DIY Christmas Gifts For Family

15 Easy-peasy DIY Christmas Gifts for All the People You Treasure

Nothing can beat a handmade gift idea, prepared with love, affection, care, and respect!

For a variety of reasons, handmade gifts are the perfect gift idea for any occasion, not just Christmas. It may take a little time and effort to make or the result may not be as expected, but what matters most is that you make it yourself with all the best wishes for everyone on your list. Read on our list of 15 easy-peasy DIY Christmas gifts for all the people you treasure, Famiprints are here to help you make your own gift step by step.

  • Is it OK to Give Homemade Gifts on Christmas?

So why is it not good to give homemade gifts when we can't deny their huge benefits? Besides the meaningful aspect, these DIY gifts help to save quite a lot of money. According to a survey by Good Food magazine in Britain, while 11% of British people plan to spend more on Christmas gifts, 31% of them are cutting their spending on Christmas gifts. And instead of lowering the number of people on the gift list, 33% chose to make a homemade Christmas gift to save costs. Thus, it is obvious that many people place a high value on making their own presents. Put yourself in the recipient's shoes, they will also prefer a handmade gift over a costly one.

DIY Christmas gifts to surprise your family

When it comes to a DIY Christmas gift, family should always come first because of its strong influence on each of us. Pick your own homemade gift ideas for all the family members with our recommendations below.

1. DIY Picture Frame Luminaries

Warm your home with love

Do you know luminaries have a lot of meanings behind them? It not only brings a warm glow to winter holidays but also lights up the path for the spirit of the Christ child on Christmas eve. Nowadays, luminaries are attractive homemade ornaments and ideal DIY gift ideas for the holiday season or big events such as baby showers, receptions, and graduations. With a hot glue gun, teacup candles, and favorite photos of your family, it's surprisingly easy to make your family a luminary.

DIY Picture Frame Luminaries for Christmas gifts

2. DIY Stitched Caravan Pincushion

A tiny thing with a lot of love

Have a seamstress at home? Then a small but awesome pincushion is one of the perfect homemade gift ideas to keep all her pins or needles organized. Upgrade the same old pattern of her pin holder with this caravan pattern, she's gonna love it! You don't need to master your crafting skills to make the DIY Christmas gift, just prepare a few supplies beforehand and follow the steps below.

DIY Stitched Caravan Pincushion for DIY Christmas gift ideas

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3. DIY Christmas Stovetop Potpourri

Spread the scent of the season

Have you ever wondered how the Christmas smell like? We all have our own favorite Christmas scents, but the classic aromas that come to our mind must be a mix of cinnamon, peppermint, and lemon slices, especially the Christmas tree. So why not customize the best potpourri for your family members with their favorite fragrances? After using different essential oils and ingredients, put them together in a mason jar and attach a printable tag to make a perfect Christmas gift.

DIY Christmas Stovetop Potpourri for family members on Christmas day

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4. DIY Felt Holiday Light Garland

Brighten your Christmas day

Garlands are a symbol of purity, beauty, peace, love, and passion. Therefore, it's one of the most beautiful gifts for all family members to spread holiday cheer together. If you're still stumped on perfect DIY Christmas gifts, make a light garland to decorate your home or Christmas tree. With our detailed instructions, you don't need to worry about all the steps, even a person who has the skill level of a beginner can handle them.

DIY Felt Holiday Light Garland - a thoughtful DIY gift for Christmas

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5. DIY Balloon Animal Collar Tags

For your little best friends and family

It would be much terrible for those who have to spend Christmas away from their families. Therefore, if you still have a kitten or puppy as a part of the family, make them a thoughtful handmade gift for this Christmas by taking their old tags to the next level with these personalized balloon tags. Believe us! It would be a simple but super fun experience. This wonderful gift comes with a free printable tag and easy-to-follow instructions.

Β DIY Balloon Animal Collar Tags for best DIY Christmas gifts

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  • DIY Christmas gifts to surprise your partner

Keep reading to discover more meaningful DIY gifts for your boo these Christmas holidays.

6. DIY Scratch Off Travel Map

For your love journey

Got a hodophile on your hands? So why not mark all the places full of your favorite memories with a scatch-off map? The paper-based map will be one of the most creative homemade christmas gifts for your beloved. Whether you have the skill level of a beginner or a master, it's surprisingly easy to make your own map. Let's spread holiday cheer together and guess the next destination to fill in the map, you've just added a new romantic activity to your at-home date night list.

