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29 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas to Reflect on Your Love Journey

Wrap the journey of half a decade in a gift of love.

Every single year of marriage is a blessing and a challenge for a couple. Taking the 5-year love road over obstacles and quarrels is one of the biggest goals that a couple wishes to hit. That milestone is a worthy celebration with the most special five-year anniversary gifts. Famiprints comes with a list of 29 5 year anniversary gift ideas to help you pinpoint the right anniversary gift for your married friends or your other half.

Before getting a jump start on shopping, read up on the traditional and modern gifts for this wood anniversary.

What is the 5 Year Anniversary Gift?

According to anniversary gift-giving guidelines, the best fifth wedding anniversary gifts fall into two categories: traditional wood anniversary gifts and modern silverware ones. Wood represents the strength and growth of enduring love while silverware is a reminder of purity and the connection of a couple gathering around the dinner table.

Do not limit your list to these materials because other options still make the best fifth anniversary, such as the fifth-anniversary gemstone - sapphire, and the fifth-anniversary flower - daisy. Try to pick your 5-year wedding anniversary gift ideas related to the theme but if they're still not your cup of tea, we included plenty of alternative ideas at the bottom of the list to hit the spot.

Traditional Gift Ideas for 5 Year Anniversary (Wood)

The wood anniversary can't be perfect without traditional wood gifts. Scroll down and pick out your best fifth-anniversary gifts with us.

1. Personalized Wooden Plaque 

Love In A Nutshell

Personalized Wooden Plaque - special wooden anniversary gifts

Your love goes beyond the boundaries but how to express it in an impressive way? Let this personalized wooden plaque help you with its unique design. There's a crack in the middle but somehow these two imperfect pieces still fit perfectly together. That's how we wrap up your beautiful love story in a traditional wooden gift. Customize yours by adding a photo and a special message and we'll handle the rest for you.


2. Instax Print Wood Box 

Keep Love In A Photograph


Instax Print Wood Box - the best wood anniversary gifts

With wood as the five-year anniversary theme, a “not-so-regular” Wood Box for your man to store your favorite pictures certainly is a decent idea. You can customize it with your couple’s name and choose between Walnut - as a wish of wisdom and inspiration - and Maple - as a wish of longevity and generosity - as the main material.

Why shoppers love this gift box: "I ordered multiple personalized photo boxes as a thank you gift for my wedding guests and all the boxes turned out beautiful! The quality is amazing, the dark stain turned out perfectly, and the design is so precise. I highly recommend buying from this shop." - Ashley P.


3. Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe Set 

Raise a Toast on the Anniversary

Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe Set - luxury 5 year wedding anniversary gifts

Why not raise wine glasses to commemorate this 5 year wedding anniversary? Whether it's a big party or just a date night for two, this whiskey decanter will undoubtedly be worth its weight in gold. The splendid airplane made from natural wood features an etched globe design and 2 matching whiskey glasses. All these things are intertwined to make a perfect fifth-anniversary gift.


4. Hello Will You I Do Canvas Print 

To Save Your Wedding Date

      Hello Will You I Do Canvas Print - the best wood fifth anniversary gift

      Every journey always has its beginning, unforgettable moments, and meaningful milestones. Your fifth anniversary is such a remarkable milestone for you and your man, and this map art will be a perfect traditional fifth-anniversary gift. You can customize it with the locations where you two said “Hi” to each other for the first time, where he proposed to you, and where you guys became husband and wife.

      Reasons why we recommend it:
      • Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas
      • Comes ready to hang


        5. Engraved Wooden Cufflinks

        A Special Finishing Touch

        Engraved Wooden Cufflinks - unique traditional anniversary gift ideas for couples

        Who doesn't want to have a truly dressed-up look at their 5-year wedding anniversary party? Add a pair of engraved wooden cufflinks to the outfits of you and your spouse on the 5-year anniversary day to make them more gorgeous. The cufflinks were personalized with your wedding date and both your initials to remind your beloved of the special anniversary day.


        6. 5 Years Our Little Family Frame 

        To Honor Your Family


        5 Years Our Little Family Frame - happy 5th anniversary with best traditional gifts

        If your dream about a happy family has already been fulfilled, a wooden frame that includes up to 6 tinned figures will be a perfect wall art to display. Get your own frame as a five-year anniversary gift to let your other half know how family means to you.

