Top 19+ Unique First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

31 Unique First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

Satisfy your loved ones with these unique 1st anniversary gift ideas. Hey, how it's going? How's your love going? Well, seeing my words that means you're in full happiness, right? Good to hear that. And now, maybe you're having some concerns about finding the best one year anniversary gifts to make your partner smileWe know it isn't the easiest task. So, FamiPrints rounds up some of the best first anniversary gift ideas for him, her & couples to get you covered. Browse this gift guide now to level up your gift game!

What is 1 Year Anniversary Symbol?

On your first-ever anniversary, paper represents the traditional gift. The threads within paper symbolize the strength and connectivity of your blossoming relationship. Paper is also a blank slate, a reference to the beginnings of a new life together.
Your relationship in this stage is still fragile and the future is still unwritten. Paper also serves as a reminder that from now on, there's nowhere for your love to go but up.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

If your partner likes tradition, check out some paper anniversary gifts that would make your first anniversary unforgettable.  

1. Custom Wedding Illustration

For Two Hearts Beat as One  
Custom Wedding Illustration - good first wedding anniversary gift

A wedding illustration is a perfect gift for home decor lovers, especially who are fans of minimalism. The elegant portrait of your dress and suit will be hand drawn to remind of the most meaningful day in your life.


2. Fold Book with Wedding Day

Folding Love Fold Book with Wedding Day is an unique 1st anniversary gift
Does your spouse love books? If yes, we have a paper anniversary gift idea for your first wedding anniversary. Get your other half a fold book gift with an anniversary day. Then, just lay it on somewhere your spouse usually sits. Hide and wait. With the curiosity of a book lover, your partner would check and open it, then jump out and “Happy anniversary!”.
Reasons why we recommend it:
    • It's masterfully created by intricately hand folding each page of the book to ultimately reveal a wedding date.
    • Get to receive helpful guidance from the book's creator through the process.


3. Paper Flower Bouquet

Blooming Love

Paper Flower Bouquet makes great gifts for 1 year anniversary
The gift idea we are about to suggest is more suitable for “her”. Women always love flowers, then give her a paper flower bouquet. This good 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend will always be fresh and colorful like your love for your sweetheart.
Bonus: If your man loves flowers too, don't hesitate to send them to him. Flowers are the most preferred gift for everybody and every occasion, including gift for boyfriend on one year anniversary. Who can stop men from loving flowers or being given flowers, right?

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • A perfect gift for someone who loves flowers but can't handle smells.
    • An elegant dining table decor.


4. Scratchable World Map

Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

Scratchable World Map for couples who love traveling

What's the best 1st anniversary gift for a traveler? How about a scratchable world map? Buy your significant other this map and then after each trip, you two can sit together scratching to create your own travel map, calling back your memory during your adventure. How romantic it is!


5. Anniversary Poster

Tell the World I Love YouAnniversary Poster is one of the best paper anniversary gifts
What do you think about an anniversary poster? A 1 year anniversary newspaper poster will be very special. You can tell all of your moments on it to prove your love to him. He can use it to decorate the house and happily look at it all the time.

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • A creative and one-of-a-kind gift idea.
    • A great and stunning party decor.


6. A Love Story Movie Poster

I Wanna Be Your Endgame


A Love Story Movie Poster - an amazing 1 year anniversary gift

To be a main character in your love story is not a bad idea, right? Be free to put an awesome film title and release date accompanied with your favorite photo, you can create your own love story movie poster to give your partner on special days.

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Professional looking poster
    • A unique way to show your love to your partner


1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

You and she have been in love for one year, so what anniversary gift should you get her to make a romantic and unforgettable anniversary? Those 1st anniversary gift ideas above are by the traditional theme, now we'll dive deep to find the best gift ideas for a specific character of our love story. Lady first! Let's find the best 1 year anniversary gift for your wife.  

7. Photo Pillow

Rest Your Love on MePhoto Pillow is a sentimental 1st anniversary gift for her
Girls always like to have a pillow when she rests, so get her a special pillow that makes her miss you and love you more. In that case, a custom photo pillow is a perfect gift idea. Just customize it with your favorite photo and a personal message on it. Your interesting gift will make her smile whenever she sees it. Reasons why we recommend it:
    • A thoughtful item to spoil your wife or girlfriend.
    • A great way to show her how much you care about her health and wellness.

8. Personalized Women Watch

Time is a Treasure
Gifting Personalized Women Watch to remind her your time together is precious
If you want to remind your wife or girlfriend of your love time, a personalized watch would be the best choice. A wooden case engraved with your personal message would be so special, like her position in your heart. Your first anniversary gift and your love will follow her anywhere.


9. My Darling Necklace

You are the Love of My Life


My Darling Necklace - thoughtful 1 year anniversary gift

A necklace with an exquisite design and a heartfelt message will completely bring your darling great happiness. Crafted with a classy 14K white gold finish and adorned with elegant cubic zirconia crystals, your spouse will look absolutely stunning in this dazzling pendant.