DIY Scratch Off Travel Map for best DIY Christmas gift ideas

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7. DIY Countdown to ChristmasΒ 

Your dream home, your own way

Celebrating the upcoming Christmas with an advent calendar sounds weird but why not? The advent calendar is a Christmas classic and is used to count down the days before Christmas. All you need to do is incorporate Christmas elements into the interior design of these European houses. Your crafting skills will be improved a lot with this gorgeous DIY Christmas gift. Having a hot glue gun and sewing machine is a plus to finishing the personalized gift faster.

DIY Countdown to Christmas for thoughtful DIY Christmas gifts

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8. A Charming Bubble Bath Gift Box

Your queen deserves all the best

Of all the million ways to share holiday cheer with your darling, giving her the perfect pamper is the greatest DIY gift idea on Christmas day. Make a package with everything she needs for the best relaxing night. Some suggested items on the gift box are bath salts, bath bombs, healthy sweet treats, and even some roses.

A Charming Bubble Bath Gift Box for sentimental DIY Christmas gift ideas

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9. DIY Snowman Spoons

The best sweet treats for your bae

On the hunt for the perfect DIY Christmas gift to satisfy your sweet tooth? You're in luck because your other half will fall in love with this cute DIY gift idea. Although it seems sophisticated, making the handmade gift just takes you 15 minutes and a few ingredients such as crushed candy canes, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Enjoy your time together and sip a cup of hot chocolate with these Snowman spoons on the Christmas morning, you two will have the best moments ever.

DIY Snowman Spoons - great gift for your girlfriend on Christmas day

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10. DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set

A perfect touch of love

Because of its elegance and durability, wood is a great homemade gift idea for Christmas. Look no further than this photo memento if you're looking for a wooden handcrafted present to preserve your favorite moments with your other half. Personalize the keepsake gift with some favorite photos of you two and sweet notes at the bottom. The best part of the set is that your sweetie can choose to keep the polaroid pictures in the gift package or hang them on the wall as homemade ornaments.

DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set - the best DIY Christmas gift ideas

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  • DIY Christmas gift to surprise your friends

Let's move on to the next easy projects for all your friends this Christmas!

11. DIY 3D Holiday Tree Pillow

For a hugaholic

Does it make sense to make a stuffed Christmas tree with just 2 yards of felt? Of course, it does! The remaining materials you need for the DIY gift were already at your home. Make a tree pillow to all your friends, especially those who were occupied with work and business trips. The stuffed cute gift is believed to be the most useful Christmas gift for on-the-go use. This project might be a little bit time-consuming but it's well worth the effort.

DIY 3D Holiday Tree Pillow - thoughtful DIY Christmas gifts for friends

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12. DIY Gourmet Popcorn Gift in a Jar

For your gourmand friend

The homemade gift kit comes with packaging guidelines, free printable tags, and suggestions for spices. If you're searching for popcorn gift ideas, this is a good one to try. Watching a great movie while enjoying some popcorn with your friends and family would be the perfect idea for the festive season. A mason jar will make gorgeous wrapping for your popcorn gift package. Don't forget to finish off your handmade gift with a crimson ribbon to give it a festive look.

DIY Gourmet Popcorn Gift in a Jar - a thoughtful DIY Christmas gift idea

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13. DIY Tie Dye Shoes

A beautiful mess for Christmas

One of the most creative ways to strengthen friendships on a special occasion is to make your buddies a pair of tie-dye shoes for every day use. To accomplish the DIY Christmas gift idea, you don't need acrylic paint or artistic ability. All you need is a Mystery Dye Poppers kit, which will show you exactly how wonderful your white shoes can be. This would be the super fun project you've ever worked on.

DIY Tie Dye Shoes for creative DIY gifts on Christmas day

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14. DIY Lip Gloss Pouch

A one of a kind lip balm case

Ask your best female friend if she has ever found her bag annoying when it's always like a dark hole to find her lip gloss. If she said yes, made her a basic lip gloss pouch to tackle this problem. The front of the pouch is also transparent to help her see which lip gloss or lip balm. Because they are so simple to create, these tiny lip balm cases are fantastic homemade Christmas gifts! Make a lot to give your friends, they're gonna love it!

DIY Lip Gloss Pouch for your dude on this Christmas

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15. DIY Mini Desk Marquee Light

Inspire your friends' creativity

Mini desk marquee light is quite a difficult handmade gift idea to handle, but it will be the most rewarding Christmas gift for your friends once completed. Fear not, bro! We got all the necessary instructions for you. Let's re-decorate the corner workspace of your friends with some glass ornaments and this mini light to give it an artistic look.

DIY Mini Desk Marquee Light - creative DIY gift ideas for your friend this Christmas

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Have you picked up any DIY gift ideas for yourself from our list of 15 easy-peasy DIY Christmas gifts for all the people you treasure? Famiprints hope that these easy projects will help you celebrate a perfect holiday season with your partner, friends, and family.

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