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35+ Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents: Old But Gold

A wedding anniversary is an opportunity for husband and wife to review all the memories of years ago. This is also the time when children give meaningful gifts to their parents to show their love and appreciation.

To help you do the job perfectly, we've rounded up 35+ Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents that are perfect for the golden milestone.

Check them out to get inspired now!

What is the traditional 50th anniversary gift?

It's not easy to believe that you have spent 50 years together. Both husband and wife have had to go through many difficulties, hardships and challenges in life. So 50 years is the most important milestone in a couple's life and a long way to go. That's why it's called the golden wedding anniversary.

To leave a mark on this important day, you can send your best wishes or prepare a unique gift for parents as a thank-you. Your parents will be deeply touched by your sincerity and appreciation.

Let’s dive right into the list to explore what’s beautiful gift for your parents!

traditional 50th anniversary gifts for parents

a rectangular canvas wall art with black color background has a gold vinyl record print song lyrics, names, dates, and photos

For music lovers

There must be songs associated with the happy couple for many years, especially the first dance song that brought them together to this major milestone. You can get its lyrics printed on this canvas to celebrate your parents love. The gold color of the music disc is like the golden love that they have had for each other for 50 years.

luxury eating utensils set made from polished high-quality materials, engrave name, date is the perfect gift for 50th wedding anniversary of parents

Throw a party in a perfect way

2. Cake Cutting Set

Special occasions need delicious cakes and wine. So a special day without a Cake Cutting Set will be incomplete. The set includes champagne glasses, a knife, forks, and plates. These dining utensils with luxurious patterns are suitable for lavish parties. Give your parents a pretty treat this wedding anniversary!

a square pillow print family tree picture and names on a cream color background is the ideal gift for 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

To remind of family annals

3. Family Tree Pillow

Living rooms, flower gardens, or terraces are all favorite places for your parents to enjoy old age together. So, give your parents this Family Tree Pillow to help them with back pain while enjoying their time. Made of 100% polyester, it ensures to bring a great experience for them.

A set of coffee mugs in grey and pink colors are for the couples who have been celebrating their 50th anniversary. The set also goes with the gold spoons, making them convenient for your coffee game

For a happy couple

4. Mr & Mrs Matching Mugs

A set of Mr & Mrs Matching Mugs dedicated to the special couple who have been in love for 50 years. This pair of mugs is a beautiful gift for daily use. And the most special feature is that its pattern is unique, like their love.

a bottle Champagne made from richly expressive wines from grapes grown exclusively in the vineyards of their Grand Cru village

To raise a glass for a golden anniversary

5. Champagne

One of the most precious moments in life is opening a Champagne together. This French drink will be a perfect anniversary gift to mark the major milestone and celebrate a happy 50th wedding anniversary. The taste reminiscent of cherries and the aroma of toast will leave many beautiful impressions on this special date.

a circle clock made from two main materials: acrylic or wood, the artwork is designed in a classy style, bringing the recipient a feel of nostalgia

To show appreciation for every moment together

6. Personalized Anniversary Clock

This 50th anniversary personalized wall clock is a wonderful way to celebrate the timeless love. Customize it with parents initials and date. Voila! It'll be great home decoration to remind your parents of the time they've spent together.

a rectangular personalized canvas wall art print photos within the number 50 image, name, date, message on a wood background has a light color

A wall decor filled with memories

7. 50 Years Custom Photo Collage Canvas

Every picture tells a story. Then, why not let this Custom Canvas Print tells half a century of your parents love. Just add photos of your mom and dad and a sweetest happy anniversary wishes for parents. It'll be the best wedding anniversary gifts that win you major points. 

a decorative disk and stand accented with gold foil, classic filigree designs, and a congratulation 50th wedding anniversary message is the best gift for parents

For display cabinets

8. Ceramic Plate with Stand

This ceramic plate is both home decor and a traditional and modern gift. It serves as a certificate of a golden wedding anniversary. The highlight of this plate is the sweet text with a gold foil pattern. The sturdy base will support and protect the edges of this significant item from chipping.

a personalized art with tandem bicycle image print name, date on a light color background paper is the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

Reminisce about young days

9. Tandem Bicycle Art Print

This Art Print uses the image of a bicycle with two saddles to represent the life path that your parents went through together. The color of this art print is simple, but it'll touch the heart of your parents. Add their names and anniversary date to make the anniversary gift even more meaningful!

unique 50th anniversary gifts for parents

a pair of 2 wine glasses made from high-quality, transparent glass, engraved name is the idealist 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

Get them a romantic date night

10. Wine Glasses

Sharing a glass of wine while chatting at night is a great thing to preserve marital relationships. Then, why don't you give these Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses as 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents. Whether it's white or red wine, this set of glasses will make its taste better for the drinkers.

a rectangular hanging frame canvas wall art print 4 photos within a "Love" letter image, name, date, message on dark blue color background

