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31 Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him (2024 Guide)

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Anniversary is a moment to treasure, a day to remember, and a special reason to give sentimental gifts to your loved one. So, what makes something the best anniversary gift? The answer is very simple, that it matches your lover’s interest, it's a practical gift and it helps you to show your love. 

If you’re looking for sentimental gifts for men, meaningful gifts for boyfriend, or romantic gifs for husband? Here are 31 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him In 2022 that are suitable for the 1st anniversary to the 50th wedding anniversary. You might find that you can both get some use out of these presents, it is your anniversary, too, you know? 

Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him


Personalized anniversary gifts make the best gifts. Check the list below to make the right decision in choosing a personal and unique gift for your man.


1. Personalized Towel

A symbol of warmth and care Personalized Towel - sentimental anniversary gift for him Buy him a personalized towel that reminds him about you and about your love whenever he uses and wherever he goes. A vinyl record towel will never be out of style.

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Made of very absorbent, 100% cotton terry cloth.
    • An essential item for every beach, pool, or backyard barbecue.

2. Personalized Beer Mug

For Beer Enthusiasts

Personalized Beer Mug - great ideal anniversary gift for beer lovers

Beer is really good for health when drinking a suitable amount. You can show your care to your beer man by giving him a personalized beer mug. By engraving names or your message on the mug, your beer gift becomes one-of-a-kind. Still, let him enjoy beer, still, remind him of his health and what is important to him.


3. Personalized World Travel Map

Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

Personalized World Travel Map - perfect anniversary gift for travel lovers

Map? Yes, map. A map is always the most necessary thing for a man with the love for traveling. But today we have a digital map, so let's make your gift of a map something practical that he cannot ignore. Buy him a personalized world travel map. You and he can together customize this map with your images to save your loving memories. How could he forget a meaningful anniversary gift like this?

Reasons why we recommend it:

    • A modern home decor because of the elegant design style on a map background.
    • A perfect gift to tell him that you are always with him no matter where he is in the world.

4. Engraved Compass

Guide You To His Heart

Engraved Compass - unique anniversary gift for him

Your anniversary comes, and you realize that your man’s compass is getting very old by time. Do you feel scared that he’d be lost? If yes, don’t hesitate to buy him a new special one. An engraved compass is a good idea. This small gift will replace you to help him find the direction on his camp trip, and it can also help him point the way to go home with you.

Why shoppers love this compass gift: "High quality, perfect engraving. The engraving is super neat and beautiful. Made of a nice quality metal that showed up oiled and clean" - Aeyla Reed


5. Engraved Black Bamboo Japanese Wood Chopsticks

To leave a masterpiece impression on his mouth


Engraved Black Bamboo Japanese Wood Chopsticks - practical anniversary gift for him

Help him enjoy your food more and more with this Engraved Japanese chopsticks. Its cool design will energize him and every time he tastes food he will feel the taste of your love on the chopsticks’ top.


6. Engraved Zippo

Spark the fire of love

Engraved Zippo - good anniversary gift for men

If you think a custom zippo lighter is a good anniversary gift idea, we are on the same page. Zippo is not just a lighter to catch fire for tobacco or cigars, it is also a tool and a toy showing personality. Buy him one and let this cool zippo lighter help him show his style. Don’t forget to remind him “Smoking is not good for health”.


7. Whiskey Barrel Dispenser

To improve your whiskey's taste characteristicsWhiskey Barrel Dispenser is one the of best anniversary gift ideas for whiskey lovers Does your man love brewing spirits, whiskey, and many other types of wines? Then you should give him this Whiskey Barrel Dispenser for your upcoming anniversary. He'll be very surprised when he unboxes it. And taking care of his hobby is also a good way to tell him that he wins a special place in your heart.


Practical Anniversary Gifts for Men

Wanna give gifts that are useful and life improving instead of presents that are beautiful but have no value? FamiPrints has got you covered!  We've provided you a list of practical anniversary gifts that is sure to make your man's life easier. Check it out!

8. Personalized Key Holder

Protect his key to your heart

Personalized Key Holder is one of the most practical gift idea for him

You can buy your significant other something useful like a personalized key holder. He can hang the key holder on the wall and its monogram style design will make him feel very satisfied each time he puts his key on or takes his key out.


