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31 Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend To Keep The Sparks Flying

Find the key to her heart with us!

One of the beautiful traditions of the Christmas season is the gift-giving custom. A study by Science revealed that individuals who were assigned to spend money on others instead of themselves reported a greater level of happiness. Therefore, these days, Christmas gifts are all the rage, not only for children but also for your loved ones. For a merrier Christmas, make her wishlist come true with our list of the 31 Best Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends. To make your search even easier, Famiprints divided our gift ideas into four main types from affordable to last-minute gifts.

Christmas Gifts under $20 that won't break the bank

Santa Claus already has gifts for his kids, but you still haven't made up your mind about the best gift for your girlfriend? Check out the inexpensive gifts for an easier choice.

1. Custom Dog One-Line Art

Love me love my dog

Congratulations, you've just hit the jackpot if you find yourself falling for a dog person! It's the truth that caring for a dog may be enjoyable and beneficial to our morale, optimism, and feeling of self-worth. Being in a relationship or getting married to a dog owner is a good sign that you are loved by a well-behaved girl. To help your love story blossom, let your girlfriend know how amazing she is by getting her a one-line sketch of her dog. Trust us! This cool piece of art will help her realize how significant you are in her life.

Custom Dog One Line Art - best christmas gifts for girlfriend


2. Christmas Teddy Bear

A golden gift of all the love

A Christmas teddy bear is always a great gift she'll actually love to receive. However, why not take the traditional teddy bear to the next level with our gold teddy bear? The cute bear comes in a picture-perfect box and a nice-looking design that can spread holiday cheer throughout your home. The adorable glass ornament is not only something that your girl loves but also the best choice for your Christmas tree.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Composed of blown glass, exquisitely hand-painted, and embellished with dazzling sparkles.

  • The most suitable ornament for your Christmas tre

Christmas Teddy Bear for cute Christmas gifts for girlfriend

3. Christmas Heart Ornament

A jewelry collection that speaks of love

Do you know that each shape of an ornament has its own hidden meaning? If a house ornament symbolizes family shelter and protection, a heart ornament represents the true love in that house. Show your girlfriend your true love with this special heart ornament on Christmas day. The special feature is that it can be personalized with a favorite photo of you two. Make your own tree with customized ornament to mark a memorable Christmas.
Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Dye-sublimation printing on both sides

  • The gold hanging cord is provided.

Christmas Heart Ornament for romantic christmas gifts for girlfriend


4. Engraved Kitchen Cooking Aprons

A sweet Christmas note

If your girlfriend is a chef or housewife at home, aprons play a vital role in her cooking process. So why not replace her old apron with the new one? We're sure that it would be one of her favorite things to wear every day. With its usefulness, comfort, and style, the apron has all the elements to make it a romantic gift. There's also a sweet engraved note to make her cooking time more fun and remind her of you.

Engraved Kitchen Cooking Aprons for great christmas gifts for girlfriend


5. Christmas Fuzzy Socks 

Add more colors to her Christmas

Be in a quandary about choosing a classic gift for your girlfriend on Christmas day? Then you can’t go wrong with these cute Fuzzy Socks. Add a new pair of socks to her wardrobe to show your partner how much you love her. These fuzzy socks not only come in different designs with cute patterns but also come with a gift box to make the gift more elegant.

Christmas Fuzzy Socks - cozy gifts to get your girlfriend for christmas


6. Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

More scents for a great festive season

A set of candles is an ideal gift to give your girlfriend on Christmas or any other occasion. An ideal gift idea is setting up a perfect date night with these candles to help her unwind. They're made of soy wax and cotton thread, so it’s safe for her health. She’ll love how meticulously and carefully this set is packaged so much.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Rich aroma, multiple uses

  • Can easily carry because of the compact design

Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set - good christmas gifts for girlfriend

7. Memorial Christmas Ornament

Keep her in your love

Have you ever caught yourself feeling so empty without her? If so, that's a good signal that you've found the one. Filling the void by expressing love for your loved ones with this memorial ornament. Nothing symbolizes the love that abounds during the holiday season more clearly than this memorial ornament for her Christmas tree. With just one photo to customize, you get a gift she'll find hard to forget.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Double-sided, made of high-quality porcelain

