27+ Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Melt Your Heart

27+ Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Melt Your Heart

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Hello guys, Is your relationship with your significant other still going well? Do you know what to get her or him to commemorate your wedding anniversary? If that's the case, you've come to the right place!

One of the most important days for married couples is their wedding anniversary. It's a huge accomplishment for both of you after spending so much time together happily. Let FamiPrints make your milestone even more special and wonderful with some gift suggestions on the list of 27+ Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Melt Your Heart.

What Are Considered Milestone Anniversaries?

Couples frequently celebrate their wedding anniversary in even years such as 10, 20, 30, and so on because they believe the years are beautiful numbers that represent roundness, fullness, and integrity in love. Some couples prefer an annual celebration because they want their partner to remember this day regardless of where he or she is.

Why Do We Celebrate Wedding Milestone Anniversaries?

We only have 365 days a year to work and rest, and only one day to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Why would you miss such an important day? Wedding anniversaries are not only a time to celebrate and have fun, but also a time for both of you to reflect on the memories you've shared and hold hands as you prepare for the long journey ahead. It marks the end of a long journey and the start of a promising future.

Anniversary Gifts By Year

1st Anniversary

1. Traditional anniversary gift (paper): Folded Book Art

Creativity from multi-page books

Folded Book Art - paper traditional gift ideas

This folded book art is perfect as a traditional gift, an engagement gift, or a wedding décor for him or her. It is formed by patiently and correctly folding a book’s pages. Each piece is beautifully handmade folded book art, exclusive, and can be as individual as you want it to be. Unlike any other paper modern gift, It will surprise your wife or husband with the design of the book.


2. Modern anniversary gift (clock): Personalized Wall Clock

Time flies with memories

Personalized Wall Clock - modern gift ideas

Isn't it true that time flies? The two of you had just celebrated your first anniversary. The hands of the clock have turned indefinitely and will continue to do so indefinitely, just like your strong marriage. Quickly select the best wedding photo and have it printed on this watch. So that every time you look at the time, your partner will be overjoyed.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • A perfect idea if you are finding an anniversary gift for your other half.
  • A variety of designs which is perfect for any home d√©cor style.



2nd Anniversary

3. Traditional anniversary gift (cotton): Cross Stitch Family Portrait

To embroider a picture of love

 Cross Stitch Family Portrait - cotton traditional anniversary gift ideas

If you are unsure what to get your spouse for your wedding anniversary, then a custom cross-stitch portrait can give your loved one a big surprise. Saving the moment that you never forget into this stitch family portrait is a great way to commemorate your relationship.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • You can even add the pets, cats, dogs, chickens etc.
  • Excellent gifts for any occasion, including wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, and new home gifts.


4. Modern anniversary gift (china): Famille Rose Oval Platter

Roses on a plate

 Famille Rose Oval Platter - best anniversary gift ideas

This hand-finished platter is fanciful, festive, and inspired by Chinese porcelain, with an eye-catching color palette and a flora and fauna motif. It will make your family dinner more luxurious and beautiful. Imagine the two of you sitting at a table decorated with roses and scented candles, sharing food from this china modern gift; a wedding anniversary party of any size will be wonderful.

Williams Sonoma

3rd Anniversary

5. Traditional anniversary gift (leather): Monogram Leather Bracelet

A minimal fashion item

Monogram Leather Bracelet - a thoughtful gift

Leather is well-known as a safeguarding material that is durable and has been traditionally used to give a husband/wife on their 3rd wedding anniversary. If your relationship becomes much stronger, so giving your partner a leather gift is a way of representing this. A monogram leather bracelet is an excellent gift idea for any occasion, whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one. This custom leather bracelet can be embossed with your preferred text individually. The names of your loved ones, birth dates, initials, coordinates, for example, may be stamped.


6. Modern anniversary gift (glass): Personalized Beer Glasses

Raise a glass of beer in honor of the anniversary

 Personalized Beer Glasses - a personalized gift idea

You can have a chance to customize this beer glass with unlimited ideas coming up in your mind. For an elegant and permanent look, the glass is laser-etched. This unique beer glass helps drinkers to experience a better taste of beer. It makes a perfect gift for any couple who likes drinking beer and wants to stand out from the crowd in the pub.