        Why shoppers love this family frame: "I adore this and so did my husband. It's so cute and perfect and just what I was looking for. Very pleased and would purchase from here again." - Gee


        7. Personalised Wooden Bookmark 

        For a Bookworm

        Personalised Wooden Bookmark - traditional fifth anniversary gift ideas for couples

        A durable bamboo bookmark is a perfect gift for book lovers. Because of using natural wood like bamboo, the bookmark is taken to the next level. The engraved message will be a sweet reminder of your strong love. We'll make sure the message's design will exceed your expectations.


        8. Personalized Hammer 

        To Build Your Own Wood Theme

            Personalized Hammer -  good traditional five year wedding anniversary gift

            This unique hammer is durable enough to accompany your man in his work for a long time. However, don’t you think just the hammer itself is a little bit … lame? Well, don’t worry, you can customize it with your own message to make one of the best traditional gifts.

            Reasons why we recommend it:

            • Two sides of personalization help to add more favorite sayings
            • Can be lightly used and easily personalized

            9. Custom Wooden Keychain 

            Show Off His Persona

            Custom Wooden Keychain - best personalized wood gifts

            Sometimes, a keychain reflects its owner’s personality. And it's true in this case. A wooden keychain personalized by yourself will definitely show off more of his persona. With up to 4 sides for you to customize, you can either leave a funny message to him or simply remind him of his beloved partner.


            10. 5th Anniversary Clock 

            To Treasure Every Second With Her

                5th Anniversary Clock - best traditional anniversary gift for five years

                Customized with pictures of your choice, this one-and-only Photo Wall Clock will be a great idea to celebrate your fifth anniversary. It's not only the best timekeeper but also the perfect piece of decor for any style at home or in the office.

                Reasons why we recommend it:
                • Using MFD wood or Acrylic to make a beautiful high-gloss finish
                • No more annoying ticking sounds

                11. Rustic Wooden Flowers 

                For Your Long-lasting Love

                Rustic Wooden Flowers  - amazing traditional 5 year anniversary gift for her

                Flowers are always a classic gift for all occasions or events but if you wanna find a type of faux flower that helps your 5-year wedding anniversary gift last forever, try a wooden flower bouquet instead of silk or paper flowers. These sola wood flowers are beautifully handcrafted and will be an out-of-this-world home decor item. You can even choose up to a dozen roses and your spouse's favorite color to paint them.


                12. Wooden Keepsake Box 

                To Keep Precious Memories Forever

                Wooden Keepsake Box - best wood 5th anniversary gift ideas for couple

                One of the traditional five-year anniversary gifts for couples’ fifth anniversary is a Wooden Keepsake Box. It's not only useful to keep all the precious memories in check, but also perfect to make a thoughtful gift. There are 3 types of boxes to choose from for the target couples. You can also customize the box with a message that you want to deliver to the couples.


                13. Moon Ambient Light 

                Improve Bedtime Routine

                Moon Ambient Light - special 5th anniversary gifts

                This Moon Ambient Light can make an excellent and romantic gift for the 5th wedding anniversary. It'll add a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the couple’s bedroom on this occasion. Featuring a sculpture of a loving couple, this special gift will stand out the most among the gifts they'll receive.


                Modern Gifts for 5 Fifth-Anniversary (Silverware)

                If you're not heading for a traditional gift in the wood world, then take these modern gift ideas as a reference to pick out your best 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

                14. Silver Style Music Round Sign 

                Engrave A Favorite Song In Your Heart


                Silver Style Music Round Sign - stylish modern 5th anniversary gifts

                The first dance on the wedding day is one of the best memories that are hard to preserve. So why not wrap up all the lyrics of the song into a wall decor item like this round sign? The round sign stands out from the others since it was made of a combination of wood and a silver finish, paying homage to both the traditional and modern gifts for this milestone.