Look, feel and respect 

11. Love Canvas Wall Art

Love Canvas Wall Arts are unique anniversary gifts for happy couples. Just add any photos you want to surprise your parents. Every time they look at it, they'll appreciate each other even more.

a high-quality, white color ceramic modern geometric vase with personalized name, date is the wonderful 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

For a blooming bouquet of flowers

12. Personalized Geometric Vase

If you don't know what to get parents for wedding anniversary, pick a geometric vase. With a minimalist yet modern design, this ceramic vase will be a perfect gift idea for your beloved ones. Also, you can print parents initials and dates on the front side for a personal touch.

a jigsaw puzzle made from your chosen photo is the idealist 50th-anniversary gift for parents

A fun way to celebrate

13. Custom Portrait Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles are unique 50th anniversary gifts for parents who love challenges. After your parents have gone through the ups and downs together, you can give them one more challenge. That is to solve these small pieces of the custom puzzle. And when it's done, a complete picture will mean a lot to them.

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print photos within "18250" number image, name, date, congratulation message on a dark blue color background

To mark a new journey

14. 18250 Days Custom Photo Canvas Print

This Custom Photo Canvas Print is the best choice to celebrate this special milestone.
The navy color of the background gives a pleasant feeling to the elderly. By looking at this art print, they’ll be proud of the time they’ve spent together.

a table runner made from high-quality fabric print geometric symbols, family name, and the quote "Gather Here With Grateful Hearts" on a white color background

A stylish home decor

15. Personalized Table Runner

The dining room is where the whole family gathers at the end of the day. A Personalized Table Runner will make the anniversary dinner table more special. Whether put next to delicious dishes or beautiful vases, this table runner still stands out.

a photo frame made from high-quality wood and glass which has solid color is the idealist 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

A place to keep memories

16. Picture Frame

To see how your parents changed during the 50 years, this Picture Frame is the best choice as well as a perfect 50 year anniversary gift for them. You can add 1 pic of them from the wedding day and 1 one of them currently. A sturdy handmade picture frame will stay with your family for years to come.

a scented natural wax, the glass cup has a matt white finish while the engraved part is clear so that the candlelight shines through the design for a unique finish, complete with a patterned dust protector and a luxury gold foil box

Great scent, great joy

17. Custom Scented Candle

Custom Scented Candle is one of the unique anniversary gift ideas for parents. There are 5 scents to choose from depending on your parents' preferences. The small candlelight shows the faith of two small people who're still willing to burn for each other. And the fragrance will reflect the love between them for half a century.

a name sign 9 inches tall by 21 inches wide made from high-quality metal thickness varies from 18 - 20 gauge, personalized with name, and date

A proof of endless love

18. Die Cut Name Sign

Your parents' love has no end, like an infinity sign. That's why this Die Cut Name Sign is an appropriate keepsake among golden anniversary gifts. But please note that you can only choose up to 11 characters to customize. You can put it or hang it anywhere your parents will be happy to see it.

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

a rectangular cutting board made from wood engraved family name, date, and "50th" symbol is the most meaningful 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

A sweet kitchen tool

19. Wooden Cutting Board

Cutting board is an essential item for daily use, so a Wooden Cutting Board is a great gift idea for this special year. This item has natural wood grains that look very rustic. Add your parents' names to make the board unique!

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, photo, and message on a dark color star sky background is the best 50th-anniversary gift for parents

For those who loves stargazing

20. Personalized Night Sky Print

Your mother may be the brightest star your father has seen. So this Personalized Night Sky Print is one of the heartfelt 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas. It's perfect for adding a romantic photo of your mom and dad to a heart frame. When looking at it, your parents will be full of love.

a rectangular beach towel print vinyl record disk image, name, date, photo, and song lyric is the greatest 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

To increase home coziness

21. Vinyl Record Towel

This Vinyl Record Towel is one of the best gifts for the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary because wedded pairs can use it daily. You can add the lyrics of your parents' favorite song, 2 pictures, and their names. After bathing, they'll see the old photos and appreciate the present moment more.

a powerful muscle massage gun that comes with 10 massage heads, 30 speeds, a high-quality battery, LCD display, and convenient design is the best 50th wedding anniversary gift

To take away all the pain

22. Massage Gun

Not to mention the Massage Gun as a practical gift for wedded pairs is a big flaw. It's suitable for the elderly because of its easy-to-use design. They can cure their back pain and muscle pain with this machine without any help from anyone.

a rectangular doormat that prints family name, and Vinyl Record Disk Player image on a dark color background is the greatest 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

For a clean living space

23. Personalized Family Name Doormat

A custom doormat keeps the house clean and makes an impression before guests enter the house. It’s also a practical gift for an occasion like a happy 50th wedding anniversary. Made of foam rubber, whether used indoors or outdoors, this doormat is easy to clean and dry.

a square stone coasters print name, date, song name, and vinyl record disk image on a bright color background is the great 50th-anniversary gift for parents