4th Anniversary

7. Traditional anniversary gift (flowers or fruit): Delicious Daisy Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple

A delightful fruit-based bouquet

 Delicious Daisy Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple - a traditional anniversary gift

Brighten your partner's day with this Delicious Daisy¬ģ with Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple! This eye-catching arrangement features a delectable assortment of chocolate-dipped pineapple daisies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and other delectable treats. Unlike any other fruit or flowers modern gift, it is exactly what you need to make your 4th wedding anniversary extra special.

Edible Arrangements

8. Modern anniversary gift (appliances): Professional Blender

A cooking companion

 Professional Blender - modern anniversary gifts

Is your significant other an avid cook? If so, this gift will be very appropriate and useful for him or her. It will aid in the creation of extremely nutritious smoothies without losing the flavor of the fruits you put in them. This gift also demonstrates your concern for your partner's health.

Why do shoppers love this Professional Blender: "I’m really happy with the performance of this blender. Very powerful, user friendly and easy to clean. Thank you." - AP


5th Anniversary

9. Traditional anniversary gift (wood): Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign

A significant disc for your couple

 Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign - best anniversary gift ideas

Your wedding photo has been sitting in a corner of the room for a long time, unnoticed. On a special occasion like this, it's time to let that photo shine and be everywhere. Different from any other wood modern gifts, your photo will be clearly visible on this round wood sign due to the high print quality. Because of the meaningful picture of both, she or he will smile every time she or he looks at the sign.


10. Modern anniversary gift (silverware): Vintage Butter Knife

A small knife for small pieces

 Vintage Butter Knife - best modern anniversary gifts

Because of its unique design and messages printed on the blades of knives, this silver modern gift will not disappoint your other half. When you're eating beefsteak, bacon cubes, or something similar, you'll need this set of knives to help you break down the food and make it easier to swallow. Don't be shy about purchasing this set and spreading the love with these adorable hand-stamped spreaders!

Why do shoppers love this Vintage Butter Knife: "Absolutely beautiful , I ordered late with upgraded shipping and it arrived on Christmas Eve!!! We love it, thank you. I bought the ‚Äúwe‚Äôre butter together‚ÄĚ knife and paired it with a much needed butter dish as a gift." - AP


10th Anniversary

11. Traditional anniversary gift (tin): Family Recipe Metal Sign

How a family is formed

 Family Recipe Metal Sign - a sentimental gift idea

Do you have a recipe for raising a happy family? It is not as difficult as the mathematical formulas; it is simply love, forgiveness, generosity, and hope. There are numerous other aspects that your other half will discover through this Family Recipe Metal Sign. It's one of the best traditional gifts that will always remind you and your partner to love each other, to be kind and cheerful, and to maintain your family together.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Made from metal material.
  • Excellent for decorating rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and so on.


12. Modern anniversary gift (Diamond Jewelry): Diamond Promise Ring

Shine bright like a diamond

 Diamond Promise Ring - best anniversary gift ideas

This diamond modern gift is one of the best gift ideas that you should come up with. This sophisticated promise ring features a gleaming round diamond framed by additional diamonds, with additional diamonds flanking the center. Natural pink sapphires add a splash of color to each profile. When your other half wears this ring, that person's hand will stand out and catch the attention of everyone around them.


15th Anniversary

13. Traditional anniversary gift (Crystal): My Life Has Meaning Because Of You Necklace

You are as precious as a crystal

 My Life Has Meaning Because Of You Necklace - a crystal traditional anniversary gift

If you are getting bored with a crystal modern gift, why don't you try crystal traditional gifts for your lover? Imagine the delight on your loved one's face when she or he discovers this stunning double-heart necklace! This necklace represents two hearts joining together, similar to an eternal bond between two souls. The wearer will have the feeling that they are being engaged and loved.

Why do shoppers love this My Life Has Meaning Because Of You Necklace: "I love my necklace. And my man for finding it in your store. The box and card were awesome too. It was the best surprise! Thank you ūüĎć" - AP


14. Modern anniversary gift (Watches): Just Married 15 Years Ago Watch

A time god on your companion's wrist

 Just Married 15 Years Ago Watch - best anniversary gifts

15 years fly by, and no one is spared. Allow the sacred milestone to be displayed on the watch face. This will serve as evidence that a long period of time has ended peacefully and a new phase has begun. This watch continues running alongside your love till all is dust. With its cute design, this watch is perfect for anyone who's been married for 15 years and to a wedding vow renewal ceremony.