                Why shoppers love this round sign: "It was Amazing, Amazing quality and it looks so professional. Customer service also really helped me a lot I’m really grateful for that." - Gerald


                15. Airplane Windchime 

                To Amplify The Good Energy

                Airplane Windchime - best 5 year anniversary gift for husband

                If you're looking for an on-theme gift for a couple’s fifth anniversary that is exquisite in its own way, this Airplane Wind Chime is a perfect match for that idea. Handcrafted from stainless steel spoons, forks, and knives, the windchime is a great 5-year wedding anniversary gift. Hang it in front of your room and it will add a cheerful note to your house every time the wind blows.


                16. Silver Angel Lovers Sculpture 

                Full of Charm and Elegance

                  Silver Angel Lovers Sculpture - artistic modern fifth anniversary gifts

                  How to upgrade your home decor with just an artwork for this fifth anniversary? Look no further than this Angel Kiss sculpture. This beautiful piece of art reflected a peaceful love, tenderness, and a lovely gesture to display. It's a perfect nod to your intertwined lives after five years of marriage.

                  Reasons why we recommend it:
                  • Delivered in a minimal gift box packaging, accompanied by a receipt and logo stamp authenticity warranty
                  • Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, and solid bronze with a matte finish.

                  17. Row Boat Serving Bowl 

                  For A Cozy Night In

                  Row Boat Serving Bowl - thoughtful anniversary gift for five years

                  Too hard to pick a traditional wooden gift or a modern silverware gift? So a gift combining two of them will be ideal to celebrate your memorable 5-year wedding anniversary. Surprise your other half with a gorgeous dinner at home to make a meaningful date. Using these rowboat-shaped utensils at the dining table of you two to create your own fine-dining experience. The set included a silver-plated bowl and a pair of wooden serving tools which will be the best choice for salads or table decor.


                  18. Portable Pizza Oven 

                  Making The Most Delicious Pizza Ever

                  Portable Pizza Oven - best fifth anniversary gift for outdoor date nights

                  Getting bored of outdoor date nights? Try a whole new experience to commemorate your five-year wedding anniversary with an outdoor pizza oven. Making an awesome pizza party with your beloved to have the sweetest moments together. Even though it failed, you two nurtured your loving relationship the right way.


                  19. Floral Heart Silverware Necklace 

                  To Engrave In Their Hearts

                  Floral Heart Silverware Necklace - cute 5th anniversary gift for her

                  Elevate your beloved's look by adding a new kind of jewelry to their accessory collection. This heart necklace is sure to add a touch of glamour to fit anyone's personal style. Engrave your initials, your sweetheart's name, or even your wedding date to honor 5 years of marriage. You can't guess how excited they are to get this silverware-inspired jewelry.


                  20. Vintage Spoon Jewelry Holders 

                  To Look Back On The Momentous Occasion

                  Vintage Spoon Jewelry Holders - great fifth wedding anniversary gift for wife

                  Will it be possible to light up your loved ones' day with just a pair of silver spoons? Of course, nothing is impossible, bro! Get her these stainless-steel spoons accompanied by engagement rings as a surprise five-year wedding anniversary gift. It would be a sweet reminder of the moment you asked her hand in marriage and the same sweet memories.


                  Out-of-the-Box 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

                  If the five-year anniversary gifts above are not able to meet your demand, we got alternative options that are guaranteed to please your partner. Come and check it out!

                  21. Motorbike Couple Ornament 

                  For A Punk Couple

                    Motorbike Couple Ornament - cute 5 year anniversary gift for couples

                    Of all the fun keepsakes for a momentous occasion such as this wood anniversary, this couple ornament really takes the cake when it comes to a romantic and cute anniversary gift. Personalized with a photo of the two of you, two names, the wedding date, and a sweet message, the wooden ornament doubles as a meaningful keepsake.

                    Reasons why we recommend it:

                    • Perfect size to display in your vehicle, on your bag, or in your house
                    • A hole and metal wire attached to the strap was available to use

                    22. Personalized Name Daisy Flower 

                    Gorgeous Beyond Words

                    Personalized Name Daisy Flower - cute gifts for a happy 5th anniversary

                    Daisies are usually used for the fifth wedding anniversary because they represent fidelity and everlasting love. Consequently, getting your spouse this daisy room decor item is a great way to honor the past and raise a glass to the future. With a small piece of wood displayed on a dresser, nightstand, or mantle, you can remind her of your love every day. The way her name is engraved on the flower tells how special she is to you.


