21 Heartfelt 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Mark A Special Milestone

21 Heartfelt 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Mark A Special Milestone

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Mark the first wedding anniversary with a gift from the heart.

First wedding anniversary is one of the most memorable milestones you will reach as a married couple. The first anniversary is more than just a marriage milestone because you two had experienced a lot of ups and downs together. Make sure you choose the best wedding gift from our list of 21 heartfelt 1 year wedding anniversary gifts.

What are the Symbols for 1st Wedding Anniversary?

Even though we are unaware of the origin, a wedding anniversary gift guide with traditional and modern gifts was created to commemorate each achievement. It's believed that the traditional list dates back to the Victorian era in England during the 1800s, while the modern list was published by the American National Retail Jewelers Association in 1937.

Every milestone anniversary will be marked by a thoughtful gift, and its value will grow when your relationship becomes closer. Traditionally, couples are advised to give paper gifts for the first wedding anniversary, whereas a clock is the first gift on the modern list. So what do these gifts actually represent? Why were they picked for the first anniversary gifts? Read on to find out more about these anniversary gifts.

  • Traditional Gift Symbolism: Paper

Paper marks a new beginning for any newly married couple and can be filled with your love story. An event planner and creative director, Jessica Sloane stated that: "paper symbolizes the blank page that your new marriage gives you". So, write your own love life and draw a beautiful picture with your beloved to celebrate more and more milestones in the future. The paper anniversary gift can be an anniversary journal, a concert ticket, a cookbook, a letter, or even a printed photo book.

  • Modern Gift Symbolism: Clock

The first year anniversary gift of the modern list is a clock. Though it is considered as a simple item for this meaningful occasion, it's actually a very sentimental gift for each married couple. This is supposed to represent eternal love and the time you two are spending together. The clock also depicts the passage of time and serves as a sweet reminder to devote time to preserve your love for many years to come.

  • Color: Gold or Yellow

The colors for the first anniversary are yellow and gold. While yellow is the color linked with spring and new beginnings, gold is the traditional first anniversary metal for the occasion despite not technically being a stone.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

If you're more of a traditional person, then go dig deeper into our suggestions for paper anniversary gifts.

1. Wedding Vow Art

A vow of forever

We've seen numerous thoughtful gifts using photos or lyrics, but this one is a combination of both, which doubles the gift's meaning. Putting one of your best wedding photos in a framed print with a favorite song lyrics increases the value of the anniversary gift, which will surprise and amaze your spouse.
Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Using excellent materials to bring meaning to every detail
  • Suggested ideas for words include song lyrics, poems, bible quotes, wedding vows, and personal sayings.
Wedding Vow Art for 1st wedding anniversary gift

    2. Date Night Jar

    Save the date

      Are you at a loss on what to do for your one year anniversary celebration? Are you and your partner fed up with the same old dinner places and looking for something new? The Date Night Jar can deal with it!  You will no longer have to worry about the anniversary gift ideas because the jar has 52 ideas for 52 weeks of the year. Choose this paper gift for your first anniversary if you want a surprise and romantic date.

      Date Night Jar - 1st year wedding anniversary gift

      3. Pink Lemonade Handmade Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

      Back to the wedding day

      Do you ever think a real flower is lovely and fragrant, but it doesn't last long and is tough to care for?  Everyone wants their marriage to last as long as possible, hence most couples prefer faux flowers. This paper bouquet present not only maintains its freshness and beauty but also adds decorative value for couples looking to refurbish their house. You may even include a sweet message for your loved one to make the one year anniversary gift even more special.
      Reasons why we recommend it:
      • Made up of three different types of flowers: lisianthus, dahlias, and poppies, which represent luck, commitment, a long-term partnership, and serenity.
      • Each component was individually hand-cut, molded, and glued, then coated with UV-protectant spray to ensure it never fades.

      Pink Lemonade Handmade Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet - gift ideas for 1st wedding anniversary

        4. Cassette Tape Canvas Print

        The secret of a happy marriage

          Even in the early stages of marriage, you and your lover would love to enjoy life's biggest moments together. The wedding day might be one of these memorable moments and you want to keep it alive forever. Look no further than this cassette canvas right here. Choose your favorite wedding photo or a snapshot of a memorable moment, and Famiprints will make it even more special with hand-drawn line art.
          Reasons why we recommend it:
          • It is simple to beautify every corner of your home.
          • Printed on durable, high-quality materials

            Cassette Tape Canvas Print - a thoughtful gift for 1st wedding anniversary giftCUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

            5. The Anniversary Journal

            Timeless treasure of the heart

              Keeping memories helps couples strengthen their bonds. Although people live for the future, we always look back to beautiful memories from the past to urge ourselves to go on and keep striving. This anniversary journal is the perfect gift to keep your love alive from your first to your 60th wedding anniversary. To create the best memento, take notes, photographs, and envelopes about how your anniversary was celebrated as well as unforgettable memories.

