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31+ Wood Anniversary Gifts For Him Who's With You For 5 Years

Five years is not a long time, but it is the start of a long-lasting marriage for you and your husband. Let's commemorate this milestone with something extra special for your man. This list of 31+ Wood Anniversary Gifts For Him Who's With You For 5 Years will help you with it.

Let's dig into it right now!

what is the wood anniversary

A wood anniversary is a traditional gift-giving event for married couples to celebrate their 5 years together. By now, the couple is no longer called "newlyweds", and they have developed a foundation for a long-lasting life together.

As the name suggests, couples usually choose an item made of wood as a present. In many legends and mythologies, the tree represents life and prosperity. These are the two of the most important qualities for a married couple.

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the gift list. People begin to give silverware instead of wood. But most couples nowadays need flatware long before their fifth anniversary, thus wood is still preferred.

Whether you're finding a traditional wood anniversary gift or something out of the box, these charming gifts will please you and your husband.

Let's check out our list of 5th-anniversary gifts.

Under $10

Anniversary card made with high-quality paper with front features a wooden die-cut message and inside print loveful message

A heartfelt message for him

1. wooden anniversary card

Set a mood for your man on your 5th wedding anniversary with this Wooden Anniversary Card. It doesn't only have a wood message on the outside but also a lovely message on the inside that will melt any man's heart. It's gonna bring a lot of joy to both of you, surely!

high-quality circle wood coaster engraved initials for the front is the best anniversary for your boyfriend

Add A Vintage Vibe To His Drink

2. engraved wooden coasters

These Engraved Wooden Coasters are the perfect gift for your man on the wood anniversary. With the engraved initial, he'll feel your love and care every time he enjoys his morning coffee. Soon, it’ll be your man favorite coaster.

LED light sign made from high-quality plastic has form Arabic numerals 0-9 battery operated is the great anniversary gift

A Spotlight Of The House

3. led decorative light

You enjoy every moment with him and want to make this wedding anniversary another special moment? A LED Decorative Light won't let you down. This LED light will show him how important he is to you. Moreover, it'll be a beautiful addition to your house decor.

Wood Plaque has your photo, your chosen song name, and your own heartfelt message

For a music lover

4. custom song plaque

Stuck on what to give him this traditional 5th anniversary? How about a Custom Song Plaque with his favorite song printed on it? You can also personalize this plaque with your own picture instead of the album cover. There is no way he can refuse such a thoughtful gift.

Wood and natural cork wine stoppers with a beautiful design engraved your chosen initials and date

For a wine lover

5. Custom Wine Stopper

If your man is a wine lover, a Custom Wine Stopper is the best fifth wedding anniversary gift for him. This cork can keep his favorite drinks safe and delicious for many years to come. You can even customize it with your name and date to make it one of a kind. He'll love it for sure.

Under $25

High-quality steel and real wood custom knife that feels substantial and well made, engraved your chosen message on each side of the handle

Say “Thank You” To Him for being your hero 

6. wood handle pocket knife

For five years your husband has been protecting you from any danger. So on the fifth wedding anniversary, you want a unique gift for your hero. The Wood Handle Pocket Knife can help you with that. With his name engraved on the wooden handle, it's gonna be a big surprise for your man.

a handmade wall-mounted bottle opener comes with a wooden tray engraved with your own name, date pouch is the perfect 5 year anniversary gift

For A Special Drinker

7. wall mount bottle opener with cap catcher

A Wall Mount Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher is another option for you to surprise your man on this 5th wedding anniversary. With this item, your man can enjoy his beer to the fullest without having to worry about making a mess at home. To make it unique, you can carve his name on it, too.

bookmark made from High-quality wood and high-quality detailed laser engraved come with a tassel

For a book enthusiast

8. Engraved Wooden Bookmark with Tassel

If he enjoys reading, I highly recommend this Engraved Wooden Bookmark With Tassel. It's very useful and has a charming design, thus making an ideal 5th anniversary gift. Caring about his hobby is also a good way to tell him how much you love him.

razor and beard comb for men, small and exquisite enough to carry is the best 5 year anniversary gift for him

For a man with a great beard

9. shaving kit

A man looks so much sexier with his beard, so help your man take care of it with this Shaving Kit. It includes a wooden comb and a razor. You can even put his name on it to make it unique. Let this kit help you tell him how much you love him and his beard.

