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Top 29 Meaningful Anniversary Gifts For Friends In Your Life

Seeing your best friend being together with the love of their life is a wonderful thing. Celebrate their anniversary and strengthen your friendship with a meaningful present.

No matter whether they marry recently or long-time couple. Our Top 29 Meaningful Anniversary Gifts For Friends In Your Life will help you find the best gift for them.

Let's dive right in!

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Personalized anniversary gifts make the best gifts. Check the list below to make the right decision in choosing a personal and unique gift for your ride or die besties.

1. Personalized Leaf Tray

For a friend whose cooking is 10/10

Personalized Leaf Tray - wedding anniversary gifts for friends

If your friends love cooking, give them a hand with Personalized Leaf Plank Charcuterie Serving Tray for their upcoming anniversary. Made from bamboo and wood, this practical gift will be a wonderful addition to their kitchen. You can also add your own word to make it more unique.


2. Cassette Tape Pillow

Not your ordinary pillows

Cassette Tape Pillow - wedding anniversary gifts for friends

Does your friends love antique? Then they'll adore the Cassette Tape Pillow. The pillow has a vintage design and is made of soft material to ensure your friend and their spouse can have a good night's sleep. Not only that, you can add a personal touch to it by inserting the couple's names and their special date.


3. Personalized Ring Dish

A sentimental gift for your BFF

Personalized Ring Dish - marriage anniversary gifts for couple

Need some unique wedding anniversary gifts for your friend's upcoming anniversary? Look no further than a Personalized Ring Dish. With their wedding date printed on the dish, they will relive their happiest moment whenever they see and put this unique dish in use.

4. Personalized CD Coasters

A touch of technology

Personalized CD Coasters - anniversary gifts for couples

For friends who enjoy the retro style, these Personalized CD Coasters could be an awesome anniversary gift for them. Come in a set of 4, each is handcrafted with the best quality. The minimalist design and CD pattern also make it a great addition to their home.


5. Personalized 3D Illusion Lamp

A bright way to show your love

Personalized 3D Illusion Lamp - couples anniversary gifts

The 3D Illusion Lamp could be your friend's companion on the days they have a down mood. The light is not too bright, thus it can ease all the stress. It’s also a beautiful decor item to display.

6. Song Lyrics Round Wood Sign

A love song for just the two of us

Song Lyrics Round Wood Sign - best gifts for couples
 Are your friends home decor lovers? Then the Song Lyrics Round Wood Sign could be a great addition to their house. With exquisite craftsmanship and eco-friendly production, our wood sign is known for its high quality, durability, and reliability. Pick their most beautiful picture and favorite lyrics to make it more intimate. This will be a gift that any friend would want on their wedding anniversary.
Reasons why we recommend it:
    • One of FamiPrints' bestsellers.
    • A good home decor idea for your interior design-obsessed friends. 

    7. Personalized Pilsner Glass

    To level up their beer game

    Personalized Pilsner Glass - unique anniversary gifts

    Enhance your besties' beer-drinking experience with a Pilsner Glass. Its design is to enable beer lovers to enjoy the full taste and please their thirst. You can personalize it with the initials and names of the giftees, making it a perfect gift for their upcoming anniversary.


    8. Custom Map Print

    The proof of love

    Custom Map Print - couple anniversary gifts

    Want some meaningful gifts for your friends' wedding anniversary? Congrats! You've found it. With the Custom Map Print, you can make wonders with only your creativity. Just fill in these spots with their names and pictures, then you'll have a unique wedding gift for your friend and it'll will surely warm their hearts.

    9. Vegan Chocolate Box

    For vegetarians

    Vegan Chocolate Box - happy anniversary for a friend

    A gift that is so popular but never out of date - Chocolate which is a symbol of love, passion, care, and happy life. The vegan chocolate box is definitely one of the best gifts for vegans and a great way to celebrate your vegan besties' milestones. It'd make their mouth water once they see this alluring gift!

    Reasons why we recommend it:

      • A good vegan dessert to satisfy friends with a sweet tooth.
      • A great way to show love and care to your friends.