9. Leather Weekender Bag

For for the travel lover in your life
Leather Weekender Bag - one of the best anniversary gifts for him
Men usually mess up their small things. In case you are looking for a practical gift for the travel lover in your life, a leather weekender bag is a perfect item that you can give him this anniversary. No more questions of “Oh, where is my..”; “Where did I put my…” or “Why is it here?”. He will treasure this thoughtful present everywhere he goes.
Why shoppers love this bag gift: "The bag was really good quality, even better than expected. The material feels thick and durable, and stitching seems well done. The design is great and well thought out, particularly the clasps on the side that let you switch between handheld and shoulder strap but retain the bag shape. The monogramming was very nice and clean." - Daniel Park

10. Custom Phone Case

Protect his phone, protect his love
Personalized Phone Case protects your man's phone is one of the most creative anniversary gifts
If you want to get him a practical gift, then you can buy him a custom phone case. A phone case personalized with a star map by date and place, your images, names and text would be excellent. This trendy phone case can help protect his phone in his style and remind him of you every time he touches the phone.

11. Custom Knife

To sharpen your love
Custom Knife - great anniversary gift for hunters
If your man is a hunting lover, you can't skip this unique Engraved Hunting Knife. A hunting knife with your man’s name engraved on its handle would be so cool. This one-of-a-kind knife will turn him into an impressive hunter. His movements will become more effective, and his hunting job will get better.

12. Custom Golf Shirt

For the Golf-Obsessed Man in Your Life
Custom Golf Shirt - one of the best anniversary gift for golf lovers
To be honest, golf is a sport for the rich, so what is a good anniversary gift for the one who almost has everything? Don’t worry. This is not a hard question. It must be a cool, strange, unique anniversary gift that you create on your own. Stop beating around the bush - it’s a custom T-Shirt. Get him a T-shirt that shows your love and encouragement to him, so that he can have more energy for each hit. It’s would be so a great gift for the golfer in your life.

13. Shaving Kit

To keep his look clean Shaving Kit - most practical anniversary gifts for him

This shaving kit includes a wooden comb and a razor. You can add a personal touch to by putting his name on it to make it unique. This practical present will help you tell him how much you love and care about him.


14. Personalized Hammer

To Build A Future Together Personalized Hammer - great anniversary gifts for him You like something that every time he gardens he can use it and think about your anniversary? Ah ha, buy him a personalized hammer. A hammer engraved your sweet message or his favorite love quote on its handle would be interesting. When he is tired, he sits and rests, we're sure he will read the engraved words and smile.

15. Luxury Bath Bombs for Men

To satisfy his shower needs
Luxury Bath Bombs for Men - best anniversary gift for husband
Men need and should be taking baths, too. After a long hard day, a hot and comfortable bath is all your man need. Now you can add the feeling of comfort and relaxation to his bath with these Luxury Bath Bombs. The strong scent and natural ingredients will give him an out-of-this-world experience.

Best Husband Gift for Anniversary


Having trouble deciding on anniversary gifts for your husband? You're in luck! Our Best Husband Gift for Anniversary suggestions we have are sure to make your spouse swoon with love.

16. Football Shape Wood Sign

For soccer dads

Football Shape Wood Sign - heartfell anniversary gift for husband

Don't make your husband choose between football and his family. This Football Shape Wood Sign would be a perfect present to give him on your upcoming wedding anniversary. You can add your name, his name, your child's name, your wedding date, and a picture of your family to make it personal. It'll melt his heart right at the moment he receives it.

Reasons why we recommend it:
    • A sensational soccer gifts for soccer lovers.
    • Made of wood, nontoxic, odor-free.

17. Matching Apron Set

Side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart

Matching Apron Set - romantic anniversary gift for husband

This new matching apron is the best gift for your wonderful husband on the next special milestone. Let's replace the old ones hanging in the corner of the kitchen and renew your love relationship. Put it on and enjoy the romantic moments together in the kitchen!

18. Custom Camp Sign

Life is better when you're camping
Custom Camp Sign -  best gift ideas for husband
Get him a unique flag so that he can bring it and put it at you two's home. This is a cute and interesting outdoor decor for your house. Your garden now will be remarkable and many people would ask him about this special thing, and we bet he can proudly talk about it all day long.
Reasons why we recommend it:
    • Made from solid metal material.
    • A modern gift with exquisite craftsmanship & cute animation design.

19. Leather Business Card Holder

Always by your side
Leather Business Card Holder - gift for husband anniversary
If his job forces him to meet many people, then buy him a leather business cardholder. A magnificent business case can help your hubby show his style and enhance his trust in counterparts in any meeting. Even if you are not there, still, your anniversary gift can help him think about you.

20. Red Vinyl Record Coasters

To save his table’s surface Red Vinyl Record Coasters - wedding anniversary gifts for him This modest but excellent set of four vinyl record coasters is a great personalized gift for him to protect his furniture and prevent ugly water rings. Make it memorable with your lovely words, he will hardly forget you every second.