20th Anniversary

15. Traditional anniversary gift (China): Endless Love Swans Figurine

White love swans

 Endless Love Swans Figurine - thoughtful anniversary gifts

White swans have always been associated with the most noble and beautiful things. It also demonstrates a pure and great love, especially when only two swans are present. Your union is as lovely as those two swans. As a result, don't pass up the chance to own a gift with this one-of-a-kind and eye-catching design.

Why do shoppers love this Endless Love Swans Figurine: "This was purchased as an anniversary gift for two avid Lladro collectors and they truly love it. It is an adorable piece to add to their collection." - AP


16. Modern anniversary gift (Platinum): Snow White Platinum Rose

The beauty of thorns

 Snow White Platinum Rose - sentimental anniversary gifts

This is a genuine (12") rose preserved in lacquer with Platinum-plated trim. Each flower is hand-picked at its peak of beauty, formed and crafted by hand (removing thorns, extra leaves, petals, and so on), and electroplated using a secret technique. Snow White is a stunning shade of pure white that covers the rose petals. This 20th anniversary gift will satisfy both the aesthetic and the meaning contained within it.


25th Anniversary

17. Traditional anniversary gift (Silver): Personalized Silver Memento Tray

It's more than just a plate; it's a keepsake for your significant achievement

 Personalized Silver Memento Tray - best anniversary gifts

With this personalized 25th anniversary silver plate, you can commemorate your silver wedding anniversary. This personalized 25th wedding anniversary silver plate will be treasured for years and proudly displayed in the recipient's home. It comes with an elegant wooden base stand. Personalize the 25th anniversary plate with the recipient's name, anniversary date, and a special message or quote. Send the best message to your best life partner with this plate.

Memorable Gifts

18. Modern anniversary gift (Silver): Vinyl Record Canvas Print

Play a tune in honor of your 25th wedding anniversary

 Vinyl Record Canvas Print - modern anniversary gifts

A Vinyl Record Canvas Print is another option for a silver wedding anniversary gift. It includes your love song on vinyl and two of the cutest photos below on a black background. This print is a great way to show how much your wife and husband mean to you. Choose a song that has a strong connection to your love story and create a one-of-a-kind gift for your partner.

Why do shoppers love this Vinyl Record Canvas Print: " I bought it for my sisters 25th wedding anniversary. She absolutely loved it! The service was great. They emailed you threw out the whole process.. The delivery was fast and I will definitely be ordering again and be tell all my friends to order." - AP


30th Anniversary

19. Traditional anniversary gift (Pearl): Pearl Wire Tree

A tree is made of pearls

 Pearl Wire Tree - 30th anniversary gift ideas

Pearl is the stone given to mark the thirtyth anniversary year of marriage. Instead of trying to find a pearl modern gift, why not consider the idea of a pearl tree? This Pearl Tree is made with 50 feet/15 meters of nickel silver wire and 96 white pearls. To make a leaf, each pearl is placed and twisted by hand. When that person receives this gift, she or he will be impressed by the skill required to create such a tree. This adorable gift will make your partner love you even more.


20. Modern anniversary gift (Diamond): Diamond Glass Geometric Terrarium

Where to nurture green sprouts

 Diamond Glass Geometric Terrarium - 30th anniversary gifts

This Diamond Glass Geometric Terrarium has a one-of-a-kind design inspired by the shape of a diamond. It's a hanging glass terrarium with two mesh panels facing each other for good ventilation. This gift will be a nice little decoration on the corner of your partner's table. If he or she has a taste for ornamental plants, this treat will make the most of it.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Made of stainless steel which does not rust / oxidize.
  • The terrarium looks like in the pictures.


