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35+ Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents: Old But Gold

 Bring your parents a happy anniversary of love, trust, and respect with gift giving.

A marital relationship always heads for a lifetime of wedded bliss. However, not many married couples can reach the milestone they desire. Being together for half a century after the highs and lows is the best thing that each of us must feel proud of our parents. If your parents have had an incredible journey of 50 years together, celebrate this golden milestone with the list of 31 unique 50th wedding anniversary gifts from Famiprints.

What is the Symbol for the 50th Year of Marriage?

While in previous years, modern and traditional anniversary gifts are all different, the 50th year has the same kind of gift which is gold. As a result, the 50th anniversary is known as the golden wedding anniversary, but why must it be gold but not other metals? The main reason is that this precious metal has a gorgeous and sturdy appearance, like a long-lasting marriage. Besides, gold is also known as a combination of optimism and wealth which keeps a strong and healthy relationship.

Golden Anniversary Gifts

There are plenty of gift ideas for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, but the best ideas should go for golden anniversary gifts. Keep reading to find your picks with the golden gift ideas below.

1. Cake Cutting Set 

Throw A Party In A Perfect Way

A special occasion needs delicious cakes and wine; therefore, Cake Cutting Set will be one of the best gifts for the 50th anniversary. The set includes champagne glasses, a knife, forks, and plates. These dining utensils with luxurious patterns are suitable for lavish parties. Give your parents a pretty treat this wedding anniversary!

Cake Cutting Set - unique 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsEtsy

2. Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print 

For Music Lovers

There must be songs associated with the happy couple for many years, especially the first dance song that brought them together to this major milestone. You can get its lyrics printed on this high quality canvas to celebrate your parent's love. The gold color of the music disc is like the golden love that they have had for each other for 50 years.

Why shoppers love this vinyl art: "I was looking for something different for my wife for our first anniversary. This came out beautifully. The process was super easy, and she loved it. She said she was about to cry. Price was very reasonable too. That’s a big win for me!" - Craig F.

Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print - traditional 50th anniversary gifts for parentsFamiprints

3. Golden Wedding Anniversary Medal

The Reward of Love

If you think only the best athletes can win the gold medal, then you're absolutely wrong. Even those who win the heart of someone for a long time can deserve it, and your father is the best athlete in his love for winning your mom's heart in 50 years. Give him this medal as a reward for being a great father and good husband to your family.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Medal - practical 50th wedding anniversary giftsEtsy

4. Gold Metal Pillar Candleholders

Love Keeper

To keep the relationship stronger and stronger, your parents must be good keepers in their love. As a result, a gold candleholder would be an ideal gift for your parents on this 50th anniversary because of its significance. Imagine the candle is your parents' love and the gold candle holder is the pillar of their love growth, you will see how meaningful it is.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Stunning White Ash Gold finish, sturdy base for mood-boosting candles

  • The rolled rim gives vintage appeal.

Gold Metal Pillar Candleholders - best gifts for parents on their golden wedding anniversary

5. Song Lyrics And Photo Round Wood Sign

A Sweet Keepsake Of Your Parents' Love

Do you think a personalized anniversary gift is an excellent gift idea for the 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents? With any couple who celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss, there would be a song that helps them take a stroll down memory lane. This round sign customized with a song your parents love, your parents' names, and a special message will mark the most special milestone since their wedding date.

Song Lyrics And Photo Round Wood Sign - best 50th anniversary gifts for parentsFamiprints

6. Gold Ice Bucket 

For All The Wine Lovers

Spending half a century in love with a person you love is a momentous occasion worth celebrating. Why not raise wine glasses to hornor the golden wedding anniversary? To keep these wine glasses chilled and on display for hours, this gold ice bucket will be a thoughtful gift for your mom and dad. Add a personal touch by customizing it with your parents' initials. Trust us! Not only your parents love it but the guests will also be amazed by this fabulous gift.

Gold Ice Bucket - happy 50th wedding anniversaryMark & Graham

7. Initial Signet Ring

Spice Up Your Parents' Love

Have your parents received a ring as gorgeous as this one after their wedding day? A signet ring set to renew their vows for multiple decades will be a unique and thoughtful gift on this 50th wedding anniversary. Things that make the set a special gift are an optional material and a personalized classic style with your parents' initials. These golden gifts would also be a great idea to keep the spark alive in a couple's life when it has gone.

