29 One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him To Symbolize A Good Start

29 One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him To Symbolize A Good Start

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FamiPrints is back with another fantastic list. As the title suggests, we will open a world of 1 month anniversary gifts for him together.

With confusion and shyness, your couple has spent a month getting to know each other. It is the first taste of love as well as the first milestone in a growing relationship. You will not be sorry for spending money on a date to celebrate and a gift to strengthen your relationship. We are confident that this list of one month anniversary gift ideas will be of great assistance to you.

What Do You Get A Guy For One Month Anniversary?

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend is not difficult. Why? Generally, he will not be too strict in forcing you to choose the right gift for him. The important thing is that the gift was hand-selected and designed by you; regardless of the gift, he will be overjoyed to receive it. Keep in mind that you must always include your love in your gifts so that he can feel it.

1 Month Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend Who Loves Art & Music

1. Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign

Meaningful lyrics about a beautiful love

Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign - a meaningful gift for him

The lyrics will replace your thoughts and feelings for him. It's not just letters or words, but it's also a place to keep all of your shared memories. Perhaps that song is played when he confesses to you or when you and him watch a romantic movie together. Allow those lyrics to bring back those memories with this Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • High-quality plywood, covered by superior copperplate paper painting, durable and vivid color.
  • Nice addition in your boyfriend's home, garden, swimming pool, etc…or any party decoration in special occasions.

2. Inkless Drawing Board

The magic of the inkless board

Inkless Drawing Board - best gifts for your boyfriend

This is an amazing gift to give to your boyfriend. He can relieve stress by drawing graffiti on this board, or he can demonstrate his artistic abilities. There's no need to be concerned about the finished product because this Zen-inspired board will always reset itself as your art fades away with your stress. Water drawing without permanence can be enjoyed and learned by people of all ages.

Why do shoppers love this Inkless Drawing Board: "I love the quality of the product. It's sturdy, light weight and very giftable. If I could afford to gift every household with one, I would." - Luna


3. Music Stone Coasters

As if it were a dics of your love song

Music Stone Coasters - a thoughtful gift for him

The set of four coasters has an extremely elegant and creative design that will make it an indispensable item in any living room. When your boyfriend invites a large group of friends over for a party, the coasters will help keep the beer glasses from spilling on the table. When his friends see them, they will be envious of your boyfriend because of your beautiful love.


4. Record Player

Take your tunes everywhere

 Record Player - thoughtful gift ideas

Does your boyfriend like to listen to music in his spare time? If so, this record player gift idea is a must-consider. Victrola's blend of retro and contemporary design, housed in a vintage suitcase with an easy carry handle, gives your boyfriend the ultimate flexibility to listen to music wherever and however he wants. There are numerous styles, patterns, and colors, giving your boyfriend plenty of options.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • No stereo system or extra equipment required.
  • Easily connect external speakers via the stereo RCA outputs.


5. He's Mine Art T-shirt

He's yours

 He's Mine Art T-shirt - best one month anniversary gifts

This shirt's design concept is very interesting, with the words "He's mine." Other girls will be unable to approach your boyfriend if he wears this shirt, we bet! That he has a lover, and that person is none other than you, is a sign of his sovereignty. Furthermore, the shirt's fabric is extremely high quality, providing the wearer with a sense of comfort and confidence.


6. Music Playing Cards

For a music lover

 Music Playing Cards - one month anniversary gift ideas for him

This gift set includes 52 playing cards with illustrations of celebrities such as Madonna, Kurt Cobain, and Prince. It will be a way for you and your boyfriend to both entertain and train your minds. Not only must you win the game, but you must also identify the famous character on each card. The illustrations printed on the 52 cards will set it apart from other basic 52 card decks.

Why do shoppers love this Music Playing Cards: "Purchased for a music and card loving friend. He loved every bit of the set. Arrived quickly in new condition. Colors and variety of cards are fantastic." - Katie 


7. VHS Tape Blanket

To warm his body

 VHS Tape Blanket - a sentimental gift idea for your boyfriend

Sleep is important to everyone, so this song lyrics blanket will help him have moments of comfort. It also enables his spirit to be more refreshed and healthy. Show him your care with such a thoughtful gift to give him more motivation in life!

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Machine washable, no fading or discoloration.
  • An ultra-soft, silky smooth, lightweight fleece blanket.


8. Over-Ear Headphones

Provide the best listening experience possible

 Over-Ear Headphones - 1 month anniversary gift ideas

We are confident that the headphones will meet your boyfriend's expectations in terms of comfort for longer meeting days, sound quality, and haptic experience. Their combination of leather, comfortable cushions, and cutting-edge headphone technology enables users to master a full day of calls, relax while listening to music, or focus with Active Noise Cancellation. The headset also aids in the improvement of hearing clarity and concentration.


9. Custom Sheet Music Towel

On a towel, there are love lyrics

 Custom Sheet Music Towel - what to get your boyfriend for one month anniversary

Many people believe that giving towels is a sign of separation, but actually, it's among the most wonderful gifts ever for a boyfriend. Towel conveys a meaningful message as you always think of him, care about him every day, every hour, and hope that you two will always be together.