To protect any kind of glass

24. Stylish Stone Coasters

When guests visit your home, it seems to be more formal when placing drinks on coasters. So why don't you choose Stylish Custom Stone Coasters as an anniversary gift for your parents? They can use them to welcome guests and show off their special love.

a pair of handmade watches made from black sandalwood and emerald green dial combine, engraved name, and date is the idealist 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

For those who like to use pairs

25. Personalized Wood Watch

Pieces of jewelry are also the best gifts for parents, such as this Couple Wood Watch set. You can choose any text you wanna engrave on the back of the watch. These Mr & Mrs watches are battery-operated, and they're born for couples who love Boho style.

a travel bag made from premium-quality durable, luggage grade fabric, large capacity very convenient is the best wedding anniversary gift for parents

For travel lovers

26. Travel Bag

Let your parents enjoy a great trip together this wedding anniversary with this handy, durable travel bag. One bonus point is that it has wheels that make it easy to carry heavy objects for your parents.

gifts for impossible parents

a white color coffee mug print photos, name, date, congratulation 50th wedding anniversary quote is the most perfect gift for parents

Look for the hidden message inside

27. Custom Photo Collage White Mug

If you have a lot of pictures and messages to send to your parents on 50th wedding anniversary, add them all to this coffee mug. Your old couples can use it for microwaves and dishwashers without fear of damage. If your parents rotate the 3 sides of the cup, they’ll be surprised with the message you wanna send to them.

a rectangular handmade blanket printed photos, family name, and phrase "I Love You To The Moon And Back" on black color background

For good sleeps

28. Family Photo Blanket

If you want a practical but traditional gift, then a Family Photo Blanket isn’t a bad choice. Its polyester material makes your parents have a comfortable sleep. There're three sizes to choose from and five spots for you to add family photos in. Guarantee not to fade after repeated washing!

a pair of solid color short sleeves t-shirts print "Mr", "Mrs" letter, wedding date in front, "married" and "since" with wedding year at the back

Couple shirts for everyday

29. Mr. and Mrs. Shirts

For couples who like to wear matching outfits, Mr and Mrs Shirts are the best gift idea. Your parents would love to wear these T-Shirts anywhere because of their comfortable material. Don't worry about your parents' size. This item comes in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, depending on their preferences.

a rectangular hanging frame canvas print photos, name, date, and congratulation 50th wedding anniversary message is the greatest gift for parents

A summary of 50 years of marriage

30. Custom 50th Anniversary Photo Collage Print

Many images combined into a meaningful 50 is the highlight of this canvas print. All you have to do to create your own artwork is add romantic quote and some commemorative photos. You can arrange those photos by time, from your parents' wedding day to present. All special moments are included in this anniversary gift.

a black color circle wood sign print photo and song lyric is the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

A stylish sign for home decor

31. Song Lyrics And Photo Round Wood Sign

You can hang this round wood sign outdoors or indoors because it fits every corner. With durable material, don't worry that it might fade over time. Choose a picture of your parents and the lyrics of their favorite song to complete the sign.

a ball ornament made of transparent shatterproof plastic, inside features flexible silver-coated copper wire with 20 pcs firefly bright high-quality micro-LED starry lights

To decorate a Christmas tree

32. Lighted Christmas Ornament

If the wedding anniversary falls on Christmas, this Christmas ornament is the best anniversary gift. Unlike other Christmas decorations, this one has your parents' name and wedding date. Because it's made of transparent material, you can even see the LED lights inside flashing. A festive season with the most wonderful wedded bliss ever.

a rectangular farmhouse sign print family name, location, and phrase "Welcome To Our Farmhouse" on countryside image with light brown color background

For farm owners

33. Custom Farm Sign

With fade-resistant metal material, this Custom Farm Sign can be used for a long time outdoors or indoors. It's a wonderful way to introduce your parents' area and welcome guests. There're available holes in the sign, so your mom and dad can hang it easily.

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, song name, song lyric, and photo on a light brown color background that has soundwave image

Listen to the Song Together

34. Song Lyrics Canvas

A canvas wall art not only brings your wishes to your parents but also shows your respect. This Song Lyrics Canvas can be the perfect gift because it contains pictures of your parents and the lyrics of their favorite first dance song. Looking at the lyrics, they will be reminded about their wedding date.

a hanging planter that has hexagonal with 3 plant holders, pewter gray color wood frame, and the quote “Grow old with me” hand-shaped from galvanized steel

For a fresh green space

35. Hanging Metal Planter

A unique design idea for your parents' growing space is right here. A hanging Metal Planter includes 3 plant holders with the words "Grow old with me" below. The large hexagonal outer frame is made of wood, and the holders are covered with anti-rust coating. It's impossible not to love this rustic yet creative handmade gift.

Now It’s Your Turn

We hope above handpicked list of 35 Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents can bring you more choices. Besides meaningful gifts for parents, don't forget to send your mom and dad the most sincere wishes!

If you have any questions or want more detailed information, just leave a quick comment so that we can promptly respond.

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