              The Anniversary Journal for first year anniversary gifts

              6. Paper Lantern

              Light up your marriage

                Are you looking for the top ornamental paper gifts for your partner or a newlywed couple? This lantern is the ideal one year anniversary gift to make a stunning home décor. The distinctive feature is that we can personalize the lantern by writing the wedding date and the names of the couple. A sheet of vellum (high-quality paper) was utilized to generate the gorgeous diffused light.

                Paper Lantern - a meaningful gift for 1st year wedding anniversary gifts

                Clock Anniversary Gifts

                Find interest in modern gifts? So, have a look at the list of these unique clocks below.

                7. Origami Wall Clock

                Simple but unique timepiece

                  This origami clock is great for a one-year wedding gift that reflects both a traditional and modern concept. Your beloved will be captivated by the modest but eye-catching design. Trust us! We constantly strive to save the finest for your home decor.

                  Origami Wall Clock - surprise gifts on first wedding anniversary

                  8. Rainbow Wall Clock

                  Enjoy the rain before the rainbow

                    Are you having trouble finding a clock that serves both as an ornament and a keepsake for cherished memories? This custom watch is made for you and LGBT couples as a wedding anniversary gift. With just your name and anniversary date inserted, Famiprints will customize it for you. 
                    Reasons why we recommend it:
                    • High-quality materials are used to boost the product's durability.
                    • Simple to use and ideal for any type of home decor

                      Rainbow Wall Clock for 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas

                        9. Table Clock

                        Time flies, love remains

                          Check out this clock if you want to come up with a new concept and are bored with a standard wall clock. Due to its one-of-a-kind design, this table clock has an antique and vintage vibe. The unique anniversary gift also has its cover engraved with a quote or even a logo for people to customize their own clock. Make your own clock for this special milestone.
                          Table Clock for one year wedding anniversary

                          10. Sand Ocean Wall Clock

                          Enjoy the marriage clock

                            For a sentimental couple, take a look at this sand ocean clock engraved with your and your spouse's names as well as the date you tied the knot. Its design is a breath of fresh air, and it's also a perfect gift for making a few interior design modifications. Believe us! With this custom, the clock gift will never look monotonous.
                            Reasons why we recommend it: 
                            • Suitable for every memorable occasion
                            • Made of MFD wood or acrylic, with a gorgeous high gloss finish and hard to fade.

                            Sand Ocean Wall Clock for one year wedding anniversary gifts

                              11. Wooden Wall Clock

                              For puzzle lovers

                                Struggle with finding one year anniversary gift? We've got your back. This option is excellent for any couple. The Ugears with a pendulum, which differs from other timepieces, was designed for puzzle-loving couples. Celebrate your first anniversary by spending time together and assembling this DIY kit, you'll have wonderful memories together.

                                Wooden Wall Clock for one year wedding anniversary gift ideas

                                Gold and Yellow Anniversary Gifts

                                If paper and clocks aren't your things, our collection of gold and yellow presents will be more helpful. Come and check it!

                                12. Personalized Yellow LED Photo Cushion Pillow

                                Little things that count

                                Take this special occasion as an opportunity to give your spouse an LED pillow so that they may sleep well at night without feeling afraid of the dark. The best part of this present is that you can customize the LED cushion with your own photo. Simply upload the photo, and the seller will handle the rest.

                                Personalized Yellow LED Photo Cushion Pillow - a great gift for one year wedding anniversary

                                13. Golden Vinyl Record Canvas Art

                                For retro lovers

                                If your spouse is an old-soul kind of partner, why not start with a retro gift like this vinyl? To make a beautiful golden present, simply add two of your favorite wedding photos, your name, your wedding date, and a memorable song.
                                Reasons why we recommend it:
                                • A novel and excellent concept to choose wedding anniversary gifts for many years to come
                                • The black and gold color combination elevates the artwork to another level

                                Golden Vinyl Record Canvas Art - a beautiful art for first year anniversary

                                  14. Her Favorite Color Was Yellow book

                                  For book lovers

                                  Calling all bookworms! “Her favorite color was yellow” is a compilation of poems by Edgar Holmes that encompass all of his thoughts and feelings towards his muse. You two can spend your wedding night reading books together. It will be a lovely, uplifting experience for your love.

