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29 Best Push Gift Ideas to Welcome A New Family Member

Any mom to be deserves the best push gifts for the aches and pains they had for over nine months.

Giving birth will be the greatest miracle ever if you have the chance to witness it. Not to mention raising a child to grow up, being pregnant, and carrying physical pains for 9 months has been hard work and needs a lot of effort. If any couple around you has welcomed a new member of their family, get them a push present to celebrate this life event with the list of 29 push present ideas for any parents from Famiprints.

What is a push present and should dads get one too?

    Have you ever wondered why it's called a "push present"? Read on to find out more about it with us. A "push present" is traditionally known as something given from the dad to the mom to congratulate her on "pushing" the baby out successfully and to welcome a new family member. Push present jewelry might often be the perfect push present idea that men go for to give the mom or the new baby though not all the moms like it. To find out what a new mom really wants when her baby is born, we've curated 29 Best Push Gift Ideas to Welcome New Moms & Dads to Parenthood which will inspire you a lot. 

    Actually, a push present is not only for new moms as people usually think. Dad - who always gives mom emotional and physical support during her pregnancy, also deserves a special push present as a reward for his hard work. Why can't they get their push present while putting a lot of effort into the birth of the child?

    Best Push Gift Ideas for wife to express your appreciation

      We rounded up the best push gifts here for your convenient reference. Check it out and wow your partner now!

      1. Wife And Mommy Photo Collage Canvas 

      For All Good Memories

      Wife And Mommy Photo Collage Canvas - best push gift ideas for wife

      Your wife and babies are the most important people in your life. This personalized name canvas will be a great push gift to tell your wife that she has established the best family ever. Design yours and color your home with this beautiful personalized wall art.

      Reasons why we recommend it:
      • Matching with any corner of the house when displaying
      • Printed on premium, long-lasting coated canvas that arrives ready to hang

        2. Flower Subscriptions 

        To Refresh Her Mind

        Flower Subscriptions - unique gifts for new moms after birth

        "A woman is like a rose, if you treat her well she'll bloom". Let her love bloom by having a bouquet of flowers as a surprise gift sent to her at the hospital or at home. Select a plan and choose from biweekly, weekly, or monthly bouquets..., the shop will handle all the details to make your wife a perfect push present after giving birth.


        3. We Love You Mom Blanket 

        To Send A Warm Hug


        We Love You Mom Blanket - best push presents for new moms

        This Personalized Blanket is what an expectant mom needs most. You can easily create your own with names, photos, and messages within a few clicks! Cover her and your newborn with a warm blanket on cold days and make them the happiest people on Earth.

        Why shoppers love this blanket: "Better than I expected. Perfect gift for friends and family. I bought it as a first Mother's day gift and she loved it!" - Harlin K.


        4. Mom You Were Right Funny Candle 

        Handmade with love

        Mom You Were Right Funny Candle - best push presents for a mom-to-be

        Scents of candles bring the most comfortable feeling for nursing moms even when taking care of the first baby. The candle would be a great gift to help the mom relax and avoid postpartum depression. Choose her favorite scents and a suitable size to show how you treasure her through a small gift box.


        5. Shoulder & Neck Massager

        A Thoughtful Care For A Special Bond

        Shoulder & Neck Massager - thoughtful push presents for new parents

        Another wonderful way to improve a new mom status from stressed to resilient is a pillow massager. The shoulder and neck massager offers soothing heat therapy helping improve not only back pain and muscle tension but also blood circulation. This portable self-equipment is a unique push present idea for new moms to take care of themselves when their husband isn't at home.


        6. Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure

        To Feel The Love And Warmth


        Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure - best push presents idea

        If finding push present suggestions for the baby shower runs in your head all the time, a sculpted figure is the most thoughtful gift to meet all your requirements. Besides the exquisite design, the Quilt also represents the role of a mother which is to protect and keep her baby safe and warm. Once new moms saw the precious moment sculpted, they will be touched.
        Why shoppers love this figure: "This was a gift for myself. It reminds me of how I used to rock my babies to sleep, they are grown and on their own now. It also reminds me of the quilts my momma and grandma used to make for us kids. So overall this piece means love and affection for me."- Rebecca H.