Why shoppers like this ring set: "Everything was perfect! I have wanted this ring for so long, my husband surprised me, and after almost 15 years of marriage, he couldn’t have chosen better ring, my dream ring for sure. Thank you!!" - Miller K.

Initial Signet Ring - 50th anniversary gifts for impossible parentsEtsy

8. Pop Up Anniversary Card

To Mark 50 Years of Love

Wish your parents a happy anniversary date with a pop-up love card they love to receive. They will be surprised by what this sweet gift brings though it's just a small piece of paper. With a personal message professionally printed and champagne cheers full of hearts, stars, bubbles, and diamonds, your parents won't find a better 50th wedding anniversary.

Pop Up Anniversary Card - best gifts to get parents for golden wedding anniversaryAmazon

Reminiscing Their Happiest Memories Together

Growing old together for 50 years will create the most special moments in any relationship. A gift recalling all the memories makes the 50th anniversary of your parents even more romantic. Scroll down and check out these sweetest 50th anniversary gifts for parents.

9. Then & Now 50th Anniversary Photo Frame

Heartwarming Moments

To see how your parents changed during the 50 years, this custom frame is the best choice as well as a perfect 50 year anniversary gift for them. You can add 1 pic of them from the wedding day and the current times. A sturdy handmade picture frame will stay with your family for many years to come.

Then & Now 50th Anniversary Photo Frame - 50th anniversary gift ideasAmazon

10. Family Tree Pillow 

A Sweet Hug For Bad Days

Living rooms, flower gardens, or terraces are all favorite places for your parents to enjoy old age together. So, give your parents this Family Tree Pillow to help them with back pain while enjoying their time. Made of 100% polyester, it ensures to bring a great experience for them.

Why shoppers love this pillow: "I purchased this blanket with a matching pillow for my mother in laws 95th birthday. Beautiful quality and customer service were fantastic!" - Terri C.

Family Tree Pillow - practical 50th wedding anniversary giftsFamiprints

11. Tandem Bicycle Art Print 

An Art Worth Every Penny

This Art Print uses the image of a bicycle with two saddles to represent the life path that your parents went through together. The color of this canvas print is simple, but it'll touch the heart of your parents. Add their names and anniversary date to make the anniversary gift even more meaningful!

Tandem Bicycle Art Print  - traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsEtsy

12. Gather And Gobble Table Runner 

An Elegant Touch To Home Decor

The dining room is where the whole family gathers at the end of the day. A Personalized Table Runner will make the anniversary dinner table more special. Whether put next to delicious dishes or beautiful vases, this table runner still stands out.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Lightweight, long-lasting, and easily folded away

  • Multi-functional, fashionable decor for any space or Portable

    13. Travel Magnet Display Board

    The Adventure of Love

    Do you know that traveling is a secret key for couples to keep their marriage strong and healthy? If your parents are that type of couple, this perfect gift is made for them. By getting them a magnet board to display old photos of the trips they take together since their wedding date, they'll have the most beautiful wall art to decorate their room. This unique gift is also a sweet keepsake to show all the special mementos.

    Travel Magnet Display Board - best gifts for a happy 50th wedding anniversaryEtsy

    14. Custom Photo Collage White Mug 

    For Mug Lovers

    If you have a lot of pictures and messages to send to your parents on the 50th wedding anniversary, add them all to this coffee mug. Your old couples can use it for microwaves and dishwashers without fear of damage. If your parents rotate the 3 sides of the cup, they’ll be surprised by the message you wanna send to them.

    Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Safe to use in microwave and dishwasher

    • Offer the best quality printing

    Custom Photo Collage White Mug - golden anniversary gifts

      15. Hand Drawn Pencil Portrait from Photos 

      A Portrait of Love

      Express your admiration for your parents' love with this hand-drawn pencil portrait, they will be so moved when receiving it. The best part of the picture is that it was drawn by an amazing artist without the intervention of digital software. Pick the most favorable pictures of your parents and put the portrait you receive in elegant frames to give them a beautiful gift on their 50th wedding anniversary.