  • Include gold cord for hanging

Memorial Christmas Ornament for thoughtful christmas gifts for girlfriend

8. Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Better than your first kiss

It's the fact that lip skin is much more thinner and sensitive than the skin on other parts of our body. As a result, lip balm is one of the most prominent beauty products. Getting her a lip balm to refresh her skincare routine is regarded as the best gift on Christmas day. The Burt's Bees lip balm is all she needs for soft, smooth lips. The lip balm was created using all-natural components including beeswax, vitamin E, and a tiny bit of peppermint oil to keep your lips revitalized and moisturized.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm - sentimental christmas gifts for girlfriend


9. Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

For your travel lover

Don't know what to get for a travel enthusiast? Take our counsel and you will thank us later. A passport and vaccine card holder is an essential accessory for those who enjoy traveling. With a slim and light design that precisely fits your important items, your sweetie can easily carry it around when traveling. Aside from its attractive style, she will be astonished by the several benefits it provides.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Made from high-quality, durable PU leather

  • Using advanced RFID-blocking technology

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder - unique christmas gifts for girlfriend

Expensive Christmas gifts

If money is not your problem, read on for more ideas to choose luxury Christmas gifts for the perfect date nights.

10. Givenchy Sneakers

For Your Stylish Girlfriend

If she's a sneakerhead, we bet she will scream Wowas soon as she opens the package containing these Givenchy Sneakers. No one can deny the comfort of these knit sneakers. Made of leather with a gorgeous shade of white, they'll match different styles and meet all her needs. Trust us! You will make her Christmas softer and more memorable.

Givenchy Sneakers - expensive christmas gifts for girlfriend

Neiman Marcus

11. Essential Suede Tote

For A Working Lady

A work bag can never be the wrong choice for this Christmas gift. Choose this tote for your girlfriend to update her work wardrobe. The tote is made of luxurious Italian suede and includes a gorgeous crossbody strap with many different options. Furthermore, her name can be written on the bag to make it more personalized. We're sure that it will fit every outfit that she chooses to wear.

Essential Suede Tote for thoughtful christmas gifts for girlfriend

Mark & Graham

12. Gucci Jackie 1961

Hot item for a hot lady

If she's a fashionista herself, a shoulder bag is considered the best gift for this Christmas. One of the top items on the market is Jackie 1961 from the 'Beloved' collection of Gucci. After its release in 1961, Jackie 1961 quickly became a representation of ladylike Italian fashion and never stops getting hot till now.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Made of smooth black leather and lined with pink suede

  • Had an adjustable buckled strap and the same gold-tone Kingston

Gucci Jackie 1961 for luxury christmas gifts for girlfriend

13. Dior Fragrance

A Signature Scent For Her

Get your precious girl an unforgettable gift for Christmas with this Dior Fragrance. This best-seller perfume will help to pamper herself with a signature scent on your behalf. It’s warm and soft, wrapping your girl in a sweet and gentle cloud. Every time she uses it, it reminds her of your love forever.

Dior Fragrance - gifts to get your girlfriend for christmas


14. Custom Song Lyrics Canvas

Love Therapy

Do you believe that music has the power of healing our souls? Let your girlfriend immerse herself in your love and keep her worries away with the song that recalls all the best memories you two have together. This canvas is a perfect gift she'll spend all the love she has because it has more than song lyrics, it's your devotion.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Printed on premium, durable coated canvas

  • A thickness of 1.5 inches gives it an art gallery vibe

Custom Song Lyrics Canvas - unique christmas gifts for girlfriend


    15. The Bigger Carry-On

    A brand new item for Christmas

    Planning to take a trip with your partner for the holiday season? Finding an ideal suitcase for her would be a smart approach to take a piece of her heart and make it your own. Keep in mind that the more bells and whistles there are, the heavier your luggage and the Bigger Carry-On on our list would be a perfect portable suitcase. Furthermore, its interior compression system and water-resistant laundry bag are designed to fit all weather conditions.

