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37+ Sentimental Gifts For Dad To Make Him Feel Perfectly Content

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Looking for a heartfelt present for your beloved father? You’re in the right place. Here’re handpicked list of 37 sentimental gifts for your dad that’ll never let you down. What are you waiting for? Check it out now to find the perfect gift for your old man!

sentimental father's day gifts

 Featuring a three-eye decoration, calendar function, and luxury pointer in a waterproof and scratch-proof vessel, this watch is surely a perfect gift for any Daddy on Father's Day.

Cool outside, loved inside

1. Customized Black Chronograph Watch

A black watch is usually a must-have for your father's ensemble. You may make it stand out from the crowd by writing your message on the back. This is not only practical but also one of the most meaningful father’s day gifts.

The lake house sign has a rustic style, making his favorite space more outstanding. You can also add his name, location and established year.

To make his house an attractive destination in the town

3. Lake House Sign

If your dad is looking for something to decorate his garden, this gift is perfect for him. With a lake house metal sign, you can make his house look so outstanding in the area. He’ll be so delighted to see this interesting present on father's day. 

This daddy apron features nutritional facts that your dad has. It offers you to 3 colors to choose from.

For the true “master chef”

4. daddy nutritional facts apron

If you want something so special for your dad who is so into cooking, you cannot ignore this gift. You can also design it by adding some sweet messages as nutritional facts to make it one-of-a-kind. He’ll be the happiest man on father's day with such a practical and lovely present.

This pocket knife has a cool look, so definitely your dad will love it. You can customize it with his name, initials or any text you want.

To be with him in any situations

5. Engraved pocket knife

A pocket knife is a should-have thing for any man because of its versatility. With a special message on it for your dad, you can remind him of you anytime he takes it out of his pocket. It also makes him feel like you are always by his side and be his right hand. 

This round sign has a design of a family tree. It offers you to add your family name and photos of your family members.

For the man who is always family-oriented

6. Family Tree round sign

Do you want a gift that cannot only decorate your dad’s house but also express your love for him and the whole family? If yes, this family tree round sign was made for you. You can customize it with the most adorable picture of your beloved ones. This great gift will make him happy anytime he looks at it.

This personalized book allow you to create your characters that look like you and dad. You also can make your own story by answering a few quick questions.

Let the pictures speak your love to him

7. Personalized Father's Day Love Book

 This is one of the sentimental gifts that will make your dad cry. Simply add all your greatest memories and heartfelt messages into this book with your own design. He’ll be so overjoyed to see how much you love him and will treasure this lovely gift for years to come.

This wall clock has an elegant design, suitable for any space of his house. You just need to add 12 pretty photos and your family name to customize this clock.

Love your dad “round the clock”

8. Custom Photo wall clock

A wall clock may be a thoughtful gift, but now you can upgrade it to a whole new one with your custom one! Each number on the clock can be replaced with a lovely photo of your dad and your family. He’ll be on cloud nine to see such a heart-melted present.

This Father's Day card offers you to choose envelope color, add inside message and your photo.

For those who love vintage things

9. Personalized Fathers Day Card

Sometimes you may be busy looking for an expensive gift but forget that the true value is not about the price. With just a simple card, you can light up your dad’s day. You can also add a sweet text for him and a photo you like. This meaningful gift will warm his heart a lot. 

This tank top can be personalized with your names. You also can choose color and size for the tank top based on his preference.

For Hunting men

10. Best Bucking Dad Tank Top

If a tank top is one of your dad’s favorite items, he’ll so happy to see this unique one. With a customized badass design, this wonderful tank top is one-of-a-kind. It’s not only so cool but also a practical gift for him. This simple one is one of the best gifts for sentimental dad.

sentimental gifts for new dad

This wooden plaque is made by 3 layers of wood. It can be customized with your photos and established year.

To make his room full of love

11. Custom Photo 3 Layer Wooden Plaque

There’s nothing more touching to your dad than receiving a gift made just for him. You can add 3 photos of him that you love most in the existing frames of wooden plaque. Your lovely gift deserves the best place on his desk and would cheer him up a lot whenever he sees it.

Golf Divot Tool Set comes with the quote " New golfing buddy coming soon". The magnetic marker comes complete with a hat clip.

For those who love to play golf

12. Golf Divot Tool Set

 If your beloved father is a golfer, this golf divot toolset is exactly what he needs. More than an ordinary set, it allows you to customize it with sweet texts and cute icons for your dad. This is always one of the most useful and sentimental dad gifts.

This fantastic keychain offers a cute engraved baby at its center, along with the new baby’s name, weight, height, and birthdate. It even includes the new arrival’s hour of birth!

