14+ Creative DIY Anniversary Gifts That Blow Your Mind

14+ Creative DIY Anniversary Gifts That Blow Your Mind

We are living in an era where everything is automatically operated by advanced technology. But the value of handmade, DIY-stuff still remains unchanged throughout a long period of time. Let's join us in searching for some DIY anniversary gift ideas for your special occasion in the following list:

Why Do Handmade Gifts Make The Best Gifts?

While purchasing a gift that is readily available across the store can save you time, the value won't be the best. However, when it comes to homemade presents, it means that you have to spend several hours on concept generation and handcrafting. Everything is under your control, and the end result will be ideal for your other half.

Furthermore, handmade gifts are so unique that you won't be able to find anything similar or better in the world. Do you want to make your own masterpiece? Welcome to a FamiPrints list of the best DIY anniversary gifts.

DIY Anniversary Gifts For Couples

All of the best anniversary gifts for your pair may be found right here!

1) 1st anniversary (paper): DIY wedding photo silhouette

We are the one and only

It is a great idea to show off the best wedding photo as a valentine's day gift! How? All you need is just your favorite wedding picture, a sharpie, and an exacto knife. You can get a silhouette cut out at the old-fashioned booth, which shows your unbreakable relationship as a couple. This can be considered as one of the most wonderful DIY paper anniversary gifts you have ever made for your sweetheart.

DIY wedding photo silhouette - anniversary ideas at home

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2) 2nd anniversary (cotton): DIY Cotton Candy Handmade Card

A card filled with lots of love

If you are finding a perfect anniversary gift for your girlfriend, you cannot miss the chance to own a DIY cotton candy card. Your love notes will be delivered sentimentally by its cute design and your awesome handwriting. Once she receives it, she may burst into tears of happiness with your carefulness on the 2nd anniversary day. Don't hesitate to follow the guide below and make your own homemade anniversary gift.

DIY Cotton Candy Handmade Card - homemade anniversary decoration ideas at home

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3) 3rd anniversary (leather): DIY Bifold Wallet Leather Kit

For a gentleman

Is your partner interested in fashion items such as wallets, belts, watches, and so on? This stylish wallet leather kit makes wonderful DIY anniversary gifts for him. Your sweetheart can hold a lot of cash, IDs, and cards when going out with some colleagues and friends. Additionally, this bifold is so fashionable and traditional, and it will make an excellent impression on his or her mind with its simple but unique design.

DIY Bifold Wallet Leather Kit - homemade anniversary gifts

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4) 4th anniversary (flowers): DIY Floral Hoop Earrings

Beautiful flowers in your ears

To make these earrings, it requires the maker to be really patient and delicate. Therefore, this gift idea is hard to put forward. What gets difficult is tying your knot in the proper position to bind around what you want while avoiding what you don't. But once you can overcome these difficulties, one of the most beautiful DIY anniversary gifts for her is successfully done to make your girlfriend feel proud and touched by your considerable effort.

DIY Floral Hoop Earrings - diy gifts for wife

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5) 5th anniversary (wood): DIY Wooden Cake Knife

Hold her hands and cut your wedding cake

Do you still remember the precious moment of your wedding day on which you took her to the altar, cut the wedding cake and poured the wine together? Five years have passed since that time, and today is an ideal occasion to revive those memories. You had better make your own wooden knife with a chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet in order to recreate your wedding. This knife can be used specifically for foods like cakes, soft cheeses, and even some fruits. Additionally, it is very safe to use and you won't have to worry about your lover cutting his hand accidentally.

DIY Wooden Cake Knife - diy anniversary gift for your partner

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6) 10th anniversary (tin): DIY Why I Love You Tin Can

Thousands of reasons why I love you, my dear

It is believed that one of the most thoughtful gifts for the 10th wedding anniversary is tin or aluminum. Why so? Tin and aluminum's pliability illustrates how a successful marriage has to be flexible and robust, with the capacity to bend without breaking. It is about time for you to mark this milestone by creating Tin for Ten. This tin will include all of your favorite memories which you have had for 10 years and thousands of reasons why you love your husband. With some simple steps, you can melt his heart with your DIY skills.

DIY Why I Love You Tin Can - homemade anniversary decoration ideas at home

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7) 15th anniversary (crystal): DIY Crystal Soaps

To rub on your beloved partner's skin

When you give these soaps as presents, they've been a tremendous hit. No matter how many times you do it over and over, their shape is always different from each other, making each cluster of crystals its own little work of art. Crystal soaps look gorgeous displayed in metal or ceramic soap dishes, or nested with candles and chunky bath salts. Thus, they can be beautiful decor for a powder room or guest bathroom.