    The Bigger Carry-On for best christmas gifts for girlfriends

    Away Travel

    16. Supersonic Hair Dryer

    An iconic item for your lover

    Wanna add a new fun fact for more gift ideas? Hair is predicted as the only category to grow double digits through 2024. Therefore, the Dyson hair dryer is all the rage for any girl who loves investing in the hair care routine. Why not shop for your girlfriend a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to expand her hair routine? Dyson is the perfect gift for girlfriends with its combination of easy-to-use, easy-to-hold and powerful functions.

    Supersonic Hair Dryer - a thoughtful gift for girlfriend on Christmas


    Useful Christmas gifts

    Still can't make up your mind to choose the best gifts for girlfriends this Christmas season? Get her something useful for everyday use with these ideas below.

    17. To My Amazing Girlfriend Blanket

    For who loves snuggling up in bed all-day

    Another choice to show how great your love for her is to give her some cozy gifts, such as a photo blanket. The blanket is a special way to express your love, whether you're celebrating the Christmas holidays or just want to let your other half know how much you care. Every time she cuddles up under the blanket, she'll feel your love better than ever!

    To My Amazing Girlfriend Blanket - sentimental gift for girlfriends this Christmas


    18. Aromatic Shower Steamers

    To recharge her battery

    Being occupied with too many tasks every day, she may forget to care for her beauty. It's time to give her a great treat. Let her enjoy a luxurious spa right at home with this set of Aromatic Shower Steamers. These beauty products will release her stress and help her feel your love perfectly.

    Aromatic Shower Steamers - romantic christmas gifts for girlfriend


    19. Custom Photo Collage Phone Case 

    Are you finding something extra special for her this Christmas holiday? Why not make personalized phone cases with images of you and your sweetheart? All you need to do is choose 4 photos of you two and leave her a sweet message. Then, you're all set. She would love to wear it on her phone all the time.

    Custom Photo Collage Phone Case - surprise christmas gifts for girlfriend


    20. 100% Mulberry Pink Silk Luxe Pajama

    To get her a better sleep

    Some people will find it a bit ridiculous to give their girlfriend give pajamas as a Christmas gift. However, to put a modern twist on this, wearing matching pajamas is a fun Christmas tradition that couples often do on Christmas eve. Starting a new tradition with her by getting couple pajamas is the perfect way to kick off the magic of the day. Take a look at this 100% silk pajama from Petite Plume to bring the most comfortable feeling for her sleep.

    100% Mulberry Pink Silk Luxe Pajama - thoughtful christmas gifts for girlfriend

    Petite Plum

    21. Black Bear Pillow

    The best hug from a small item

    Who says Christmas is just a season of red and green colors? Add a little black to your girlfriend's home decor with this black pear pillow to have a one-of-a-kind Christmas. Adding the date when you two started dating and the place where stars brought you together to customize a gift she'll love to hug every night.

    Reasons why we recommend it:

    • Made of 100% polyester

    • Colorfastness ensures safe cleaning

    Black Bear Pillow - for an adorbale gift this christmas


      22. Thickened Down Jacket

      To warm her heart with your love

      What better way to keep her warm this winter holidays than a thickened down jacket? Get her this cool jacket so that she can wear it every day in cold weather. Even when you're not by her side, she still feels the warmth of your arms, the beat of your heart. It comes in a variety of colors, so make sure you get her favorite.

      Thickened Down Jacket - a thoughtful gift for girlfriend on Christmas day


      23. 2 Piece Tracksuit Workout Outfit

      Embrace her curves

      Your sporty girl deserves a new tracksuit for a healthier Christmas season. The faux leather leggings with a stretch sports bra or a long-sleeve crop top are always a perfect duo for any exercise such as jogging, yoga, aerobics, pilates, dancing, cycling, tennis, and so on. Six colors and four sizes are available for you to pick her new favorite outfits.

