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45+ Amazing Personalized Gifts For Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything (2022 Guide)

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Are you stuck with thousands of gifts and don’t know what to give your mom on her birthday, or just simply want to express your gratitude to her? 

This list of 45+ Amazing Personalized Gifts For Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything can help you make a decision. 

These options definitely will match your mom's interests and style, so let's scroll through them now!

personalized christmas gifts for mom

1. For the mom who loves to cuddle 

We Love Mom Custom Blanket Personalized With Photos and Names

This amazing blanket for mom is definitely a perfect gift if you can't find out what to give your mom this Christmas season. It enables you to customize your family photo and her lovely name. 

Wrap her in a full-of-love blanket on Christmas day, this must be the warmest gift she ever received, I promise!

2. For the mom who deserves to relax

Personalized Terry Bath Robe With Your Name Embroidered And a Wide Range Of Colors

A wonderful family vacation on the beach may be the best way to help her relax after stressful days. And don’t forget to get her this personalized bathrobe with her name embroidered on it as a thank-you gift for everything she does. 

She'd feel energized and touched by this thoughtful gift.

3. For the mom who’s always cold

Personalized Mama Crewneck Sweatshirt With Children's Names and Various Choices Of Colours

If you feel too hard to say “I Love You” to your mother, these cute sweatshirts for mom can handle it for you. You can choose any color that matches her style and personalize it with her kids' names.

Winter's coming, so give your mom a little warmth from your love with this unique present.

4. For the mom who loves her socks

Custom #1 Mom Socks With Up To 3 Faces Perfect For Every Type Of Mom

It's been so long for you to see your mother laughing out loud just because of her daily stress? These funny socks would be a great idea for you to raise her mood up.

Imagine how excited she's when she sees your face on the socks after opening the gift box!

5. For the mom with a sweet tooth

M&M'S Occasion Bottle In White Gift Box Personalized With Colors, Messages, Themed Clip-Art and A Photo

Make each moment beside your mom sweeter with this M&M’S bottle. You can customize colors and messages on candies, add themed clip-art and a photo for the gift box. 

Plus, the candy bottle is designed like a champagne bottle that looks so fancy and unique. Give it a try to get your lady a surprise this holiday!

6. For the mom who loves home decor

Bear Family 2 Sided Decorative Christmas Circle Ornament With Front Side Of Your Photo and Back Side Of Bear Symbols Personalized With Names and Family Name

If you're looking for an affordable gift to give your mother this Christmas, an ornament must be a good choice. 

You can personalize its front and back side with your favorite photos and the names of family members. Your mom can decorate her own space by hanging this cute ornament anywhere she wants.

personalized gifts for mom birthday

7. For The Mom Who Loves Taking Photos

Custom Canvas Wall Art Personalized With Photos, Names, and Text In various Choices Of Background Colors and Sizes

This personalized canvas for mom is one of the most unique gift ideas this year. Give it a try to surprise your mom on her birthday. You can customize it with her name, family photos and a special message. 

Plus, there are many background colors that you can choose from to fit your wall. Melt her heart with this lovely present on this occasion.

8. For the mom who loves romance

Our Mother Custom Star Map Canvas Personalized With Dates, Name, and Text in Black Background

If your mom is usually fluttered by romantic things, this star map canvas art will be the best choice for her birthday present. 

You can easily customize it with your family members' names, dates of birth and any message you want to say to her.

9. For the music-loving mom 

Custom Song Lyrics Cassette Tape Canvas For Mom Personalized With Photos, Song Lyrics, Names and Date In Navy Background

Sometimes if it's too hard to speak out loving words to your mom, you can let the music help you. This cassette tape canvas will be a perfect choice for her who is a big fan of music. 

Choose one of her favorite songs and add any text you want, then you'll have a pretty cool present that every mom really wants.

10. For the mom who likes vintage style

Best Mom Ever Custom Photo Collage Canvas Wall Art In Brown Background Personalized With Photos, Name and Her Age

Give your mother a memorable gift for her birthday with this retro canvas wall art. You can add up to 11 favorite photos and make this canvas unique with her new age. 

Your mom’s birthday is definitely a good time to reminisce about all the wonderful memories that your family has gone through together.