      Hand Drawn Pencil Portrait from Photos - best wedding anniversary giftsEtsy

      16. All About Us Board Game 

      To Boost Your Family Bond

      Have you ever wondered how your parents found each other and stayed together until now? If yes, this life-storytelling board game is a fun way to bring your family members closer. This 50th anniversary gift will open up a chance for your parents to stroll down memory lane and keep them up-to-date on you and their grandkids. It would be the best 50th wedding anniversary when family members gather together and have some small talk.

      All About Us Board Game - unique golden anniversary gifts for parentsRelish

      For a Happy Future Together

      After looking back on the old times, married couples still need to focus on their future to stay together for many years to come. Read on and you'll find what you need

      17. Grand Cru Champagne 

      Cheers to Love

      One of the most precious moments in life is opening a Champagne together. This French drink will be a perfect anniversary gift to mark a major milestone and celebrate a happy 50th wedding anniversary. The taste reminiscent of cherries and the aroma of toast will leave many beautiful impressions on this special date.

      Grand Cru Champagne - romantic 50th wedding anniversary giftsTotal Wine

      18. Wine Glasses

      Symbol Of A Happy Marriage

      Sipping a glass of wine while chatting at night is a great thing to preserve marital relationships. Then, why don't you give these Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses as 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents? Whether it's white or red wine, this set of glasses will make it taste better for the drinkers.

      Wine Glasses - to celebrate a happy 50th wedding anniversaryHomewetbar

      19. Customized Farm Sign 

      A Fun Way To Celebrate

      With fade-resistant memorable metal material, this Custom Farm Sign can be used for a long time outdoors or indoors. It's a wonderful way to introduce your parents' area and welcome guests. There're available holes in the sign, so your mom and dad can hang it easily.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • Resistant to rust and fading, a hanging rope included

      • Each plaque has four holes in the corner, making it simple to place on a door or a wall

      Customized Farm Sign - thoughtful gifts for impossible parents

        20. Family Photo Blanket 

        A Warm Hug For Your Loved Ones

        If you want a practical but also traditional gift, then a Family Photo Blanket isn’t a bad choice. Its polyester material makes your parents have a comfortable sleep. There're three sizes to choose from and five spots for you to add family photos in. Guarantee not to fade after repeated washing.

        Family Photo Blanket - sentimental 50th wedding anniversary giftsFamiprints

        21. We Still Do Party Decor Kit

        A Special Date of The Past and Future

        To make the 50th wedding anniversary party one of the most special occasions, this decor kit plays a major part in the party. Why not add glamour to the party with these gold accessories? Celebrating the memorable 50th anniversary for parents is a special gift to touch their hearts and set a new trend for the upcoming anniversaries.

        We Still Do Party Decor Kit - parents anniversary giftEbay

        22. Personalized Anniversary Clock

        To Treasure Every Moment Together

        This 50th anniversary personalized wall clock is a wonderful way to celebrate timeless love. Customize it with parents' initials and date. Voila! It'll be a great home decoration to remind your parents of the moments they've spent together.

        Why shoppers love this wall clock: "Its vintage design is so amazing, can fit any corner of my house. It's very silent and has no ticking noise sound. I love it"

        Personalized Anniversary Clock - one of a kind gifts for 50th anniversaryFamiprints

        Gifts for Parents who have everything

        23. Ceramic 50th Anniversary Couple Figurine

        A Timeless Gift for Parents

        Surprise your beloved ones on their 50th wedding anniversary with a couple figurine made of high-quality ceramic material. Using ceramic helps this great gift last as durable as your parents' love. Let them add more value to their home decor with the couple figurine. Whatever the purpose, this gift is still a useful element for your parents' home.

        Ceramic 50th Anniversary Couple Figurine - thoughtful wedding anniversary giftsAmazon

        24. You're Only Old Once! Book 

        An Iconic Symbol of Childhood

        Shop for those who have everything? If it's still a hard question, follow our idea to bring a new breeze to your beloved ones on this 50th anniversary. Make your parents alive in their 70s with this fantastic You're Only Old Once! book. The book comes in hardcover and colorful images professionally printed to create the greatest children's book of all time.

