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27 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts To Wow Your Boo At Once

 In a hurry to get something for this Valentine's Day? Read up on our list!

Valentine's Day is coming closer and you wanna give your partner all the best on this special day. But, boom! You're occupied with your job and barely have time to plan your gift-giving. Don't panic! We are here to get you out of your funk. With the list of 29+ Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts To Wow Your Boo At Once, come and find the best gift ever for the special someone in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get right to it!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Your lover is so great at gift-giving and loves to give you gifts even when it's not a special occasion? Then, it's time to express your appreciation to him with a thoughtful gift. Let's get started with our suggestions!

1. Custom Wooden Plaque

To Be A Supportive Partner

Custom Wooden Plaque - best gift on valentine's day

Thank him for always being by your side with a wooden plaque as a Valentine's gift. The wooden gift is customized with you and his name as well as a special song that reminds him of your love story. Its design shows how strong he is to be a solid support for you and boosts his personal morale to grow a long-lasting love.


2. Personalized Funny Boxers

For Your Jokester

Personalized Funny Boxers - cute last minute valentine's day gifts

Want to spice things up for your date night? These Personalized Funny Boxers are great gift ideas for him. You can also add his name to make it unique to him. It's super comfy, funny, and made to last, so he'll love them for sure.

Why shoppers love these shorts: "Perfect! The M looks a bit big but that's exactly what I wanted! The quality is top notch and the photos are sharp!" - Chloe


3. Cedar Beard Oil

For Your Beard Guy

Cedar Beard Oil - last minute gifts for boyfriend

Your loved one looks extra sexy with a beard, so keep his sexiness last forever with Cedar Beard Oil. Using only natural ingredients, it'll help you take good care of your beard. This is a cool gift for a boyfriend that tells him how much you love and care for him.

The Beard Club

4. Vinyl Record Canvas Wall Art

Cater For His Music Passion

Vinyl Record Canvas Wall Art - thoughtful gift for boyfriend

If your man is crazy about music, then fuel his passion this Valentine's Day with a Vinyl Record Canvas Wall Art. Hang it on the wall and he'll sing this song for you every day. Moreover, this is also a great home decor accessory. Give it to him and show how much you want to build a wonderful home with him.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Bring a stylish look to your home

  • Printed on high, long-lasting coated canvas


5. Personalized Socks

To Show Him Your Love

Personalized Socks - cool gift for boyfriend

Does your boyfriend usually have to rub his feet together to keep warm at home? So, why not help him out with a fresh new pair of socks? This pair of crew socks will warm up both his feet and heart even in cold weather. You can also personalize it by adding the names of you and your loved one to make it more unique.


6. Funny Valentines Scratch-Off Card

For A Fun Date

Funny Valentines Scratch-Off Card - cute last-minute gifts for him

Need a naughty gift to keep your relationship fresh and exciting? There's no wrong way to try a date night with A Funny Valentines Scratch-Off Card, it will blow your mind. Get him this card and let him explore what's behind the red heart. He's gonna be surprised immediately after he scratches the card.


7. Heart Shape Blanket

Good Tip For Sleeping

Heart Shape Blanket - creative valentines gifts for him

If your man needs some coziness to fall asleep every night, this Custom Song Lyrics Blanket is a great gift for him. Every time he snuggles under this blanket, he'll always feel the warmth and love you give him. It's surely one of the most perfect valentine's gift ideas for long-distance couples.

Why shoppers love this blanket: "I loved this blanket!! I ordered it with expedited shipping for my grandpa and he cried when he received it. The shop was so fast at making it and sending it out just in time for his birthday! Highly recommend!"


8. Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

Inspiration For His Day

Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones - unique valentines gifts for him

If your boyfriend is a technophile, there's no better than gifting him a wireless headphones on Valentine's Day. Two latest features including noise canceling and transparency will bring him a premium listening experience. Moreover, thanks to a battery life of up to 22 hours, he can stay connected to music and stay creative with his job. So why not give this perfect present a try?


Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Chocolate and flowers are no longer her favorites for this February holiday? Luckily, we've rounded up sweet and romantic presents without any support of chocolate pieces or bouquets of flowers. Come and take a look!

9. To My Valentine Necklace

Symbol Of Eternal Love

To My Valentine Necklace - best valentines gifts for her

Wonder if your girlfriend loves sparkle things? Of course, all the girls do. That's why jewelry is the perfect last-minute gift for any special occasion. Get her this gorgeous necklace to show your unbreakable love to her. The pickup line in the gift box will make her smile from ear to ear every time she sees it.

