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37+ First Valentine Gifts For Boyfriend Whom Your Heart Beats For

Your First Valentine's Day with him is as worth celebrating as any other anniversaries. So if you're looking for a memorable gift for your beloved man, be sure to check out this collection of 37+ First Valentine Gifts For Boyfriend.

Let's take a scroll through the below gallery right away and find the best gift for your special one.

Best Valentines Gifts For Him

A rectangular hanging frame canvas wall art print name, date, photo, song lyrics, song name printed on the light brown color canvas background is the best gift for him on valentine

For A Music Lover

1. Custom Song Lyrics Canvas

Here's the first romantic gift idea to celebrate your first valentine's day together. Pick a favorite song belonging to you and him uniquely, and turn it into this personalized canvas print. It's a perfect gift for your man and great wall decor for his space, too.

a personalized music box made of 6 mm thick light color wood, print photo, message is the best first valentine gift for him

For The Vintage Man

2. Custom Photo Music Box

A wooden music box is a vintage gift idea for your new boyfriend. This custom music box comes in 3 different styles and 4 music options. So be sure to select one that suits his taste the most. Also, remember to surprise him by sending your own photo and message to this little gift even cuter.

a rectangular frame canvas wall art print name, date, google map your chosen location on a white color background is the greatest valentine gift for boyfriend

To Mark A Memorable Place

3. Custom Map Print Canvas

If you're searching for a sweet memento for your man, do consider this custom map print. It’s personalized with your names, the date you met, and a map marking the place where everything's changed for both of you. This is sure one of the best gifts for him this first valentine’s day. 

A circle sign prints a photo, name, date, and song lyric on a black color vinyl record background is the best anniversary gift

For A Vinyl Collector

4. Custom Vinyl Record Round Sign

If your boyfriend happens to be a vinyl collector, you'll most likely want to have a look at this vinyl record. It'll surely become the most favorite item of his collection. As it displays your unique photo, names, date, as well as the favorite song lyrics of you and him. 

a Bluetooth Speaker comes from Soundcore brand, Enhanced Bass, Stereo Sound, Pure Titanium Diaphragm Drivers, PartyCast Technology, BassUp, 24 hour Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof

For A Tech Savvy

5. Soundcore 3 Bluetooth Speaker

This Soundcore 3 Bluetooth speaker is a great tech gift for him on your first valentine's day together. Coming from the famous brand of Anker, it offers enhanced bass, 24-hour playtime, and custom EQ mode. Above all, IPX7 Waterproof lets your man enjoy his favorite music even when he's taking a shower. 

A custom song lyrics, text, and date print on a light brown color background beach towel will be the best valentine gift for him

For An Ocean Lover

6. Song Lyrics Towel

If a vinyl record is not his thing, a custom song lyrics towel might be the suitable one. You can also personalize it with your photo, name, date, and favorite song lyrics. It's certainly a stylish towel for a beach holiday, as well as a romantic gift for him this first valentine's day. 

a sofa pillow print photo, name, message, and your chosen location star map on a white color background is the best ideal valentine gift for him

To Express Sweet Words To Your Lover

7. Custom Star Map And Photo Pillow

A sweet way to express your love to your new boyfriend is by printing your loving message right on a pillow. You can make it even more meaningful by adding a custom map that is unique to your couple. By submitting your specific place and time, a sky full of stars will be generated for you.

a personalized e-Gift Card in PDF file can download and print out to and give to your boyfriend is the best valentine gift for Him

Let Him Get What He Wants

8. Digital Gift Card

A digital gift card is very easy and convenient to use. If you want him to be able to choose and customize his own design, then opt for this eGift card from POB Custom Embroidery. It'll be one of the most surprising first valentine's day gifts for him.

a stainless steel chain ID bracelet features a logo-accented black agate with "DIESEL" letter detail and the magnetic closure is the best valentine gift for Him