        You're Only Old Once! Book - sentimental anniversary gift for parentsAmazon

        25. Personalized Golden Anniversary Aprons 

        A Good Flavor of Marriage

        Your parents have everything they need and you are at a loss for what to get them for their 50th wedding anniversary? Fear not! These unique aprons are the perfect gift you're looking for. These aprons are customized with your parents names and their wedding dates to make them more romantic. Matching aprons are a wonderful complement to any kitchen as well as any relationship.

        Personalised Golden Anniversary Aprons - what to get parents for anniversaryThe Gift Experience

        26. Massage Gun 

        A Relaxation of Mind and Body

        Cherishing the 50th anniversary of your parents with a practical gift will never be a bad idea even though they have already had everything. The Massage Gun will be one of the best gifts for them to take care of their health. This top-selling massage tool is made to ease tight muscles and promote recovery after exercise. The ultra-quiet motor contributes to the relaxing experience, and the ergonomic handle is also simple to hold.

        Massage Gun - best 50th anniversary gift for parents


        27. Custom Family Shirt 

        Matching Shirts Bring A Good Relationship

        It's a special occasion to have a couple shirts for your parents as they reach the important milestone of 50 years. Let's get these lovely couple anniversary shirts for them as a sweet 50th-anniversary gift. This shirt is made from high-quality cotton in the USA and is extremely comfortable and stretchy to wear. You can also customize it using historical images of your family and the names of the individuals.

        Reasons why we recommend it:

        • Can match any kind of outfit

        • With several available colors and different size

        Custom Family Shirt - cute 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

          28. Mixed Flowers Subscription

          A Garden of Love

          Finding a surprising way to make your loved ones happy? Look no further than this flower subscription. Impress your mom by having a colorful bouquet of flowers arrive on her doorstep every month with different kinds of flowers, she'll love receiving it. To complement the gift, have an exquisite vase and an anniversary card ready with a special message.

          Why shoppers like this subscription: "I have been sending my Mom these roses for two years. Each delivery is beautiful. They last for 7-10 days. Truly remarkable. Thank you!" - Amazon customer

          Mixed Flowers Subscription - romantic 50th wedding anniversary giftsAmazon

          29. My Life In A Book 

          A Reminiscent of the Past

          Older adults tend to write their own autobiographies to find something to look back. If your parents also wanna write their stories, My Life In A Book was made just for them. To fulfill their life stories in a book, your parents will be sent one question a week for a whole year and they just need to reply with photos, memories, and stories. They'll receive a gorgeous book at the end of the year that has all of their replies and images.

          Reasons why we recommend it:

          • The book can have up to 428 pages and is completely customized.

          • Excellent paper quality, hardcover, and ideal size

          My Life in a Book experience - sentimental golden wedding anniversary gifts

            30. What I Love About Being Your Mom Book 

            Moms Make Our Life Beautiful

            Being a mother is the most beautiful gift that the world gave each woman. Whether she does this job well or not, every woman has nurtured the child with all her heart and love. Give this journal to your mother as a sweet keepsake between the two of you for the 50th anniversary. Things that are tough to say or are not expressed should be written down and shared with each other to develop a healthy relationship with mom.

            What I Love About Being Your Mom Book - meaningful 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents


            31. What I Love About Being Your Dad Book 

            Notes of Love

            Have you ever shared something with your dad for more than 10 minutes? Dad is usually the strictest and least sharing person with his children. He might be too busy but not indifferent. This book is the key to helping your father and you understand each other better and become closer. So why not give him one to share how you love him? Believe us! He would be the happiest Dad on Earth after receiving it.

            What I Love About Being Your Dad Book - perfect 50th anniversary gifts for parents


             Top 5 Picks From Famiprints:

            Top 5 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents From Famiprints

            We hope above handpicked list of 35 Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents can bring you more choices. Besides meaningful gifts for parents, don't forget to send your mom and dad the most sincere wishes!

            Now It’s Your Turn

            If you have any questions or want more detailed information, just leave a quick comment so that we can promptly respond.



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