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51+ Non Cheesy Valentine's Day Gifts For Him On Every Budget

Valentine has always been a special day for people who are in love. You are thinking and searching for perfect valentine’s day gifts for him which aren’t as simple as roses and chocolates. You’ve come to the right place! This list of 51+ Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him will help you figure out what special gift for your significant one.

Let’s dive right in!

cheap valentines day gifts for him

An adorable toilet paper scroll as a gift for him on valentine's day

A Funny Gift For A Funny Guy

1. Funny Toilet Paper

Isn’t it the best thing to find someone that you can be yourself with when you're around? Spending time together, doing goofy things together is a goal of many couples! On Valentine’s day, you wanna surprise him with a gag gift, take this Funny Toilet Paper! With a side-splitting quote, it'll definitely bring him a good laugh.

Black & Silver Engravable Beer Bottle Opener Personalized With Name In A Classy Style As A Great Gift For Men

A useful tool for the drinker

2. Engravable Beer Bottle Opener

If he’s a beer lover, it’s always a good time to have a drink together. He’ll need an opener that can be put in his pocket all the time. This beer bottle opener comes with a stainless steel bar key and to make it personal, you can engrave your love’s name or a date on the leather handle.

A high-quality muscle balm bottle to treat your boyfriend pain after workout could be the best choice for valentine

To Release His Pain

3. Muscle Balm

Your partner really loves playing sports but he usually gets bruises or sore on his body parts? A muscle balm is such a thoughtful gift for him on February 14. It smells so relaxing and will be the best therapy for him.

A comfy, lightweight, custom face mask that has contrast color between the background and the embroidered symbol will become a good valentine gift

An Anti-Covid Bestie

4. Matching Face Mask

One of the most essential items in the pandemic time must be a mask. When you go out with him, it would be so fun to have matching face masks. Plus, it’s a sign that you guys are a couple. Thus, giving him a mask will let him know how much you care about him.

An Oxford personalized beer mug made of high quality, durable glass for him on valentine

Cater For His Interest

5. Oxford Personalized Beer Mug

When you need a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day for your beer lover, a classic beer mug can never go wrong. He gets back from work, then enjoys his favorite brews in this epic glass. Soon, it’ll be your guy’s favorite mug.

Personalized text and printed photos which have white color coffee mug would create a romantic gift for him on valentine

Spot the difference for your love

6. Hello Will You I Do Coffee Mug

Your boyfriend may have lots of mugs, but this coffee mug hits different! Nothing can compare to a personal item that you put so much sentiment into. Your first date and your names will be beautifully printed on the mug as a cute valentine gift for him.

Brown color and made of the great quality wood docking station will help your men keep their place neater this will be the best valentine gift

Keep him organized

7. wooden docking station

Let him gather all his important items into one place with a wooden docking station. This manly item can handle many phone models as well as watches or wallets. The small personalized note will make him feel like it's a thoughtful gift that’s just for him!

Personalized phone case which map, photo, name, date print on heart-shaped is a wonderful gift for him on valentine

For the one who sticks to the phone all day

8. custom map print phone case

If you’re on a tight budget, a phone case isn’t a bad idea for a valentine’s day gift for him! To make it unique, you can add your photo, and anniversary date to it. He would love to wear it on his phone all the time and will always remember your love!

surprise valentines day gifts for him

Custom mr & mrs, name, pictures, and star map print on a pillow would be a romantic gìt for valentine

For a cozy ambiance

9. Mr & Mrs Star Map Pillow

A gorgeous pillow is such a romantic valentines gift for him. It can match the decor styles of any chairs or beds in his house. Every time he hugs this special stuffed thing, he'll feel like you're around him, and soon, he’ll almost love it as much as he loves you.

Personalized US military logo/insignia and text twin-sided printing as a great valentine gift for men

For a military guy

10. military garden flag

This Valentine's Day, get him this military garden to show your respect for his job. Just choose his military branch and leave a sweet note to make it more sentimental and thoughtful for your hubby. I’m sure it’s gonna delight his day.

Personalized photo, wood frame engraving lamp is the romantic gift for him on valentine

To light up your love

11. Personalized Photo Frame Lamp

Let your Valentine's day gift be symbolic of your love and tell him how much you think of him everyday. To do this, I highly recommend a photo frame lamp. This custom piece is handmade perfectly as the lines can capture all main details of your photo.

Scented candle with perfume and Swedish rapeseed wax blend in painted glass will be the best valentine gift for him

Love is in the air

12. Scented Candle

Your man is really into tropical vacations, but the Covid pandemic prevents him from going on his trips. Don’t worry! A scented candle with a sea scent note will spoil him. He’ll also love how meticulously this candle is packed so much.