        7. Baby Keepsake Library

        Library Of Memories

        Baby Keepsake Library - cute push gifts for a baby shower

        Have you ever regretted not being able to keep any mementos from your childhood? Or have you misplaced any priceless items since you were a little child? Let's help the new mom save cherished items such as missing teeth, hospital name tags, and favorite binkies for her new baby with this mini library. The keepsake gift is also the best gift to help forgetful moms save some little things that are easy to lose like car keys, tiny envelopes, or remotes.


        Push Presents to Emotionally Support a New Mom

          Have a pregnant friend or a baby shower? Take a look at these next push present suggestions for more present ideas.

          8. Family Photo Pillow

          A Soft Warm Hug

          Family Photo Pillow best push present ideas for new moms

          Taking care of a newborn is certainly strenuous for a new mama, so she may be usually sleepless. If you don't have enough time to give her a hand, take this soft pillow for her. Featuring up to 10 photos, it's sure to be a great push present that helps her sleep better and always feel loved.


          9. Kindle Paperwhite 

          Beyond A Book

          Kindle Paperwhite - best push gifts for new moms after birth
          Do you know how to develop early literacy skills of newborns? It's believed that reading and storytelling with babies are the best ways to promote their language development. Most moms choose to collect children's books as many as possible for their kids to read. Why not replace those physical books with a kindle for a better experience? Instead of buying tons of paper, a kindle has all the best bedtime stories for every mom.
          Reasons why we recommend it:
          • Adjustable warm light gives an easy-on-eyes experience
          • Allows readers to get unlimited access to over millions of titles, thousands of audiobooks, and more

            10. Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant

            More Than An Alarm Clock

            Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant - perfect push gift ideas for mom

            Sleep plays a vital role in improving the health of a full-time mom. A smart Hatch Restore would be one of the most perfect push gifts to enhance the sleep-wake routine. Just set a personalized routine from wake time and alarm sound to sunrise color, and this smart assistant will handle the rest for waking up full of energy.


            11. Mental Health & Self-Care Box 

            Healing Therapy

            Mental Health & Self-Care Box - thoughtful push gift ideas for wife

            After a baby is born, it's supposed to be the happiness of new parents. However, the mom to be often experiences the symptoms of postpartum depression, and mental health problems. Improving their mental health and natural self-care with the Mental Wealth box is a thoughtful gift that every mom needs. The push gift box comes with about 6 carefully curated products that help to explore more things about mental health.


            12. Mom Custom Photo Collage Canvas 

            Warm Up A Mom's Heart

            Mom Custom Photo Collage Canvas - best push present ideas for new mothers

            The new baby’s arrival is actually a special moment that new parents want to celebrate and preserve for later. And you’re not an exception? This Custom Photo Collage Canvas is what can handle it for you. Pick six pretty photos, add a sweet message and leave your name, then you’ll get a sentimental gift for her this year.


            13. Personalized Baby Memory Box 

            For The Nostalgic Mom

            Personalized Baby Memory Box - the perfect push gift for pregnant friend

            This baby keepsake gift would be the best push present for a new mom who loves to preserve everything about her kid like shirts, pants, or handkerchiefs. Imagine passing on the box to the kids when they grow up, it would be a touching scene for looking back on all the memories. When she unboxes this push present, we're sure her reaction will be beyond your expectation.


            14. Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame 

            A Lifelong Keepsake

            Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame - unqiue push present ideas for parents

            Featuring the handprint and footprint of a newborn, this picture frame would be one of the best push presents for every new parent. It's non-toxic and totally safe to use on a baby's delicate skin, so don't worry! This is where your brave mom and you revisit at any time.