Why shoppers love this white gold necklace: "My daughter will be Graduating High School this month, and her party is in June, that's when she will be receiving this beautiful necklace from me." - Diane K.


10. You're My Galentine Candle Jar

For A Lovely Date Night

You're My Galentine Candle Jar - cute last minute valentine's day gifts

Are you looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas for a friend who's into scent? So, take a look at this candle jar. With a cute design and high-quality fragrance, it'll help her feel relaxed and refreshed when she lights it up.


11. Custom Night Sky Pillow

For A Sleepyhead

Custom Night Sky Pillow - cute last minute valentines day ideas

She often finds it hard to fall asleep? Why not take this chance to help her out of this matter with this custom night sky pillow? The soft material together with the personal details will give her a comfy feeling as if she's in your embrace. It'll melt her heart right away when she receives it.


12. Jewelry Case

For A Neat Freak

Jewelry Case - gorgeous last minute birthday gifts for wife

Does your girl like to carry a lot of jewelry on a trip? So, a jewelry case with a lot of space is what she needs right now. This case has many organizers for all types of jewelry. With a small design, it can fit in any bag regardless of size.

Cal Pak Travel

13. It's So Good To Be Home Key Hook

For A Strong Family Bond

It's So Good To Be Home Key Hook - adorable things to give to your girlfriend

Is it fine to give her a key hook as Valentine's gift? Actually, it shows your respect for her family, and she'll love the gift, no matter what. Famiprints believes that we all follow a rule in our mind: Family First, and if your girlfriend is a family-oriented person, she deserves this wooden gift. Customize it with your family name as well as a family photo to make the thoughtful gift more unique.


14. Rose Quartz Jade Roller

A Symbol Of Beauty

Rose Quartz Jade Roller - useful valentines gifts for her

Does your loved one always complain about how bad her skin is? Or how much she hates the wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness on her face? It's time to help her reduce all of that pressure with a roller face. So, you must wonder what this small tool could do? Well, the 7 benefits that it brings to rejuvenate her skin will surprise you and your partner.


15. Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers Cards

Show Your Love Over And Over Again

Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers Cards - heartfelt last minute birthday gifts for wife

If your girlfriend loves to be a gift receiver, these vouchers will be a great last-minute gift for this Valentine's. The gift made to give 20 times will spice up your love with 20 fascinating vouchers. Each coupon offers a favor and a description for couples to do things they've never done before. It will be the best v day gift she ever got!


16. Self-Care Set

A Spa Treatment At Home

Self-Care Set - thoughtful valentines gifts for her

Is she a type of self-love? If yes, take her self-care routine to the next level this upcoming Valentine's Day with this self-care set. The set includes Bath Soak, Bod Powder, and Bod Oil which are organic, freshly made-to-order products, and suitable for skin types, even sensitive skin. Show your thoughtfulness when choosing her favorite flavors. Trust us! These products will make her skin feel better than ever.

Fat And The Moon

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends

Who says a single person can't have fun on Valentine's Day? Don't be upset just because you don't have a partner to give gifts on this February holiday, you're not alone bro! It's time to think of your loved ones, best friends and give them a well-deserved treat for standing by your side through your worst times.

17. Rainbow Wall Clock

To Honor Your Relationship

Rainbow Wall Clock - best friend valentines day gifts

Got an LGBT friend or family member on your hands? This rainbow clock will surely be their cup of tea. Customize it with the names of them and their lover as well as your favorite photo of them. Or if they're single like you, customize the clock as a token of your friendship. They'll surely cherish you till the end of time when receiving the gift.

Reasons why we recommend it:



  • Made of high-quality wood or acrylic, durable printed image
  • Enjoy your peace time with the soft ticking sound



18. The 5 Love Languages Hardcover Special Edition

A Recipe For A Joyful Relationship

The 5 Love Languages Hardcover Special Edition - useful valentines gifts for friends

Does your soulmate love reading books more than you? Then gifting books is definitely a great last-minute gift idea for the upcoming Valentine's Day. And if they're having a bad time with their marriage life or toxic relationship, The 5 Love Languages hardcover is made for them. The book reflects on the challenges of relationships today and offers advice to keep your relationship alive and flourishing.


19. Painting Art Round Wood Sign

An Artwork Of Love

Painting Art Round Wood Sign - cute valentines gifts for friends

What is an anthem song between you and your fellows? Make the song more special by adding it to this round sign and gift it to them on Valentine's Day, your gift recipients will burst into happy tears. The artwork will be extra special when you add a favorite photo of your friendship. It will be the best way to remind them of your friendship every day.