      10. Zodiac Sign Wall Art

      You are my Universe

       Zodiac Sign Wall Art is one of the best gift ideas for married couples

      Best friend gifts for a Zodiac Sign fan? Give this Zodiac Sign Wall Art a shot. Jot their names and zodiac signs down and make this gift a stunning masterpiece on their wall. It is also a creative way to tell that their love is such a special arrangement of the universe.



      Engagement Gifts for Friends

      These good engagement gifts will give the warmest anniversary wishes and congratulations to your friends on your behalf. Let's check it out!

      11. LGBTQ Pebble Art

      For art lovers

      LGBTQ Pebble Art - anniversary gifts for queer friends

      Anniversary Pebble Art is a cute and funny gift for you to celebrate your gay friends' special occasions. They may have been going through tough times together so it's time to celebrate those times by giving them this sentimental gift with a unique design and a lovely meaning. This adorable and melt-your-heart gift will surely make your favorite same-sex couples happy on their milestones.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

        • A good pride gift to visibly show support and solidarity to friends who are queer.
        • A genius art gift for art lovers in your life.

        12. Interlocking Heart Ornament

        To celebrate a new home

         Interlocking Heart Ornament - Wooden Anniversary gift

        If your best friend has moved to a new house recently, help them decorate the house with one of the most recommended housewarming gifts - the Interlocking Heart Ornament. The heart shows the name of the lovely couple and their wedding date. This will be a unique couple keepsake and will surprise them when you visit them in their new house.

        13. 2 Hearts Wall Art

        To save the date

        2 Hearts Wall Art - best couple gifts

        Let your friend enjoy the happiest moment of their life with our Custom Song Lyrics Wall Art. Just add lyrics and a picture of the happy couple to make a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift for them.


        14. Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue

        A Little Night Magic

         Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue - cool gifts for couples

        Candle holder has always been a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and hope. So gift-giving your friends this Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue is one of the best ideas to celebrate their marriage milestone. The light from this holder will brighten their night and heat up their love. Not only that, but it's also a great home decor accessory. 

        15. Our Adventure Begins Mug

        “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

        Our Adventure Begins Mug - custom anniversary gifts

        Enhance your friend's coffee experience in the morning with the Our Adventure Begins Mug. Show them how much you care about them by adding their beautiful photos and a heartfelt message just for them. This one-of-a-kind couple mug will constantly remind them of the most memorable time of their life every time they sip their drinks.

        Reasons why we recommend it:

          • A beautiful yet functional kitchen piece.
          • Microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


        16. Heart Matching Rings

        A sweet promise

        Heart Matching Rings - unique wedding anniversary gifts for friends

          No matter how the whole world changes, their love for each other is eternal. Let the couple of rings say it on your behalf! Offering you to add the desirable text, this delicate gift will surely melt the couple's hearts when they receive it. Waiting for what? Pick it up immediately to bring them a big surprise!


          17. LGBTQ Cassette Tape Wall Art

          Love knows no limit

          LGBTQ Cassette Tape Wall Art - best personalized anniversary gift

          Congratulate your queer friends and share the rainbow spirit on their special milestones with this meaningful anniversary gift. It'll surely remind them of their time together. Not only a memento that they have been together through thick and thin, but the Personalized Cassette Tape Wall Art is also perfect for home decoration.


          18. Matching Aprons

          Side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart

          Matching Aprons - gift ideas for married couples

          New matching aprons is the best gift for your wonderful friends on their next special occasion. Let's replace the old ones hanging in the corner of the kitchen and help them renew their love relationship with these brand-new aprons. Put it on and enjoy romantic moments together in the kitchen!


          19. Couples Conversation Cards

            Stirring up love

            Couples Conversation Cards - best anniversary gifts for friends

            Have your friends ever felt like they've known each other long enough but don't have many stories to share? Gift-giving them this set of Conversation Starters on their anniversary to help them heat up the fire of love, provoke their thoughts to have a fun relationship. 


            Cute Anniversary Gifts for Friends

            If your friends are drawn to cute things, you should not ignore our handpicked list of cute anniversary gifts. Feel free to choose one or more!