Why do shoppers love this Custom Sheet Music Towel: "I am impressed! I was having trouble finding a stylish option to show him my love. but eventually, this custom music towel is the best that I've gotten for ages. Thanks!" - Josh


10. Three Comic Book Storage Boxes

For the avid reader

 Three Comic Book Storage Boxes - a great gift for him

This is a perfect gift idea for your boyfriend if he is a book collector, particularly of comic books. This package includes three comic book storage and display boxes. It's of high quality, and the display in the front adds to the overall appearance. The personalized lid turned out beautifully, allowing your boyfriend to express himself freely. They are very easy to put together and come with everything you need.


1 Month Anniversary Gifts for Foodie Man

11. Custom Bar Sign

It's time to burn the grill

 Custom Bar Sign - best gift ideas for boyfriend

This sign will be a fun addition to the area where your boyfriend enjoys hosting barbecues or outdoor buffets. Although the design is extremely simple, it is sufficient for a visual representation of a large party that is about to take place. This personalized sign also includes your boyfriend's name, confirming his ownership of the location where you hang the sign.


12. Deluxe Cocktail Set

Turn your boyfriend into a bartender

 Deluxe Cocktail Set - a thoughtful gift for him

One convenient set with a wide range of equipment to allow your boyfriend to make almost any cocktail he desires. Jigger, Bar Spoon, Y-Peeler, Channel Knife, Composite Muddler, Ice Pick, shakers, spoons, spring bar strainer, etc... everything a professional bartender needs to make the best cocktail in the world is available for your boyfriend.

Why do lovers love this Deluxe Cocktail Set: "My boyfriend loves a YouTuber that uses these to mix drinks. I bought this for him to use at get togethers and parties. He absolutely loves it. Definitely worth the money. They are extremely durable as well. If it can handle a drink person dropping the mixers and tossing them it's a great product in my book" - Philips


13. 3 Months of Luxury Food Crates Subscription

A health-related gift

 3 Months of Luxury Food Crates Subscription - best gifts for your boyfriend

Are you concerned about the health of both yourself and your lover? Then use this 3 Months of Luxury Food Crates Subscription to help you maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. From antipasto platters and appetizers to picnic-style dinners, each collection of meat, cheese, and accompaniments is carefully hand selected to create a delicious combination of flavors.

Williams Sonoma

14. Leather Strap Cross Back Apron

For Artists, Chefs, Makeup Artists, Woodworkers, Carpenters, and BBQ Masters

 Leather Strap Cross Back Apron - a wonderful gift for him

An apron with vintage and pretty design will undoubtedly win your boyfriend's heart. You can also embroider his name on the apron to make it unique to you and your partner. He won't be afraid of getting dirty while cooking, grilling, or repairing broken household items when he wears this apron.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • The quality is exceptional.
  • Bring a feeling of sturdy without feeling heavy.


15. 6 Month of Coffee World Tour Subscription

To experiment with various flavors

 6 Month of Coffee World Tour Subscription - a thoughtful one month anniversary gift

With this 6 Month of Coffee World Tour Subscription, your boyfriend will have the opportunity to try a variety of coffee flavors from around the world. Because each country has its own culture and style, an experience like this will pique your boyfriend's interest and excitement. What a wonderful gift if coffee is still his favorite beverage.

Atlas Coffee Club

16. Indoor Plant System

Add green to the corner of his room

 Indoor Plant System - amazing gift ideas for your boyfriend

If your boyfriend is interested in living a modern green lifestyle, this is one of the best anniversary gifts that will meet his needs. He doesn't need to use a lot of materials to make a small garden; just this one system will suffice. You can also help him care for the two's small garden whenever you have time. It's a fantastic opportunity for the two of you to spend time together and create many memories.

Why do shoppers love this Indoor Plant System: "Very easy to assemble. Looks aesthetic, you can even have it in your living room and it would look modern and serene." - Henry


17. Lava Cake Baking for Two Experience

Making the most decadent chocolate desserts

 Lava Cake Baking for Two Experience - best gifts for him

You notice that your boyfriend is a brave individual with a talent for cooking. Then assist him in improving his skills by signing up for the course of "A Taste of Romance: Lava Cake Baking for Two". He can learn to make delectable desserts like lava cake from highly skilled instructors. You'll also be able to eat the cake made by the person you care about.

Uncommon Goods

One Month Anniversary Gifts For A Classy Man

18. Leather Wallet

Words of love engraved on the wallet

 Leather Wallet - one month anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend

Not only for holding money and papers, a wallet is a small but delicate accessory for men. This contributes to affirming your lover's personal fashion style. Unlike women, men only have one wallet and always carry it with them. With this personalized gift, he can feel as if you're with him every step of the way.


19. Pioneer Backpack

A companion when going to work

 Pioneer Backpack - what to get your boy friend for 1 month anniversary gifts

The backpack has a luxurious and minimalist design that is appropriate for a variety of outfits. This backpack is very attractive and practical for carrying to work or out. It can hold a variety of items while not making the wearer feel heavy or tired. With this backpack, your boyfriend's workday is always enjoyable and comfortable.