high-quality adorable wooden guitar pick with laser engraved meaningful messages is great 5 year anniversary gift

For the guitar player

10. personalized guitar pick

Does your man enjoy playing the guitar? Don't worry, we got you covered. This Personalized Guitar Pick will be one of the most perfect wood anniversary presents for him. It's made of wood and has an engraved message of your choice. Let your man play his favorite song in style!

high-quality handmade keychain made from wood engraved your chosen photo, message is unique 5 year anniversary gift

For The Man Who Has Everything

11. wooden keychain

If you're on a budget, this Wooden Keychain is enough to make him happy this wooden anniversary. Just add a sweet message to create a sentimental keepsake for him. This thoughtful gift will remind him of you every time he's on a road trip, and he'll want to come home as soon as possible.

Handcrafted solid wood necklace engraved with a short message of your choosing, coordinates, initials, name or date

For The Minimalist

12. custom coordinates necklace

What better feeling than your man wearing something you gave him all the time? A Custom Coordinates Necklace is the best choice for you. The necklace is made of wood and has some space for you to add your own info or message. I'm sure he'll be very happy when receiving this gift from you.

Under $50

A circle vinyl record wood sign print name, date, and your chosen song name on a background that has your chosen photo is the best anniversary gift

To Adorn His Space

13. Personalized Round Wooden Sign

If your man loves music and enjoys some retro in his life, this Wooden Sign would be a perfect option for your upcoming fifth wedding anniversary. You can add your name, wedding date, and a picture of you two. It'll melt his heart right at the moment he receives it from you.

a pair of cufflinks made from high-quality wood and metal, wooden surface that customizable engrave initial name is the best 5th Anniversary Gift

For a classy man

14. monogrammed cufflinks

Your man wears a suit for his workplace every day? Then these Monogrammed Cufflinks are the best wooden anniversary gifts for him. With a vintage and elegant look, it complements the style of any suit of his choice. He'll feel so great for having you in his life thanks to this special gift.

a docking station made from high-quality solid-color wood engrave name or short phrase is the ideal 5 year anniversary gift

For a neat freak

15. Wooden docking station

Does your man enjoy a neat workplace? How about getting him a Wooden Docking Station for the 5th wedding anniversary? Designed to hold many phone models as well as watches or other accessories, it's a brilliant idea for you. Not only that, your message on it will remind him that he’s always on your mind.

a rectangular frame wall art print name, date, and photos on a wood-grain canvas background is the best 5 year anniversary gift

Bring Him Back To Happy Memories

16. photo collage on canvas

Half a decade has passed since that fateful day you two became husband and wife. It's a great time to mark such a special milestone with something that your man will remember for the years to come. Let this photo canvas thank him in your place for staying with you through all the ups and downs of your life. It's also the best way to preserve the happy memories of your love.

wall hanging name signs made from high-quality wood printed your chosen name, date is the best 5-year anniversary gift

Lead Him To Your Love

17. personalized wooden name sign

Make your fifth-year wedding anniversary the best day ever with this Personalized Wooden Name Sign. This item offers many customizations such as your names, significant dates. Hang this unique piece of art on his wall to remind him of all the memories you two had together.

Reusable wood drink carrier features a vintage wood crate design with the phrase "drink local" printed on the side, and a bottle opener on the handle

For a great date night with him

18. wood beer carrier

Need some wooden anniversary gifts ideas for a beer lover? Then you can never go wrong with a Wood Beer Carrier. Being able to carry up to 6 bottles of beer at once, you can rest assured that he'll use it whenever you guys organize a party at anywhere.

high-quality picture frame made from wood, laser engraved your chosen message is the best 5 year anniversary gift

A little bit of Nostalgia

19. Wooden Picture Frame

You're proud of all the achievements your man has reached over the last five years and looking for a gift to show your love to him. Then you should check out this Wooden Picture Frame. I ensure he would love to put it on his desk and look at it all the time.

beer mug is made of natural oak and has a stainless steel insert Viking style, engraved your chosen name and symbol

Unleash the Viking in him

20. wood beer mug

When you need a perfect 5th anniversary gift for a beer lover, you can never go wrong with this Wood Beer Mug. As the pattern of every tree is different, his mug will be one of a kind in this world. Let him enjoy his drink in style with this Viking-style mug.

a rectangular cutting board made from wood, engrave name, date, initial is the perfect anniversary gift

For the chef of the house

21. Wood Engraved cutting board

To a guy who loves cooking, an engraved cutting board could be the best choice for him on this wooden anniversary. You can even add your own name and date to make it one of a kind. Give it to him and let him treat you with all the fine dining of the world.

high-quality water cup made from wood laser engrave your chosen picture is the best 5 year anniversary gift

Remind Him Of Your Love

22. personalized photo cup

Let your wooden anniversary be memorable and tell him how much you love him with this Personalized Photo Cup. The cup is handmade with care so that it can capture the feels of the picture you sent perfectly. It's sure to be an awesome gift for him.