            20. Toilet Tag

            For game lovers

            Toilet Tag is a cute anniversary ideas

            An unusual but hilarious gift idea for a married couple - Toilet Tag is a great way for your friends to spend the night together. Filled with all the minigames tailored for couples, this tag will help them spend quality time together and understand each other better. Your friends will thank you for it.



            21. Cat Couple Matching Key Rings

            You are the Yin to my Yang

            Cat Couple Matching Key Rings as anniversary gifts for friends

            Need a gift for friends who are clumsy and forgetful, then these Matching Key Rings are the ones you looking for. Handmade with the best quality in mind, the keyrings will help your friends keep tabs on their keys. Not only that, the Yin Yang Cat design represents their endless love for each other.


            22. Anigram Bunny Ring Holder

            Every bunny needs some bunny sometimes

            Anigram Bunny Ring Holder - cute anniversary ideas

            If your friends have a memory like a goldfish, the Sloth Ring Holder will be a perfect fit for them. They can hang their rings, earrings, or keychains on it. It isn't only an item to keep their accessories organized, but it also makes great table decor.


            23. “Vitamin Me” Bottle

            I need vitamin U

             “Vitamin Me” Bottle - best anniversary gifts for friends

            “Vitamin Me” has 60 capsules with different expressions. The bottle becomes extra-cute with the love we put into it. Gift-giving them this unique bottle so they can write jokes, their favorite quotes, or simply why they love each other on small pieces of paper and put them inside the pill. On days they feel blue, a surprising note could lift their mood!

            24. Song Lyrics in the Sand Ocean Blanket

            Let the ocean be the witness of our love

            Song Lyrics in the Sand Ocean Blanket as one the greatest gift ideas for married couples

            If your friends are easy to catch cold and live away from their spouses, help them protect themselves and protect their love with the Ocean Beach Blanket. The fleece blanket will keep your friends warm and safe. You can also customize it with their wedding song to help them recall all the good memories in the past and create more memories together in the future.

            Reasons why we recommend it:

              • A great way to show someone you care about their wellbeing.
              • Lightweight and cozy enough to use at home, yet plush and toasty enough to travel with.


            25. Friendship Keepsake Box

            To Store Things With Love 

            Friendship Keepsake Box for marriage anniversary gifts for couple

            This adorable Friendship Keepsake Box is handmade meticulously from willow tree wood. Its appearance is simple but it has a huge meaning. Your besties can use it to store their jewelry like earrings, rings, and other mini stuff. The box is also a great decor to make the room sweet and cozy.


            26. Personalized Bobblehead

            A small gift with big love

            Personalized Bobblehead - happy anniversary for a friend

            Want something unique for your friends' wedding anniversary? Then this little Custom Bobblehead is a great choice for you. The item is so detailed, it feels like having a mini version of themselves.


            27. Sarcastic Anniversary Card

            For Schitt's Creek fans

            Sarcastic Anniversary Card - funny anniversary gifts

            Need a unique gift idea for married couples? Then how about a Sarcastic Anniversary Card with a quote from the series Schitt's Creek. Show them how much you care and are proud of their achievement through this little present.


            28. Custom Face Socks

            Fun socks make happy feet

             Custom Face Socks as best funny anniversary gifts

            Warm your BFF's feet up with this funny anniversary gift. Use your face to customize them and make your friend laugh out loud. Your gift will give the giftees more confidence 'cause they know you'll follow them anywhere. 

            29. La La Land Music Box

            We stumbled on a view that's tailor-made for two

             La La Land Music Box - good anniversary gifts for couples

            This music box is a great anniversary gift for your besties. It has such a soft tune and a meaningful message engraved inside that will last forever. It’s where they’ll always revisit whenever they miss each other.


            As we've wrapped up 29+ anniversary gifts for friends, we hope our list will give you some ideas for your friend’s upcoming wedding anniversary. A gift will help you show how much you care about them. Happy gifting!

            Top 5 Picks from FamiPrints

            Top 5 Picks for Meaningful Anniversary Gifts for Friends In Your Life Picks from FamiPrints

            What do you think about our list, please let us know in the comment section. And if you find this list helpful, feel free to share it with your friend and acquaintances. We really appreciate that!

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