                                  Her Favorite Color Was Yellow book - a sentimental gift for 1st wedding anniversary gift

                                  15. Custom Yellow Cassette Player Doormat

                                  A record of love

                                  Back to decor, this doormat is one of the best gifts on our gold and yellow gift ideas. A personalized sweet message allows you to convey your feelings. The one year anniversary gift will remind them of you and your sentiments whenever they enter the room.
                                  Reasons why we recommend it:
                                  • Composed of high-quality materials that make cleaning more simple.
                                  • Ideal for illuminated areas both indoor and outdoor
                                    Custom Yellow Cassette Player Doormat - a meaningful gift for 1st year wedding anniversary gift ideas

                                      16. 24K Gold Dipped Forever Rose

                                      The golden gift for a golden milestone

                                        The roses on this list are among the most unique one-year anniversary gifts you've ever seen. It's neither a genuine flower nor the typical silk flower we often see; it's a faux flower made of 24-carat gold. If the rose denotes beauty and love, gold indicates opulence and extravagance. As a consequence of its collaboration, the present has a double meaning. Therefore, it is one of the worthwhile options for this one-year anniversary.

                                        24K Gold Dipped Forever Rose for her on first year wedding anniversary

                                        Alternative 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

                                        Take a look at the alternative list for more one year anniversary gift ideas!

                                        17. 1 Year Anniversary Mug

                                          An item for everyday use

                                          Song Lyrics Mug is an ideal decoration or present to mark special occasions such as the wedding anniversary or the first dance song. This mug is not just filled with lyrics, it also contains all of the meanings for your spouse from your favorite wedding photo to your anniversary date. This is an excellent option if you want to look for a present that is absolutely different from the traditional and modern gift lists.

                                          Reasons why we recommend it:
                                          • The printed image is of the highest quality 
                                          • Safe to use in the microwave or dishwasher.
                                            1 Year Anniversary Mug - 1st year wedding anniversary gift for him

                                              18. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

                                              For a whiskey lover

                                                Got a whiskey enthusiast on your hands? So why not give your other half this eye-catching decanter set? Apart from the design, the luxury globe decanter is composed of durable materials such as handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and stainless steel, allowing it to be used for a long time.

                                                Whiskey Decanter Globe Set - one year wedding anniversary gift for him

                                                19. Cassette Tape Blanket

                                                To warm up your love

                                                  There's nothing better than taking a rest and snuggling up in a blanket after a long day at work; therefore, get your beloved a personalized blanket to express your love. You may personalize your blanket by adding names, lyrics, and favorite photographs. If you are unsure about the song, we will suggest your wedding's first dance song.

                                                  Reasons why we recommend it:
                                                  • Using superior fabrics that are ultra-soft, silky, and smooth
                                                  • Lightweight and portable for on-the-go use

                                                  Cassette Tape Blanket - 1st wedding anniversary gift for wife

                                                    20. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

                                                      For love growth

                                                      If you're having trouble coming up with a cute one-year anniversary gift, this figurine is highly recommended. The figure is a lovely memento of the day you tied the knot. The way the pair holds their hands symbolizes an enduring love in the future.
                                                      Bisque Porcelain Figurine - cute gift ideas for 1st wedding anniversary

                                                      21. A Year Together Wedding Gift Subscription

                                                      He wines, she dines

                                                      Wedding subscription boxes are trendy these days but some people still wonder whether they are worth the money. Actually, this package can help to cover all the wishes of newlyweds to celebrate their anniversary day because it's customized to fit every type of couple. The best part of the curated box is its secret items, which will be delivered on a specified day each month. So what better way to surprise your boo on the first anniversary than with this gift box?

                                                      A Year Together Wedding Gift Subscription - first wedding anniversary gift for wife

                                                      Top 3 Picks from Famiprints

                                                      Top 3 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from FamiPrints

                                                      Finding an excellent gift for your first wedding anniversary might be challenging because it commemorates not just the one year you two lived together as husband and wife, but also the whole time you spent together. Read our 21 heartfelt wedding anniversary gifts for a meaningful and pleasant gift. Believe us! This list will not let you down.

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