A custom song lyrics and photo printed on the round wood sign would become a wonderful valentine gift for your boyfriend

A reminder of your love

13. Round Wood Sign

Make your valentine’s day the best day ever with this round wood sign. Each lyric of your special song will evoke the sweet moments you’ve experienced together. He couldn’t be happier to receive this gift from you, definitely!

This custom song lyrics, name, and date print on a heart shape canvas could be a great gift for him on valentine

Bring Him Back To Happy Memories

14. heart shaped Song Lyrics canvas

A custom song lyrics canvas will help to keep the sparks flying in your love relationship. The anniversary date that started your love story and the song lyrics that you both love are what make this gift one-of-a-kind. He's gonna feel so great to have you in his life with this special gift for him.

A high-quality brown color leather with gold medal carved bracelet is the great gift for men on valentine

A hidden message for him

15. Engraved leather bracelet

No matter how busy you’re, try your best not to forget to reignite the flame in your relationship. And a great way to let him feel your love is this personalized leather bracelet. Your sweet message on the back side of the bracelet will remind him that he’s always on your mind.

A slim wallet made from pigskin leather with a burnished finish as an awesome gift for men on valentine

Simple yet elegant

16. Personalized Wallet

If he's a big fan of NFL football, this personalized wallet is the best choice for him. It offers you to engrave his favorite team logo next to his initials or name. Made from pigskin, with plenty of compartments for cards, cash, or receipt, this is one of the greatest valentines day gifts for men.

unique valentines day gifts for him

A vintage a5 personalized brown color leather journal notebook cover will become a romantic gift for him on valentine

How did your love story unfold?

17. Personalized Leather Journal Notebook

Have you ever wondered how your love story began? Absolutely yes, I guess! And so has your man! Thus, let him tell you such a romantic story with this leather journal. It’s a perfect gift that you two can always go back to years from now and reminisce on the start dates.

With I love You sentence and sun, moon symbol carved on this rings will be a wonderful valentine gift for him

Best Gift That Whispers I Love You 3000

18. Sun and Moon Matching Rings

Those matching rings are such cute valentines day gifts for him. They are like the eternal promise for your loved one. Tell him you love him from day to night and forever. When he wears the ring, he’ll always remember you even when you aren’t around.

A backyard sign with smokehouse bar and grill sentence, name print will be a great valentine gift suit for men who like decorate their place

For A Warm Get-Together

19. Custom Backyard Sign

If your man is an outdoorsman who enjoys weekends with his friends in the garden, then you can’t go wrong with this personalized backyard metal sign. You can custom his name on it to make it extra special.

Heart-shaped wood board with led light and photo print as a best gift for him on valentine day

Make your memories extraordinary

20. Wooden Photo Board With Led Light

You treasure every moment with him and you really wanna surprise him with a thoughtful gift this Valentine? A wooden photo board with led light won’t let you down. It features a heart-shaped led panel and unforgettable moments of you guys. It'll melt him right after he gets it from you.

A multicolor custom family name print luxury style table runner is the best valentine gift for him

A spotlight of the house

21. Unique Table Runner

Decor items are never out of date when it comes to the best valentine’s day gift for your partner. Let's make his dining table special by giving him a customized table runner. It comes in two sizes and the patterns will fit any kitchen’s vibe.

This cute personalized bobble head dolls made of your couples picture will surprise your boyfriend on valentine

Mini size but giant love

22. Custom Couple Bobbleheads

The couple bobbleheads are such amazing gift ideas for him on this Valentine! They’re made so meticulously that they may look like the smaller version of you guys. No one can deny such a cute gift like this, surely!

best valentines day gifts for him

A custom song lyrics, text, and date print on a black background beach towel will be the best valentine gift for him

For an energetic guy on the beach

23. Custom Song Lyrics Towel

A personal custom song lyric towel is never a bad idea for a perfect valentine’s day gift. You can choose a song that is meaningful to both of you. He’ll feel delighted whenever he uses it. It makes his beach trip way more special than ever!

A personalized name and ranks 3d prints on a military t-shirt as the best gift for him on valentine

Cool Gift For Cool Guys

24. Military Camo 3D T-shirt

If your guy is like most guys who like to wear t-shirts, let's pamper his interest with this Military Camo t-shirt. Instead of elevating his look with a normal t-shirt, the one displaying his military job will do better. Just choose his branch and add his name to the shirt, it can become his to-go shirt then.

A custom photo blanket which your own couple photo and text print will be the most romantic valentine gift for him

Send a love letter in a different way

25. Custom Photo Blanket

Another choice to show how great your love for him is giving her some cozy gifts, such as a photo blanket. Every time he cuddles up under the blanket, he'll know how much you care about him and feel your love better than ever!