Why shoppers love this piece of art: "This turned out great! They were quick to get everything to me and it looked awesome." - Timothy F.


20. Champagne Flutes

Keep Your Champagne Chilled

Champagne Flutes - cool gift for wine lovers

The best way to enjoy Valentine's Day with your friends is to spend hours in bed watching movies. It's much more better to complete that night with this set of champagne glasses and have a sip of your favorite champagne. These glasses feature a double-walled insulated design that keeps your drink cold longer and prevents condensation on the outside of the glass. A great choice to serve any type of beverage!


21. Chocolate Coffret Maison

For Your Chocoholic

Chocolate Coffret Maison - romantic valentines gifts for friends

Chocolate is always a perfect choice for your Valentine's day gift ideas. Upgrade your gift to a better version with a luxurious gift box like this box of dark and milk chocolate. The thing that makes La Maison Du Chocolat different from other brands is its ganache. All of the greatest flavors and ingredients were added to create a perfect mixture. Your buddies can't say no to these sweet treats.


22. Luxury Personalized Couple Bathrobes

A Fancy Dress For Their Wardrobe

Luxury Personalized Couple Bathrobes - inexpensive valentine gifts

Does it sound weird to gift your pals a couple of bathrobes for February 14? Read on to know what really makes sense. This fleece bathrobe is made of 100% polyester warm fleece, which brings a soft and gentle feeling to the skin. You can also customize it with your friends' initials and monograms to make the gift more unique. When your friends wear it once, they'll wanna bring it with them everywhere from home to a spa.


DIY Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

It takes you so much time to wait for your gift to arrive? Making DIY gifts is totally a perfect way to save time when choosing gifts for any special occasion such as Christmas or Valentine Day. You no longer have to wait for delivery from week to week when checking out our DIY gift list.

23. DIY Button Picture Frame

A Cute Project For Everyone

DIY Button Picture Frame - creative last minute valentines day ideas

A picture frame will never sound to be an attractive gift when it's made by yourself - the gift giver. You will never know how useful unused buttons can be until you make this DIY picture frame. Send a sweet message in the middle of the frame to your loved ones to inspire them every day. You can also replace the message with a photo of you and your other half together. It will be the best decor item ever for their room.

Learn To Do It

24. DIY Valentine Light Bulb

A Symbol Of Love

DIY Valentine Light Bulb - best gifts for couples on V - Day

Light up your lover's V-Day with this DIY bulb to show how much you value her. We bet she will never find any light bulb cuter than this one at grocery stores. Increase the romantic part of the bulb by adding heart-shaped wires and a heartfelt message. The final version of the gift will freshen up her home.

Learn To Do It

25. DIY Ribbon Heart

Sharing And Caring For Loving

DIY Ribbon Heart - cute gifts for valentine's day

If your loved one can never say no to adorable things, make her this ribbon decor item on February 14. With just a few supplies such as paper, scissors, glue sticks, and red ribbon, you are able to complete the thoughtful project to help her decorate a cute room. We already offer a clear direction including a Youtube video for you to follow all the steps.

Learn To Do It

26. DIY Seven Days of Love Box

A Big Encouragement

DIY Seven Days of Love Box - special gift for boyfriend

Surprise your loved one in seven days with a thoughtful gift box that you made by yourself. Three things you need to complete the gift are a pill box, a candy pack, and the Seven Days of Love printable. Inspirational quotes from these 7 notes and a little sweet from the candy pack will be the best ingredients to start his day.

Learn To Do It

27. DIY Mason Jar Matchbox

A Perfect Match

DIY Mason Jar Matchbox - cheap valentine's day gifts

Wanna do something creative for your spouse this Valentine's Day? Look no further than this matchbox! You won't have to buy anything to make it because all the things you need are around your house. The mason jar gift would be perfect not only for home decor but also for cozy romantic dinners, birthday candles on cakes, and a campfire. Treat your loved one to a delicious and romantic dinner at home with these surprising matches.

Learn To Do It

Top 5 Picks From Famiprints

Top 5 Picks From Famiprints for Valentine's gifts

Great! We have gone through together the list of 27 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts To Wow Your Boo At Once. If your time is running out, all of these last-minute gifts are available with expedited shipping within two days. We hope you can throw all your worries away and already pick your own gift that can make your special someone's heart melt when they receive it.

If you find this list useful, please let us know in the comment section below. And if you like it, feel free to share it with your friends and family.