20. 4cm Brown Woven Leather Belt

A must-have fashion item

 4cm Brown Woven Leather Belt - thoughtful anniversary gifts for him

This belt is made of high-quality materials and feels extremely solid on the wearer. It will help the loose pants fit better around your partner's waist. Furthermore, it enhances his masculine, powerful, and extremely elegant figure. Every time he wears this belt, you'll fall even more in love with his good looks.

Reasons why we recommend it:
  • Made from 100% leather in Italy.
  • Dark-brown leather goes with gold-tone buckle fastening.

Mr. Porter

21. Rollerball Pen

For the wordsmith in your life

Rollerball Pen - sentimental anniversary gifts for your boyfriend

If he’s a businessman or a teacher, he must write and sign a lot every day. This premium rollerball pen is a very great gift for this 1 month anniversary. Made from high-quality metal and engraved with the user's name, this pen makes him stand out and be classy.

Why do shoppers love this Rollerball Pen: "The ordering process was simple and finished product was magnificent. I would definitely order this as a gift again." - Helen 

Dayspring Pens

22. Vertical Stripe Polo Sweater

Vintage vibes abound

 Vertical Stripe Polo Sweater - one of the best one month anniversary gifts for him

Do you want your boyfriend to be handsome in your eyes at all times? Then buy him a sweater to complement this wonderful piece in his wardrobe. When he wears this shirt on a date with you, it will highlight his youth and dynamism. It's also light enough to wear on sunny days but substantial enough to keep you going into fall beneath a chore jacket.

Todd Snyder

23. Mens Grooming Kit

For a smooth and shiny skin

 Mens Grooming Kit - thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend

This Mens Grooming Kit will be a must-have for any young man. When you give him this gift, it shows that you care about him in the smallest details. This set includes multiple heads with various functions that will completely eliminate the thick hair on your lover's body. Don't wait any longer; buy him a set to help him improve himself.


24. Natural VIP Men's Skin Care Set

An essential face care kit

 Natural VIP Men's Skin Care Set - sentimental one month anniversary gifts

Boys also like to be beautiful, but they’re too lazy to buy cosmetics, partly because they’re shy or because they don’t have much knowledge of skincare. So, get him a skincare set. He'll absolutely adore these ‘spice things’.

Why do shoppers love this Natural VIP Men's Skin Care Set: "I gave this gift for Valentine’s Day to my fiancé AND HE LOVED IT! He adores everything about it-the scent, the feel of the product and how it makes his skin look, and he definitely wants to buy it again. Give this as a gift or buy it for yourself. Either way, you won’t go wrong." - Alan


DIY One Month Anniversary Gifts for Him

Need some ideas for a DIY gift list of first-month-date ideas? Feel free to take a thorough look at our amazing blog post right here!

Check it out

25. DIY Mini Photo Ledges

The wall is covered in colorful photos

 DIY Mini Photo Ledges - best DIY gifts for him

You can transform your boyfriend's blank wall into a work of art with just a few simple steps. Choose some of your favorite photos that capture the best of both of you, and carefully cut the colorful molding with a hacksaw. Now, arrange them in your own way to tell the story of the previous month's love in pictures.

Learn how to do it

26. DIY Photo and Message In A Bottle

Simple but special

 DIY Photo and Message In A Bottle - amazing DIY anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend

Allow this bottle to express your feelings to the person in the world you care about the most. You must be extremely skilled and meticulous in every detail, even the smallest, to make this gift. This small bottle, however, has a huge impact on your giving him a one month anniversary gift. He will be deeply moved and grateful for everything you have done for him when he sees the words and pictures in the jar.

Learn how to do it

27. DIY Crochet Scarf

As when you put his arm around him

 DIY Crochet Scarf - sentimental DIY gifts ideas for your boyfriend

If your couple's one-month anniversary falls in the last few months of the year, you can give this to your boyfriend as a gift. It will take you a long time to complete the final product. But believe us when we say that time will not fail you. The scarf will keep your lover warm during the cold winter months. Furthermore, it is a lovely fashion accessory that he can wear at any time. When someone asks him, "Where did you get this scarf?" he will happily respond that it was given to him by his lover, you.

Learn how to do it

28. DIY Heart Emoji Donuts

Your hearts are edible

 DIY Heart Emoji Donuts - creative DIY anniversary gifts for him

Make lovely pink heart-shaped donuts to show off your housework on this special occasion. To make the best cakes, you don't have to be a professional chef. Instead, add some "love spice" to your cake to really win his heart. He will be overjoyed to receive these very special cakes. Follow the guidance below and show him how important he is to you.

Learn how to do it

29. Homemade Hop Spa Bath Set

Good for your lover's skin

 Homemade Hop Spa Bath Set - best homemade anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend

Hops have been used for centuries to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia. As a result, you can use this material to make a DIY one-month anniversary gift that has numerous benefits for both skin and health in general. This Hop Spa Gift Set is an excellent choice for anyone who is stressed and could benefit from some relaxation in their life. When taking a bath in hops, your boyfriend may feel more relaxed and have smoother skin.

Learn how to do it

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