35th Anniversary

21. Traditional anniversary gift (Coral): Signature Red and Orange Hammock

Both of you swing together

 Signature Red and Orange Hammock - 35th anniversary gift ideas

Our Signature Hammock, woven with high-quality weatherproof materials, can be left outside in any weather without rotting or growing mold. It will serve as a rest and relaxation area for your partner after a long day of hard work. And it will be even better when you both lie in that hammock, share your love, and make many unforgettable memories.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

22. Modern anniversary gift (Jade): 35th Anniversary Pebble Art

A work of art on rocks

 35th Anniversary Pebble Art - modern anniversary gift ideas

This pebble art will make your Jade wedding anniversary even more special! This artwork was lovingly created using beautiful, delicate natural materials found on local beaches and in the North Wales countryside. This lovely gift features an image of a couple sitting on a cute bench under a tree with gorgeous green flowers and a sea glass bird perched on a branch. On your behalf, it will express your deep affection for your other half.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Perfect as a romantic gift or as a Jade 35th wedding anniversary gift.
  • Stunning, handcrafted original artwork pieces which can be treasured forever.


40th Anniversary

23. Traditional anniversary gift (Ruby): 40th Anniversary Photo Frame

"On Our Wedding Day" Aperture

 40th Anniversary Photo Frame - a thoughtful gift idea

Congratulations! You've both reached a marital milestone that few others have. With this photo frame, you can rekindle your marriage once more. The photo frame is finished in matt and shiny silver and features a beautifully embossed design of two silver bells with a ruby ribbon. This would be an excellent keepsake special gift for a very special couple celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.


24. Modern anniversary gift (Ruby): 40th Wedding Anniversary Ball

The sparkle radiating from the ruby

 40th Wedding Anniversary Ball - a sentimental gift idea

We guarantee that your partner will appreciate this gift. The lovely ruby 40th wedding anniversary ball is a unique and long-lasting gift that will bring health, wealth, and good fortune to a long and happy marriage. Each ball is one-of-a-kind because they are hand blown by artisans. It will be an amulet that will keep your other half safe and lucky no matter what he or she does.

Why do shoppers love this 40th Wedding Anniversary Ball: "I took one star off because delivery took a week. As for the item,it is really stunning when caught in the light,a bit smaller than expected but overall looks good. This is a present for a work colleague’s ruby wedding anniversary, which I’m sure she’ll love." - AP


50th Anniversary

25. Traditional anniversary gift (gold): Gold Cups & Spoons Set

Like royal utensils

 Gold Cups & Spoons Set - what to get your partner for an anniversary gift

If your husband or wife enjoys baking, then this is one of the ideal modern anniversary gifts for him or her. They're extremely functional, with both American and metric measurement markings, and your other half will appreciate how the flat bases allow him or her to measure and set aside ingredients for the appropriate time. Your partner is no longer required to measure the dough by inertia. Everything has been done with the assistance of this cups and spoons set.


26. Modern anniversary gift (gold): Gold Canvas Wall Art

A lavish golden music record

 Gold Canvas Wall Art - a unique gift for your couple

This gold modern gift depicts a golden vinyl record containing the lyrics to your favorite song. The memories associated with that song will reverberate when she looks at this art and recites the lyrics, making your partner more emotional on this special day. You can also personalize this canvas by entering your names and anniversary date. This music canvas art is without a doubt the most romantic and thoughtful gift to commemorate your special anniversary.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Solid front construction.
  • Nice design for a room decoration.


60th Anniversary

Oh, and if you haven't seen our DIY ideas, we'd be happy to leave a link here for you to peruse. Feel free to experiment!

The Best DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas Of 2022 (famiprints.com)

27. Traditional & modern anniversary gift (Diamond): DIY Diamond Cake

As sweet as whipped cream

 DIY Diamond Cake - best DIY gift ideas

Last but not least, for the highest milestone on this list, we're going to one of the most wonderful traditional and modern gifts. Different from any gift themes, a cake has a simple design, but a profound meaning behind it. Enjoy the sweetness of the cake as well as the sweetness of love when it is ripe with your other half. This cake would make an excellent gift for a variety of occasions.

Tip Junkie

Top 5 Picks From FamiPrints

The list concludes here, guys! We hope that this blog post has helped you choose the best gift for your other half. This article contains numerous ideas, and you are free to select whatever you want to melt your partner's heart on this special occasion.


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