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31+ One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him To Symbolize A Good Start

You are going crazy because your first month anniversary with your lover is around the corner and you don’t know what to give him? No worries! Simply check through the list of 31+ One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him To Symbolize A Good Star, the idea will pop into your head!

Let's get started!

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A black color coffee mug print your chosen city night sky, name, date, and the quote “Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after” is the best anniversary gift for him

Make his coffee time meaningful

1. Personalized Night Sky Black Mug

As an avid coffee drinker, your loved one will find this mug a necessary item on his desk. This simple but thoughtful gift makes him feel that you always pay attention to his routine. He'll keep thinking of you, I ensure!

a pair of sterling silver rings with heart pattern is the best anniversary gift for him. You can choose the size, color, and add the text you want on the inside of the rings

A sweet promise

2. Heart Matching Rings

No matter how the whole world changes, your love for him is eternal. Let this couple of rings say it for you! Offering you to add the desirable text, this delicate gift will surely melt his heart when he receives it from you. Waiting for what? Pick it immediately to bring him a big surprise! 

Set of 4 stone coasters print song name, name, the date on black color vinyl record image background make a unique one month anniversary gift your boyfriend

Save his table’s surface

3. Red Vinyl Record Coasters

This modest but excellent set of four vinyl record coasters is a great personalized gift for him to protect his furniture and prevent ugly water rings. Make it memorable with your lovely words, he hardly forgets you every second.

a black color phone case print name, photos, and the quote "You will forever be my always" is the greatest one-month anniversary gift for him

More than a thousand words!

4. Custom Photo Collage Phone Case

If he has a passion for technology or has just bought a new phone, protecting it is essential. Take this custom photo collage phone case to show your care. Also, let the world know that you both belong together without saying anything by such a unique gift.

a pair of handmade bracelets made of engraved initials stainless steel pendant and adjustable fabric string is the best gift for boyfriend on one month anniversary

Confess your love to the whole world

5. Couples Name Bracelet

The matching pieces aren’t only a continual reminder of your bond but also help you leave your personal impression on them. You can engrave meaningful words, names, the anniversary date of you two on the bracelet. They're like a red thread of fate that binds you two together, never leaving.

a set of two beer mugs made from high-quality transparent glass engraved name and a single initial is the idealist anniversary gift for boyfriend

Drink Together, Stay Together!

6. Personalized Beer Mugs

Have you ever read the reasons why many couples should drink together? Actually, when absorbing beer and chilling out, you two will always be truthful to one another. It’s super awesome to know your partner well! So, get him this set of custom beer mugs and enjoy the refreshing moment together!

a pair of black color cooking aprons made of high-quality and ultra-durable three-layer composite waterproof and oil-proof material print "better" "together" letter

Being side by side

7. Matching Apron

This new matching apron is the best gift for your wonderful boyfriend on the next special occasion. Let's replace the old ones hanging in the corner of the kitchen and renew your love relationship. Put it on and enjoy the romantic moments together in the kitchen!

romantic gifts for him

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, message on a black color background which has couple hugging scene

Beautify his workplace

8. Custom Star Map Canvas

Giving him a beautiful canvas is a right gift. If he has a strong liking for art and painting, he'll definitely love the picture that you’ve hand-picked for him. This canvas can last for good, so this will be an ideal gift for him to display in his office.

a wallet made from genuine cowhide leather engrave name is the most wonderful anniversary gift for him

Always accompany him

9. Leather Wallet

Not only for holding money and papers, a wallet is a small but delicate accessory for men. This contributes to affirming your lover's personal fashion style. Unlike women, men only have one wallet and always carry it with them. With this personalized gift, he can feel as if you're with him every step of the way.

a rectangular canvas wall art print names, date on a multicolor background which has city street sign image

Save the start date

10. Intersection Street Sign Wall Art

With a simple but very luxurious look, this canvas can go well with every home decor style. This time, mark the day you guys met and started being side by side with such a pretty piece of art to remind him of good memories. It’s worth every penny, surely!

