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Top 37 Personalised Valentines Gifts For Him To Show Your Feeling

Valentine is coming to town, are you looking for creative valentines day gifts for your man? Please take a look at these 37+ Personalised Valentines Gifts For Him. They’ll give you bright ideas for Valentine gifts that can strengthen your relationship.

Why don’t you roll down today and find your best choice for the upcoming big day?

Under $10

Wine stopper personalized with your personal information like name, dates and etc as a great gift for men on Valentines Day

For a wine lover

1. Wood Cork Stopper

This small Valentine gift might be a perfect choice for your man especially if he’s a big fan of wine. Add your personal touch to this unique wooden cork stopper, then it’ll warm your man’s heart every time he sees it. Just get this beautiful gift and have a great Valentine's day.

Leather keychain can be customized with name, date, or coordination. It also offers you with 4 choices of colors including brown, blue, red and green

Hook his heart

2. Personalized Leather Keychain

This leather keychain is a perfect customized Valentine gift for the special one in your life. While it can serve as an interesting accessory, it’s also a reminder for him about your love. It’s designed with a gorgeous finish, making it totally a romantic gift for him. Get it now to surprise your man in Valentine.

Leather heart page corner bookmark is personalized with names, dates, or initials. Offering you with many colors, these bookmarks are perfect for his tastes

Let him always think about you

3. Leather Heart Page Corner Bookmark

All book lovers in the world can’t help falling in love with this cute Valentine gift. This item is a perfect mix of heart and bookmark which are symbols of love and books. Grab it now and see him use your personalized gift regularly while missing you.

Custom Engraved Ballpoint Pen With Name and Date Makes A Perfect Valentine Gift For Him

Write with love

4. Custom Engraved Ballpoint Pen

For men, the pen is a showcase for their personalities through daily routines. If your lover is this type of person, give this customized valentines gift right now! It has a simple style but is classic and elegant. So, it's a pretty match with every occasion, making it a practical gift for your dear one

Personalized New York Foot Ball Coffee Mug Personalized With Any Name & Number As An Ideal Gift For Men On Valentines Day

For a football fan

5. Football Coffee Mug

If your man loves coffee and is a football fan, you shouldn’t miss this mug. It’s exactly a creative Valentine’s day gift that you’re finding for him. Your personalized gift for him will make this Valentine’s Day much more special and memorable than ever.

Under $30

A nice-looking, fun, fill-in-the-blank book is made to be filled by yourself, so making it a meaningful gift for your man

Tell him your true feelings

6. Fill-In-The-Blank Book

This personalized valentine's day gift is a perfect way to show him your love. For custom couple gifts, nothing can be more suitable than this book, especially if you’re good at writing. Don’t miss this chance to make your boyfriend happy than ever with this lovely gift.

Absolutely amazing craftsmanship oil lighter personalized with your initial and quote in a modern and manly style

Ignite The Flame In Your Love

7. Stylish Oil Lighter

If your dear one often smokes cigars, don’t miss this personalized valentine's gift on a special date. To send him your sweet message, this lighter is the best choice. Get it now and your man would love to bring such a romantic gift all the time.

Conversation hearts personalized candy jar makes a romantic gift for men on valentines day

Sweet Candy, Sweet Love

8. Personalized Candy Jar

Candy is sweet and so is love. If you have this thought, don’t hesitate to choose this jar as Valentine’s day gift. Made with high-quality glass and a cute heart-shaped pattern, it’s likely to be created only for this Valentine’s day.

The pocket knife is personalized with name, date and text. It goes with a stainless steel locking blade, aluminum handle, wood overlay.

For an outdoorsy man

9. Personalized Pocket Knife

If your man loves outdoor activities, this pocket knife must be on the top list for Valentine gifts. Made with high-quality material and personalized design, it’ll grab his attention right away. It’s also a special item that will remind him of you every time he goes out. 

Romantic portrait card can be personalized with any text you want. It also features the pretty portrait of your couple.

Send him a romantic vibe

10. Custom Portrait Card

For a lovely couple, nothing can be better than this portrait card. Every time he sees your special gift, he’ll feel more energetic to achieve his goal in life. Get him this romantic love letter and enjoy Valentine's day with your man.

Stainless steel flask with the quote "I Drink And I Know Things" is personalized with name. Its matte black finish is a perfect fit for your special man

Keep his beverage tasty

11. Personalized Flask

What better way to tell your husband that you love him on this Valentine than this personalized flask? With a compact design, it can serve well in his daily use. So, go ahead with this custom flask with his name as a symbol of your love on Valentine’s day. 

