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Top 27 Beer Gifts For Dad Who Always Says That He's Never Drunk

Can't come up with any gift idea to surprise your beer-loving dad? You're in luck as Famiprints has gathered a comprehensive list of Top 27 Best Beer Gifts For Dad to ease your worries.

Ready to go? Let’s dig right in!

craft beer gifts for dad

The round sign goes with the quote "Drink Good Beer With Good Friends". It can be personalized with your name to make it extra special.

To welcome guests to his own bar

1. Custom Round Sign

Does your Dad love to invite friends to his home for a beer party? Then, you can’t go wrong with this custom round sign. With a super cool design, it'll make his favorite home bar more appealing. He’ll be on cloud nine once receiving your gift and proudly show off to his beer buddies.

This mug measures 8” x 4” and holds one liter (33.8 ounces). It’s customized with two lines of text and a year.

To increase his favorite beer’s taste

2. Personalized Beer Mug

If your Dad is a beer addict, then don’t hesitate to get him this personalized beer mug. You can easily customize it with his name, year of birth, and nice messages for him. This unique mug will help his beers taste better.

The backyard sign has the quote "Great Time And Great Friend, Sit Long, Talk Long, Drink Long". It can be personalized with his name to make it more personal.

To make his boring backyard more interesting

3. Custom Backyard Sign

For beer enthusiasts, beer accessories will always get their attention. This custom backyard sign also works that way. With impressive and motivational sayings printed on, it'll make the party more vibrant and also develop a close-knit circle.. It’s one of the most unique gifts for beer lovers. 

Personalised 'beer guide' print features nine watercolour paintings of different beers. You can add his name to the print to make it more special.

To satisfy your aesthetic beer lover

4. personalized beer guide print

If your father is well-versed in alcoholic drinks, you should try this personalized beer guide print. There’s a list of nine paintings of different kinds of beer, and a blank space to add your father’s name. Hurry up to give him this present to show your admiration for his depth of knowledge.

This 3 Layer Wooden Plaque is customized with 6 photos of your beer daddy. With the quote "Best Dad In The World", this gift is sure to melt his heart.

To turn your memories into a beautiful home décor

5. 3 Layer Wooden Plaque

If you don't know what to get your father, don't dismiss this personalized gift idea. This 3-layer wooden plaque is a fantastic present to remind him of beer parties together. You may also display this gift as a charming and one-of-a-kind decoration in his living room.

This cutting board can be personalized with any text, any name you want. You also can freely the style of the cutting board based on his preference.

For a master chef 

6. Personalized Cutting Board

Your Dad is a beer maker and a master chef? Then it’s a great idea to get him this personalized cutting board. Simply add his name as well as hilarious sayings to make it one of a kind. Customize yours and tell him that he’s doing great in both positions.

This beer kit is designed for the first-time brewer in mind Step-by-step instructions simple ingredients and easy to use brewing equipment. It's perfect for any beginner or expert.

Let him enjoy his own beer

7. Beer making kit

You want to bring your dad a new feeling when drinking beer? Then consider this amazing beer-making kit. Not only is this craft beer gift able to indulge his passion for beer, but it also lets him experience how to brew beer by himself. Surely he’ll feel many times happier and extremely proud of his beloved child. 

Custom beer name art is personalized with your photos and the name of your beloved dad. Those who love beer will be overjoyed with such a beer-themed gift.

To save best photos of his beer parties

8. Beer Name Art

Finding a creative way to relive great memories of your father's beer parties? This beer name art will do your job perfectly. It features his name in beer-themed style and beautiful photos of him drinking beer with buddies. What a great gift for your beer beloving man!

This bar mat can be personalized with your state and any text you want. It has a slotted surface to capture spilled drinks.

For a home bar that serves real beer

9. Personalized Drink Local Bar Mat

Your Dad loves a local bar and wishes to bring its vibe home? Then, this personalized drink local bar mat will be a great gift idea for him. You can add the name of that local bar, as well as its location. The refined design of the mat is also a big plus to his table decor.