To be with him anywhere he goes

13. Engraved Baby Birth Keychain

 A keychain is always an ideal gift, but have you ever thought of an engraved baby birth one for your beloved dad? You can personalize it by adding some information about you or your newborn sibling. Your dad will treasure it and wherever he travels, he’ll always miss his children. 

This personalized night sky wall art can be customized with your names, date of birth, place of birth and any text you want.

Your love for him is even bigger than the sky.

14. Star Map Art Print

 Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for dad. This one is for you! It can help strengthen the Father-child bond and express your love for him. You can also have the names and information of your family member printed on it. Hang it on his wall to let him see how great your love is.  

This ceramic star keepsake come with a sentimental message. It is designed  with marble style background and plain white back. It is hung with ribbon.

To tell him that he’s like a shining star to you

15. Ceramic Star keepsake

A keepsake can be a little bit simple but it never fails to melt your dad’s heart. A ceramic star one with meaningful notes for your daddy will make you his favorite. He’ll cosset it like the way he treasures your love for him.

This features 6”h hand-painted resin seated figure in cream shirt and blue jeans, holding newborn infant on his lap.

An artistic present for dads who love to collect sculptures

16. Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Looking for a gift that can show your love to your father and decorate his working space at the same time? This unique sculptured hand-painted figure won’t let you down. When his eyes fall on it, he’ll remember the most treasurable moments when he became a dad. Your gift and the joys of fatherhood will warm his heart a lot. 

This black braided leather bracelet for men can be personalized with names of dad and kids.

To follow him to everywhere

17. Braided Leather bracelet

A bracelet is an important item that can help to perfect your father’s outlook. Now you can make it more spectacular by adding his name and yours on it. This is one of the most stylish and heartfelt gifts for dad. He’ll never forget to wear it when he goes out.

This custom neck tie goes with the text "BEST DAD". It also offers you to add your photos.

To “upgrade” his suit

18. Custom Photo Neck Tie

 Your dad wears a tie every day. So, making his dull standard tie into a one-of-a-kind tie is a fantastic idea. You can personalize it by adding a message or a beautiful image. He'll be overjoyed with such a sweet present. 

sentimental gifts for dad from son

This canvas is printed on a wood background color. You just need to add your photos, names and any word you wanna send to your dad.

Let the canvas help you to speak your love

19. Daddy Custom Photo Canvas

One of the best ways to capture your memories with dad is to give him a custom photo canvas. You can make it one of a kind by adding some of most adorable pictures of you and him. He’d love to display your gift in his home for years to come.

This hammer has a meaningful message engraved on it. Also, you can customize it with your name to make it extra special.

Care about him the way he cares about the family

20. Engraved Hammer

How about making your dad’s hammer a special one? It would be one of the greatest gift ideas for him. You can turn his normal hammer into a unique and heart-warming one with a lovely message for him. He’ll be so happy every time he opens his toolbox. 

This beer glass can be personalized with three pretty photos of yours. A short message is also added to make this gift more sentimental.

Add some joy to his drinks

21. Best Dad Ever beer glass

 This is one of the most unique father's day gift ideas. Level up his beer game with this creative custom glass. You can add his name, some photos, and a special occasion’s date, such as his birthday, to make it more personal. He'd be over the moon with this personalized gift! 

Made of high quality materials, this cigar box is sure to be the best gift that your dad has ever received. Don't forget to add his name to make it more personal.

To care for his hobby

22. Desktop cigar humidor box

Your dad always has some cigarettes with him, then he'lll need this cigar humidor box. Plus, you can customize this gift by putting his name in a basic yet stylish design. He'll be the happiest man on earth when he know that you notice his little things.

This set of jigsaw puzzles offer you to add your photos, names and any text you want. It can work as a stress relief for your beloved dad.

For his free time

23. Personalized Name And Text Jigsaw Puzzles

You may now save both photographs and puzzles of your memories with your father! Simply customize it with any photos you like. I bet when he receives your a creative and one-of-a-kind gift, he’d love play it with you!

This beautiful high quality wallet is made from genuine leather. It also goes with an engraved message that will last forever and will not fade.

Protect his cards with your love

24. Leather Card Holder

If your father needs a place to keep his cards, a leather card holder will suffice. Plus, you can customise this gift by adding his name or your meaningful messages. He'll be glad to realize that you're concerned about such small things.

This antique directional brass compass is corrosion resist, packed in a imprinted leather case. A beautiful quote is engraved "Life is a journey, Dad. Thanks for being a great guide".