Custom photo collage white mug could be customized with your 3 photos, name, date and a sweet message

Best Photo Gift For Your Coffee Addict

12. Custom Photo Collage White Mug

Show your guy how much he means to you with this personalized photo mug. For a romantic man, meaningful words and pictures on this mug will touch his heart deeply. Hand it to the man in your life and speak out for your love on this special day.

With this trendy custom map phone case, you can make it unique with your four pretty photos, location and names.

Display Your Love In Another Way

13. Custom Map Print Phone Case

A phone is an important yet fragile item in daily life. So, a protective case might be one of the best choices for valentines day gifts. To make it more impressive, you can customize it with your beautiful photos together. What a simple yet meaningful Valentine present!

Husband & Wife matching t-shirt personalized with your names will offer you with many choices of colors and sizes

For Your Beloved Camper

14. Matching T-Shirt

If you two love traveling, this matching T-shirt might be one of the greatest personalized gifts for him. Designed with eye-catching patterns, it expresses your special feelings for the man in your life. With a casual look, this T-shirt is also suitable for daily use. What a perfect gift on Valentine's day!

Custom photo leather wallet with matte blue color is designed in a vintage style as a perfect gift for your partner

For a stylish man

15. Photo Leather Wallet

Wanna find something both useful and unique for him? Look no further! This personalized leather wallet is just for you! Every man will like to have a wallet with his photo engraved on it like this. He surely carries it with your love to everywhere he sets his foot on.

Under $50

Featuring a black vinyl record pattern, this personalized coaster set is a creative gift for music lovers

To refresh his drinks

16. Custom Photo Coasters

Coasters are must-have items in one’s house so it might be one of the best valentines day gifts for the man in your life. To add more sentiment to the gift, you can customize it with your photos, names, dates. Are you ready to enjoy Valentine's Day while sipping wine together with these coasters? 

This retro black cassette tape pillow can be personalized with your favorite song name, couple names, and date

For a retro man

17. Black Cassette Tape Pillow

If your man has a strong liking for retro styles, this cassette tape pillow is one of the most unique personalized gifts for him! It’s sure to fit perfectly for your gentleman. He'll feel your sincere love every time he hugs this soft pillow and enjoys its super comfort.

Personalized lake house sign in a matte blue background color will make your lover's favorite corner more special

Fill his space with love

18. Personalized Lake House Sign

Your house will be unique and remarkable with this custom lake house sign. Customize it with his name and an established year to make it the most special Valentine’s gift. It also can serve as a symbol for your lifetime relationship with meaningful words and nostalgic patterns on it.

A table runner with a luxurious look is personalized with your family name as a perfect gift for your special man

To have a delicious meal

19. Table Runner

A personalized table runner is another valentines day gift you can consider for your man. It’s sure to bring a cozy vibe to your house and make every meal with him even tastier. With the luxurious design, your man would love it right away!

A Wonderful Personalized Name And Text Jigsaw Puzzles As A Great Valentine Gift For Men

Make him overwhelmed

20. Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalize your own Jigsaw Puzzle with your cute couple photos to make this Valentine's Day even more romantic. To have an interesting time, it’s a creative gift but also a good way to practice his brain after a long day. After making it done, he’s sure to feel overjoyed with the final artwork!

Custom song lyrics in a nostalgic style is a one-of-a-kind gift for men by adding your favorite song, names and date

For a great summer

21. Custom Song Lyrics Beach Towel

If you wanna say so many things to him but don’t know how to express them, give this customized valentines gift to him. Add the date you first met or you started to be under the same roof to surprise him with exploding feelings. This thoughtful Valentine gift will surely mark an important milestone in your relationship.

Custom black cassette tape in a classy style could become unique with your name

Welcome him home with romance

22. Black Cassette Doormat

A doormat might be a perfect personalized valentines day gift for your man who loves home decor. With the pattern of a fine retro cassette tape, it’s a sweet and classy piece of décor that will remind him of the time you two spent together.

This song lyrics canvas with photo would be a new and awesome piece of decor for your home. Make it unique with your favorite song lyrics, names and date

Sing The Love Song Together

23. Song Lyrics Canvas Print

When in love, I bet you might have at least one song that you two love to listen to together. So, why not turn this song into a canvas print that can last for a lifetime. You just need to add your favorite song, photo, date, and name to make it the only one in the world.

Custom photo wall clock with wooden frame and plexiglass can be personalized with your photo, names, and date

For an endless love

24. Photo Wall Clock

Are you searching for the first valentine's gift for your boyfriend? Let this clock help your man remember how long you two have shared happy times together. For eternal love, this customized wall clock is a suitable symbol. He's gonna feel delighted with your unique Valentine gift.  