11. For the mom who loves to stay fit

Stylish Fitness Mat Personalized With Text as Perfect Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Your mom will feel overjoyed if you give her this yoga mat as a gift for this Mother’s Day. The blue theme marble pattern is super stylish and easy to fit any outfit. 

And you can also customize her name on the mat which makes it unique. She can bring it to any yoga class without worrying about losing it.

12. For the mom who needs some relaxation

Mommy Custom Photo Throw Pillow Personalized With Photos and Names In Grey Background Color

Your mom is always busy with housework and she rarely has relaxing time for herself? Give her some me-time with this lovely throw pillow. 

Just pick a day when she's really exhausted, get her this unique pillow, she'll know she's the happiest mom in the world.

personalized photo gifts for mom

13. For the mom who loves retro style

Custom Portrait From Photo Canvas Wall Art In Light Wood Background Color Personalized With Photo, Names, and Text

The more we grow up, the harder it's for us to say "I Love You" to mom. This canvas art can help you do it. It'll transform your photo into a line art portrait that can be a highlight for her space. 

Add some sweet words to make this family portrait more sentimental so that your mom can treasure it forever.

14. For the mom who loves looking at old photos

Mom Love You Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles In Galaxy Background Personalized With Photos and Text

Choose a weekend that your mom is out of business, ask her to join this puzzle game with you. Let her find out her own present is such a great idea to surprise your mom. 

Customize this jigsaw puzzle with your family photos and lovely messages and enjoy precious moments with her.

15. For the grumpy mom

Mom Custom Heart Shape Canvas Wall Art In Navy Background Personalized With 20 Pictures, Names, and Date

Is it sometimes hard to melt your mother’s heart? Not true at all. Simple things can be what makes her happy. This canvas wall art is such a great gift for her. 

You can customize it with your photos in a heart shape and your loving message to let her know that she's the best woman in the world to you.

16. For mom who likes retro things

Engraved Leather Picture Frame With a Quote "The Love Between a Mother and Daughter is Forever"

Giving your mom a picture frame to decorate her vanity table is exactly what she really appreciates this Christmas or next Mother's Day. 

The leather frame with natural color will bring a new retro vibe to her bedroom. Plus, the message is engraved on the frame, not printed, making it unique.

17. For Displaying Your Family Love

Family Custom Photo Canvas In Light Grey Background Personalized With Photos, Names and Text

Nothing can show your love to mom better than giving her a special present on Mother's Day. The canvas wall art in light grey background color would be a delicate home decor accessory. 

Add a personal touch with your family photos and lovely messages, and remind her of your love and appreciation.

personalized gifts for mom from son

18. For the caring mom

Mother and Son Sculpted Figure Celebrating the Bond of Love Between Mothers and Sons

Is it challenging for a son to connect to mom? Indeed, it's not hard at all, but you just haven’t found the way yet. And this special gift can help you deal with it. 

This Mother and Son Sculpted Figure will surely strengthen the bond between you and mom a lot, trust me!

19. For the mom who loves travelling

Custom Travel Map Canvas Personalized With Photo, Locations and Text With a Quote "Our Favorite Adventures Always Include You"

Have your mother ever talked about some places that she always wants to travel to once? Then this travel map canvas wall art would be a smart choice for this Mother’s Day. 

You can choose one of your family travel photos to print on it. Ensure she'll cherish it a lot.

20. For the mom who always gets lost

Custom Map Print Phone Case Personalized With Your Location Suitable For iPhones and Samsung

Your mom will never get lost again if you give her this amazing and trendy phone case. You can choose your house’s location and make it become a unique phone case. 

Plus, there're a variety of choices for Apple and Samsung smartphones that you can design for your mom. Let it direct your fish-brain mom to home!

21. For the mom who must have good coffee

Custom Photo Collage Coffee Mug Personalized With 15 Pictures, Names, Date and Text

Your family coffee time will become more cheerful than ever with these lovely coffee mugs. Choose your favorite photos of you and your family, pick a nice quote, and then you're gonna have the best unique gift ever for your mom's birthday. 

Coffee time with family now will have a seat in the list of your mom’s favorite things.

22. For the mom who loves candles 

Custom Name Candle With Various Scents as Personalized Gifts For Mom

Send to mom an appreciation gift for her unconditional love ever since. Are you planning dinner as a thank you to her for loving you unconditionally ever since? Don't forget to level up this special meal with scented candles. 