                    23. 5th Wedding Anniversary Necklace 

                    To Melt Her Heart

                    5th Wedding Anniversary Necklace - gorgeous 5 year anniversary gift ideas for her

                    Wanna find gifts related to the fifth-anniversary gemstone - sapphire? You can't overlook this sapphire jewelry. No matter what she chooses to wear for the day, this exquisite necklace can match it perfectly. The ribbon-shaped pendant made of 14K white gold over stainless steel makes it look more gorgeous. Trust us! It's a perfect anniversary gift to pamper your spouse if you're on a budget.


                    24. Explosion Gift Box 

                    To Enjoy Life's Biggest Moments

                     Explosion Gift Box - the best 5 year wedding anniversary gifts for couples

                    Take a trip down memory lane with your other half on this 5-year wedding anniversary with a DIY explosion box. All you have to do is prepare your pictures, a surprise gift such as jewelry, perfume, cards, and so on. The feeling of making your own present for your loved one is genuine. When the gift box explodes, all of the sides fall back to reveal a multi-layered card, highlighting the love you poured into it.


                    25. Annoying Each Other T-Shirt 

                    Treasure Your Loving Journey

                    Annoying Each Other T-Shirt - cute five year wedding anniversary gift

                    Wanna shout out to the world a half-decade journey you two had spent together? These matching couple shirts were made for you two. Imagine how proud your beloved is when seeing you wear this shirt on your 5-year wedding anniversary. Just upload a favorite photo, the two names, and the year of your love journey, you will have a stylish fifth-anniversary gift.

                    Why shoppers love this couple shirt: "The T-shirt’s was such a good idea and super cute got so many compliments on it. Bright and dark at the same time good for Halloween." - Arias S.


                    26. Personalized Face Pillow 

                    Embrace Your Loved Ones

                    Personalized Face Pillow - fun 5th anniversary gift for couple

                    Heading for a gift that can cheer your spouse up? Pick this face pillow as a 5-year wedding anniversary gift, we're sure to put a smile on your beloved's face. Choose your favorite photo of your partner and the seller will handle the rest. The funny plush will be a warm hug every time they feel exhausted.


                    27. Song Lyrics Heart Shape Towel 

                    A Wedding Ceremony Song

                    Song Lyrics Heart Shape Towel - beautiful 5 year wedding anniversary gifts

                    Looking for a great gift to throw back to your wedding day? It's a piece of cake with this song lyrics towel! All you have to do is add the day you tied the knot, the lyrics of your wedding song and a collage with 4 photos from your wedding memories. Every time you two look at the anniversary present, it brings back endless reminiscences of the most special day in your life.

                    Why shoppers love this towel: "It turned out better than I imagined! Fantastic work and the material is soft. I'll definitely be looking to this style again in the future!" - Tina O.


                    28. Custom Comic Book 

                    For A Comic Lover

                    Custom Comic Book - interesting 5 year wedding anniversary

                    We crafted a book that lets you become the star of a comic of your own! You can customize your comic to suit your life’s milestones, such as your birthday, the day you first met, graduation, or wedding, making it the perfect anniversary present!


                    29. Fifth Anniversary Date Night Decider Dice 

                    Enjoy Your Date Night

                    Fifth Anniversary Date Night Decider Dice - best 5 year wedding anniversary gifts

                    Have you run out of ideas for this fifth anniversary date night? Then allow this decider dice to help you make up your mind. Just throw the dice and add some spontaneity and fun to take away the stress of decision-making. Whether they're short or long dates, you are no longer obsessed with things to do when hanging out because there are 36 different date options waiting for you two.


                    Top 5 Picks From Famiprints

                    Top 5 Picks From Famiprints for your 5th wedding anniversary

                    Whether you're looking for traditional wood anniversary gifts, silverware, or sapphire jewelry gifts, Famiprints hopes our list of 29 5 year anniversary gift ideas tick all the boxes. Half a decade has passed, and your love story is blooming more and more. Thus, don't forget to commemorate this momentous occasion with the best 5-year anniversary gift ideas that we've already picked out. 

                    If you think our ideas are helpful, please kindly share them with anyone in need. And if you have any suggestions or your own ideas, feel free to express them in the comment section.

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