This mini beer keg has 169 oz capacity for fresh beer, convenient relief ring and handle. Also, it's portable for home and outdoor use.

To take his beer-drinking experience to the next level

10. Mini Beer Keg

Does your dad like going to bars or beer parties because there're big, stylish beer kegs? If so, why not help him enjoy it right at home? This mini beer keg has a compact and luxurious design and has no differences from other giant beer kegs, except for the volume. A creative idea for your dad to have fun without having to go far. 

best beer gifts for dad

World's Best Dad bottle cap art measures 8.5" tall x 18" long and come pre-drilled with nail holes for easy decorating. It allows him to display 24 of his favorite beers.

To support his interest in collecting beer caps

11. Beer Cap Collector

Your Dad’s proud of his huge beer cap collection, but he has no place to exhibit it? Don’t worry. This Beer Cap Collector is a brilliant solution to his problem. With the title "World’s Best Dad", the collector glorifies him as a good father. He’ll be much more motivated to keep expanding this interesting collection with your gift.

This beer label offers you to add your personalization, including his name, any text you want and your name. It has 4" wide  x 3" tall, so it fits most standard beer bottles.

To surprise your experienced beer addict

12. Beer Bottle Label

Is your father too familiar with beer brands? Then, wow him with a special beer bottle label. It features his name and your message to shower him with love. I'm sure he’ll be amazed by your creativity. 

This mug is a handsome black color and crafted from stainless steel, which means that it will keep his favorite beer cold for up to 24 hours. It can be personalized with three lines of text and a year, making it a great dad gift for the holidays or Father’s Day.

For a Dad who prefers drinking beer to water

13. Engraved Travel Mug

If your beer-loving Dad loves traveling, there’s no greater option than this engraved travel mug. Its large capacity enables him to hold up to 30 oz. Besides, its cool and motivational design also helps you to express your love to him.

This set includes 8 packs. It is high protein meat snack, thus suitable for your dad during his drink time.

For a perfect beer party

14. Beef Jerky

he ale party will be incomplete without delicious dishes. So, you can consider getting your beer-loving Dad beef jerky. You can easily opt for his favourite flavor as there’re many flavors available. Such a simple but brilliant gift idea, isn’t it?

This red radio player doormat is customized with his name. With a stylish and modern design, your dad will definitely love it immediately.

To add some styles to your dad’s home parties

15. Unique Doormat

Your Dad’s a fan of brewing beer and EDM? And he usually celebrates these parties at home? Then this unique doormat will fit in well with both of his interests. With the eye-catching red hue and speaker design, it’ll brighten up the guest’s enthusiasm from the moment they step by the door. Trust me, it's certain to gratify your adore father. 

This beer carrier has enough space for up to 6 bottles. Also, it comes with an iron bottle opener, so your dad doesn't need to get one anymore.

For a Dad who loves joining parties which are far away from home

16. beer carrier

If your dad likes to go to beer parties in different places, then you can give him this beer carrier. It's portable and convenient that he can easily carry his beer bottles everywhere. Sometimes your dad's joy is just simple like that, so don't hesitate to give him this practical gift? 

This personalized ice bucket is double walled insulated so ice will stay frozen for hours and ensures the bucket won’t sweat, making it easy to transport and keeping surfaces clean. Also, it can be personalized with his initial and name.

For a Dad who loves drinking cold brew

17. Insulated Ice Bucket

A cup of iced beer sounds mouthwatering to your Dad? Then this insulated ice bucket is the best practical gift you should get him right now. With it, he can make sure that his beer’s always cold enough to drink. Also, he can take the mini fridge to his peers’ home beer parties. What a lovely present to make his day! 

This beer holster is solid leather and offers comfort, art and durability. Your beer daddy will love it for sure.

To safely bring his beer bottle to everywhere

18. Leather Beer Holster

If you’re considering getting him beer accessories, you should take this leather beer holster into account. It's designed to make it easier for him to hold his beer bottles onto his belt or vehicle. So, the bottles can be transported anywhere or when he’s in a crowded BBQ party. Moreover, his name engraved on it makes it a practical yet personalized gift for beer dad.