For A Stylish Guy

9. Diesel Stainless Steel Chain ID Bracelet

No man can refuse a sweet gift from his girlfriend, especially when that’s a Diesel stainless steel chain ID bracelet. Trust me! This stylish bracelet is the most wonderful valentine's gift for him. It'll also be the perfect addition to his daily outfit.

surprise valentines day gifts for him

a rectangular backyard sign print family name, phrase "Smokehouse Bar And Grill", BBQ griller image, beer mugs on a black color background

For A BBQ Lover

10. Custom Backyard Sign

Your new boyfriend loves having barbecue parties with friends and family. And you'd like to wow him this first valentine's day. Yet you have no idea of what to give him. Then, consider this custom backyard sign. Imagine how happy and proud he is, on the next BBQ party, when he shows this sign to all the guests

High-quality heated razors come from Gillette brand, with black and silver handle, heats up in less than a second is the best valentine gift for your Boyfriend

To Please His Daily Task

11. Gillette Heated Razor

If you're seeking a practical gift for him to use daily, have a look at this Heated Razor Starter Kit. It includes 1 heated razor handle, 2 blade refills, and 1 wireless charging dock. This high-quality razor will surely offer him pleasant experiences whenever he uses it. Such a practical and thoughtful valentine's day gift! 

A jigsaw puzzle that has personalized photos, name, date, text print will be the best valentine gift for your boyfriend

For The Man Who Loves Solving Puzzles

12. Personalized Name And Text Jigsaw Puzzles

Stir up the atmosphere of your next date night with this fun little game of jigsaw puzzle. Add a personal touch to the puzzle with 3 photos of your couples, along with your personal message to him. He'll certainly be in awe at the solved jigsaw puzzle.

A rectangular hanging frame canvas wall art that has name, date, song lyrics printed in love couple image on the light brown color background is the best valentine gift

To Express Your Love To Him Romantically

13. Custom Song Lyrics Framed Canvas

Any man would cherish a custom print that put his favorite song lyrics in the shape of a couple. Offer him this personalized framed canvas with your very special date. Isn't this a romantic way to show him your love on your first valentine's day together?

Shaving cream comes from The Art of Shaving brand, has lavender scent is the greatest valentine gift for your boyfriend

To Ease His Shaving Task

14. Lavender Shaving Cream

If he already has a nice razor, you can still make his daily shaving task more delightful. Choose this lavender shaving cream as the first valentine’s day present for your boyfriend. It helps solve his shaving problems such as irritations and razor burn. Be a thoughtful girlfriend that cares for every little detail of his daily life. 

a square sofa pillow print your name, your boyfriend's name, date, song lyrics, song name on a white color background is the idealist valentine gift for him

For A Cuddler

15. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow

Are you and him in a long-distance relationship? If yes, a custom song lyrics pillow can be an ideal present to give him this valentine's day. It'll help send him warm cuddles when you aren't around, which makes him feel much more closer to you. 

men's watch comes from Fossil brand has a stainless steel band with silver-tone color, a red color dial is the best valentine gift for Him

 For A Minimalist

16. Stainless Steel Watch

A stainless steel watch is one of the most luxurious valentines gift ideas for him. Not only a luxury watch, but it's also a minimal and practical present that he'll certainly adore. It'll soon become his favorite accessory that he can use day after day for sure.

unique valentines gifts for him

a docking station made from high-quality solid-color wood engrave name or short phrase is the ideal valentine gift for Boyfriend

For A Well-Organized Guy

17. Wooden Docking Station

Help keep his desk neat and clean with this wooden docking station. It comes with various options for personalization, so you can easily add your couple photos, or your loving words to him, or both. This first valentine's day gift will be the perfect addition to his workspace.