Some reasons why we recommend it:

    • A beautiful yet practical gift that can be your partner's companion everywhere.
    • A perfect present to boost your lover's confidence.


10. Song Lyrics on Canvas

For a love that echoes through the ages

Song Lyrics on Canvas is a good option for 1 year anniversary gift Do you remember the song that brought you together? Let turn it into your first anniversary gift with this canvas print personalized with the song lyrics together with your names and photo. This creative Song Lyrics On Canvas is a good gift for a music lover that reminds her about you two's favorite song always and also can make her feel your love too.

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • A tastefully rustic home decor.
    • A great way to make your first dance a memory for life.

11. Personalized Number Ring

Officially Yours!

Gifting Personalized Number Ring to let the world know she's yours What is her favorite number? What is her important day? Give her a unique ring customized with her favorite number. Help her to remind her important day and this gift will help you remind her of you.


12. Engraved Stir Spoon

You are my big spoon

Engraved Stir Spoon for 1 year anniversary gift for the couple This lovely stainless steel spoon is the perfect accompaniment to your beverage. Let’s make it one of a kind by personalizing it with your wholehearted message. We warrant this eccentric steel spoon will bring more sense of smell and taste to her mouth whenever he uses it.


13. Always and Forever Pearl Cuff

You Will Forever Be My Always 

Always and Forever Pearl Cuff - one of the best 1st anniversary gift ideas for couples

An elegant pearl cuff representing your infinite love is undoubtedly a 1st wedding anniversary gift for your beloved wife. This is what she will always wear, enabling her to remember you everyday.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Now it's the turn of husbands. Let's check out best first anniversary gift ideas for husband and make him smile.


14. 365 Days of Love Photo Collage Canvas

365 Days Flew... A Long and Happy Lifetime to Go!

365 Days of Love Photo Collage Canvas is a good anniversary gift idea for couples Do you usually take photos with your husband? If you do, turn those photos into a meaningful anniversary gift for him with this 365 days of love photo collage canvas. You two can look at it and recall your fondest moments at any time. Good choice to heat up the fire of love!


15. Custom Face Sock

I Love You, Stink!

Custom Face Sock is what to get boyfriend for one year anniversary Men can never get enough socks. Get him custom face socks and make them a funny anniversary gift for him. We are sure that he'll be very happy with these socks. Let him wear them and feel your warm care.


16. Custom Coffee Mug

The Taste Of Your Love

Custom Coffee Mug is both sentimental and functional 1st anniversary gift One popular gift for men is a custom coffee mug. Just enter the date and time to create a star map in the beautiful night sky on the day you met him. This sweet and cool design mug will show your care and make his coffee more delicious. Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Personalize and romanticize your everyday object.
    • An ideal present for coffeeholics.

17. Custom Tie Clip

"Tie me with love, clip all of my feathers, and take me anywhere." — Debasish

MridhaGifting Custom Tie Clip is one of the best things to do for one year anniversary Another popular and best suggestion to choose for an anniversary gift is the Tie Clip. Let's get a tie clip personalized with your message and make it the sweetest anniversary gift for him. It'll give him more confidence and motivation both in work and out of work with this unique gift.


18. Personalized Phone Case

We're hardwired to protect what we fall in love

Personalized Phone Case protects your man's phone is one of the most creative 1st anniversary gifts Men usually don't care too much about protecting their phone, if you see his phone is scratched or his phone case is old you can buy him a customized phone case for your first anniversary. Every time he touches his phone, he will be reminded of you and your love. Surely he will protect this protection case very carefully. Reasons why we recommend it:

19. Anniversary Photo Blanket

To Keep My Love Warm
Anniversary Photo Blanket - great first anniversary gift
The personalized blanket with the print of your photos and anniversary song is a perfect custom photo gift not only for body warmth but also for interior decor accessories. With a combination between the classic style and memorable design of your heart-shaped lyrics and photos, this blanket can remind him of sweet and happy moments on your wedding day every night.
Some reasons why we recommend it:
    • A gift that will show your partner you care so much about their well-being.
    • A great way to make your significant other think about you.

20. Photo Etched Glass Ornament

Engraved Love in Glass

Photo Etched Glass Ornament - a unique 1st anniversary gift

This glass ornament with the photo sophisticatedly etched by lasers into a glass octagon looks quite simple, but it is a fitting first anniversary gift for your husband. This item is highly recommended to be very permanent and fade resistant.


1st Anniversary Gift for Couples

Do you want a gift that both of you can use to prove your love to each other and to everyone? Then, we have some good one year anniversary gifts for couples that you shouldn't miss.  


21. Long-Distance Relationships Canvas Wall Art

When the root of love is in the heart, distance is not a barrier.

Long-Distance Relationships Canvas - cool present for long-distance couplesYou're far from the other? Let prove that distance can separate you geographically but can not separate your soul and your heart. Sending your lover a custom map canvas print with your favorite photo on it. This long distance relationship gift proves that even being away, you're always in heart of each other and soon you'll be together.