            Why shoppers love this photo frame: "This kit would make an excellent gift for a shower or Christmas gift anyone can use this in their own way. I highly recommend this so easy and versatile I may get another to give to grandparents in future of the kiddos hands or their little dogs paws they would love it." - Binzany


            15. I’ve Waited 9 Months for This Stemless Wine Glass 

              Enjoy The Mother's Life

              I’ve Waited 9 Months for This Stemless Wine Glass - cute push present ideas for new parents

              For any new mom, 9 months of pregnancy is a time filled with emotions from anxiety and tears to happiness. Why not celebrate a tough time that went through and a new member arrived by raising a glass of wine? This mother cup comes with the perfect gift box and is also ideal for a pregnancy announcement, new mom present, expectant mother gift, or Mother's Day gift!


              16. Privacy Nursing Covers 

              Keep The Infant Safe

              Privacy Nursing Covers - heartwarming push gifts for a mom-to-be

              Breastfeeding is one of the things that bothers all nursing moms because not every place has fresh and clean air to breastfeed the baby. Understand the worries, this nursing cover was made to protect the baby, provide privacy and remove distractions. The lightweight nursing cover makes the perfect push present for folding and carrying easily in the diaper bag, messenger bag or backpack diaper bag.


              Good Push Gift Ideas for Dad to Thank Them

                Celebrate new parents but haven't come up with any push present ideas for the dad-to-be? Check out these cool present suggestions below!

                17. First Hubby, Now Daddy Shirt 

                The Best Preparation For Being A Dad

                First Hubby, Now Daddy Shirt - practical push present suggestions for dad

                There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a dad in a family shirt and holding the new baby in his arms. In spite of not giving birth, dads deserve a matching shirt as a stylish push present. Customize the shirt with the names of family members to create a special bond within your family, you will make the most unique gift ever for your dad.

                Reasons why we recommend it:
                • A perfect match with almost any outfit
                • Ultra-soft cotton makes it durable and comfortable 

                    18. Cute Baby Giraffe Wooden Plaque

                    Gift Of Love

                    Cute Baby Giraffe Wooden Plaque - cute push gifts for new dads

                    Have you ever expressed your love and affection to your dad? If words are hard to say, then gift-giving is the best way to show your love. Gifting this wooden plaque is a cute idea to put a smile on his face. The wood material makes it a durable ornament for home decoration. It also can be customized by adding the names of you and your siblings.


                    19. Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera 

                    To Capture Treasured Moments

                    Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera - best push gifts for a dad-to-be

                    He is really into taking photos with his phone? Why not get him a camera to pamper his interest? This instant camera is definitely one of the most thoughtful childbirth gifts for dad. It'll enable him to capture special memories of his baby's arrival conveniently.


                    20. The Day You Made Me A Dad Canvas Wall Art 

                    To Congratulate Him On His First Time


                    The Day You Made Me A Dad Canvas Wall Art - thoughtful push present ideas for dads

                    Celebrate the day he became a dad with this personalized star map. It'll show what the night sky was like on your baby's day of birth. You can even personalize it further with his name and special date. We bet he'll treasure it forever.

                    Why shoppers love this piece of art: "It came out beautifully. I am very very pleased with this gift. My dad was in tears when he saw it. I would highly recommend this item and would purchase others like it. Thank you so very much for the beautiful gift." - Cindy G.


                    21. I Love You Dad Jigsaw Puzzles 

                    A Piece of Love

                    I Love You Dad Jigsaw Puzzles - heartfelt push gift ideas for new dads

                    Having the first baby can bring a Dad a "happiness bump" and depression with a heap of unnamed tasks at the same time. So, let's blow off his steam with this Personalized Family Photo Jigsaw Puzzle. He's sure to feel over the moon when seeing the family photo after having done this puzzle.


                    22. The Dad Hoodie 

                    To Warm Up The New Dad

                    The Dad Hoodie - cool push presents for dads

                    What better gift for a new parent than a hoodie? Just choosing the color and size can make a practical gift for a new dad. It also offers him many pockets to carry all things to meet the baby’s needs on every outing.

                    The Dad Hoodie

                    Gifts for a Pregnant Friend to Congratulate Her

                      Have a pregnant friend but don't know how to show your care? Consider our present suggestions below to find her a great push gift.