For this unique gift idea, you can label it with her name. Such a warm present for mom this Christmas!

23. For the mom who sacrificed a lot

Warm, Proud, Talented, Watchful, Patient, Fearless Mother Acronym Canvas With Photos In Dark Wood Background

If you wanna give your mom a thank-you gift to show your gratitude, this photo collage would be the best choice. “Warm, proud, talented, watchful, patient and fearless” - these words will show her how much you appreciate what she's done for you. 

When receiving this special photo gift, she'll realize that she's the happiest woman in the world.

personalized gifts for mom from daughter

24. For mom who loves sweet things

Custom Photo Collage Canvas Wall Art In Navy Background Personalized With 24 Pictures, Names and Text With a Quote "I Love You To The Moon And Back"

To a mother, there is nothing sweeter than hearing her kids say “ I Love You To The Moon And Back”. Once we've grown up, it could be embarrassing to say that out loud. No worries! This photo collage canvas will help you. 

You can customize it with your photos and names, which means that your gift will be the only one in the world. That sounds great, right?

25. For the yogi mom

Personalized Tote Bag With Name and Various Choices of Bag Colors and Text Colors

If your mom usually brings the whole world whenever she goes out, get her this fashionable tote bag. 

The big size of the bag comes with a colorful design that will please every mom, even the pickiest person. She'll never leave home without this bag from now on for sure.

27. For a mother-daughter matching moment 

Mother Daughter Matching Pink  Tumblers With 2 Quotes "Mother of A Princess" and "Daughter of A Queen"

If you have a close relationship with your mom as an intimate friendship, you're really lucky! So, why not get her a matching gift? This matching tumbler set includes two stainless steel straws and two straw cleaning brushes. 

This set would be a fancy present you can go for. She'll absolutely love it!

28. For the mom who needs to upgrade her bag

Personalized Jute Bag for Mom and/or Child With Your Names In Two Sizes

If your mom is a big fan of shopping, give this wonderful bag a go. This jute bag is not only eco-friendly but also last for good. You can add a personal touch to this simple design with her name on it. 

No woman can't help falling in love with such a great present!

29. For mom who usually gets Cold

Custom Photo Blanket With 4 Pictures Like A Letter From Daughter To Mom

How long haven’t you told mom that you love her so much? Why don’t you give her this personalized cozy blanket for this Christmas as a way to express it? 

All you need to do is choose the best photos of you and mom, the blanket will take the hardest part for you: Sending love to your mom!

personalized garden gifts for mom

30. For the mom with a green thumb

Welcome Garden Flag Personalized With Family Name and Inititial In Rustic Style

Mother’s garden will become more beautiful if you give her this lovely Garden flag to decorate. Make gardening more interesting and enjoyable for your mom. 

There're 2 designs that you can choose from. No matter which one you get, your mom’s garden would be absolutely prettier with this unique flag.

31. For the mom who has a little beautiful garden

Custom Garden Sign In Green Background Personalized  With Name and Established Year

A metal garden sign would be a smart choice if you’re looking for a personalized gift for mom. You can customize her name and the established year printed on the signboard. 

This would be the most lovely gift that your mom has ever received since she had her own garden.

32. For the mom who loves planting

3 pc. Personalized Stainless Steel Gardening Tools With Text Engraved

This gardening set with a beautiful design would be a perfect fit for your mom, especially if she's a planting lover. Add something unique to this gift with her name engraved on the tools’ handle! 

Imagine how your mom would be when she receives this awesome gift. That’s a precious moment you'll never forget, I promise!

33. For the mom who loves flower arrangement

Monogrammed White Vase For Mom Who Love To Arrange Flowers

It’s time to give your mom a new decor item for her little chilling corner. A simple vase with her name on it wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

With a beautiful design, this high-quality vase will definitely bring her flower arrangement experience to a new level.

34. For the mom who loves the comfort

Custom Mama Shirt Personalized With Kids' Names as Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day

A T-shirt will never be out of the good-present list if you're confused about what to give mom on her holidays. You can add your family members’ name and choose her favorite color to customize this T-shirt. 

Get her the best T-shirt ever and show how much you care about her.

personalized kitchen gifts for mom

35. For the mom who loves kitchen decor

Kitchen Fresh And Tasty Seasoned With Love Metal Sign Personalized With Name & Established Year

If your mom is cooking good meals for you every day, now it’s time to show your appreciation. A metal sign with a retro style to decorate her kitchen would be a good idea. 