21. Personalized Monogrammed Mouse Pad

A perfect gift for all ages Personalized Monogrammed Mouse Pad - anniversary gift for him If he usually works with a computer, let buy him a personalized monogrammed mouse pad. Of course, you could replace his PC or mouse at his workplace if you and he are the bosses. If no, let start with a small thing first. Let this mouse pad cosset his hand when you could not be there. Lay your love in it so he can feel like his hand is being massaged by you.

22. Conversation Starter Icebreaker Card Game

Express Deep Love in a Funny Way
Conversation Starter Icebreaker Card Game - fun anniversary gift for husband
Hasn't thought of a plan for your anniversary day? Then this Conversation Starter Icebreaker Deck will do the job for you. All the cards are designed to give you and your husband a fun and cozy night together. Through these games, you can deepen and heat up your relationship with him.

23. Custom Photo Tie Patch Label

Keep your love close to his heart

Custom Photo Tie Patch Label is a cute anniversary gift for him

Another special gift for your hard-working husband is a custom photo tie patch label. A tie with a photo of family or memories will keep your love close to his heart. This perfect tie not only is useful for his job but can also help to remind him of what’s really valued to him.


Good Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Now it's the turn of boyfriends. Let's dive into our list of Good Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend and make him the happiest man alive on your anniversary.  

24. Personalized Film Roll Keychain

Memories are to be Kept
Personalized Film Roll Keychain - romantic anniversary gift for boyfriend Do you want an anniversary gift having your photos on it but still being portable for convenience? Don’t be stressed. A custom personalized film roll keychain will help you do the job perfectly. With a unique design, the keychain can hold many pictures of you and your boyfriend. Whenever he misses you or when he does something out of instinct - pulling, touching, playing stuff while waiting, this keychain would be a wonderful choice.

25. Heart Matching Rings

A sweet promise Heart Matching Rings is one of the best anniversary gift for husband ideas No matter how the whole world changes, your love for him is eternal. Let this couple of rings say it for you! Offering you to add the desirable text, this delicate gift will surely melt his heart when he receives it from you. Waiting for what? Pick it immediately to bring him a big surprise!

26. Monogram Passport Holder

To serve him on every journey
Monogram Passport Holder - good husband gift for anniversary
What is the most important thing when traveling? Passport, passport, passport. An important thing must be repeated 3 times. So, help him protect that thing. Get him special protection with a monogram passport holder. This useful gift can not only keep his passport safe but also remind him of you whenever he looks at his identity.

27. Personalized Leather Bookmark

For Book Lovers Personalized Leather Bookmark - a wonderful anniversary gift for him Bookmarks are always the best gifts for book lovers. Help him stop being worried about the bookmark slipping out of place by gifting him a custom bookmark engraved with his inspiring quote, or sentimental message of yours for him. Anytime he opens the book, or anytime he closes the book, this romantic anniversary present will be in his hand.

28. Personalized Airpod Case

For Music Lovers
Personalized Airpod Case for boyfriends who love music
If your boyfriend loves music and has Air pods, why don’t you get him an Airpod case personalized with his name? He can proudly show this cool case and his music style everywhere he goes.

29. Custom Photo Playing Cards

Every game feels lucky with your own personalized playing cards Custom Photo Playing Cards - good boyfriend's anniversary gifts If you want some fun and high-quality time with him, prepare for you both a good game to play. In this case, cards can help. Buying him custom photo playing cards for anniversary. Your interesting gift will bring him much luck and help him become the best card player.

30. Gold Chocolate Box

A taste of sweetness
Gold Chocolate Box - ideal anniversary gift for people with a sweet tooth
No one can resist chocolate on anniversaries, and this chocolate box will do the trick for you. Made from Belgium's finest ingredients, each piece of chocolate will bring her on a new and exciting trip of its own. This is a pure chocolate pleasure for anyone with a sweet tooth.

31. Red Rose Box

A beautiful symbol of eternal love Red Rose Box - a sentimental gift idea for your boyfriend Who says men can't receive flowers? Men and flowers can go together well if you make the right choice of flower. This Red Rose Box is a saviour for you. The roses will look fresh for many years to come, thus symbolizing your undying love for him.

The Million Roses

Whether you are finding gifts for your dating anniversary or your wedding anniversary, we guarantee the special gift ideas above will make your man feel loved and appreciated on your anniversary. 

Do you enjoy the list? Are the gift suggestions in this list helpful to you? If so, we would appreciate it if you would share it on social media so that the people needing it can know about it.

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