Let's celebrate your love on a romantic valentine night with this gorgeous and delicious chocolate platter

For a guy with a sweet tooth

26. chocolate covered strawberries

The best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? The set of chocolate-covered strawberries can complete that mission! These giant strawberries are dipped with premium chocolate, topped with fresh fruit, and decorated in a gorgeous platter. Who could resist?

This made of wood phone stand and has unique shape will become an ideal gift for men on valentine

A sentimental present for the present

27. Phone Stand Holder

Is your man too occupied with work every day? You wanna call him but he can't pick up his phone? A phone stand holder is the best choice for him. Now he can easily talk to you while doing other stuff.

A lightweight popover jacket, detailed with color block highlights unique gift idea for men on valentine

To Enhance His Look

28. Color block Monogram Logo Popover Jacket

Whether your lover is a simple guy or a fashionable one, a jacket will suit all his styles. Sooner or later, this popover jacket will be one of his favorite items and he would love to wear it often. What is happier than your lover being happy, right?

Let’s give your boyfriend a ideal valentine gift with this brown color classic Durham leather strap watch

For the guy who’s usually late

29. Classic Durham Leather Strap Watch

You can’t get wrong with a classic gift like a watch. This premium watch comes in a brown and gold color, made from high-quality leather. Helping him keep track of time will never be easier like this. So, he'll hardly take it off and always be on time on your dates

Winter cap with speaker mic hands-free outdoor sport stereo earphone earpieces warm black as a valentine gift for him

For the guy who likes running every morning

30. Wireless Beanie Hat Headphones

If he loves being outside, especially running, there’s no better gift than wireless beanie headphones. After connecting with the phone, he’s totally free to do other activities while talking to you on the phone.

funny valentines day gifts for him

A unique custom text keychain with I love my boyfriend with all my butt sentence print as the best valentine gift for men

For the man who has everything 

31. Basic Button Keychain

If you're tightening your budget belt, a basic button keychain is enough to make his day on this Valentine! The quote on it is so hilarious that it would definitely make him laugh out loud all the time.

A funny text print card that has an adorable taco photo will become a great gift for him on valentine day

A sexy message for him

32. funny card

Let's set the mood for your hubby on Valentine’s day with a funny card. The card is blank inside so you can write a letter for him besides the sexy quote on the front side. It’ll bring lots of laughter for both of you!

Personalized flask wrapped in gravel stone-colored faux leather make great gifts for him on valentine

For the liquor lover

33. Funny Flask

This funny flask will surprise your man with a funny message on it. He would love to drink the liquor from a special flask like this and his friend will admire him with a one-of-a-kind premium container. It also can serve as a cool item to display in his favorite space.

A washcloth with high-quality material and fine craftsmanship make a great valentine gift for him

Make his shower funnier

34. Cum Rag Wash Cloth

It’s time to level up your relationship! Let this washcloth tell him how much you love him daily with the hilarious message on it. Nothing is better than his reaction to your gift when he sees it in person.

A classic comfy, slim fit, text printed t-shirt as a great valentine gift for him

For the gaming guy

35. Video Gamer T-shirt

No matter if you guys are game buddies or just he’s addicted to games, a video game t-shirt is the best fit for him to celebrate this love day! He’ll spend more quality time with you thanks to the funny message on it.

A boxer that has a funny photo printed, comfy, the slim fit design will make a great valentine gift for your man

Perfect Gift That Says He’s All Yours

36. Custom Boxer Briefs

These custom boxers will blow his mind on valentines day! They are super duper funny and comfy as well. Just add his photo to make it unique and let him know that you love everything about him, even his “sausage”

Socks that has funny photo printed, comfy, slim fit design will make a unique valentine gift for your boyfriend

Show Him Your Fun Side

37. Custom Face Socks

These fun socks are designed to bring a happy vibe to your beloved guy. They’re not just funny, but they also help to keep his feet warm all the time. Let him know you think of him in every step he walks.

A cigar box that has a cigar's photo and "I smoke cigar & I know things" sentence print makes a great gift for him on valentine day

For a cigar smoker

38. Custom Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

If a cigar is his cup of tea, why not get him a shadow box for cigar bands? It’ll keep his man cave clean and aesthetic. From now on, he can contemplate his collection in a distinct box and it always shows him how careful you’re!

creative valentines day gifts for him

A shiny necklace made of silver that has names initials engraved on a bar pendant will be the best valentine gift for men

For the minimalist

39. Customized Bar Necklace

What is more joyful than that your partner wears something you gave him all the time? A bar necklace is the best option for you. It's made from stainless steel with a small space for you to put your own info or message. The necklace will totally please your other half!