You also can add her name on the signboard which makes this present become unique and wonderful.

36. For the mom who loves to bake

Mom's Kitchen Apron Personalized With Kids Names & a Quote "To The World You Are A Mother But To Your Family You Are The World"

Surprise mom on her birthday or any occasion with this lovely apron is something you can do to delight her day. And you will see her sweetest smile when she reads the message printed on it. 

Now is your mission, customize it with what you want to say to your greatest woman. I bet she'll love to use it!

37. For the mom who loves cooking

Engraved Cutting Board With Name and Various Choices of Materials and Sizes

Everyone has a dream! If your mom is good at cooking, you‘re so lucky because she chose to stay and take care of the family instead of being a chef! 

So why don’t you give her this personalized cutting board as a thank-you gift for everything she has done? Give it a shot now!

38. For the mom who loves new kitchen gadgets

Compact Swivel Cheese Board Personalized With Initials Perfect For Your Chef Mom

If your mom loves kitchen gadgets, you absolutely can't skip this creative cheese board. This set includes a wheel board with 4 separate parts for putting food and a hidden tier to keep the knives. 

Its elegant design will definitely help to level up her brunch time with family.

39. For the mom who wants to try new recipes

Custom Family Recipe Book Personalized With Name Handmade With Wood and Leather

This Christmas, give your beloved mother a new notebook for her recipe writing. The wooden notebook cover with a convenient design will make it easy to search any recipe written by her. 

Customize the cover with her name and some sweet texts, and show your mom how much you care about her.

40. For mom who is always busy with housework

Custom Kitchen Dish Towel Personalized With Name and Established Year and With White & Grey Striped Design

A kitchen is a special place for a woman, if you can't find the heat in the kitchen, you can't find it anywhere in your house. 

If one day you hear your mom complaining about housework, don’t be mad at her. All you need to do is give her this lovely dish towel and help her with washing dishes.

personalized gifts for mom jewelry

41. For the sentimental mom

Custom Actual Handwriting Bracelet Personalized With Signature, or Handwriting, or Message as Best Gifts For Mom

The more we grow up, the less we stay beside our mom. Sometimes, this may upset her, especially if she's a sentimental person. 

This chain bracelet can be a thoughtful gift for her. Send love to her with loving words on the bracelet, and she'll feel as if you're always by her side every time she wears it.

42. For the mom who loves wearing accessories

Custom Heart Charm Fingerprint Necklace Personalized With Fingerprint and Handwriting With The Availability of 3 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

You're on the way looking for a personalized gift for mom on her birthday or any special occasion? Then, a custom heart necklace with her real fingerprint will be the best gift that she may love. 

Add this awesome item to her accessory collection, and she's sure to cherish it a lot.

43. For the mom who loves Geomancy

Custom Birthstone Ring Personalized With Months and Number of Stones as a Meaningful Gift For Any Mom

If you've ever seen your mom set up stuff in your house based on natural factors, she's definitely a fan of Geomancy. Then, why not give her this wonderful Birthstone Ring for her birthday? 

Like its name, the stone on the ring will be made based on your mother’s birthday to create the best precious ring for her.

44. For the mom who loves flowers

Floral Signet Earrings Personalized With Name, or Word or Any Symbol You Want as an Elegant Piece Of Jewelry for Mom

Do you know each date of birth has a matching flower? And if your mother is a flower lover, these earrings are the best choice for her birthday present. 

This gift is simple but elegant and meaningful. Ensure every mom will be fond of it right away when she puts them on.

45. For mom who loves telling stories

Distressed Wood Jewelry Music Box Personalized With Photo In A Vintage Design Perfect For Mom Who Have Everything

A keepsake box will be a good idea if you want to find an appreciation gift for mom. 

Save all the best memories of you and mom inside this personalized gift. Your mom will know how much you love her when she opens it. Time flies but the memories last forever.

Now It's your Turn

The gift you choose for mom can express how much you care about her. And a personalized present is always a good option for you to do it. 

Hope these 45 Amazing Personalized Gifts For Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything this year will handle your gifting. 

Don’t forget to share with us great moments when she receives your special gift below.

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