                      23. Baby Bump Wooden Plaque

                      The Beginning Of An Angel


                      Baby Bump Wooden Plaque - meaningful push present ideas for pregnant friends

                      What makes a new mom happier than the moment she saw a little angel inside her body in spite of going through painful baby bumps? Capture that moment and put it on this wooden plaque, you will have the perfect push present for your friend. The great gift also allows shoppers to make it more meaningful by inserting the baby's name.

                      Why shoppers love this "Baby bump": "Absolutely fantastic! The product matched the advertised description perfectly and is extremely high quality. All of my directions were followed. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product" - Cindy C.


                      24. Slip Silk Sleep Mask 

                      For Sleepless Moms

                      Slip Silk Sleep Mask -  thoughtful push presents for moms

                      If your pregnant friend is often sleepless, this super soft sleep mask is just for her. Its silk material helps to block the light very well and gives her a comfy feel, so she'll have a better sleep. What a practical push present!


                      25. A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal 

                      A Record Of Beautiful Memories


                      A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal - special push gifts for a pregnant friend

                      Pregnancy is the most special stage of life for a woman. Let her save each moment of this life event in the pregnant journal. It also serves as a unique keepsake where both she and her baby can look back at those meaningful memories.

                      Why shoppers love this journal: " I got this journal for my best friend who’s pregnant with her first little one. I know she doesn’t journal regularly, so I wanted a simple journal that was pretty straightforward, but that she could include all the little details if she chose to do so. We also didn’t know the gender at the time, and I liked that it’s a really cute, Gender neutral journal. The name “Expecting You” kind of sold me too, because I thought it was precious!" - Abigail H.


                      26. Non-Skid Maternity Socks 

                      For An Easier Motherhood

                      Non-Skid Maternity Socks - great push present ideas for a new mama

                      It should be even more cautious in her third trimester of pregnancy. So, let these non-skid socks warm her feet and avoid any falls. It's absolutely a cute maternity gift that your friend who is about to be a new mother soon will love so much.


                      27. Pregnancy Birthing Yoga Exercise Ball 

                      Stay Healthy In The Pregnancy Journey

                      Pregnancy Birthing Yoga Excersice Ball - healthy push presents for moms

                      Who said a pregnant woman is not able to do exercises during pregnancy? Actually, doing yoga with the birthing ball is a must for every mom to relieve tension and avoid postpartum depression. Therefore, get her this yoga ball as a push gift for a healthy pregnancy, she'll be on cloud nine when receiving it.


                      28. Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress

                      To Make Moms Feel Pampered


                      Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress - beautiful push present ideas for new moms

                      Shop for a pregnant mother? Then this dress is what you're looking for. For putting moms first, the dress was designed to fit and flatter the baby bump and chest. The used fabric creates a comfortable and confident feeling for the modern woman to wear everywhere.

                      Why shoppers love this dress: "Gorgeous little dress with classy flair and movement! The pretty jewel tone green is perfect to compliment my daughter’s fair complexion. We love it!" - Chris P.

                      Neiman Marcus

                      29. Burrito Baby

                      For A Cute Angel

                      Burrito Baby - cute push present ideas for new babies

                      If the pregnant friend is the type of person who has everything, then buy for her baby instead. These swaddling clothes will be the cutest gift ever to keep the baby cuddled, and secure but still look adorable. Even on the most scorching days of summer, the breathable fabric can ensure not to lose the babies' cool and always keeps them at a comfortable temperature.


                      Top 5 picks from Famiprints:

                      Top 5 Picks From Famiprints for push present ideas

                      Congratulations on the new arrival! No matter whether it's for your wife, mom, dad, or pregnant friend, you're bound to find a great push present from the list of 29 push present ideas for any parents that Famiprints recommended. Go and surprise the new parents with your heartwarming push gifts!

                      We hope our Best Push Gift Ideas List can make your gift giving easier. If you figure out any amazing push presents, please feel free to let us know! 

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