A scented candle made from pure soy wax combined with the highest concentrations of the finest fragrance oils available

Spreading the comfort

11. Scented Candles Gift Set

Scented candles, as the name suggests, are often composed of essential oils, fragrances, and aromatherapy. When lighting a candle, it not only gives a pleasant light instead of a night light but also gives off a pleasant fragrance. Thus, scented candles are the warmest gift to give your boyfriend in this cold winter.

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, congratulation message, the phrase "You And Me We Got This" on a black color background

Celebrate your memorable moments

12. Custom Photo Collage Canvas

Painting is the best way to convey thoughts. Also, this impressive wall decor will help to show your commitment to a close-knit relationship with your boyfriend. It's gonna be more meaningful when you add pretty images of both of you on this canvas!

a wallet insert card made from high-quality metal hand-stamp name, date, message and come with a keychain is the most romantic gift for Him

Fill him with love

13. Wallet Insert Card

Made from copper or aluminum, these pieces of wallet insert cards are perfect for that special man! You can have your desirable text engraved on its surface. Also, it's lightweight and durable, so he can take it anytime and anywhere he’d love!

A circle vinyl record wood sign print a photo, name, date, and song lyric on a black color background is the best anniversary gift for Boyfriend

Humming song with him

14. Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign

You wanna decor his home in a modern and luxurious style, but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry! This Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign is a great idea that he would adore immediately! Just add your photo, favorite song, names and date to make it the only one in the world!

a bottle of Champagne comes from Veuve Clicquot brand with the perfect balance of structure, finesse, and forcefulness

Chill out together

15. Champagne Blend

You started dating for 1 month and you're planning to have a special anniversary party with your lover? Besides a stunning view, a delicious drink is a must. There's no better drink than champagne. Trust me! It'd level up the romantic ambiance of your date night a lot.

cute anniversary gifts for him

A a gluten-Free, nut-free milk chocolate box that has a funny shape is the best anniversary gift for him

For a sweet tooth

16. Vegan Chocolate Box

A gift that is so popular but never out of date, Chocolate- a symbol of love, passion, care, and happy life. This vegan chocolate box is definitely a great way to let him know that you're so sweet and a little bit naughty. It'd make his mouth water once he sees this perfect gift!

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, song name, song lyric, photo on a blue color cassette tape background

Something classic but modern 

17. Blue Cassette Tape Framed Canvas

Knowing his go-to song, why don't you put them in this unique work of art? Needless to say, adding your two memorable date and names, this Cassette Tape Framed Canvas is a sweet touch for that special someone.

a solid color keychain made of high-quality leather with personalized photo, name, message  is the most unique anniversary gift for Him

Being a part of his life

18. Custom Photo Keychain

A valuable gift sometimes lies not in the price but in the convenience and by the preferences of each person. Apart from a wide range of colors, keychains can be customized with your message. He’ll absolutely be in love with this daily carry-on gift. 

a sculpted figure made from resin that has of a couple seated across from each other, touching heads and hands. Man in a cream shirt and dark pants; the woman in a cream dress with a full skirt

Symbolize your romantic love

19. Sculpted Figure

"What to get my boyfriend for our anniversary?" - this may be the question that always popped up in your mind when that day is approaching. In such a special milestone, this figure would be the perfect keepsake you can get him. I ensure he'll be into it right away!

a deck of cards with 100 thought-provoking conversation starters is the best one-month anniversary gift for Him

Stir up a fun conversation

20. Couples Conversation Starters

Have you ever felt like you've known each other long enough but don't have many stories to share? Using this set of Conversation Starters as 1 month anniversary gift will provoke your thoughts to have a fun relationship.

a personalized decor sticker made of photo with wood texture background for the Wine Label Sticker, Vinyl surface, permanent acrylic adhesive backside, glossy paper finish

Make him young again

21. Custom Photo Laptop Sticker

Spending time decorating his beloved laptops is his need and passion, right? Stickers with personal images are cute boyfriend gifts. They make his laptop extremely unique, impressive, and eye-catching. It’s sure to delight him on the upcoming occasion, so give it a try!