This can cooler can be personalized with any text you want. You also freely choose the can cooler color and graphic color based on his preference.

To keep his drink cool in a creative way

19. Personalized Can Cooler

If cans of cold beer sound appealing to your dad, this personalized can cooler is a great gift you can refer to. The cooler embraces the beer can very firmly, and its red colour makes it even more impressive. I'm sure he'll love this practical and beautiful gift.

This shirt allows you to add names of your dad's children. It also goes with the quote "DAD, YOU'RE FLIPPIN' AWESOME".

For an awesome craft beer party host

20. Personalized Shirt

You want to add some style to his daily closet? Then, you definitely can’t miss this cool personalized T-shirt out. Besides the cool patterns and the emotional quote, you can also add your personal touch with the names of your family members. It’s definitely worth a shot, so customize his own one.

funny beer gifts for dad

This set of 5 pun coasters allows you to choose the favorite style among 6 ones.

To liven up his beer table

21. Funny Pun Coasters

Is your father sick of wiping the table every time he has an iced cup of beer? No worries. Here’s the solution to his problem - funny pun coasters. They'll make sure he never sees the table become wet again. Design yours to help him enjoy his favorite drink comfortably.

Delicate, soft and colorful, it's the perfect blanket for picnics in the park, outdoor events, and cozy winter snuggles.

For the Dad who needs a better sleep

22. Humour Fleece Blanket

Finding ways to help him fall asleep fast? You can't go wrong with this humor fleece blanket. The funny quote on this delicate, soft blanket will be a perfect gift for a beer loving dad with a good sense of humor.

This pair of socks has beer mug patterns. It can keep his feet warm and show how much you care about him.

To warm his feet and melt his heart

23. Beer Socks

Looking for a special gift for your beloved beer enthusiast? Then, there’s no better option than these beer socks. Featuring his favourite kind of beverages, they can not only keep his feet warm but also showcase his interests. Trust me, it’s one of the meaningful practical men beer gifts he’s ever been given. 

This bottle opener has a hammer shape, making it a perfect home decor in his man cave.

To help him open the bottle more easily

24. bottle opener

Looking for a practical personalized beer gift? Look no further. This bottle opener is the beer accessory that every beer lover needs. Plus, this bottle opener will solve the problem. Additionally, it looks extremely attractive with the silver hammer design. Do not hesitate and miss this practical beer gift for dad.

This metal sign comes with a funny quote that will surely makes your dad laugh out loud.

For a hilarious beer addict

25. Beer Metal Sign

Your Dad always makes jokes every time he’s drunk? Then this beer metal sign is definitely the best gift ideas for him. The funny quote printed on the sign will blow his mind and bring a lot of laughter to your family and his beer friends. Guarantee the first moment he unboxes it, he'll be speechless

Made with amazing ingredients like hops, crushed oats, orange peel, and coriander, this set of beer soap smells so great that your dad will love right away.

For the scent fanatic

26. beer soap set

If your beer-loving father is a big fan of fragrance, this beer soap set is definitely a perfect choice. They can help relieve his stress after hours of work, as well as bring him a seductive and masculine scent. There's also a wide variety of scents for you to consider. I bet he’s gonna be really into it right after receiving it.

This pillow has a funny quote "I WOULD EXERCISE BUT IT MAKES ME SPILL MY BEER". Made from high-quality Simplex knit fabric, this 100% polyester pillow is soft and wrinkle-free.

To help Dad enjoy a quick but comfortable nap

27. Throw Pillow

Wondering what should I gift to my dad with a sense of humor who likes beer? This cool throw pillow will be the best answer. Printed a funny quote "I would exercise but it makes me spill my beer", it'll make his guest lol.

Now It’s Your Turn

Above are the Top 27+ Best Beer Gifts For Dad that have been handpicked just for you. Hope it helps you select a wonderful present to show your dad how much you care.

What other fantastic gifts might you get for your adoring beer lover? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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