22. Couples Jewelry

Not Just An Accessory, It's A Story

Couples Jewelry as great 1st wedding anniversary gift Couple Jewelry is never out fashioned. There're many options for you to choose like custom keychains, custom necklaces, or both. You can easily customize them with names, monograms to make it a unique gift. Buy anniversary couple jewelry and wear it every day to bring your love to anywhere you go. A small but meaningful gift!


23. Matching Underwear

When in Doubt, Wear Matching Underwear


Matching Underwear - great first anniversary gift for couple

Another very interesting idea for your one-year-together anniversary is matching underwear. Yeah, that's so cute and funny. It shows that your body and mind are all of each other.

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • You can use this hilarious present to break the ice with him and make him laugh out loud.
    • A great last-minute gift idea for procrastinators.


24. The Night We Tuned In Canvas 

Take Me Back to the Night We Met

The Night We Tuned In Canvas is a thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for her

Ever wondered what the stars looked like at your first met? Let's save that date night with a custom star map, then you'll never forget how you two tuned in. This's really a romantic gift for the first year anniversary. Let's give this moment to your sweetheart and show how you cherish it.

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • A great way to take him back to your first date night.
    • A romantic way to express your love to your partner.


25. Custom Map Ornament

You are the Way

Custom Map Ornament is a cute 1 year anniversary gift

Just put your wedding date, location, and names, you can create your own love ornament in the vintage style for the special 1st anniversary preparation. This custom map ornament will recall the happily precious wedding moment, making your partner touching and fluttering. 

    26. We Still Do Anniversary Shirt

    Happy Couples Wear Matching Outfits


    We Still Do Anniversary Shirt - one of the most creative 1st anniversary gifts

    We still do T-shirts are incredibly sentimental 1 year wedding gift for your partner who still has been by your side until now no matter what happened. This Couple T-shirt marks an important milestone in your relationship and makes your special person know how they mean to you. 


    27. Personalized Keychain

    A Symbol of Love


    Personalized Keychain - good 1st anniversary gift for couples

    It’s not too difficult to figure out an exclusive gift from the heart on a special occasion. Turn meaningful moments in your wedding into a personalized photo puzzle and your partner can enjoy these happy memories every day. With the elegant color of wood, this high-quality custom puzzle is also a felicitous idea for your home decoration.


    28. Street Sign Art

    "Some people cross your path and change your whole direction." - Farzana Suri Victory Coach

    Street Sign Art is a thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts for him You two's life is an ordinary line until it crosses each other. Celebrate your love intersection with a Custom Street Sign Canvas Art. This meaningful gift will help you two remember how you get into the other life. Anytime you feel tired, look at this art to remind yourself how miracle love made you to be.


    Experience Gift Ideas for 1 Year Anniversary  

    No other type of gifts that are as thoughtful and meaningful as experience gifts. Our list of great experience gift ideas for 1 year anniversary will help you win each other's hearts!

    29. Be Each Other's Personal Chef

    Cooking is Love Made Visible 

    Cooking for your partner is one of the best things to do for one year anniversary Sometimes you feel the need to go out and celebrate your anniversary, sometimes you just want to do it intimately at home. To mark your first anniversary, you can get a little more creative by being your partner's personal chef. Pick out an impressive recipe, order the ingredients and cook up a special feast just for your significant other. Then, you both can romantically enjoy the meals in your cozy living room, your peaceful backyard, your lovely garden. Sometimes keeping it low key produces the best results. 

    30. Go for a Couples Massage

    Give Your Body a Little Love

    a Couples Massage - a great first anniversary gift idea

    A couple's massage is one of the best ways to bond with your spouse and spice up your relationship. Getting a couple's massage not only takes away your stress and anxiety but also encourages intimacy which will help your conversations with each other be more stimulating. Going for a comfortable massage also gives you memories to look back on together creating a feeling of reconnection or closeness.

    31. Go for a Couples Weekend Getaway

    Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

    a Couples Weekend Getaway - unique first anniversary gift for couples

    "Most of the time, one or both partners are focused on their own love language — whether they are aware of it or not. When you wish she’d say I love you more or that he’d help more around the house, you’re focused on your own love language. Vacation is a great way for you to focus on showing love through the other person’s love language." - Michelle Baxo, founder of Power Love Programs 

    Going for a weekend getaway is one of the best ideas to escape work stress, chores, and city noise. Going on a vacation together allows you to put all of the worries behind, be at ease on the here and now, and focus on each other. Not all vacations have to be luxurious, there are many ways to take a weekend escape without breaking the bank. You can take a road trip to somewhere you haven't been there before or camp in the outdoors where you plenty of time to have mindful conversations and build life long memories with each other.

    First year is always the most difficult but also the sweetest time. Let's cherish it with meaningful gifts and keep going to the end of the road. We hope our gift suggestions can help you choose the best first anniversary gifts for your loved ones. Happy anniversary!


    Top 5 Picks from FamiPrints

    Top 5 Picks from FamiPrints for 31 Unique First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

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