Under $100

A circle wall clock printed name, date, message, and photo in black color background is great 5-year anniversary gift for him

For a guy who’s usually late

23. Custom Wall Clock

A Custom Wall Clock is such a traditional 5 year anniversary gift for him. It can match the decor style of any wall in your house. Every time he looks at this clock, he'll feel like you're with him no matter what. I'm sure he's gonna be happy to receive this from you.

men watch with high-quality wood case, high-quality wood band is the best 5-year anniversary gift for him

For a guy who’s always on time

24. mens wooden watch

A man can never leave the house without his trusty watch. The same can be said about your husband. Help him look the best this wedding anniversary with a Mens Wooden Watch. Hand-crafted perfectly, it complements many different styles for his outfit. Your husband will become the center of attention whenever he wears this watch.

rectangular canvas wall art print name, date, song name, and photo on a light color background is the best anniversary gift

A Little Romance For Your Beloved Hubby

25. Song Lyrics Wall Art

A wedding is one of the happiest moments of one's life. Help him relive this moment with this music wall art. With the help of the lyric and your wedding picture, all the memories will flood back into him, rekindling the spark in your marriage. Just you wait, his eyes will lid up right at the moment he gets this gift!

Wine Rack made from high-quality strong, weighty hardwood has cube shape with 12 grid fit securely one on top of the other for space-saving

Keep His Man Cave Organized

26. cube wine rack

For a wine enthusiast, keeping his wine safe and sound with this Cube Wine Rack is a necessity. The size of the rack can be adjusted so that it can fit into any space in his man cave. With this, your man can protect his favorite drink for the years to come.

Watch Box made from high-quality materials with fitting design to protect watches, engraved your chosen name, symbol

To protect his belongings

27. Wood Watch Box

The watch is the most important accessory in a man's wardrobe. To keep it always in perfect condition, he'll need a Wood Watch Box. The box has much space, thus protecting his watch as well as any other accessory. It'll please him for sure.

Fountain Pen made with natural Walnut wood case, easy refillable design, engrave your chosen message

For a successful man

28. Wood Fountain Pen

If your man loves to write, how about giving him this Wood Fountain Pen for your man's fifth anniversary? Its body is made of wood which gives it a vintage style. You can personalize the pen in your own way to show him how important he is to you.

new form of wallet made from high-quality alloy securely holds up to 5 cards with wood-grain color background

For the man who likes to be unique

29. Alloy Wallet

Want some fresh anniversary gift ideas for him? You can try this Alloy Wallet for a change. Able to hold up to 5 cards and cash with a unique inlay, this wallet will bring a style that no man in the world can have. It’ll become a part of him for sure.

wine barrel made from high-quality Oakwood, laser engraved your chosen message is the best 5-year anniversary gift

For a wine lover

30. whiskey barrel dispenser

Does your man love brewing spirits, whiskey, and many other types of wines? Then you should give him this Whiskey Barrel Dispenser for your fifth anniversary. He'll be very surprised when he unboxes it. And taking care of his hobby is also a good way to tell him that he wins a special place in your heart.

set of barbecue tools with handy design contains tongs, a fork, spatula, and bamboo box laser engraved your chosen title, name, and date

Let Him Show Off His Grilling Talent

31. custom BBQ tools

If your man loves BBQ, he'll be enthralled when receiving these Custom BBQ Tools. From now on, he'll have enough pieces of equipment to make the best BBQ party ever. Your gift can make him smile happily when he grills his favorite sausage or meat

Now It’s Your Turn

We have reached the end of 31+ Wood Anniversary Gifts For Him Who's With You For 5 Years. I hope you'll find a great wood anniversary gift for him through this list.

Please let us know if you find this list helpful in the comment section below and let your friends and families know about it if they're in need too.

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