DIY Crystal Soaps - DIY anniversary gift ideas 2022

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8) 20th anniversary (china): DIY Song Lyric Plate

"So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do..."

Do you want to try a compelling gift idea? To begin producing your own artwork, all you need is a plate and a marker. Select a good song with lyrics that illustrate your love story and write it on the plate. Every time your lovebird gets to eat, this plate serves as a reminder of love, melody, and memories. Just think about it—your plate is unique and beautiful because it is yours.

DIY Song Lyric Plate - anniversary ideas at home

DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

Don't stop here since this list of perfect anniversary gifts is far from complete.

9) 30th anniversary (pearl): DIY Pearl-Embellished Tee

Simple but elegant

You see your mother struggling to choose the right shirt for a date night with her husband. And you really want to give her your hands, do you? Giving her a pearl-embellished shirt is a perfect way to help her prepare for such special occasions. This is one of those low-effort, high-reward projects that quickly bring a smile to her face. A regular white T-shirt may be transformed into lovely diy gifts for mom. Pack it neatly, along with your adoration, in gift wrapping paper to deliver to your beloved mom.

DIY Pearl-Embellished Tee - diy anniversary gifts for her

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10) 40th anniversary (ruby): Diy Ruby Anniversary Keepsake

The number of years we love each other will continue to increase

Your parents have been happily married for 40 years, which is an impressive achievement not just for them but also for you as their children. That accomplishment ought to be recognized and celebrated. Instead of giving your parents a DIY love story map, a plaque or a tiny photo frame, consider creating a unique 40th anniversary keepsake out of paper mache numbers for your parents. It is a representation of the lengthy time your parents have spent together, and it will not stop at the number 40.

Diy Ruby Anniversary Keepsake - homemade diy anniversary gifts

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11) 45th anniversary (sapphire): DIY Gemstone Tree

On the next level

If you are a skillful person who wants to try your hand at making anniversary gifts that require high meticulousness, it is an ideal idea to make your parents a gemstone tree. There are multiple clear steps for you to follow, so don't be too worried. The recipient will sense your devotion and appreciate your efforts. Furthermore, this DIY tree might be interpreted as a meaningful expression of gratitude to your parents for raising and caring for you.

DIY Gemstone Tree - handmade gifts for girlfriend on anniversary

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12) 50th anniversary (gold): DIY We Love You from Grandchildren

Our love is as dazzling and long-lasting as gold

Wow! Your parents' marriage has reached the milestone of 50 years, and the golden anniversary is approaching. It's much more amazing that they not just receive congratulations from you, as their children, but also from their lovely grandchildren. Invite your siblings and grandchildren to participate in this project. Each person will be photographed with a letter in the phrase "We Love You". Everyone as a whole makes a contribution to expressing a loving message to your parents. Make this one of the greatest diy gifts for grandparents ever!

DIY We Love You from Grandchildren - diy anniversary gift for parents

13) 55th anniversary (emerald): DIY Emerald Charm Statement Necklace

Mesmerized by the emerald green light

During the past 55 years, your mother has sacrificed all of her time to take care of you and support you to become a successful person. Now is the time to show your love and thanks to her by giving her a handmade emerald-charm statement necklace. Each emerald is designed in a teardrop shape like your mother's hard sweat with a shining green. When she receives it, she will realize how valuable she is to you.

DIY Emerald Charm Statement Necklace - homemade anniversary gifts for parents

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14) 60th anniversary (diamond): DIY Diamond Painting

Diamonds are precious, but not as precious as our parents

We call your parents' 60th anniversary "a tremendous occasion" because they have had to communicate and compromise for more than half of their lives. This is a difficult milestone to achieve, but your parents did it! So, make a DIY diamond painting to show them how much you respect their marital life. It will take a long time for you to finish, so be patient and present your masterpiece to your loving parents. They could be overjoyed to learn that you worked hard to make it on your own.

DIY Diamond Painting - best anniversary gifts diy ideas

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So, we've reached the end of the list of 14 Creative DIY Anniversary Gifts That Blow Your Mind. There are several possibilities available to you depending on different types of anniversary gifts. Please feel free to return to the list as needed so that you can know the way to create meaningful DIY anniversary gifts for special occasions. We hope that this blog post will be helpful for you to choose the appropriate DIY anniversary gift.

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