design cupcakes. To create a love cupcakes set for your children, simply choose a beautiful image of them, and the talented team of bakers will then hand-decorate each one with edible decorations like sprinkles, sugar flowers, and more. Cute anniversary gift ideas are always a delight to surprise any couple and this set of cupcakes is one of those.

              13. Pride Crate

              For those who are exploring their identities

              You are parents and you find it hard to put into words how to show love and support to an LGBTQ child on their first anniversary. And now you want to find a meaningful anniversary gift to help you convey your thoughts, this Pride Crate is what you're looking for. It's a goodie box full of Pride themed loot created for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies. This meaningful collection of items will let your children know that you are proud of however they identify themselves and whoever they choose to love on your behalf.

              Reasons why we recommend it:

              • A great way to show your support to your LGBTQ+ children
              • Lots of cute and high-quality items
              • Best selling loot box full of Rainbow LGBT+ Pride Gay goodies for coming out

                Pride Crate is a sentimental anniversary gift for parents to show support to their LGBTQ+ children

                  14. Caked Up Candle     

                  Light Up Your Love

                  A candle is one of the most typical wedding anniversary gifts. A combination of Almond Cream, Honey, and Vanilla Bean creates a charming aroma. Everything makes the couple feel like they're traveling on a romantic island. Candles are always a welcome addition to any home, and they are a great conversation starter, too. If you're looking for a unique gift that's both practical and thoughtful, candles are the way to go.     

                  Reasons why we recommend it:

                  • The smell is powerful but not overwhelming and is great for any mood
                  • The scent lingers for a long time

                    Caked Up Candle with a charming aroma is one of the most thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts

                    15. Personalized Fingerprint Necklace 

                    Your Name Engraved Herein

                     Everyone's fingerprint is different and reveals a lot about a person's life. So a personalized fingerprint necklace is a superb choice for a gift that you want to remind the recipients that they are the best and the ones you love the most in this world.

                    Reasons why we recommend it:

                    • A beautiful keepsake for your dearest
                    • A memorial gift in memory of a loved one
                      Personalized Fingerprint Necklace - sentimental anniversary gift for the ones you love the most in this world

                      16. Personalized 3D Photo Lamp  

                      Light Up Your Love

                      Have a one-of-a-kind lamp created on your behalf. That sounds like a good idea! You can even personalize it further with the recipients' best photo. When this unique lamp lights up, the recipients' pictures will vividly brighten the room. It's warm and cozy like their love for each other. 

                      Reasons why we recommend it:

                      • Do a great job transferring your picture into the 3D lantern
                      • Be a mood booster in a bedroom
                        Personalized 3D Photo Lamp doing a job of transferring pictures into the 3D lantern is one of the most creative 1st anniversary gifts

                          17. Photo Puzzle

                          Any puzzle is incomplete without a piece

                          This sentimental anniversary gift can take them back to the moment the girl said "I do" and held her husband's hand on the aisle. With the existence of this unique jigsaw puzzle, the couple will have more quality time together by solving it.

                          Photo Puzzle as first year anniversary gifts for couples to solve

                          18. One Year Anniversary Sundial

                          Be as true to each other as this dial is to the Sun

                          If you are looking for something as a witness to the longevity of your children's love, then this One Year Anniversary Sundial is a perfect item. Made from scrap metal and hand cast from brass which are solid materials that can withstand the test of time. Like this durable sundial, may their love last till eternity!

                          Reasons why we recommend it:

                          • Exquisite craftsmanship
                          • Perfect to display in a garden

                            One Year Anniversary Sundial for best anniversary gifts that can be displayed in a garden

                            19. Letters to My Love

                            Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

                            Writing a love letter has always been a romantic gesture but in the era of social media, they are even more unique. Gift them this old but gold present so they can express their love to their significant other by writing secret messages, and making notes of their amusing arguments so that they can read and laugh about it afterward.

                            Reasons why we recommend it:

                            • An old but gold way to show love
                            • Oprah's Favorite Things Pick for 2015
                            • Over 2 million copies sold across the bestselling series 

                              Letters to My Love for couples to confess their love

                              20. Personalized Wedding Cross

                              One flesh, one heart, one soul

                              Did the couple pledge their vows to each other a year ago? Keep this special moment and write it on a Personalized Wedding Cross to make every usual day their wedding day. It's a testimony of their love and a reminder of how beautiful it is to fall in love.  

                              Personalized Wedding Cross as 1st anniversary gift ideas

                              21. Timeless Love Personalized Sand-Filled Hourglass

                              Count the hours of your love

                              The hourglass runs quickly and represents the sacrifice each person has to make for their significant other. Get the couple this personalized hourglass to remind them that love is quick so make the most of it when you are together.

                              Reasons why we recommend it:

                              • High-quality and thick hourglass
                              • Beautiful box and is protective of the hourglass' fragility.
                                Timeless Love Personalized Sand-Filled Hourglass to remind couples that time is precious


                                1/ Is a one year relationship anniversary worth celebrating?

                                "The first year of any relationship is by far one of the most important because it is during this time that couples get into healthy or unhealthy habits that can last throughout the relationship." - Psychologist Dr. Sal Raichbach PsyD, LCSW

                                So commemorating your one-year relationship anniversary will help you solidify the fragility of your new relationship.

                                2/ What is the gift for 1 year anniversary?

                                Most meaningful gifts are those that come from the heart so you can gift them anything as long as you put your mind to finding it. But when it comes to surprising the couple, you can never go wrong with our recommended list. See the list above to make the right decision in selecting a personal and unique gift for your dearest.

                                One year anniversary is special because it sets the tone for other milestone anniversaries ahead. We hope this curated list of 21 Unique 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples to Show Your Love will help you pick the perfect present for your dearest friends and beloved children.

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