A doormat has a yellow cassette player shape with a personalized family name print would make the best valentine gift for men

Welcome him home

40. Yellow Cassette Player Doormat

A cool doormat is a clever item to give him as a valentine's day gift. Being occupied with too many tasks every day, he might be overwhelmed. But once he comes back home and the first thing he sees is your special doormat, I’m sure all his stress will go away.

A canvas with your couple photos, home map, date, and text print will make a romantic gift for your boyfriend on valentine

Mark where love blooms

41. Custom Map canvas

Are you looking for a sweet keepsake? I believe a custom map canvas is made for you guys! Fulfill it with your first date, names, and special spot, and then hang this unique print on his wall to remind him about that magical moment every day.

A Jigsaw Puzzles designed from your couple name and photo will become the most wonderful valentine gift

One step forward in your relationship

42. Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you constantly struggling to find something to do together? Let this photo jigsaw puzzle make the Valentine’s date night more joyful for you! He’ll be surprised and touched by your sentimental gift once you guys finish the puzzles.

A high-quality tabletop fire pit that has white color will be a great gift for men on valentine

For a romantic night date

43. Tabletop Fire Pit

Don’t be hesitant to give your significant one this elegant tabletop fire pit as a valentine's day gift. It has a reasonable size and is lightweight so that he can put it anywhere in his house. When you guys are drinking wine or enjoying a movie together, it’ll bring warmth and ambiance to you two.

A full, luxury, high-quality and convenient spa set will make the best valentine gift for your boyfriend

Give him a spa-like treat

44. Bath and Body Luxury Spa Set

Not only women, but men also love to take care of their bodies. On this Valentine, let the Luxury Spa Set express how much you love him. This set provides 7 products that can clean him from head to toe. Let him experience an at-home spa that he would never forget.

A unique art crafted by carefully folding each individual page of a used book as a Valentines gift for him

For an book avid

45. Folded Book Art

If he loves reading books, I highly recommend this love folded book art. It’s exactly a unique gift for a romantic valentine’s day! Caring about his hobby is also a good way to tell him that you’re always thinking of him.

last minute valentines day gifts for him

A bottle of Aveda advanced scalp revitalizer make a great valentine gift for him

To maintain his handsome look

46. Advanced Scalp Revitalizer

Men also care a lot about their age. Don’t let the aging process bother him! This valentine, try to give him an advanced scalp revitalizer to cast away his worry. This product will help his hair to be healthier and reduce hair loss.

Stone coasters which vinyl style and custom song name make a unique gift for him on valentine day

Add a vintage vibe to his drink

47. Vinyl Record Coasters

To a guy who’s into vintage style, Vinyl Record coasters could be the best choice for him. They come with a set of 4, each of which is well made with good quality. These brilliant little gifts could lift his mood up when drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

A slipper made of soft, high-quality material that uses indoor will make a great valentine gift for him

Bring Him Comfort

48. Sherpa Lined Clog

We can’t tell when this pandemic will stop. And of course, your man might still be busy at home with a bunch of work or online meetings and classes. Keep him comfortable as he forms up his new normal. This quality clog will let his foot breathe and keep him warm while walking around the house.

A belt made of the high-quality suede grommet, solid color, and fashion makes the best gift for him on valentine day

A Fashionable Accessory

49. Suede Grommet Belt

Crafted from leather suede, the Suede Grommet belt is one of the best valentine gifts for your lover. It’ll be a highlight in his accessory collection. This belt is an ideal choice for different occasions whether they are casual or formal.

A Polarized Sunglasses made from high-quality, durable material, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion as a great gift for men on valentine

To see the world through love side

50. Fashion Sunglasses

What is more fashionable than a new shade? Don’t worry if you’re not sure what shape is suitable for his face. This pair of glasses fits many face shapes, be it round, long or oval, so give it a try to make your man the best valentine’s day ever!

Bose sport earbuds with HiFi sound and sport design make the best gift for him on valentine day

To keep him from noise

51. bose sport earbuds

He’ll be stoked with a set of wireless earbuds! Whether he loves working out at the gym or at home, those earbuds can stop most of the noise from disturbing him and bring the best experience to enjoy his favorite music lists. Soon, these little earbuds will become his best buds.

Now It’s Your Turn

We’ve wrapped up this list with 51+ Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him on every budget. Hopefully, the wheels are turning in your head to get your partner the best gift on the day of love by now.

Please let us know if you find our list helpful by leaving a comment below. We really appreciate that!

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