It’s time to guide him with your love

25. Directional Magnetic Compass

 If he’s a adventurous dad, a directional magnetic compass is an indispensable item in any of his trips. So, why not make his compass one of a kind by adding your message for him. He'll be blown away by such an unusual and practical gift. 

This key hook is personalized with your photo, family name, text and locations where your family have travelled to together.

For dads who love to travel

26. Travel Map key hook

How about giving a key hook as a gift? Instead of generic designs, now you can use your beautiful photo, a kind message, and your favorite location to make his key hook more unique. This touching gift will shower him with love.

With this wooden pen, you just need to add any text you want. Also, you can choose font for characters and colors for pen and case..

The most valuable pen he has ever had

27. Personalized Wooden Pen

 Your dad is a pen collector, then a wooden pen will make a fine addition his collection. You can add your personal touch by add your sweet message to your “superhero”. Every time he uses the pen, it’ll always remind him of you and how much you love him. 

With soft warm yellow light, this lamp will not disturb your Dad to rest. Besides, a meaningful message

To make his own space more cozy

28. Dad Night Light Lamp

 Does your dad usually read books at bedtime? If yes, he’ll really need this night light lamp. More than just a normal one, you can make it more stunning and special with your words on it. Your practical and sentimental gift will make his chill time more relaxed than ever.  

sentimental gifts for dad from daughter

This blanket can be personalized with your photos and name. It also goes with a meaningful message that can make your dad cry tears of happiness.

To care for his relaxation

29. Personalized Photo Blanket

Looking for a creative ways to show your father how much you care? A photo blanket with your own sweet message would make his room much cozier than ever. When he see your gift in person, he can feel your love even in his dreams. 

This coffee mug allows you to add any text you want to send your dad. Made of high quality materials, it can be used for good.

For a coffee lover

30. Coffee Mug

If your father likes coffee, a coffee mug with a picture of you and him on it is a must-have. When he holds the cup, he'll think of you and the beautiful memories you've had with him.

This T-shirt is personalized with names of kids with a short quote "My children make my hear smile".

To make him look so cool

31. Personalized Shirt

Any man's wardrobe should always include a tee. With the words and wonderful illustration on it, you can now make it a more special present. This unique and funny T-Shirt is sure to brighten his day.

These socks are designed with faces of your dad and you. With the text "#1 Dad", your dad will know how much you love him.

To make his socks the cutest ones in the world

32. Custom Face socks

Why don’t you customize the socks with your dad’s face on them? It would be one of the funniest and cutest gifts that he has ever received. All you need to do is to choose a funny moment of his face and have it printed on the socks. He’ll be so exited to see such interesting presents.

This canvas is personalized with song lyrics, photo and names. Your dad will be sure to love its creative design.

For The Music-Loving Dads

33. Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art

Music is your loving father's greatest interest. Then, he'll be pleased when he sees this one-of-a-kind artwork. Add his favorite song lyrics, a gorgeous picture of your family, and a loving note on it to make it a one-of-a-kind. He’ll be so surprised to see his song in a creative version like this! 

Printed in full color, the serving tray comes in two sizes with a black or natural wood finish. Personalize with your photos, texts, and designs for a high quality serving tray.

To spread your love to any corner in his house

34. Personalized Photo Serving Tray

 Besides his desk, how about decorating his table tray? You can freely customize it with 4 favorite pictures of your family and some sweet words for him. With a black or natural wood finish, it'll be perfect to match his home décor.

This hand stamped fishing lure reads "Always your little girl". Ensure your fishing dad will love it.

For dads Who Love To Fish

35. Custom fishing lure

 If your dad’s hobby is going fishing, this unique gift will cheer his mood a lot. With a little cute message on it, he can see how much you love him and care about his tiny things. He can also use it as a keychain and it’ll follow him to any road. 

This wall art comes with meaningful messages. You can customize it with your photo and name.

Let the canvas speak your heart

36. Custom Photo And Text Canvas Art Print

 This is one of the most incredible gifts you could give to your loving father. Enlarge your little photograph and include some sweet message for him on a larger canvas. Surely he'll proudly display it in his home! 

With this tumbler, you can choose tumbler design based on your dad's hobby. Also, you may add any text you want to send him.

Make his tumbler more outstanding

37. Personalized Tumbler

 A tumbler is definitely one of the indispensable items when traveling. Let’s make it more unique by personalizing with your dad’s name and your heartfelt message. You can even choose the tumbler color to match your dad’s preference. What an ideal Fathers’s day gift!

Now It’s Your Turn

What a fantastic list, isn’t it? Hope it help you choose perfect sentimental gifts for dad.

If you find it useful, don't forget to share it with your friend. We owe you a debt of gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts.

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