Set of 4 stone coasters print song name, name, the date on black color vinyl record image background is a unique gift for valentine of your boyfriend

For The Man Who Always Loves Having A Drink 

18. LP Player Coasters

This modern-looking coaster is a great personalized gift for your boyfriend this first valentine's day. It looks minimal, yet stylish at the same time. He'll surely be proud to show off these coasters to all his friends and guests.

a solid-color slim pocket wallet made from high-quality leather engrave your chosen name or date or message is the unique valentine gift for your boyfriend

A Classic Gift For Him

19. Personalized Front Pocket Wallet

When it comes to something classic for him, a front pocket is a valentine's day gift that can't go wrong. The best part is that you can engrave your sweet message to him. And so, each time he uses the pocket, he'll be reminded of how much you love him. 

a rectangular frame wall art print name, date, star map location, and the phrase "Stars Shining Bright Above You, Night Breezes Seem To Whisper I Love You" on a wood-grain canvas background

To Decorate His Space

20. Custom Star Map Wall Art

A custom star map wall art will be sure to light up his room. Make it a unique wall decor for him by submitting your special location and time, such as the place and the date he and you started dating. So each time he looks at it, he can recall that invaluable moment vividly.

a folding pocket knife made from high-quality stainless steel comes with a seat belt cutter, and window punch, liner lock, pocket clip

For A Handyman

21. Serrated Pocket Knife

For a handy tool that he can carry around with ease, a pocket knife with engraved text is a perfect present. Since it's light and portable, he can take it anywhere. One bonus point is that your sweet message will let him know how much he means to you.

a multitool hammer made from stainless steel with silver-tone color engrave three different phrases as your choice is the perfect valentine gift for Him

For The Man Who Loves Going Out

22. Personalized Hammer Multitool

Another tool to give him this first valentine's day could be this personalized hammer. It's a great multitool for use during a camping trip, a hiking trek, or a backpacking tour. And the text engraved on the hammer will make him proud of your love every time he uses it. 

a black color phone case print name, photos, the quote "Every Day With You Is The Best Day Of My Life" on the red-white color background which has "Love" letter image

For The Man Who Loves Photography

23. Photo Collage Phone Case

When your loved one is a photographer (no matter if he's an expert or an amateur), you'll surely have several pictures together. So why don't you put your nicest pics into this photo collage phone case? This will be the most romantic first valentine's day gift for him and will soon become his all-time-favorite accessory.

romantic valentines gifts for him

A rectangular canvas frame that has a street sign image which has name, and date print on a straw-field at sunset time background

To Honor A Critical Moment

24. Personalized Street Sign Canvas

The date he and you started dating is probably a turning point for both of you. So let cherish that precious moment by turning it into a street sign canvas. It's not only a perfect present for him this valentine's day but also a great wall decor for his living room. 

a USB drive that has cassette-tape shaped print white-color heart balloon image on a red-color background is the most useful gift for valentine

For The Man Who Has Everything

25. Cassette Tape Shaped USB Flash Drive

This personalized USB flash drive is one of the best valentine's day gifts for your man. It has the classic design of cassette tape, which will add a vintage feel to the present. While it uses modern technology that allows you to store several photos, songs, and even videos to wow him. 

a rectangular frame wall art print name, date, 15 photos, and message on a dark-blue color canvas background is the most romantic valentine gift for boyfriend

To Treasure The Happy Moments

26. Photo Collage Canvas

You and your new boyfriend have probably shared tons of good times together. And of course, there'll be several nice pics of your happy moments to remember forever. Let put your 15 best pictures onto this photo collage canvas and turn it into a great gift for him this first valentine's day.

a white-color coffee mug print photo, message, your chosen location map is the best valentine gift for your boyfriend

For A Hot Drink Lover

27. Custom Map Print And Photo Collage White Mug

If your new boyfriend loves hot drinks, this mug is a perfect valentine's day present for him. It's quite easy to customize: enter your message, your photos. And most important, submit your special location (such as the place where you first met). Voila, you have the best-personalized gift that he'll love to use all the time.

a personalized song plaque music sign made of transparent acrylic plastic glass with your chosen song is the most meaningful valentine gift for boyfriend