a sofa pillow print song name, song lyric, name, date on a light solid color background is the best one month anniversary gift for Him

Beside him even in his sleep

22. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow

Normally, we send cards to our loved ones, but the cards are quite small and are rarely opened again, right? Let's think of a more unique way for him, you can never go wrong with this personalized pillow. It must be a very romantic thing but not too cheesy for your manly guy.

a personalized camp sign print flame image, family name, date, and phrase "Barbecue Grill Friends And Family Gather Here" on black color background

Add A Cool Vibe To His Man Cave

23. Personalized BBQ Sign

Is he a person who really cares about his family and girlfriend? Does he always want to prepare small parties for them by himself? Help him decorate the party venue with this sign. Made of metal with a rope, it's easy to hang inside and outside of his house.

thoughtful anniversary gifts for him

a rectangular solid color toiletry bag made from high-quality leather embossed initials name is the perfect one month anniversary gift for Him

For A Travelling Lover

24. Leather Toiletry Bag

Made from the natural leather - crazy horse, this toilet handbag is something that you should also consider giving your partner. It has excellent waterproofing and dustproof ability. It’s not only used to store essential items but also helps him express his personality.

a rectangular beach towel print name, date, song name, song lyric on a light color sand-beach background is the most perfect one month anniversary gift

Add your shadow to his bathroom

25. Custom Sheet Music Towel

Many people believe that giving towels is a sign of separation, but actually, it's among the most wonderful gifts ever for boyfriend. Towel conveys a meaningful message as you always think of him, care about him every day, every hour, and hope that you two will always be together.

a rectangular canvas blanket print name, date, song name, song lyric on a black color VHS tape background is the most perfect one-month anniversary gift

Help him fall asleep quickly

26. VHS Tape Blanket

Sleep is important to everyone, so this song lyrics blanket will help him have moments of comfort. It also enables his spirit to be more refreshed and healthy. Show him your care with such a romantic gift to give him more motivation in life!

a necklace made from ‎white gold plated stainless steel comes with box print meaningful congratulation is the most romantic one-month anniversary gift for Him

Sweet words for a romantic guy

27. Personalized Necklace

Have you ever thought that you would give him a gift of jewelry? This will certainly be an interesting choice. It goes with a love letter showing him that he isn't alone because you'll always be by his side. It's absolutely what your bf wants to get from his girl most.

a personalized bottle opener made of stainless steel with an engraved name on the faux leather grip is the perfect one-month anniversary gift for him

Tiny but mighty

28. Bottle Opener

Available in many different colors and made of stainless steel with a leatherette grip, the bottle opener has a compact design. It’s easy for him to use both at-home parties or outdoor trips, picnics. Give it a whirl if you wanna make him feel loved and cared for!

a double-wall insulated stemless wine tumbler made of stainless steel with a transparent sip lid, engrave name on solid color background

To keep his drink fresh

29. Wine Tumbler

It's great to get this luxurious tumbler with his own name on it for him if he’s a hiker or camper. This item helps keep the drink cold and warm for hours. Also, this thermos is also very durable so that he can use it for years to come. What a perfect gift ever!

A pen that has a polished chrome body, engraved name, produces the experience of smooth, pressure-less writing that liquid-based ink can deliver

For A Workaholic

30. Rollerball Pen

If he’s a businessman or a teacher, he must write and sign a lot every day. This premium rollerball pen is a very practical gift for this 1 month anniversary. Made from high-quality metal and engraved with the user's name, this pen makes him stand out and be classy.

a men's skincare set made from high-quality, organic, natural ingredients is the most perfect one month anniversary gift for Him

A Spa-Like Treat For Him

31. Skin Care Set

Boys also like to be beautiful, but they’re too lazy to buy cosmetics, partly because they’re shy or because they don’t have much knowledge of skincare. So, get him a skincare set. He'll absolutely adore these ‘spice things’, trust me!

Now It’s Your Turn

Here are 31+ One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him that we’ve picked thoroughly for you. It's now up to you to decide! Get a thoughtful present for your boyfriend to show him how much you care!

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