      2 Piece Tracksuit Workout Outfit for girlfriend on Christmas day


      24. Radioplayer Doormat

      A throwback holiday

      Nostalgia is one of the most essential Christmas ingredients. Therefore, if you're looking for a gift that brings a nostalgic vibe, radio player doormat is that kind of retro gift. What makes radio player different from other doormats is that you can customize it with a sweet message for your sweetie.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • Made of a natural black foam rubber backing and a polyester knit surface fabric

      • Simple to clean, just shake out, rinse with cold water, and let air dry.

      Radioplayer Doormat gifts to get your girlfriend for christmas


      25. Slip Silk Sleep Mask

      A heavenly Christmas

      Shop for a restless sleeper? Then bring your girlfriend the best night's sleep not just on this Christmas but also in the upcoming time with a sleep mask made of silk. Slip silk was demonstrated to absorb face cream much less than cotton, helping to maintain your skin's moisture and priceless facial products. Hence, she can use it and her skincare products at the same time.

      Slip Silk Sleep Mask for girlfriend on Christmas Eve


      Last-minute Christmas gifts

      Run out of time to find your sweetheart a unique gift? Then check out our last-minute gift list for the best gift on Christmas.

      26. The Ice Cream Sampler

      For ice cream lovers

      Have you ever heard of the power of ice cream? Ice cream is actually more than a kind of food, it's a way of healing. Ice cream not only brings happiness but also reduces the levels of stress in the body. For the perfect last-minute gifts on Christmas, give her these 5 packs of ice cream samplers with 5 signature flavors from Cereal Milk, Birthday Cake, and Pie, to Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Crush. Pick the flavors your girl loves and heal her with your love.

      The Ice Cream Sampler - Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends


      27. Self Care Subscription Box

      A kit of love and happiness

      Who doesn't love self-care gifts each month? Treat your girlfriend like a queen with the best last-minute gift that brings her happiness and a bunch of wellness goods on Christmas. This monthly subscription box is curated by therapists and packed with thoughtfulness, beauty, and attentiveness to help her unwind and live an inspired life.Self Care Subscription Box - best christmas gift idea for girlfriend


      28. Custom Face In Pocket T-Shirt

      For better or for worse

      Available in four different style options, this personalized t-shirt makes the ideal gift for your partner this Christmas. You can even custom a couple sweatshirt set just by a picture of you and her. Get her the one-of-a-kind shirt to warm up your relationship this holiday season.

      Reasons why we recommend it:

      • Can go with almost any outfit

      • Ultra cotton and preshrunk polyester cotton bring a durable, yet softer feel

      Custom Face In Pocket T-Shirt for girlfriend on Christmas

      29. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

      A lovely gift for gardeners

      Surprising your girl with a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered straight to her door. Choose her birth flower and let the kit help you with helpful instructions as well as information about what your flower symbolizes. This last-minute gift may last for quite some time but your love stays with her forever.

      Birth Month Flower Grow Kit - heartfelt Christmas gifts for girlfriend


      30. Weekend Getaway Gold Gift Travel Ticket Voucher

      Ticket to love adventure

      Have you ever thought of a special way to wrap your Christmas gift? If you plan to give her a surprise trip as your Christmas gift, this ticket voucher was made for you. The text on the ticket is entirely customizable, and you can also modify the colors and location of the visuals to make it appropriate for any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, father's/mother's day, or just because.

      Weekend Getaway Gold Gift Travel Ticket Voucher - last minute christmas gifts for girlfriend


      31. Disney streaming subscription

      Time to bring her childhood back

      Give your girl a ticket to throwback to her childhood this Christmas if she is a Disney fan. With this streaming subscription, you two can spend time together and watch her favorite Disney Christmas movies. Believe us! The date night both of you enjoy will be unforgettable. Not just Disney things, but all of the top movies and shows are accessible for free streaming on this package.

      Disney streaming subscription - best christmas gift for girlfriend


      Top 5 Picks From Famiprints

      Top 5 Picks For Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriends From Famiprints

      Gift-giving may now be an integral part of what many people consider to be a “Christmas classic”, and the custom shows no signs of slowing down. Christmas is knocking on your door, so go and get your darling a perfect gift with our list of 31 Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriends.

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