To Call Up His Memorable Song

28. Spotify Glass Scannable Code

This valentine's day, let recall your first dance to him with a Spotify glass scannable code. Just by scanning it, he can enjoy the memorable melody whenever he wants. At the same time, the photo will bring back a vivid memory of your happy, precious time together. Such a romantic for your man!

a heart-shaped night-light lamp print 3D your chosen photo with light 16 colors remote control is the unique valentine gift for boyfriend

To Light Up His Table

29. Photo Heart Lamp

Pick your favorite photo with him, and let the advanced 3D printing technology turns it into a masterpiece. Your precious moment together will be certain to look clear and detailed on the lamp. It's a romantic gift for your true love, as well as a unique decor for his table. 

A black-color blanket print photos, message, and heartfelt message is the most romantic valentine gift for boyfriend

To Snuggle Him Under Your Love

30. Love Letter Blanket

Your sweet words for him should be expressed and repeated over and over again. What's the better way to do it than print them all on a blanket. So whenever he wraps himself cozily in it, he can feel your love for him and know how important he's to you. 

a solid-color lighter print song code as your choice comes with a box is the best valentine gift for your boyfriend

For A Smoker

31. Spotify Code Lighter

Does your man need something to fire his cigar? Give it to him with this personalized lighter. Take a song that conveys special meaning, its Spotify code will be printed on the lighter just for him. It's not only a practical but also a distinctive gift for him this first valentine's day. 

funny valentines day gifts for him

a candle infused premium fragrance oils made from soy wax vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free material

A Little Fun, A Little Sweet

32. Soy Jar Candle

This soy jar candle is a gift that helps you say romantic words in a fun way. It comes with 7 different scent options. So pick one that suits him the most. And let the air of your first valentine's date night be filled with the finest fragrance of these soy candles. 

a beer mug has dumbbell shape made from transparent plastic is the most unique valentine gift for your boyfriend

For A Beer Lover

33. Hilarious Beer Glass

What to get a guy for valentine's day, when he's a beer lover? Obviously, it should be a beer glass. Since a common one seems too boring to celebrate your new relationship, opt for a hilarious one instead. It looks unusual yet it's easy to clean; so your man won't hesitate to use it to enjoy his favorite beer.

a boxer made from high-quality fabric with fun image and fun quote is the best valentine gift for boyfriend

For A Funny Guy

34. Funny Boxer Briefs

When your new boyfriend has a whimsical sense of humor, this intimate gift is perfect for him this valentine's day. These boxer briefs are available in different set options. So make sure you choose the "right" naughty words for your man. He'll undoubtedly burst out laughing when he opens your present.

a keychain made from high-quality material engrave message is the best valentine gift for your boyfriend

For Your Cute Guy

35. Customizable Rectangle Keychain

A customizable rectangle keychain is a cute gift for him this first valentine's day. It comes with a lovely preprinted quote. So all you have to do is submit his name or his initials to make it unique for him. It's very lightweight so he can easily hang it together with his bunch of keys.

a pair of socks made from high-quality fabric with green-color cucumber image print on a black-color background is the unique valentine gift

For The Man Who Needs Some Socks

36. Quirky Socks

Let fill up his sock collection with these quirky dill socks. It'll bring comfort to his feet as well as remind him of how much you love and care for him. This is really a thoughtful and funny gift for your boyfriend this first valentine's day.

a card print a cute & flirty message and blank on the inside so you can write your own message comes with a matching white-color envelope

To Heat Up The Date Night

37. Naughty Valentine's Day Card

You wanna say romantic words to him, yet you don't want to sound too cheesy. Consider this naughty funny card then. Though it's small and inexpensive, it bears the hidden meaning of your love for him. Such a romantic but non-cheesy gift for your man on your first valentine's day together.

Now It’s Your Turn

A thoughtful first valentine's day present can create new sweet memories to remember forever. We really hope you can find some special things to get your man with this collection of 37+ first valentine gifts for boyfriend.

If you have more great present ideas, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comment below.

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