The custom street sign canvas is designed in a glittering night sky background

A creative sign for lovers

25. Custom Street Sign Canvas

Another great customized Valentine gift idea for him is this custom street sign. Its design can match any house decor style, so you don't need to worry about the mismatch with other stuff in his space. He's sure to feel over the moon when he unboxes it on Valentine’s Day.

Custom coffee name art is personalized with your gorgeous photos as a perfect gift for your coffee lovers

Let coffee inspire your love

26. Custom Coffee Name Art

Are you looking for a romantic valentine's gift for your coffee lover? If so, you’re in the right place. This custom name art would wake up his love and bring you two closer. What a beautiful gift for him, isn’t it? 

Custom song lyrics blanket with the black VHS tape pattern can make your man's day

Add a nostalgic feel to his bedroom

27. VHS Tape Blanket

Don't you think that music can heal pain and nurture love? Give this VHS tape blanket a try. To make your lover feel secure every night, nothing can beat this item. His nights will be filled in love with your meaningful words and images. Don’t miss it on your Valentine's day.

Custom vinyl record round wood sign is personalized with your favorite song, names, and date

A thoughtful sign for couples

28. Vinyl Record Round Wood Sign

Let’s make his day more delightful with this classy valentines day gift. You can customize this round wood sign with thoughtful words to make it unique. Such a sentimental Valentine’s day gift for your love, isn’t it?

Under $100

Custom song lyrics framed canvas with the vinyl record pattern is designed creatively and personalized with your names, date and song

Let music shine your love

29. Record Player Framed Canvas

Because music shows us how we see and feel love, this personalized record player framed canvas will be the most suitable. For a music lover, this classic and high-quality canvas will make him speechless. Let this decoration “play” a romantic song for your lover on Valentine’s day. 

This stylish curb link ID bracelet made of stainless steel can be personalized with his name

Make his wrist unique

30. Stainless Steel Curb Link ID Bracelet

Nothing can be a better piece of jewelry for a man than a bracelet this Valentine’s Day. With the name customized on the bracelet, he might feel more confident and unique with it. He’s certainly drowned in your love with this thoughtful present.

Custom song lyrics framed canvas designed with a cassette tape in dark blue background color can make his Valentines Day more special

An evidence for a lifelong love

31. Cassette Tape Dark Blue Framed Canvas

If your man is a big fan of both music and retro, this cassette tape canvas will be a creative valentines day gift for him. Its simple design but well-crafted finish might be a perfect fit for decorating a living room or bedroom. Let’s make your Valentine’s day unforgettable. 

These sterling silver oval shaped cuff links are personalized with his initials, making it a luxurious gift for him

For a gentleman

32. Sterling Silver Oval Cuff Links

Cufflinks might be a suitable Valentine gift because every man has at least one pair in their wardrobes. Its elegant and beautiful appearance can go well with many occasions for your man. Level up his outfit and let the world know that the most handsome man in the world belongs to you!  

This personalized compass can be more special with your own actual handwriting, making it as a custom engraved gift for him

Guide him with your love

33. Custom Engraved Compass

If your man is an adventurer, this custom engraved compass is exactly what he needs most. Make it unique and get him with this special gift on Valentine’s Day. Even when he’s on a journey, he won't forget thinking of you.

Under $200

Make your Valentines day gift special by personalizing his brand new cigar box with his name

Take his hobby to the next level

34. Cigar Box

His cigar storage box gets too old? If so, you shouldn’t miss this one for your man. For a man, this cigar box is a must-have item. Let him know how you care about his hobby and love the way he lives this Valentine’s Day.

Add a foil monogram to this leather laptop envelop to give him this Valentines Day

Cover his laptop with your care

35. Essential Leather Laptop Envelope

The laptop is a crucial device in daily life but your man hasn't protected it properly. Let this high-quality leather envelope help you complete your duty as a caring lover. Your man will love how perfectly it covers his favorite laptop.

3D engraved heart crystal with round base can be personalized with your photo as a treasured keepsake for your lover

A symbol for your relationship

36. 3D Crystal Photo Heart

The same thing that crystal and love share is the strong pure. This romantic gift is sure to please your man right when he sees it. This ornament is an excellent reminder that as time passes, your love will endure. 

This personalized name chess set with wooden chess board and cast-iron figures is designed aesthetically to satisfy every chess player

For his relax time

37. Personalized Chess Set

If you two love playing chess, this personalized chess set might be one of the best custom valentines gifts. To enhance your love through both your brains and hearts, it is the most suitable choice. Are there other Valentine gifts that can complete both those difficult objectives?

Now It’s Your Turn

We hope that this list is useful for you to prepare a special gift for the man in your life. These 37 Personalized Valentines Gifts for Him might not be the best but they’re really worthy to be considered.

Now, give one of the above gifts a whirl and make your man the happiest person on Valentine’s Day.

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